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Product Review Essays (Examples)

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Product Costing Systems ABC Job Costing Put
Words: 2219 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8558790
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Product Costing systems (ABC, job costing, put costing, .) advanced topic managerial accounting the thesis statemenit a position body paper show evidence support position. The paper discuss opposite point view discuss position valid.

Product costing systems

Product costing system is a management tool which identifies the actual cost of producing each product. It identifies the profits and loss which can be gained or incurred on each product, hence giving companies the opportunity of identifying and promoting of profitable product while dropping, re-pricing or redesigning of unprofitable products Brierley, 2008.

Product costing is a highly sensitive area for managerial accountants, recently, most of them have changed their focus such that they give their attention to appropriate treatment costs which are directly associated with resources that are committed to support activities, which within the company do not vary proportionally to production once the initial capacities have been set. In such as an…


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Product Liability Tort Risk and Responsibility a
Words: 924 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24242621
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Product Liability Tort


A tort is a civil wrong, loss or harm inflicted by a person's behavior upon another (LII, 2010). While it is not necessarily an illegal act itself, the law allows the person harmed to recover his loss or receive compensation for the harm. It differs from a crime wherein the person's harmful act affects society in general. A claim of tort may be filed in a civil court. The three main elements of a tort are duty, the breach of that duty, and the injury or harm caused by the breach. The four main types of torts are intentional, negligence, strict liability, and nuisance. One type of negligence torts is products liability (LII).

Products liability can be incurred by any or all of the persons involved in the manufacturing chain of a product for the damage it causes (LII, 2010; Lim, 2012). It may…


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Product Analysis Organizations Are Formed
Words: 1932 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53032588
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On the other hand, iMac is performing relatively great from AMD in terms of a number of things like cost effectiveness, quality and advertisement. In the next section, we will talk about the marketing mix which usually called marketing communication mix.

Marketing Mix of iMac

Marketing mix essence is the most important essence underlies in marketing communication. Through the mix the researcher analyze the operation management of an entity along with its consumer choice and specification (Salas, 1992). There are 4 elements comes under the umbrella of marketing mix which predominantly are


Basically a product is an ending process of an organization. The product of Apple Inc. is remarkable in terms of quality and reliability, but there is a need to enhance the quality of the product more to make this brand more powerful.


Price is the thing on which the consumers emphasize a lot. The buying power…


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Product and Supply Chain Because of Globalization
Words: 971 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86218879
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Product and Supply Chain

Because of globalization world economies are increasingly becoming interdependent. The global market forces have made some business enterprises more vulnerable to economic crisis. Manufacturers have to take cognizance of the fact that global food prices are soaring because of supply constrains occasioned by bad weather. Surge in interest rates for investors who depend on bonds to provide a steady yield is an aspect of global market forces. Periods of long ultra-low interest rates steadily erode these investors income. ising interest rates also erode these investors principal. obust growth in emerging markets is a boon for the entire global economy. However, it comes with a price. Soaring inflation in emerging markets is majorly caused by ultra-low interest rates and strong capital flows. This is something that manufacturers in emerging economies have to be wary of. The global economy is becoming more connected. With the complex flows of…

References List

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Product Writing on the Movie
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45529121
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Unlike most television series which wait until the entire series is filmed and aired before they release it on DVD, Glee has already released its first season on DVD, despite the fact that they have not yet completed filming the second season. This strategy supports increased sales volumes due to the following reasons:

It allows the Glee fans to immediately purchase the DVD and view any episode they missed or simply review the series or the episodes they liked

It allows the Glee fans to begin collecting the series on DVD, which also supports the popularity of the show.

Another reason as to why it is estimated that the sales of the Glee DVDs would register high volumes is pegged to the soundtracks used in the filming of the series, namely the songs the students in the glee club sing. These are popular songs, listened and appreciated all over the…


Longam Dictionary of Contemporary English, Online Version,  / last accessed on May 13, 2011

Product Offerings Analysis -- REI
Words: 581 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 51211850
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EI's commitment to being the trusted advisor in the sports areas they concentrate on is a proven strategy in its industry as North Face has successfully implemented this same approach to gain consumers' and sports enthusiasts' trust (Kusterbeck, 2008). Of the two companies, EI has been more successful therefore in transforming their expertise into a competitive advantage, and supporting an effective multichannel selling strategy too.

Assessing the Impact of an Expert-Driven Multichannel Strategy

Where Sports Authority has centered its marketing overall and website specifically on product features and a product line grouping by demographics, EI has centered their multichannel strategy on becoming the trusted advisor in snowboarding. The difference is that EI drives its product mix based on knowledge of the buyer and creates channels to inform and sell at the same time. The kiosks in their stores have access to all 78,000 items in their catalog, creating a virtual…


Kusterbeck, S.. (2008, November). Knowledge is Power for the North Face. Apparel, 50(3), 22.

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Product Lifecycle Management Best Practices
Words: 3216 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 8746319
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This practically also pays big dividends for manufacturers as they continue to strive to keep their Energy STA Compliance ratings on products, leading to lower costs for power supply, electrical system integration and less product wear due to more efficient use of energy. Studies also indicate that Energy STA compliance, when designed in as part of the DfE initiatives in a PLM system, can have an exceptionally high accumulative impact as well (Preston, 2001).

Integrating DfE into PLM frameworks then not only alleviates the unnecessary and often high costs of noncompliance to federal and global mandates, this integration has also been shown to reduce the net amount of new product components necessary, further creating higher levels of reliability in products over time (Mascle, Zhao, 2008).

There are many additional benefits to integrating DfE product development practices into the broader PLM frameworks manufacturers use for designing, launching, managing and discontinuing products.…


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Product Strategy Starbucks Product Strategy
Words: 523 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44996141
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Figure 1, Distribution of Starbucks Customers Worldwide, 2009 was derived from the company's filings with the Security and Exchange Commission and their annual reports. The most brand-loyal customers on average spend $4.42 per visit and also have loyalty cards and Starbucks credit cards as well (Seiler, 2005).

