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Greece economic problems analysis
Words: 1063 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92834408
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Economic Environment

The economic environment of Greece is that of a capitalist economy, but with significant public sector contribution – about 40% of total GDP is from government activity. This speaks more to the relatively small size of the Greek private sector than to excessive government ownership of industry. Tourism is one of the major drivers of the Greek economy, accounting for 18% of GDP (CIA World Factbook, 2017). Thus Greece would be characterized as a mixed economy with some government-owned entities. Greece is a member of the EU, but has also received several bailouts in recent years, and struggles with tax collection, and overall economic development. Tax evasion ranges between 6-9% of total GDP in Greece, which makes it a significant economic problem (Georgakopoulos, 2016).

Recent Macroeconomic Data

In recent years, Greece\'s economy has flatlined. The country has received several infusions of capital from other EU countries, but there…

The Basic Steps of the Problem Solving Process
Words: 1329 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71933082
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Problem Solving

In order to solve problems effectively, a formalized process can be used. These are the basic steps that all problem-solving goes through, but following them ensures that all relevant steps will be taken into consideration. This is better than the alternative, where ad hoc problem-solving can result is sloppiness and errors. Sometimes, such steps are required to resolve a dilemma, such as is the case in this scenario.

The problem in this situation is that there is a discrepancy between the effort that parents are putting into their children's projects. Ultimately, you can only worry about your own child. But the downside to that is that your child has not completed the assignment effectively, and the other child will by virtue of its parent's assistance will deliver a better project. Your child, with a poorer grade, could well be disadvantaged by performing their own work. You are seeking…

Problem Statement Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Teamwork
Words: 171 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63965545
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Problem Statement
In the words of Quisenberry (2018), “while increased challenges are prevalent during virtual teaming arrangements, there seems to be evidence supporting that virtual team performance can be improved when team members have higher emotional quotients.” This is particularly the case given that various studies seem to suggest that the most common difficulties virtual teams encounter have got to do with failure by team members to effectively self-manage, share knowledge, and integrate the…

Criminal Intelligence Analysis
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: White Paper Paper #: 30034119
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Crime Intelligence Analysis:

To Apprehend And Prevent Violent Crimes And Criminals

Corrections/Police -- Intelligence

Criminal Intelligence Analysis is used to handle all kinds of violent crimes happening in the world. Organized violent crimes include corruption (bribery), extortion, alcohol and tobacco smuggling, counterfeiting, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, fraud, loan sharking, gambling (bookmaking and numbers), smuggling of humans, prostitution and pornography, murder and terrorism. This white paper discusses how crime intelligence analysis can be used effectively to apprehend violent criminals and to prevent violent crimes.

Crime Intelligence Analysis is defined by Dr. achel Boba in Problem Analysis in Policing, 2003, "conducted within the police agency [and] in which formal criminal justice theory, research methods, and comprehensive data collection and analysis procedures are used in a systematic way to conduct in-depth examination of, develop informed responses to, and evaluate crime and disorder problems" 1.

The organized criminal offenders belong to a low income…


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Puzzles - Correlation to Problem
Words: 2060 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36504922
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Problems contexts as social constructs

hat should be becoming clear from the discussion so far is that it may be best, in Systems Analysis, to regard problems, puzzles and messes as social constructs. That is, like beauty, there is a sense in which they are defined in the eye of the beholder. This does not mean that every aspect of the issues to be faced is within the mind of the analyst or the participants. That a business is heading for bankruptcy or that an ambulance service is failing to provide adequate response times may be beyond dispute (Galliers, 2010). But the interpretation of those "facts" is less certain, and different people may interpret the same "facts" in different ways. That is, there may be several valid views of what is happening and of what might be done about it. Some of these interpretations may turn out to be wrong,…

Works Cited

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Identification Decision Making and Problem Solving in
Words: 977 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24838578
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Decision making and problem solving in companies are probably the most important processes in any business. These processes ensure that companies run smoothly and effectively. There are a variety of decision-making and problem-solving processes that ensure the effectiveness of business processes. Often, these are chosen on the basis of their effectiveness in the particular business setting involved. The automotive industry, for example, would not function on the same decision-making process as a childcare business. Particularly, problem identification relate to various problem-solving styles, including the morphological approach, the Kepner-Tregoe approach, inventive problem solving, constraints thinking, the collective-participative style, and the fairness approach. These will be related to five types of businesses, including an automotive business, a restaurant, an electronics business, a DVD store, and a preschool,

The first important step in problem solving is problem identification (Reference for Business, 2010). All five businesses investigated have a problem identification process in…


Jones, D, Padgett, M., Rose, C., and Weilacker, R. (2009, Aug. 3) Problem Formulation and Identification. Retrieved from: 

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Software Processing Methodology Understanding the Problem Klyne
Words: 7750 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 86615453
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Software Processing Methodology

Understanding the Problem

Klyne Smith, DSE Candidate

Dr. Frank Coyle



esearch and Contribution Methods

Software Processing Methodologies

Waterfall Methodology





Iterative Methodology





Model Methodology





Where do we go from here (Spring 2010)?

Define measurement data points for Test Case analysis

Section IV

Creation and Validation of the predictive model

Section V

Summary Analysis

Practical Usage

Praxis Conclusion


Articles / Web Information

Software Processing Methodology:

Understanding the Problem

Section I:


In this work, I examine three different Software Processing Methodologies. I start with the iterative model, followed by the spiral model, and conclude with the V-model. Each of these methodologies are discussed in length to gain a clear understanding of their similarities and differences. This paper focuses on gaining a key understanding of the methodologies and when it is best to utilize each.…



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Case Analysis of F& c International Inc
Words: 818 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60511165
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F&C International Inc.

Defining the Issues and Problem Statements

The case illustrated a large scale fraud that had plagued the F & C. international Inc. during 1990s.

The case reveals challenging issues facing stakeholders in undertaking valuation of a publicly listed company

The case also highlights a dilemma that can face top executives who intend not participating in the financial frauds of a company

The fraud strategies were be inflating the company financial records and overestimated the inventories.

The company top executives inflated sales revenues and overstating period-ending inventories in the 1990s.

For example, the barrels labeled as high concentrated flavors were filled with water.

Major cause of the problem was the fraud that had perpetuated the company in the 1990s.

The effect of the fraud made the company to record financial losses during the period.

Sale revenues declined that made the company to record a net loss.

Moreover, the…


Crundwell, F. (2010). Finance for Engineers: Evaluation and Funding of Capital Projects. UK. Springer.

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Case 4.2. F & C. international Inc.

Pride, W. Hughes, R. & Kapoor, J. (2013). Business. Cengage Learning.

Problem Solving in Mathematics GCSE or the
Words: 3517 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25602444
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Problem Solving in Mathematics

GCSE or the General Certificate of Secondary Education is basically a system that is present in England, Northern Ireland and in Wales. In this system, a student is awarded an academic qualification based on the grades that they attain. The qualification that a person attains is equivalent to either a level 2 or Level 1 key skills qualification. Normally, a student can uptake as many subjects as he or she wants. However, different systems set a requirement for how many subjects or GCSEs a student must take. There is present an international system of IGCSE as well and these subjects can be up taken anywhere in the world. This was just a precise history of what exactly the GCSE system is all about. Interestingly enough, the GCSE system was not the first one of its kind. Prior to this, GCE and the English Baccalaureate System were…


Anderson, J. (2009) Mathematics Curriculum Development and the Role of Problem Solving. [E-Book] The University Of Sydney. Available Through: ACSA Conference 2009  Http://Www.Acsa.Edu.Au/Pages/Images/Judy%20Anderson%20-%20Mathematics%20Curriculum%20Development.Pdf  [Accessed: 11th February 2013].

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Problem of Temporary Intrinsic
Words: 1887 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47413605
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The Problem of Temporary Intrinsics:

Perundantists and Endurantists

The objective of this study is to examine and explain the problem of temporary intrinsics and the Perdurantist solution to it. This study will answer whether the conflict between a thing being bent simpliciter and the thing only being able to be bent at a time itself is a reason to reject Endurantism in favor of Perdurantism and how if at all, might Perdurantism itself be at odds with the idea that persisting objects are bent simpliciter.

It is the belief of some philosophers that the individual takes up time since they are held to have "different temporal parts at different times." (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2010, p.1) The spatial parts would be represented by the feet, nose, and head while temporal part of the individual would be the person as they were yesterday, the person as they are today and…


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Problem-Solving Model in Suggesting Ways Towards Solving
Words: 2110 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78499688
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problem-solving model in suggesting ways towards solving marketing problem of Classic Airline. It takes into account the internal and external pressures that contribute to the current crisis at Classic Airline, the current objective of implementing strategic marketing plan of solving solution. In addition, potential issues in implementation potential issues are as well considered in insuring impact of the plan. The analysis also touches on the fact that implementation of improved Customer elationship Management (CM) improves the profitability of the organization.

Classic Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the world with a command of up to above 375 jets that are serving cities with flights of over 2,300 daily. Since its inception, from 25 years ago, it has changed to become an organization having about 32,000 employees and even recently it managed to earn $10 million on sale of $8.7 billion in sales. Classic is among the airlines that faces…


Bull, C. (2003). Strategic issues in customer relationship management (CRM)implementation. Busiess Process Management Journal, 9 (5), 592-602,

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Problems Unsolved and a Nation Divided
Words: 958 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98453945
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SWOT Analysis of the U.S. Economy economy has historically been the strongest economy in the world. The economy boasts leadership in areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship, higher education, communications infrastructure, capital markets, and business management (Porter et al., 2016). These aspects make the U.S. economy an envy of many countries around the world. In addition, the economy has demonstrated quite impressive recovery since the devastating 2008/2009 recession. Despite these strengths, the economy has been deteriorating in the last one decade or so, with many of the economic indicators declining to disturbing levels. Indeed, the competitiveness of the economy has been eroding since the late 1990s (Porter et al., 2016). There has been reduced growth in economic output, productivity, investment, and employment. Per capita and household income have declined or stagnated, small businesses have been struggling, startups have been lagging, and inequality has increased. Also, there have been weaknesses in areas…

Problems and Challenges of Catholicism Confucianism and Islam Between 1450-1750
Words: 1442 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10519683
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Confucianism, Catholicism and Islam between 1450 and 1750.

Three major religions, located at diverse axes of the world, Catholicism, Confucianism, and Islam, were faced with similar problems and challenges in the years between 1450 and 1750. Catholicism encountered a militant Protestant Reformation in the shape of Martin Luther King that espoused religion whilst criticizing the Pope. Confucianism, in the shape of the renowned philosopher and politician Wang Vangming, grappled with a future that threatened to challenge its traditional learning and way of life whilst Wahhabism introduced fundamentalist religion into an Islam that had gradually become more secular and detached from the Koran-simulated way of life. The following essay elaborates on their individual problems and challenges.


Luther's Protestantism effectively ended the many years of sole religious monopoly that the Catholic Church had on Europe. At the same time, Catholicism was also threatened by the new Humanism that tentatively insisted, first…

Sources. (vol. 2) Bedford; New York, *.

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4 ibid

Problems With American Boys
Words: 1670 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 70212762
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Boys Adrift

Book Critique on the book boys adrift

Book critique: Boys Adrift

For many years, there was a great deal of concern expressed about the poor performance of girls in schools. Although girls often excelled during the early grades, boys tended to edge out girls in terms of grades and on standardized tests, particularly in the sciences and math. However, girls have begun to catch up with their male counterparts in the wake of the influence of the feminist movement, which has profoundly changed the ways in which women are educated and viewed by the educational system. Now women are beginning to surpass their male counterparts according to some indicators such as college attendance. Women have not yet become able to earn as much money as men for the same work but their role in society has clearly changed. This has provoked a great deal of anxiety amongst some…


Sax, L. (2009). Boys Adrift. Basic Books.

Problems of Big Data at Target
Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76741442
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Target's Data Breach affected over 80 million customers (Bayuk, 2010). However, it is probable that more people might have been affected. Certain client information, besides the payment card data was stolen during the breach. The company has confirmed that information regarding customers was taken from systems beyond point of sale. This means that customers who made online purchase or those who emailed the company were affected. In this case, the points of sale systems used by customers to swipe their credit cards are linked to the company's network, like everything else. However, the existing evidence is based on correlational expert reports. It does not show the opportunities enabling hackers to compromise people via point of sale machines and connect to the company network. These customers will now receive emails that resemble a lot like emails from Target Company or emails from bank that will ask customers to key in their…


Bayuk, J.L. (2010). CyberForensics: Understanding information security investigations. New York: Humana Press.