Figure 1: Distribution of Starbucks Customers, Worldwide 2009

Market Segment


Males 18-45


Females 18-45


Males 45


Source: Based on Analysis from

Competitor Targets

Starbuck's faces a very wide variety of competitors, from the smaller independent coffee shops to the regionalized chains including Caribou Coffee, Peet's Coffee & Tea and their most entrenched competitor, Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin' Donuts operates in 38 states and has over 3,800 stores. Starbucks' differentiates against all these competitors with the experience their stores provide and the attention unique customer requirements for customized drinks (Nolan, 2007).

A statement of core strategy

The core strategy of…


Carolina Marahao, & Alexandre de Padua Carrieri. (2007). Tribal Knowledge: Business Wisdom Brewed from the Grounds of Starbucks Corporate Culture. Corporate Reputation Review, 10(3), 213-215.

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Product Liability Is an Area of Law
Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9551113
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Product liability is an area of law in which any organization that either makes products (manufacturers) or distributes to the public (makes available) may be held responsible for potential injuries that may be caused by those products. In the United States, claims for product liability are usually associated with some type of negligence, breach of warranty, or other consumer protection issues. However, the large majority of product liability laws vary considerably because they are determined from state to state. This, of course, makes it problematical to litigate across state boundaries, as well as ensure that manufacturing requirements are met more universally (Golden, 2000).

Case -- Jennings v. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. 331 Oregon 285.14.P.3d596 (2000)

In 1978, Plaintiff received silicone breast implants following a mastectomy. Both implants partially deflated: the first in 1980 (and was replaced), the second in 1992. In 1993, Plaintiff had the implants removed, and it was discovered…


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ASQ Quality Press.

Product Introductions Developing and Launching
Words: 999 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55876197
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An additional example of how a company learned how to use techno0loigy effectively in their new product development strategies is Motorola. Having been initially challenged with the entire process of new product development and introductions due to a slow-moving company, Motorola was able to spin off the new product development of their popular azr phone and gain significant market share as a result (Burkett, 2005). Each of these examples illustrates how technologies have been used to mitigate the risk of new product introductions. The success of the azr product launch (Burkett, 2005) is a case in point. Mattel and Coca Cola both have extensive programs for using technology-based systems and applications for listening to customers, yet in the case of the product introductions mentioned, they failed to accurately gauge the level of interest in product concepts.

Legal and Ethical Implications of New Product Development

The legal and ethical considerations of…


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Grumet, L.. (2009). Stretch the Brand, Don't Lose the Equity. The CPA Journal, 79(1), 7.

Product Not on the Market
Words: 652 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32578921
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a) The product is a food replicator. This product can rearrange the particles in the air and turn them into comestibles. The user will simply enter the food that he or she wants to eat, and the replicator will create it. There will be models that are focused on different ethnic cuisines, so if somebody in the U.S. asks for chicken and waffles, they can get that, and if someone in Singapore wants chicken rice, that can be arranged.

b) The market is going to consist of high net worth individuals. This is because the replicator is expensive to produce. Also as a unique product it has a lot of inherent value to people, especially given the popularity of fine dining these days. So net worth is the primary segmentation variable. Income is a proxy for this.

c) I chose this method of customer segmentation because the product costs…

Product Management Issues Quality of Design Performance
Words: 2626 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83044849
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Product Management Issues

Quality of Design, Performance, and TQM -- As manufacturing design and implementation became even more complex, an integrative approach to the end product became necessary. There are many theoretical rubrics for this, but one of the more stable and robust is that of TQM, or Total Quality Management. TQM, like other theories such as Six Sigma, is based on the idea that the quality of the end product is the responsibility of everyone who touches the process -- from the creation to the manufacturing to the distribution. TQM, as noted, is an evolving process, and one that includes design, process management, stakeholder involvement and integration, leadership and management, strategic planning, cross-functional training opportunities, and the ongoing involvement of all employees. It becomes, in fact, the culture of the company. (Peratec, 1995). There are different aspects of TQM that impact the organization in slightly different ways, although the…


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Product Place Promotion and Price
Words: 1176 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43205496
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Part 2: A manufacturer of computer chips has been unable to convince her dealers to give her the names and addresses of the end consumer. She understands CM and wants to implement a plan that includes both the dealers and the end users. Define an approach that the manufacturer can take to build a CM environment that provides optimal flow of all relative information in support of the company-consumer relationships. The response should take into account the company's culture, size, structure (functional, brand alignment, geographic, account management, industry category, matrix, by customer), technology, and processes.

The manufacturer needs to realize that the relationship of the dealer to their customers can and should be considered part of their value as a member of the distribution channel. The value-add then of the dealer is in nurturing and assisting with the development of these relationships including understanding their unmet needs to ensure manufacturers…


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Apriori a Mobile Product Recommendation System Interacting
Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68416324
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A Mobile Product Recommendation System Interacting with Tagged Products

Reischach, F., Guinard, D., Michahelles, F., & Fleish, E. (2009). A Mobile Product Recommendation System Interacting with Tagged Products. Pevasive Computing and Communications, 1-6.

The article pertains to a design for a communication system that lets peers share opinions and recommendations about products or services using their mobile phone. Users of the system, APriori, will leverage some of the potential inherent in technologies usch as auto-ID-enabled mobile phones that are either barcoded or potentially outfitted with RFID chips. Using peer reviews for purchasing decisions is not a new phenomenon by any means. Online companies like the retailer Amazon has allowed consumers to provide their reviews and opinions about products for years and most of the larger online retailers have also done the same. APriori's niche seems to be the fact that these reviews can be entered and accessed via a…

online consumer reviews from the consumer perspective
Words: 2297 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69722559
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online consumer reviews from the consumer's perspective.