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Problems and Solutions to Increase Greening of the Health Care System
Words: 1230 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31807014
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Greening of the Health Care System

The objective of this work in writing is to examine problems and solutions to increase greening of the health care system. Towards this end, this work examines and reports literature in this area of study.

It is reported that Pittsburg, PA was, in the 1940s a place coping with extreme pollution and was known as 'the Smoky City'. However in the 1940s leaders in the city met with architect Frank Lloyd Wright inquiring as to what might be done to improve the city. The leaders chose to change the environment "and stimulate new ways of thinking." (oard on Population Health, 2007, p.45) The businesses in Pittsburg were required to change from coal to gas and other fuels that were smokeless for heating and that begin "a significant green renaissance for Pittsburg and created was "a livable, diverse economic region, with one of the most…


Green Healthcare Institutions: Health, Environment, and Economics, Workshop Summary (2007)

Board on Population Health (BPH)

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Problem of Universals
Words: 342 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81151858
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Abelard and Boethius: The Problem of Universals

The medieval problem of the universals posited the question of any idea or thing could be a universal in its being. This was defined by Boethius something that was complete in its entirety, and could not exist in part, that was not in a temporal succession, and that "it should constitute the substance of its particulars that is to say, nothing can be both one being and common to many beings in such a manner that it shares its act of being with those many beings, constituting their substance." However, this was impossible because "the universal is supposed to constitute the substance of all of its distinct particulars, as a whole, at the same time. Therefore, the one act of being of the universal entity would have to be identical with all the distinct acts of being of its several particulars at the…

Work Cited

Klima, Gyula "The Medieval Problem of Universals," The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2004 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), forthcoming URL = .

Analysis of Ageing based on Psychology Interview
Words: 1525 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98419489
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Interview for the Analysis of Ageing

Mae was a first generation American aged 90. Mae was born on June 1927 in Bethlehem, PA. When Mae was a young girl, she moved to Queens. Married at the age of 18, Mae well-being and general health issues are normal with no major health problems despite the usual high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and stents that come along with old age.

The objective of this essay is to explore the experience of late adulthood and ageing using the case study of Mae. This study analyzes the interview questions to identify the health and social issues associated with old age.

Analysis of Interview Question

One of the problems associated with old age is health issues. However, findings from the interview with Mae reveal that Mae is still in a good health despite her age, and she does not have any major health issue. However,…

Problem Elements in Decision Making
Words: 943 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24862736
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decision analysis have three common elements. The first one is the set of strategies or decisions available to the decision maker. The second is the set of conceivable results as well as the probabilities of such results. The third is a value model prescribing outcomes, frequently monetary values, for the numerous combinations of outcomes and decisions. After knowing such elements, an "optimal" decision can be found and made by the decision maker.

An example of this would be a company. For the sake of the example the name of the company is Orlock Inc. Now Orlock has two simply methods, which are submit a bid and do not submit a bid. In the case of Orlock submitting a bid to acquire a contract, they have to decide how much. Orlock has to not only find out how much to bid, but also how much it will cost them supply the…


Cameron, I., Raman, R., & Raman, R. (2014). Process Systems Risk Management. San Diego: Elsevier Science.

YouTube,. (2016). PUAD630 Lecture 3 DecisionTrees Video. Retrieved 12 February 2016, from

Analysis of Beacon Lakes
Words: 1406 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 85325408
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Beacon Lakes Case Analysis

Armando Codina is the chairman and CEO of Armando Codina Group of Company, which is one of the most active developers in Florida. However, Armando Codina is facing a challenging decision whether to abandon the Beacon Lakes development project worth $220 million or go ahead with the project. However, Codina has already spent $2 million to obtain the necessary approval to develop the 6.6 million square foot warehouse project Despite the approval, Codina is facing various obstacles making him considering whether to go ahead with the project or abandon the project. Codina feels that an unsuccessful project such as the Beacon project can affect his untainted career. Among the problems facing Codina is the uncertainty regarding the getting an approval for the project and expansion to the UDB (Urban Development Boundary) towards the west that is currently zoned to prohibit further development. (Segel, Barlick, & Gonzalec,…


Segel, A.I. Barlick, R. & Gonzalec, J. (2008). Beacon Lakes. Harvard Business Review.


Appendix 1

Cost of Land acre

Analysis of Six Themes in Entrepreneurship
Words: 5055 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19336524
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The company selected is Dar Almanthour for Fragrance. The company was established in the year 2000 by the owner, Mr. Therar AlTararwa. The key products retailed by the company comprise of Bakhour, perfumes, scents, perfume oil and designed boxes for formal events. It started off with his friend at work wanting to sell his own made up fragrance and offered Mr. Therar AlTararwa to sell these fragrances to his family and when he did Mr. Al Tararwa saw an opportunity that selling these fragrances made money and so he wanted to get in the game he bought dozens of fragrances from his friend and made a guy sell them and he had his percentage of the sales. So then and there, Mr. Al Tararwa saw an opportunity and offered his friend money to sell him the mixture ingredients of the fragrance so he can open up a fragrance…

Problem Solving and Decision-Making Negotiation
Words: 3378 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75383089
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Assessing a Decision Based on Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats Technique

In the book Six Thinking Hats Edward de Bono describes the process of parallel thinking. This process means looking at problems from all angles at once. Edward de Bono uses the example of four people all looking at the same house. One person is looking at the front. Another is looking at the back. The other is looking at the left side. The final person is looking at the right side. These people are all arguing about what the house looks like, while each has a different view of the house. The fact is that what everyone is seeing is part of what the house looks like. But as long as they are all only seeing one side, they will never agree. They will also never really understand what the entire house looks like. The four people…


Daft, R.L. (1997). Management. Fort Worth, TX: Dryden Press.

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Problems With the PhD
Words: 518 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93407140
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Dr. Dole Queue

It might seem that having too much education, like being too rich or too thin, is impossible to achieve. However, according to Adrian Wooldridge's article "Doctor Dole Queue," that is precisely what is happening to a generation of PhD students. After a certain point, there is a diminishing level of returns for the student in regards to getting degree after degree. And certain degrees, such as a PhD in English literature, can actually make the job-seeker less employable, given the lack of utility of the degree in fields outside of academia and the opportunity cost of time and money to get a PhD. Wooldridge primarily uses facts and statistics to illustrate his point, underlining the discrepancy that exists between the claim that 'more education is good' versus the reality that exists for most students in the real world.

In the first paragraph of his essay, Wooldridge states…


Wooldridge, A. (2011). Doctor Dole Queue. More Intelligent Life. Retrieved from:

Problem-Based Learning vs Traditional Teaching in Respiratory Care Education
Words: 2324 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Introduction Paper #: 71070351
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PBL vs. Traditional

Two of the methods of pedagogy that are currently employed in respiratory therapy are Problem-Based Learning and Traditional Teaching. Both instructional methods can provide a strenuous curriculum for the student interested in comprehensive training in the field of respiratory therapy, and each method has its advantages and (of course) its disadvantages. The focus of this study will be to determine which pedagogical methodology provides the most efficient and effective results in a respiratory therapy educational setting.

To accomplish that objective, the study will administer surveys in questionnaire form to students attending two separate schools that offer training in respiratory therapy. The questionnaires will provide a quantifying response to qualitative, and quantitative, information. Each school's pedagogy will represent either problem-based or traditional teaching methods and students from each school will be asked to complete pre and post training questionnaires and surveys. Additionally, students will be tested on their…


Albanese, M.A. & Mitchell, S. (1993) Problem-based learning: A review of literature on its outcomes and implantation issues, Academic Medicine, Vol. 68, Issue 1, pp. 52-81

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Allie, S.; Armien, M.N.; Bennie. K.; Burgoyne, N.; Case, J.; Craig, T.; (2007) Learning as acquiring a discursive identity through participation in a community: A theoretical position on improving student learning in tertiary science and engineering programmes, Cape Town, South Africa, accessed at http://www.cree,, on January 15, 2011

Biggs, J. (2003) Teaching for quality learning at university (2nd ed.), Buckingham: The Society for Research into Higher Education and Open University Press

Analysis of Depressed Adolescence
Words: 2717 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86458863
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diverse populations in a study, the implications of crisis/trauma-causing events on adolescent depression, implications of resiliency, the implications of neurobiology, and looks into a relevant development theory. It also covers different categories of adolescent depression. Causes of this problem, available diagnosis techniques, and the best treatment methods are also considered. Its relationship with other health issues, such as obesity and cancer, are also considered. There is a provision of some quantitative information about this problem. This paper also pays attention to important studies other experts have conducted. To some experts, this problem is in no way a medical ailment. There is also emphasis on the role adequate exercises and balanced diets play in curbing depression in adolescents. In conclusion, it is emphasized that a depressed adolescent can turn out to become a very normal and happy individual. The Cognitive Theory of Depression as postulated by Beck gives a description of…


Allen, J.P. (2009). An Overview of Beck's Cognitive Theory of Depression in Contemporary Literature. Rochester Institute of Technology. Retrieved from: 

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Analysis of Banksys Exit Through the Gift Shop
Words: 1682 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85791138
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Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) anksy

Introduction to the Documentary

anksy, in his documentary 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' seeks to highlight street art and tell people the difficulties inherent in being a street artist and making a living out of it. He wanted people to know that being a street artist means maintaining a crew that was combat ready and gaining their trust through different means to maintain anonymity. The documentary looks at the emergence of street artists in Los Angeles. The friendship between anksy and Thierry Guetta, his fan, is apparent in the documentary. Guetta is fascinated by the street art in Los Angeles and followed the artists filming them to make a documentary of his own. Guetta eventually meets anksy and films his stunts of 'Guantanamo' in Disneyland precincts. The videos that he shot for years were not enjoyable, prompting anksy to describe Guetta as 'somebody…


Bradshaw, P. (2010, March 04). Exit Through the Gift Shop. Retrieved from The Guardian: 

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Analysis of Data and Probability
Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 61708108
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Summarizing Data and Probability

Blood Pressure Data

Patient ID



1st Patient

2nd Patient

3rd Patient

4th Patient

5th Patient

6th Patient

7th Patient

8th Patient

9th Patient

Diastolic Blood Pressure Measurements


Mean is also referred to as average. This is obtained by adding up a set of tallies and thereafter dividing the resulting summation by the number of tallies. The general formula for obtaining mean is as follows:

Mean of the systolic blood pressure measurements

Mean of the diastolic blood pressure measurements


The median is the middle value of an ordered set or list of numbers.

Median of the systolic blood pressure measurements

Ordered set is as follows:

90, 110, 120, 120, 130, 130, 150, 150, 160

Therefore, the median is 130

Median of the diastolic blood pressure measurements

Ordered set is as follows

40, 60, 60, 70, 80, 80, 90, 90, 110

Therefore, the…


Joseph, L., Reinhold, C. (2002). Introduction to Probability Theory and Sampling Distributions. Fundamentals of Clinical Research for Radiologists.

Waller, D. L. (2008). Statistics for Business. United Kingdom: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Problem Hypothesis Analysis and Alternative
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Cricket Road

Mason Sexton is trying to renovate the house he inherited located in Charlottesville. The area is a prime location, and with the proposed construction of a multi-storey building, it will attract a good number of tenants. Sexton is not experienced in real estate development, and he has been making calculations based on the research he has carried out. The costings he has come up with are not viable since no financial institution is willing to back his project by offering him a loan. Sexton has managed to carry out most of the investigative, conceptual, and planning stages by himself. However, he runs into problems due to his inexperience in the initial planning stages. He has not managed to obtain funding for the project, and he has to spend money to create the plans and obtain a certificate of occupancy. Sexton has underestimated the construction costs, and he has…

Problem-Solving Behavior From Three Different
Words: 1031 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33024238
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This concept says that the low zone represents what the child already knows and can handle alone, and the high zone represents what the child needs mentoring for. With help, Sara could very well pick a gift appropriate to her mother's interest and taste. Because Jane at 10 has a broader experience of the world and more experience with her mother's likes and dislikes, her zone of proximal or potential development will be much larger, however she might very well take advantage of the more complete knowledge of people around her and try to buy or possibly make something really special.