Online consumer reviews are often the first way that a consumer will learn about a new product or service. The pros of online consumer reviews include receiving potentially unbiased information about a product or service. The cons of online consumer reviews include their increasing lack of credibility as more companies are resorting to tactics like paying bloggers for positive product reviews, paying writers to write positive Amazon reviews, and the inability to genuinely decipher the difference between a trustworthy and untrustworthy review. Paid or compensated reviewers are becoming increasingly savvy in their presentation of material. By inserting a few objective or even critical comments amid a sea of positive information about the brand or specific product, the paid reviewer engenders trust and therefore creates an illusion of credibility. The ill informed consumer might be prone to trusting the paid reviewer because of the…

Internet Shopping the Product Selected
Words: 2316 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56580493
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Besides that, the Costco site is very much like the Omegaxl site in that any additional information is provided through clicking a link; this is unlike Amazon where all the information is presented on the same page. Costco provides no immediate facility at the primary page for checkout or purchase. Hence, to do so requires that you select the item and them you are given checkout or purchasing options.

The shopping experience on the Costco site is the dullest of the three some may say it is the simplest. While the user experience is not bad it is arduous, as you have to make one click too many to access the information you really want. The absence of testimonials or product reviews on the main page is a letdown and the site could do more to provide product reviews, which assist in decision making. When shopping online, product reviews and…


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Consumer Brand Loyalty Source: Marketing Science, 22.(4): 461-476.

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Product The Redux Corporation a
Words: 852 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58884982
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Which means that there is a greater adrenaline rush for product users?


The main difference between ocaine and other competitors is product placement; it has done a wonderful job of providing an underground advertising campaign that has caused even more people to become interested in it. Its current strategy of providing limited supplies has also helped to create greater hype for the product as it is only accessible through Peer to Peer websites such as Ebay and their primary sales website. Another strong factor in its favor is its increased dosage of caffeine. With 280 mg of caffeine per 8.5 ounce bottle, it easily outclasses the majority of competitors on the market. However, this high dosage may in fact work against the company in the future, as numerous doctors have come to the fore to attest to the health risks of drinking such much caffeine in one sitting.


Cocaine. (2007, January 18). Retrieved January 21, 2007, from 

SOWRY, M. (2006, September 18). The Ultimate Energy Drink: Cocaine? Retrieved

January 21, 2007, at

Product Categories Within Product Categories Listed Identify
Words: 1226 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7325017
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product categories. Within product categories listed identify TWO purchases made. ONE a High Involvement purchase, ONE a Low Involvement purchase. The purchases product category, product categories,: Computer software (e.

High-involvement vs. low-involvement purchases: Need recognition and problem awareness; Information search; Evaluation of alternatives; Purchase; Post-purchase evaluation

Deciding upon the right fancy restaurant for a special occasion was a recent high-involvement purchase decision for me. Food is very important to my family and I needed to select a restaurant that would be the perfect setting for my parents' anniversary dinner. Many of my closest relatives would be attending. Thus, my needs recognition was that I required a restaurant that was sufficiently 'nice' (i.e., not Applebee's) for a special occasion, could accommodate a large number of guests at a single table at one time and would have a menu pleasing to all of the diners.

I conducted research by asking friends, looking…


Buyer behavior. (2012). Tutor2U. Retrieved: 

Hanes. (2012). Retrieved: 

The Palm. (2012). Retrieved: /Our-Menu/Dinner

Product I Have Chosen to Evaluate Is
Words: 1092 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42942384
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product I have chosen to evaluate is called a Twin Blade Pivot azor. It is a generic brand manufactured by Family Dollar, which is a version of the Dollar Tree and the Dollar Store that exists, primarily, in the southern section of the East Coast. I have chosen to write about this particular product because I am extremely familiar with it. I try to keep a bald head as much as possible. Ergo, every Tuesday and Friday I shave my head with a disposable razor, which enables me to minimize the amount of hair on my head at all times. There are a number of men who utilize razor blades for the same purpose, which is why I decided to write about this product since it plays a crucial role in the hygiene and grooming of many men, including myself.

The evaluation for this particular product will focus on its…


Baba, S. (2013). "Women Have Kissed and Told and Demand Their Men to "Keep It Smooth Shaven" (K.I.S.S.)." Gillette Newsroom. Retrieved from 

Oguche, S. (2013). "Gillette enlists top NFL players and sport science's John Brenkus to highlight the importance of precision in football and shaving." Gillette Newsroom. Retrieved from

Product From the Standpoint of
Words: 1504 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7045418
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In summary, this exercise showed that quality management is much more integrative and synchronized in nature. Quality cannot be dictated into an organization; it must become part of its culture, and it is apparent from this balsa wood glider that the organization producing them is lackadaisical in their commitment to the principles mentioned in this analysis.


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Foster, ST & Gallup, L 2002, 'On functional differences and quality understanding', Benchmarking: An International Journal, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 86 -- 102

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Products and Product Lines Manufactured and Industry
Words: 2253 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33135593
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Products and Product Lines Manufactured and Industry in Which the Organization Operates

Wal Mart was founded based upon the belief of providing customers with something more. Started in 1945, the company began as a single store in Bentonville, Arkansas. Out of this location, the owner (Sam Walton) sought out producers and suppliers who could offer him lower prices by purchasing in bulk. This savings was passed onto consumers in order to increase their bottom line results. ("Wal Mart Stores," 2012) (Soderquist, 2005)

Over the course of time, this basic formula was used to sell various products to consumers and increase the total number of locations. As a result, Wal Mart began offering a variety of goods to cliental to include: health / beauty aids, baby products, household chemicals, paper goods, pet supplies; electronics, toys, cameras, photo processing services, cellular phones, books, stationery, automotive accessories, hardware, sporting goods, clothing pharmacy /…


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Product Distribution Is Changing the Much-Predicted Demise
Words: 705 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87553638
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Product Distribution Is Changing

The much-predicted demise of the middlemen, including the fundamental re-ordering of entire distribution networks including the onslaught of the direct selling model, has failed to materialize. The revolution and rapid ascent of disintermediation is being replaced with a much more potentially disruptive force in many industries, and that is a fundamental change in how customers choose to learn and buy products (Shunk, Carter, Hovis, Talwar, 2007). Ironically the disintermediation that was to occur in computer hardware and technologies has given way to a re-intermediation of the value-added reseller (VA) where knowledge and insight into meeting customer needs is replacing what had been purely theoretical frameworks showing how disintermediation would create more efficient value chains (Mills, Camek, 2004).