Siegler: Information Processing Theories

Information processing theories have much the same foundations as constructivist or socialcultural theory but seem to focus more on exactly how attention and memory work and grow and change in the child. Attention improves a lot in early childhood although with the younger child, focus…

Problems in HR
Words: 1333 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91640319
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Working for the Federal Government requires something extra due to the nature of the enterprise. Collective agencies such as the Federal Government are much more strict about rules and regulations dealing with discrimination and equal opportunity. The purpose of this paper is to explain and describe the special circumstances for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) when working with federal contractors and subcontractors. This paper will use case study information to demonstrate the practical aspects of this theme and to help provide an example for learning.

Compliance with federal EEO standards will be examined in this case using the perspective of an H manager of a large plastics company. The company has just received an offer to produce plastic parts for their customer, whose end user is the Federal Government. In order to accept this offer, it is necessary to review the company's human resources approach to ensure that it…

References The Rehabilitation Act. Viewed 4 May 2014. Retrieved from

SHRM (2012). Affirmative Action When would my company need to have an affirmative action plan? SHRM, 4 Dec 2012. Retrieved from 

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The United States Department of Labor (nd). Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Viewed 4 May 2014. Retrieved from

Problems and Interventions
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Home health visits can be a useful method of identifying potential and actual health issues. Visiting the patient's home may provide the opportunity to identify issues which may not be readily apparent at a medical office. The home health visit is meant to assist in the promotion of the patient's health maintenance; limit further disability, and increase baseline health.

The visiting nurse will gain the ability to build a caring, professional, trusting, patient focused relationship. The home health nurse will be able to assist the patient by identifying, procuring and providing education for interventional items. The nurse will also know how to facilitate the communication of identified patient needs, in the home, to interdisciplinary members of the health care team (Liebel, Powers, Friedman, & Watson, 2012, p. 80).

Problem #1

The patient has been prescribed oxygen for home use by her physician. The patient states the she has not…

Problem of the Uninsured Health Disparities
Words: 3554 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8086671
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Health Disparities of Uninsured

Statistics show that approximately 47 million of America's population lacks medical coverage, and another 38 million has inadequate health insurance. What these statistics imply is that one-third of Americans are insecure and unsure about whether they would afford healthcare if they fell sick or needed medical help today. The State of Texas tops the list, with an uninsured population of approximately 8 million, representing 25.1% of the total (Code ed, 2006). Minority groups form a bulk of the uninsured population (Wu & ingwalt, 2005). The impact of a large uninsured population, however, is massive -- the uninsured affect both themselves and the communities in which they live, compromising the quality of care and placing everyone at risk. They do not often have a primary care physician, which means that they neither seek out medical care when they are supposed to, nor turn up for preventive care…


Abdullah, F., Zhang, Y., Lardaro, T., Black, M., Colombani, P.M., Chrouser, K., Pronovost, P.J. & Chang, D.C. (2009). Analysis of 23 Million U.S. Hospitalizations: Uninsured Children have Higher All-Cause In-Hospital Mortality. Journal of Public Health, 32(2), 236-244.

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problems with random assignment experiments on principals
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In “An Examination of the Benefits, Limitations, and Challenges of Conducting Randomized Experiments with Principals,” the researchers use a case study method to show why a professional development program for principals failed to achieve its desired outcomes. Focusing on one school district with 48 principals, the authors state, “We developed and understanding of why the program failed to achieve its intended goals,” (p. 188). The District Professional Development (DPD) program was designed to improve leadership capacities among principals with the ultimate goal of improving school outcomes. Based on interviews with district officials, a systematic review of the DPD materials, observations of the actual DPD training sessions, attendance records, and the principals’ personal logs and journals, the researchers collected substantive qualitative evidence that can be used to supplement their quantitative experimental research on the DPD. In other words, this study is a classic mixed-methods research design that uses both qualitative and…

Problems Brought to Light When Globalization Is a Company's Goal
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Guitars: A Critical Analysis of a Global Problem

orking with people in another country outside your own country is always challenging but it does bring issues into focus that you don't have in your home office. Dealing with people of different ethnicities, from different cultures, using different languages than you are familiar with -- these are delicate issues that can be good learning experiences but they can also go terribly wrong. How much or how little training a manager has had before moving to a foreign location for a company is critical in understanding how well that manager will do in the foreign experience. hat specifically does this experience contribute to your skills? Dealing with diversity, with unfamiliar dynamics in a business genre can help a person be more flexible and ethical when returning home.

Step ONE: (2): Business at the Base of the Pyramid is a way to help…

Works Cited

The Environment of Management. Cengage Learning.

Problems at Graybar
Words: 1845 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 63576402
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Graybar: Case Study

What was the problem at Graybar described in this case? How did this problem affect Graybar's business performance?

Graybar is a wholesale distributing company that deals solely with organizations, not personal retail customers. Still, customer service is an important component of the success of any entity, and Graybar is currently lacking in this particular area. Graybar is failing to adequately segment its customers, a critical component of organizational success. Core customers are defined as customers that place high-volume orders on a regular basis, versus opportunistic customers who only do so when their current distributor has failed to deliver and is experiencing a problem (marginal customers only place orders sporadically) ("Graybar goes for customer analytics," 317). However, opportunistic customers are not necessarily 'bad' customers, rather they are customers that need to be cultivated in a different fashion. Opportunistic customers tend to pay well even though they are not…


Cawood, S., Bailey, R.V. (2006). Destination profit: creating people-profit opportunities in your organization. Davies-Black Publishing

Graybar goes for customer analytics. (n.d). Case study.

Hannon, D. (2012). Fast, detailed, actionable analytics at Graybar. insiderPROFILES.

Retrieved from:

Analysis of Forensic Sciences in the UK and the USA
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Forensic Sciences in the USA and the United Kingdom

Over the last two decades, the forensic science has assisted in producing valuable evidence that has contributed to a successful conviction and prosecution of criminals and exoneration of innocent citizens. Typically, an advanced in forensic science and DNA technology have been a great assistance for law enforcement agency for an identification and prosecution of criminals. In the United States and the UK, many cases that have been formally unsolved have now been solved based on the great assistance of the forensic science investigators. (National esearch Council, 2009). Forensics or forensic science is a field of investigation drawing different scientific disciplines in law, criminal and civil services. This practice requires an application of scientific knowledge, quantitative, qualitative and empirical skills to collect and analyze data that will assist in presenting evidence in a tribunal or court of law. However, the method the…


Butler, J.M. (2015). U.S. initiatives to strengthen forensic science & international standards in forensic DNA. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 18: 4 -- 20.

Goulka, J.E. Matthies, C. Steinberg, P. (2010). Toward a Comparison of DNA Profiling and Databases in the United States and England. Technical report (Rand Corporation).

House of Common (2013). Forensic Science. House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

Mallett, X. & Evison, M.P. (2013). Forensic Facial Comparison: Issues of Admissibility in the Development of Novel Analytical Technique. J Forensic Sci, 58 (4):859-865.

Problem Sets in ANOVA
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16 -- (3 -- 1)(47.09)]/(1264.92+47.09) = 557.98/1312.01 = 0.425 = 42.5%

This finding suggests that 42.5% of the variability in performance accuracy is associated with the levels of background noise.

Question 4

In an experiment, you measure the popularity of two brands of soft drinks (factor A) and for each brand you test males and females (factor B). The following table shows the main effect and cell means from the study:

Factor A

Level A1:

Brand X

Level A2:

Brand Y

Factor B

Level B1:




Level B2:




A. Describe the graph of the interaction when factor A is on the X axis.

Using a line plot with factor A on the X axis, the line for males has an upward slope from brand X to brand Y, while the line representing females has a downward slope.

B. Does there appear to be an interaction…

Problems With a Telephone Survey
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modal time for dropouts in live surveys either short or long is the half-point mark in the survey, the researcher needs to get to the most crucial information needed early in the survey (Cape, 2010). Choosing crucial information depends on the focus of the researcher (except for demographic information, see below). Moreover, the questionnaire is a bit cumbersome and will require quite a bit of training before interviewers can use it effectively (especially sections like section F). Perhaps it would be better to put in more guidelines, simplify some content, and make it a bit more user friendly. The fewer experimenter errors one makes the lower the bias and the better the reliability (and hence validity) of the measure (Bradburn, Sudman, & Wansink, 2004; Kalton & Schuman, 1982). Some of the issues with specific sections are discussed next.

Question A4 asks about reading within the past week, whereas other questions…


Bradburn, N.M., Sudman, S., & Wansink, B. (2004). Asking questions: The definitive guide to questionnaire design -- for market research, political polls, and social and health questionnaires. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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Kalton, G., & Schuman, H. (1982). The effect of the question on survey responses: A

Analysis of Inclusion in Special Education Curriculum
Words: 2205 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45085666
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inclusion" is not part of the law; instead, it states that each student must be educated in the least restrictive educational environment (LRE). Analyze all sides of "inclusion," (1. full inclusion; 2. inclusion in special classes like physical education, art, or lunch; and 3. inclusion in all classes except for reading or math).


The term 'inclusion' means complete acceptance of every student which leads towards sense of acceptance and belonging in the classroom. Over the years, there has not been any fixed definition of inclusion, but different groups and organizations have provided their own definitions. The most basic definition of 'inclusion' states that every student with special needs are supported in 'chronologically age appropriate general education classes' in schools and get the instructions specialized for them by the Individual Education Programs (IEPs) within the general activities of the class and the main curriculum. The idea of 'inclusion' is to…


Cologon, K. (2013). Inclusion in Education. Children with Disabiliity Australia.

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FDDC. (2012). What is Inclusion? Florida: Florida State Univeristy Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy.

Problems Related to Strength and Weaknesses of Apple Inc
Words: 549 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85435108
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Apple Corporation SWOT and Tows Analysis

uploaded paste. Please follow instructions. Preferably articles reference. Topic: Industry environment -- Porter analysis SWOT TOWS cross reference Work: Information Technology Industry: The Apple Corporation Sustaining competitive advantage evolving external environment & executive succession.

For Apple's continued success and brand leadership, exhaustive strategic management of the complex interaction of the challenges and immerging issues in desirable. Balancing the increasing needs from stakeholders becomes increasing difficult for companies with the increasing numbers of competitors and diversifications industry (Pearce & obinson, 2005). The corporation is currently pursuing a much broader brand differentiation through offering superior quality products exceptionally designed to target consumer personal needs an ease of use.

Sustaining Competitive Advantage with Evolving External Environment & Executive Succession

Over the years, technological advancements have piled pressure on technology developers and industry players. Apple Inc. faces this challenge combined with an increase in the number of players…


Pearce, J., & Robinson, R. (2005). Strategic Management, 9th Edition, . New York: McGraw-Hill.

Problems in the Classroom
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96878924
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Student Learning

Language Barriers & Issues

ESL Students

Other cultures/languages iii. Issues specific to a given area/school

Slang/Improper Speech


Improper terms used

Classroom Decorum (or lack thereof)

Disrespectful/disorderly students

Gossiping/Cliquish behavior iii. Lack of Attentiveness

Students not staying on task

Sexual talk/banter/jokes


Mental intimidation

Insults b. Physical violence/injury


Groups cornering single victim


Social media

Text messages iii. Teasing/Taunting by Groups

Poorly Trained and/or Behaved Teachers

Use of unlicensed teachers

Teachers not adhering to curriculum

c. Teachers injecting personal/political/religious views

Overall inexperience of young teachers

Race/Cultural Issues

a. Racial minorities tend to be poorer

b. Racial minorities more likely to be in single parent household

c. Racial minorities more likely to be discriminated against

d. Racial minorities often perform more poorly on tests

e. Accusations of institutional bias against minorities in general

f. Racist/stereotyping behavior by students

g. Segregated schools/neighborhoods

VI. Student Pacing

a. Students able to…

Analysis of a New Story
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Erik Kramer Story

Erik Kramer is a man that has been surrounded by a major tragedy and has himself been majorly tragic. Between the drug-related death of his son and his attempted suicide that may or may not be tied to head trauma induced during his time in the National Football League, Erik Kramer is a man that is obviously very tortured and may not be acting under his own devices. The burning question is whether he is more like Chris Benoit in that his mind and his faculties are leaving him or if there is any hope for Kramer after the tragedy, trauma and pain he has endured for much of his life. He is a hero in the sense in that he is the only man to win an NFL playoff game for the Detroit Lions since the 1950's but so much of the rest of his life…


Fainaru-Wada, M., Avila, J., & Fainaru, S. (2013). Study -- Junior Seau's brain shows chronic brain damage found in other NFL football players. Retrieved 5 October 2015, from 

Nolo. (2015). Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter -- Retrieved 5 October 2015, from 

USA Today. (2015). Report: Ex-Detroit Lions QB Kramer survives apparent suicide attempt. Detroit Free Press. Retrieved 5 October 2015, from

Analysis of My Management Philosophy
Words: 1005 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71702013
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Management philosophy refers to an individual's opinion regarding to the best management practice. In other words, a management philosophy is the best strategy to communicate the work ethics to organizational employee, which can serve as a mission statement to serve as a guideline to perform management duties. My management philosophy is to provide guideline, leadership, direction, as well as delivering a good example to the subordinates. In other words, my management philosophy is to design an environment that will assist me to lead employee productively. I have been able to achieve productivity from the employee through conflict management, provide encouragement to low performing employees, as well as rewarding a strong performer among employee.