Analysis of Disintermediation In The Age of Knowledge-Based Competition

The traditional role of the middlemen, specifically focusing on streamlining the transaction from a manufacturer or service provider to the…


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Review of Human Resource Management
Words: 3209 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95335322
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Organization Brief Description

International Human Resource Management (IHRM) can be delineated as a set of activities purposed at the management of organizational human resources at the global level to attain organizational aims and accomplish competitive advantage over rivals at national and global levels. It encompasses characteristic human resource management functions like training and development, recruitment and selection, as well as performance appraisal undertaken at the global level. So as to closely incorporate company operations across the globe, multinational corporations try to cultivate and instigate standardized human resource management practices by transmitting the practices being undertaken at the headquarters to subsidiaries situated overseas. Consequently, practices at the organization's subsidiary will have a close likeness and similitude to practices in the home nation (Potocnik et al., 2014). The organization selected is IBM, which operates at the United States in its host country and having a subsidiary in China. The two IHRM practices…

Product That Can Be Found
Words: 1175 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15609545
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We provide a description and screen-shots of each program, so you can get an idea of what it does before installing ("

The site works to make installation and uninstalling an easy clean process so that users do not have to worry about doing any damage to their computer in the process.

The site allows users to download the programs, use them as they are, or tweak them for improvement and credit the previous sources while distributing the new improved version.

According to the site there is no charge for use of the software programs found there however, users are able to charge others if they choose to sell the improved version that they come up with.

There is a staggering number of OSS projects out there. A typical source (Freshmeat) lists over 30.000 projects. There are also a vast number of Shareware and Freeware programs available that can be…


Open CD (Accessed 06-28-07)

Open source (accessed 6-28-07)

Product or a Service and in General
Words: 1522 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50850207
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product or a service, and in general, a project would include all the risks and the constraints and the restrictions, as well as an idea about the costs involved for the particular problem or project that one is about to undertake. The schedule would be detailed, as well as the intended performance outcome of the project, and 'project management' as such is a set of principles and practices and code of ethics, and techniques that are generally used to lead the project team, and to exercise a form of control over the other related issues in a project such as the schedule, the costs, and the desired outcome of the project, all of which if handled well would bring one the satisfaction of a happy customer. (Project Management: What is it?)

However, in the management of a project, one must keep in mind certain very important points, so that the…


Cleland, David L; Ireland, Lewis R. (2004) "Ireland Project managers' portable handbook" McGraw-Hill Professional.

'5 Phase Project Management, what is a Project?" Retrieved From

Accessed 3 October, 2005

Review Simplified Car Following Model by Newell
Words: 1696 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31814635
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Newell's Simplified Car-Following Model

Drivers tend to display oscillatory paths that are characterized with cycles of regular acceleration or deceleration because of traffic oscillations. The term traffic oscillations are used to describe the stop-and-go driving situations that are common in overcrowded traffic. Generally, conventional wisdom postulates that traffic oscillations are brought by instabilities in longitudinal car interactions. As a result of increased traffic oscillations, especially in congested traffic, numerous car-following models have been developed and proposed in the recent past. These models have been developed to duplicate oscillations through assumption of probabilistic headways during accelerations. In addition, car following models are the most significant reflections of traffic flow dynamics based on single vehicles. An example of the recently proposed or developed car-following model is the Simplified Car-Following Model by Newell.

The Model's Assumptions

Newell's car-following model is arguably the simplest model that was recently developed as part of the microscopic…


Ahn, S., Cassidy, M. J. & Laval, J. (2004). Verification of a Simplified Car-Following Theory.

Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 38(5), 431-440.

Chen, D., Laval, J., Zheng, Z. & Ahn, S. (2012). A Behavioral Car-Following Model that

Captures Traffic Oscillations. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 46(6), 744-761.

Product Financial and Market Analyses of 3 Products
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 61565816
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Strategic Review -- Simulation

A 4-year strategic review of the Company's X5, X6 and X7 Tablets has been requested by Sally. The strategic review contains product, financial and market reviews for all 3 products over the 4-year period from 2011 -- 2014. As the report will show, the X5 behaved admirably but is now in shakeout, the X6 continues to perform best of all the products and the X7 has performed horribly in all 4 years. Consequently, I recommend discontinuing the X5 and X7 and allocating R&D and other resources to the X6 for 2015.

Generally in 2011, the cumulative profit score is $81,571,138. The X5 costs more than most other products in its category and last year it was in the growth phase of the product lifecycle. The performance of the X6 is better than that of competing tablets (Sun, Tablet Development Sim - View Summary, n.d.).

A. A…

Products and Services That the
Words: 3842 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 16624550
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This is because the public image that is created can be very good for creating a good reputation and company image. This is mainly fueled by positive consumerism.CS should therefore be integrated into corporate strategy.