The objective of this paper is to discuss my management philosophy.

My management Philosophy

My management philosophy is to set a good example to influence other employee's to work diligently through decision making, planning, organizing, leading, controlling…

analysis of organization with different lenses
Words: 1522 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 35048584
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Lens One: Structural Theories

Organizational structure refers to how work activities or tasks are divided, and how relationships are established and maintained (Corlett, n.d.). Bureaucratic organizations are structured formally and may result in a pyramidal shape with the bulk of employees at the bottom with the least amount of decision-making power (Corlett, n.d.). The bureaucratic organization can also take on the image of a machine (Morgan, 1998). Morgan (1998) adds that structural theories offer precision in the design and implementation of organizational details. For example, the work of teachers is highly formalized down to the details of lesson plans and the measurable outcomes in terms of test scores. A core goal of a mechanistic, bureaucratic organization is predictability. The machine image also demonstrates the ways an organization emphasizes speed, clarity, and efficiency. Structural theories illustrate how educators participate in chains of command, and there are legal and contractual bases of…


Barnett, M.N. & Finnemore, M. (1999). The politics, power, and pathologies of international organizations. International Organizations 53(4): 699-732.

Boyne, G.A. & Meier, K.J. (2009). Environmental turbulence, organizational stability, and public service performance. Administration and Society 40(8): 799-824.

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Problems with hiring at the VA
Words: 1739 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 76733058
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Employee Selection

To firms of any size, the selection of qualified and able employees is a huge thing. Indeed, selecting the wrong employee can cause major issues and is simply expensive even in the best of circumstances as hiring and training new people just adds to the expenses and such that come up. As such, firms and organizations need to know precisely what they are looking for and how to find it. Just one organization that has had massive struggles in this regard, up to and including the leadership, would be the Veteran Affairs Administration. Even with a recent change of leadership, they are still having issues from top to bottom. While the Veteran Affairs Administration has had some gaffes and issues when it comes to hiring and selection, the core processes they have in place are actually very solid.


The introduction to this report mentions the Veterans Affairs…


Carpenter & Dunung, Chapter 1 "Effective Selection and Placement Strategies" pages 639 to 648

in Challenges and Opportunities in International Business (v. 1.0) -


Analysis of Friedmans The World Is Flat
Words: 2944 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94711964
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World is Flat" is taken from a metaphorical point-of-view to highlight the development and advancement of technology in the world. The author, Thomas Friedman, asserts that the world has become flatter because technology together with other factors has turned the world into a smaller place. The author describes the manner in which technology has made the world become more competitive and elucidates what is necessary to compete in this new world that is deemed flat. For instance, Friedman offers a description of how manufacturing firms have relocated the location of their plants to international areas to make the most of cheaper labor and raw materials.

This is towards objective of coming up with products that are cost-effective and more competitive in the marketplace. This particular aspect of outsourcing has disseminated into the service industry also. Friedman describes various instances where tax returns of companies in the United States are accounted…


Caldwell, J. (2005). Book Report On The World Is Flat. Retrieved 17 October 2015 from: 

Friedman, T. L. (2005). The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. New York: Picador

Griedsom, T. S. (2007). Book Review. The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. Retrieved 17 October 2015 from: 

Lee, M. (n.d). Book Summary: The World is Flat (Thomas L. Friedman).

Analysis of the Legacy of Alexander the Great S Empire
Words: 983 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12769986
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Alexander the Great

Born in July 356 B.C. Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon to King Philip II and Epirote princess Olympias, Alexander the Great, was a king of Macedon and the greatest military commander who ever lived in the ancient world. In the relatively short period of time he was at the helm of the kingdom of Macedon, he managed to conquer almost the entire civilized world before his untimely death (Alexander the Great, 2015).

When Alexander was very young, he proved himself to be capable of undertaking dangerous military conquests (Gascoigne, n.d.). For instance, when the boy was just sixteen, his father left him in charge of the kingdom when he went east on an expedition against the Byzantium Kingdom (Gascoigne, n.d.). During the time his father was away, Alexander managed to crush Thracians who were posing problems to the throne. As a reward, his father later allowed him to…


Alexander the Great. (2015). New World Encyclopedia. Retrieved January 13, 2016 from , Darci. (2012). The Impact of Alexander the Great's Conquests. Term Paper for Global History to the 15th Century. Retrieved January 13, 2016 from 

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Mark, Joshua J. (2013). Alexander the Great. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Retrieved January 13, 2016 from

Analysis of Two Short Stories
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95960662
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Husband" is a story that focuses on marriage and finding someone. Mme. Carette is the mother to Marie and Berthe. While Berthe tries to seek independence, working an office job, Marie is simple-minded, hoping to marry. Their mother, Mme. Carette is the one who wants her to find someone all while wishing for someone for herself. In one way or another, they all find that marriage often takes center stage in a woman's life.

Mme. Carette is a religious woman. Although she tries to hide parts of herself, she shows how much she wants a husband not just for her children, but for herself. On page 306, Mme. Carette explains how a husband can help her up the step of a streetcar and lay down the law to Berthe. These are things a daughter cannot do and therefore are reasons for Carette to want someone. Marie wants someone as well…

Analysis and Comparisons of Qalys and Hui Interventions
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QALYs and HUI interventions

QALYs as a Measure of Economic Benefits from Health Interventions

QALYs give an acceptable way to evaluate the level of the advantages obtained out of various actions concerning health and the standard of existence that the patient has and even their continued survival.