Environmental problems

Food Packaging

Almost all parts of the industries that deal with packaging, not excluding food packaging, are facing several environmental problems. For instance, the shops that are dealing with fast-food are receiving a lot of pressure to minimize the quantity of the solid wastes that they are generating (Testin and Vergano, 1991). As a result, the company will result into numerous environmental problems. Packaging is indeed an essential part of modern life style. The loss from packaging is more rampant in the firms that process food and those in the system of distribution. In the countries that are still developing, packaging is a rare thing and sometimes, it does not exist. In such…


Demetrakakes, P. (2004, Oct). Nestle's packaging wraps up the world: a truly international food company combines local and global strategies in packaging its huge array of products

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Business Strategy Review, 10: 29 -- 39

Kakabadse, a.P. And Kakabadse, N. (2000a) Sourcing: new face to economies of scale and the emergence of new organizational forms. Knowledge and Process Management 7(2), 107 -- 118.

Product Safety Crisis at Johnson & Johnson
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Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol Crisis

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational company headquartered in New Jersey and produces pharmaceutical, medical devices, and consumer packaged goods. In early 2016, the company experienced a crisis relating to the safety of its products i.e. Tylenol. Tylenol has traditionally been one of the most effective over-the-counter products for many customers, especially in the United States. In the recent product safety crisis, Johnson & Johnson was ordered by a jury to pay $72 million following the death of a consumer because of the use of its talcum powder (Picchi par, 2). In addition, the company faced an extra 1,200 cases relating to the safety of its Tylenol products, particularly talcum powder. The obvious early warning signs of the crisis was the relatively poor measures for handling of the Tylenol poisonings. hile the firm responded quickly to the death of seven people who utilized its…

Works Cited

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Review of Samsungs Governance Principles
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Corporate Governance at Samsung Group

'Corporate governance' refers to a corporation's control, supervision methods and processes, and management accountability. Corporate Governance, worldwide, doesn't merely cover legal controls set by local companies, or by national legislations, or by common international regulations; its scope is much broader, going beyond legal aspects to cover accountability as well, with regard to both legal restraint, and best practice norms and self-regulation (Australian Insitute of Business, 2014).

In Korea, corporate governance once again assumes prominence as a major social and political subject. Corporate giants such as Samsung Group (called 'Chaebols' in Korea) have, all through Korea's past, dominated its economy. While Korean companies' corporate governance has, on the whole, improved considerably in the past few years, Chaebols still dominate the country in terms of political and economic power; in fact, their dominance has intensified over the years. Samsung Group is in the midst of controversy. Despite…


Australian Insitute of Business. (2014). Corporate Governance: Concepts and Practices. Australian Insitute of Business.

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IFAC. (2009). International Good Practice Guidance - Evaluating and Improving Governance in Organizations. New York: The Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Product Analysis of an Innovation
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Describe the problem your innovation targets. What is the scope of the problem and which stakeholders, both within the organization and without, does it impact?
The organization that I work in is Dana Incorporated. Dana is a global leader in the supply of significantly engineered drivetrain, sealing, in addition to thermal-management technologies that augment the efficacy and performance of vehicles with conventional and powertrains using alternative energy. The auto industry has had a past account of innovation and a great deal of turbulence. However, the level of innovation in the contemporary is unmatched. Brand reputation together with high product quality continues to be significant but have lost their gleam as consumer selling points. Notably, at the present moment, technology innovation and transparent cost of ownership have swiftly shifted to the top of what consumers desire and demand from a vehicle (Gnamm, Kalmbach, and Burgin, 2018).
By analyzing the internal processes…

Reviewing China S Pollution and Health Care Issues
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China's Health Indicators

China has gone through impressive economic development over the past few years, and has experienced a big reduction in poverty along with other positive achievements. Due to improvement in living conditions, nutrition, and healthcare, there have been " ... declines in infant mortality and deaths from infectious diseases," according to The New England Journal of Medicine (He, 2005). But there have also been negatives associated with urbanization and industrialization -- in particular China's stubborn air pollution and its negative impacts on health -- that have increased the risk of " ... chronic disease, including vascular disease and cancer" (He, 1125). This paper reviews the health indicators for China along with other pertinent data and information relating to the well-being of the Chinese people.

China's Demographics and Data on Health Issues

The population of China (based on 2013 data from the orld Health Organization -- HO) is approximately…

Works Cited

He, J, Gu, D., Wu, X, Reynolds, K., Duan, X., Yao, C., Wang, J., Chen, C-S, Chen, J.,

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Men and Women in China. The New England Journal of Medicine, 353(11), 1124-34.

Ooi, E. W-L. (2005). The World Bank's Assistance to China's Health Sector. The World

The Management of Products
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Product-Harm Crisis Management Interventions and Outcomes Comment by John House: Please name your files as shown in the instructions. This is very important.

Product harm crisis is one of the primary functions of an organization. Organizational leaders are required to invest in product-harm crisis management to minimize the negative consequences of poor management of a product-harm crisis. Failure to effectively manage product-harm crisis can result in causing losses or harm to an organization and its stakeholders. Organizations of the modern day are more vulnerable than any time before to adverse impacts of product crisis that that can happen at any point in the supply chain. In order to effectively mitigate the possibility of experiencing product related adverse incidents; it would be necessary to embrace continuity management that can help an organization handle product-harm crisis. This focus of this study is to explain the objective of product-harm crisis as one of…

References Comment by John House: Do not type this in bold print.The first line of a reference entry begins at the left margin. Indent the second line.

Bilkey, W. J., & Nes, E. (1982). Country-of-origin effects on product evaluations. Journal of Comment by John House: See pp. 198-202 in the APA manual for a discussion of periodical reference formats.The second and subsequent lines of a reference entry must use a 1/2-inch hanging indention. Look up hanging indention in Word Help. Hint: When typing the first line, set the lower arrow on the Word ruler to 1/2-inch.

international business studies, 89-99.doi:10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8490539

Chen, Y., Ganesan, S., & Liu, Y. (2009). Does a firm's product-recall strategy affect its financial value? An examination of strategic alternatives during product-harm crises.