QALYs have made the distribution of the funds, which are given for various resources to be done in an open way, with those who are in charge being made aware of the advantages of incorporating and utilising new methods of treatment and advanced technology (Philips, 2009).

Challenges of using QALYs as a Measure of Economic Benefits from Health Interventions

The use of QALYs as a measure can bring about new challenges in terms of not accommodating some serious health consequences.

They are inadequate when used to gauge two drugs that are similar in most things and in competition. They cannot take in intricate…


Furlong, W. J., Feeny, DH, Torrance, G. W., & Barr, R. D. (2001). The Health Utilities Index (HUI®) system for assessing health-related quality of life in clinical studies. Annals of medicine, 33(5), 375-384.

Phillips, C. (2009). What is a QALY? Retrieved 7 March 2016 from

Employment Law Is as Important as Knowledge of Criminal Law to the Security Manager


The role of a security manager requires diversity; they are required to oversee a department in order to reduce theft, fraud and make sure an organization's assets are well protected. At the same time, the managers enforce the company's policy and procedures. Mostly, the managers are expected to wear their "human resources hat" to be able to understand the rights and welfare of their co-workers. This, together with the direct line reports, enables them to work within the codes of practice while maintaining a professional working relationship. Therefore, it's crucial for the security manager to generally understand the employment law, especially in those areas that directly relate to their role. The knowledge is critical whilst dealing with issues or situations that may arise with regards to other employees.…


Ashworth A and Redmayne M, (2010), The Criminal Process (4th ed, Oxford: OUP).

De Barnier V, (2014), "Chapter 16: Counterfeiting: The challenges for governments, companies and consumers, in Gill M, The Handbook of Security, Edition Palgrave Handbook, ISBN: 9781137323279

Hall M, (2009) Victims of Crime: Policy and Practice in Criminal Justice (Cullompton: Willan).

Herring J, (2014), CRIMINAL LAW: Text, Cases, and Materials, SIXTH EDITION, Oxford University Press

Analysis of Du Bois
Words: 1565 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85326611
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Songs of Sorrow

"The Sorrow Songs" is a message that is related to the spirituality of the African-American people. In summary, Dubois gives what he perceives as a message of the African-American people, which is that of hope, not only in that particular time period, but also subsequent generations. Without doubt, African-Americans have made a substantial contribution as to what the United States is as a nation. This, in particular, does not take into account the work that the African-American partook and accomplished for the economy of the United States while being slaves, or the influences of African-American playwrights and originators as significant as all that was. Instead, this takes into account the manner in which the African-Americans' struggle for freedom and liberties instigated by the United States to extensively analyze its morals and epitomes. More so, this caused the United States to question itself, whether it actually was the…


Craven. J. (2014). Please don't tell me all lives matter. Huffington Post. Retrieved 30 November 2015 from: 

Du Bois. (1903). The Souls of Black Folk; Essays and Sketches. Chicago: A. C. McClurg & Co., 1903.

Gooding-Williams, R. (2009). In the Shadow of Du Bois. Harvard: Harvard University Press.

Massey, J., Tenhoor, M., Korsh, S. (2015). Introduction: Black Lives Matter. Aggregate Organization. Retrieved 30 November 2015 from:

Analysis of a Case Study
Words: 2060 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 65358073
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easters, Springfield's new Class A minor league baseball team had to solve the common issue of earning sufficient revenues from concession and ticket sales that would help fund their jobs in Springfield. The issue was aggravated by knowing that the Falcons, the only other professional sports team in Springfield, would have to leave because they failed to gain enough revenue from ticket and concession sales. The limitations were that only the budget of players' salaries as well as ball and bat expenses were funded by major league teams. Any and all other expenses, the minor league teams were accountable for and had to pay. Therefore, Nor'easters had to figure out a pricing policy that will them to break-even or make profit in order to raise revenues for their other expenses. If they failed to do so, they would have to follow the Falcons and move out of Springfield.

While Buckingham's…

Problems and Potential Solutions for HR at Amazon
Words: 1037 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52210519
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H Polices at Amazon

Amazon are known as a successful firm, over the past five years the organization has increased from 28,000 employees to more than 183,000 (Carney, 2015). Human resources (H) polices of the firm are highly reflective of the CEO Jeff Bezos, who believes in putting customer needs before all others, including concerns for the employees, while expecting employees to work hard, be committed, frugal, be willing to disagree and admit mistakes, as well as deliver results (Amzon, 2016). These are aims which may be argued as present in many firms; the difference with Amazon are the policies in place to achieve these aims. Amazon is known to be a harsh workplace (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). The firm expected a high level of commitment from staff, often worming more than 10 hours a day, in a workplace which is highly mechanized (Daisey, 2015). The job design is associated…


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Analysis of a Building
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HVAC System:

(1) Describe the components of the system or systems (AH, VAV, RTU, Chiller, cooling tower, piping, pumps, type of duct, etc.).

Direct Expansion Air Conditioning serves as the main system used for the HVAC system. This kind of system utilizes RVEC or refrigerant vapor expansion/compression cycle to allow for the direct cooling of the air supply to an occupied space. Because there are both the split systems and one package system for the DX units the parts are going to be different. The packaged systems contain all four pieces of the RVEC system (evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion device along with some unit controls). This includes internal ducting and fans. The split systems contain fans and the evaporator within the building. The rest of the RVEC system components are placed outside of the building as separate units allowing greater flexibility.

A. The purpose of each component.

The system will…

Analysis of Kohl's financials
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JC Penney Acquiring Kohl's

Kohl's Financials

Often, a firm that is taken over is struggling financially. One of the reasons is entirely pragmatic -- a struggling firm likely has a lower stock price, making the takeover more affordable. Over the past four years, Kohl's has seen its revenues flatline. evenues were $19.2 billion in FY 2016. The company's cost of goods sold is steady as well, at 63.8%. So in that sense, Kohl's is a very stable firm financially. This stability should actually mean that its stock price fairly accurately reflects the present value of future cash flows, making it difficult for the acquiring firm to earn profit from the transaction, given that they have to pay a premium to Kohl's shareholders.

The company has seen its selling, general, and administration expenses increase gradually over the past couple of years, which has resulted in shrinking operating income. The operating profit…


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