Journal of Marketing, 73(6), Comment by John House: See pp. 198-202 in the APA manual for a discussion of periodical reference formats.The second and subsequent lines of a reference entry must use a 1/2-inch hanging indention. Look up hanging indention in Word Help. Hint: When typing the first line, set the lower arrow on the Word ruler to 1/2-inch.

Launching a New Product in the Market
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Product Development Process
For a new product to be successful in the market one need to ensure that they have undergone the product development process. This will allow them to go through a series of stages that begin with ideation and ending with the introduction of the product in the market. These stages are aimed at understanding the consumers, markets, and competitors in order to ensure that the product will deliver superior value to the intended customers. The product development process is a cycle through which one should take their idea in order to convert it into a viable good or service. In our case, the idea of a new electronic product should also undergo the 8 steps of the product development process. These steps are idea generation, idea screening, concept development, and testing, marketing strategy development, business analysis, product development, test marketing, and commercialization (Gopalakrishnan, Libby, Samuels, & Swenson,…

Ethics Gross National Products Ethics Gross National
Words: 2076 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 83135896
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Ethics, Gross National Products


Gross National Product

Tariff barriers


Ethics is a branch of Philosophy and deals with the basics questions about right and wrong, virtue and vice, as well as good or bad nature of things human beings do in their daily lives. Thus, ethics is essentially related to the moral aspect of things. A thing, act, or idea of practice might be legally correct but may not be morally sound in given conditions. For instance, the pursuit of profit by firms is legally correct but ignorance to the well being of society in which that firm operates is morally incorrect. Essentials of ethics: The essential elements of ethics are related to the character of actions being taken by the human beings. The topic essentially deals with the behavior and its outcomes with respect to the impact created on fellow human beings and society as a collective…

Stimpert, J.L., & Duhaime, I.M. (1997). SEEING THE BIG PICTURE: THE INFLUENCE OF INDUSTRY, DIVERSIFICATION, AND Business STRATEGY ON PERFORMANCE. Academy of Management Journal, 40(3), 560-583.

Taylor, A., Chaloupka, F.J., Guindon, E., & Corbett, M. (2000). The impact of trade liberalization on tobacco consumption. Tobacco control in developing countries, 343-64.

Yue, C., Beghin, J., & Jensen, H.H. (2006). Tariff equivalent of technical barriers to trade with imperfect substitution and trade costs. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 88(4), 947-960.

Imagery Literature Review Guided Imagery
Words: 1189 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 38369494
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Participants filled out a Short-Form McGill Questionnaire, an Arthritis Self-Efficacy Scale, and Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire in order to measure their levels of pain over the past few weeks. What the researchers found through statistical analysis was self-management strategies that reduced pain over time were most effective in the group that was exposed to guided imagery techniques. The level of guided imagery therapy was not itself significant, but more of the fact of whether or not it was present in the patient's therapy or not. This helps illustrate the effectiveness of guided imagery in managing long-term chronic pain when there are no fundamental cures present within traditional therapeutic practices. Pain management symptoms improved, but the symptoms overall remained. This shows that guided imagery is not a cure in and of itself, but rather an effective way to reduce and manage the pain that is present in chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.



Ferrell, Betty R., et al. "Pain management for elderly patients with cancer at home." CANCER-PHILADELPHIA- 74 (1994): 2139-2139.

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Weydert, J.A., Shapiro, D.E., Acra, S.A., Monheim, C.J., Chambers, a.S., & Ball, T.M. (2006). Evaluation of guided imagery as treatment for recurrent abdominal pain in children: a randomized controlled trial. BMC pediatrics, 6(1), 29.

Informational Product Report
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Product Report

Transmittal Letter

Vice President Communications,

Fox News

Informational Product Report

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 Features and Specifications




Technical Features:

Operating System and Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Battery Time

Audio and Sound

The new lightning connector

Comparison of iPhone 5 with previous versions

iPhone 5 Design

iPhone 5 Display

iPhone 5 Camera

iPhone 5 Ear Pods

iPhone 5 Comparison with previous iPhone versions

Apple has finally launched its newest version of Smartphone in the iPhone series -- the iPhone 5. The most awaited iPhone 5 has received great appreciation after its launch on 21st September 2012. The consumers and businesses were exposed to numerous rumors about the design and features of the new iPhone. The new iPhone is now available in the market with different new features and supporting capabilities. This report presents an overview of this innovative Smartphone in terms of its features, designs,…

Works Cited

Apple, Inc. Compare iPhones. 2012. Web. October 20th, 2012.

Apple, Inc. Specifications. 2012. Web. October 20th, 2012.

Apple, Inc. Features. 2012. Web. October 20th, 2012.

Apple, Inc. Design. 2012. Web. October 20th, 2012.

Sales Contracts and Products Liability
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 52205873
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(O'Reilly, 2003, p.2) But the company is not legally liable if it did all necessary testing, warning, and reasonable evaluation of safety, if for example, an unexpected result occurs through the use of the product.

O'Reilly finds the reasonable person standard troubling, as the reasonable 'average' consumer will not have specialized knowledge that a manufacturer should have about the product he or she is selling. He believes government agencies have too much responsibility to monitor product safety (O'Reilly, 2003, p.3) Also, there is little incentive for CEOs to acknowledge harm and incurr potential lawsuits.

ot only is there negative publicity for consumers, but for corporate investors as well, because of the financial losses that ensue after a recall. For example, the article cites a medical diagnostics company, which failed to satisfy FDA inspectors regarding the quality controls of its factory, recalled thirty products. The company's annual corporate report listed recall…

Not only is there negative publicity for consumers, but for corporate investors as well, because of the financial losses that ensue after a recall. For example, the article cites a medical diagnostics company, which failed to satisfy FDA inspectors regarding the quality controls of its factory, recalled thirty products. The company's annual corporate report listed recall costs of $181,000 and overall costs, including inventory write-off and impairment of assets, that totaled $12,752,000..(O'Reilly, 2003, p.1)

Managerial Perspective

Obviously, greater liability for failures to recall products should strike fear into the heart of management -- increasing legal costs, and even technical costs, as companies would be responsible for employing staff to conduct routine tests to discover if a product was in need of a recall on a regular basis because of a hidden design flaw, lest the company become liable. However, it is also noteworthy that product violations may cost the company even more revenue if recalls take place, and voluntary recalls can garner good publicity for the consumers, if not for investors. No business would wish the additional responsibility advocaed by the lawyer in the article, but the issue raised is an important one for businesses. It reminds companies must be vigilant about product safety above and beyond the minimun legal standard of compliance lest the law step in and regulate the issue further.

Dicenzo v Best Products Company Inc Dicenzo
Words: 1954 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 65961845
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DiCenzo v. Best Products Company, Inc. (Dicenzo v. A-Best Products Co., Inc., 2008), is actually a compilation of several different personal injury actions filed against approximately 90 different defendants. Such filings are not unusual in the products liability field particularly in cases involving asbestos manufacture, sale and distribution. The wide use of asbestos and its popularity as a fireproofing and insulating material resulted in many firms becoming involved in the asbestos industry but when it was later determined that asbestos was also a serious carcinogen the high number of business involved in the industry also served to complicate the litigation process. The result was that many such cases were consolidated in order to avoid the litigation of the same issues over and over again. The instant case presents a classic example of how and why asbestos cases are so readily consolidated by the courts.

The named plaintiff, one of ninety,…


Brickman, L. (1992). The Asbestos Litigation Crisis: Is there a need for an administrative alternative? Cardozo Law Review, 1819-1889.

Chevron v. Huson, 404 U.S. 97 (U.S. Supreme Court 1971).

Cupp, R.L. (2003). Asbestos Litigation and Bankruptcy: A case study for Ad Hoc Public Policy Limitations on Joint and Several Liability. Pepperdine Law Review, 31-54.

Dicenzo v. A-Best Products Co., Inc., 120 Ohio St. 3d 149 (Ohio Supreme Court 2008).

Green to Gold A Review
Words: 1043 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 21943348
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2009). Therefore, organizations will need to redesign their entire scope in order to fit an eco-friendly motive to influence the adoption of the ideas. Thus, organizations can reconstruct simple operations, like featuring recycling bins and limiting water usage, as a way to increase the belief in the company's mission by employees.

The second strategy examined here is the one focusing on the redesigning towards green innovation. Typical beliefs assume that consumers are more willing to pay a premium for products that utilize eco-friendly production practices. Essentially, this idea postulates that consumers are willing to pay higher prices for products produced with and in eco-friendly circumstances (Green Biz p 1). This means that the organization must employ eco-friendly products in order to still charge a premium without damaging its consumer reputation. However, contemporary research does show that there is a limit to what consumers want to spend, and on their devotion…


Bonini, Sheila & Oppenheim, Jeremy. (2008). Cultivating the green consumer. Stanford Social Innovation Review. Web. 

Carmazzi, Arthur F. (2010). Are your leaders environmentally friendly? Write for HR. Web.

Carmazzi, Arthur F. (2010). Organizational culture-based leadership -- Affecting corporate culture through systematic psychology. Eco-Friendly Ideas. Web.

Etsy, Daniel C. & Winston, Andrew S. (2009). Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage. John Wiley and Sons.

Business Evaluation This Review Is Related to
Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81629948
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Business Evaluation

This review is related to Triangle Solutions' competitive situation utilizing Michael Porter's 5 Force model. Triangle Solutions has been a Japanese business which participates in creating casual put on clothing, manufacturing garments and retailing outfits. Triangle Solutions in Hong Kong has built a prosperous company consistently recording very high sales in a per-shop structure. Triangle Solutions provides trendy as well as good quality garments at inexpensive price points, and had been seized as a possible chance to begin a brand position not just domestically but additionally globally.

Product - Design, Need and Solution

Triangle Solutions has been the only real business in Hong Kong which has been promoting Heattech; Heattech has been a distinctive extremely functional collection of innerwear that provides incredible comfort and ease combining the merits of heat-retention as well as anti-perspiration characteristics. It has also been promoting new kind of outdoor jackets down ultra-light, which…


Sharing Prosperity for a Caring Society. (2011). Chapter 3: Investing for a Caring Society. Accessed 9-8-13 from: 

Sharing Prosperity for a Caring Society. (2011a). The competition bill policy. Accessed 9-8-13 from:

Marketing Product Safety and Intellectual Property Legal
Words: 2675 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46206825
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Product Safety, And Intellectual Property

Legal and Ethical Considerations in Marketing, Product Safety, and Intellectual

Ethics and legal issues refer to the morals and principles that govern the behavior and conduct of individuals or organizations. These legal principles and ethics serve to guide and offer directions on how to act or respond when faced with moral dilemmas. Marketing, advertising and product safety are areas of importance to everyone in the community. Production, distribution and use of products or services are areas guided by the laws of the land. The laws function to protect the community from exploitation or mishandling by the participants in the above sectors. In the marketing and advertising framework, the concept of ethics deals with personal moral principles and values. Under this framework, the society understands that laws are values and standards that are enforceable in the court. In the production of goods and services, the…


Ventola, C.L. (2011). Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising. Journal List, 36 (10), 669-674,681-684. > Journal List > PT > v. 36 (10); Oct 2011

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Carden, S. (2006). Virtue ethics: Dewey and Maclntyre. New York: Continuum International

publishing group

Remarketing Obsolete Products -- the Case of
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emarketing Obsolete Products -- the Case of Telephone Handsets

Profiting from Obsolescence

Finding New Markets for Handset Telephones

Analysis of the American Telephone Handset Market

Telephone handsets, once a symbol of upward mobility and continued affluence in the United States have been replaced by the cell phone and smart phone where today they are more seen with nostalgia. The cannibalization of the handset market has gained momentum as the adoption of cell phones and smart phones have accelerated in the most affluent customer segments first followed by broader, larger and more middle-income market segments (U.S. Census Bureau, 2009). What continues to be the catalyst of growth for cell phone and smartphone growth is the ability to complete multiple functions on a mobile device including texting, web browsing and taking and sending pictures (U.S. Census Bureau, 2009). The multifunctional nature of the cell phones and smartphones has led to the quick…


Apple, Investor Relations (2013). Investor Relations. Retrieved January 31, 2013, from Apple Investor Relations and Filings with the SEC Web site: 

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Cuban daily looks at growing mobile phone use in Cuba. (2009, Feb 10). BBC Monitoring Americas.

Programme summary of Cuban radio news 11007 Dec 11. (2011, Dec 28). BBC Monitoring Americas.

Positioning of Tangible Product Background
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At the same time the social awareness is increasing in terms of its viability as a rescue product in case of any battery failure.

Technological Environment:

The renewable energy products are gaining popularity in developed countries. The technology used in the product is using sunlight to transform it into solar energy for chagrining battery. Therefore it is an advanced technology. The usage of solar technology as well as the presence of secondary input through the car lighter is evident that product is designed using the latest technology. The technological environment of the product is rapidly chaining and improvements are incorporated. The product should be analysed periodically for advanced features.

Environmental Environment:

The environmental aspects of the product are most favourable in terms of the product usage and technology used to manufacture the device. The product is considered as a contributor to the efforts of promoting renewable energy alternatives at small…



Gitman, LJ, & McDaniel, CD 2008, the future of business: The essentials, South-Western Pub, USA.

Go Outdoors, nd, Ring Solar power battery maintainer,

Guffey, ME & Loewy, D 2012, Essentials of business communication, South-Western Pub, USA.

Business Management -- Review of
Words: 1232 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 25123092
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" Journal of Management Development, Vol. 25, No. 8 (2006):


The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to determine whether or not there are specific factors of individual personality that correspond to transformational leadership; and second, to determine whether or not transformational leaders and their followers characterized the personalities of transformational leaders similarly. The study relates directly to the understanding of organizational management in that transformational leadership is one leadership style that is common in many types of business and other professional organizations. The implications of the study apply to the appropriate selection of managers and leaders in specific organizations as well as to management training programs.

The study appears to have been sound methodologically. It relied on the quantitative analysis of interviews and self-ratings of 439 leaders and of interviews of 380 subordinates on the topic of transformational leader ratings and issues of personality in leaders. The…


Boerner, S., Eisenbeiss, S.A., and Griesser, D. "Follower Behavior and Organizational

Performance: The Impact of Transformational Leaders." Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Vol. 13, No. 3 (2007): 15 -- 26.

Cattani, K.D., Dahan, E., and Schmidt, G.M. "Lowest Cost May Not Lower Total Cost:

Using "Spackling" to Smooth Mass-Customized Production." Production and Operations Management, (Sep/Oct 2010).

Southern Discomfort Wisconsin Specialty Products of Lamprey
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Southern Discomfort: Wisconsin Specialty Products of Lamprey, Inc.

Fair wages vs. outsourcing: What is fair or unfair?

The Wisconsin Specialty Products Division of Lamprey Wisconsin may be forced to close its plant located in the U.S. because its wages and benefits for its unionized workers have become too much of a financial drain upon company finances. It is considering re-locating to Mexico to save money on both wages and benefits.

Changing market conditions

Competitors have already edged out Lamprey on price

Now they are edging out Lamprey on quality as well

Lamprey cannot afford to keep the plant as is. It cannot justify raising prices to consumers and must improve its product.

Slide 3: Analysis


Unionized workers are resistant to lower wages and to cross-training workers (which would mean fewer employees would be needed to do the same required jobs and result in layoffs -- but fewer layoffs than…

Strategic Review the Performance of
Words: 1749 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 88596207
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However, it is worth considering that the previous management's performance with this product was so poor that virtually any price point in our range would have dramatically outperformed the previous management's performance. A drop to $150 would have been a good starting point in 2006, as it would have given us a better idea of the price elasticity of demand for this product. ith this knowledge, a trend line could have been extrapolated that would allow us to determine the optimal price point, resulting in another price change for the subsequent years. R&D expenditures are not viewed as essential to this product, though maintaining the 33% level would have allowed the product to see some feature improvement over the years, given it a competitive advantage over other low-end handheld devices.

The proposed four-year strategy therefore can be summarized as follows:

Year by Year Decisions: Pricing & R&D Allocations



Works cited: (2010) Break-even point. Retrieved July 20, 2010 from (2010). Contribution margin. Investopedia. Retrieved July 20, 2010 from 

Kotelnikov, V. (no date). Customer value proposition. 1000 Retrieved July 20, 2010 from 

Porter/ (2007). Porter's generic strategies. Retrieved July 20, 2010 from

Marketing of a Product or Service in Singapore Context
Words: 3774 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94030945
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marketing of a Singaporean product: by carrying out a secondary search about the company that manufactures the product or provides the service, a review of the marketing of that product is presented. The paper covers the following areas: Introduction, in which the dissertation if briefly introduced, the product or service is also introduced, and the objectives that are intended to be achieved in the paper are highlighted; Literature review, in which a review of the literature available on the company and its products/services are discussed. Next, the main body of the paper covers the following marketing aspects of the company: Company background; The marketing of its products/services; Segmentation of its markets; The Target Customers; The Product/Service Offering; The Marketing Strategies of the Company; The Marketing Program of the Company; The Strengths of its Marketing; The Weaknesses of its Marketing; Recommendations; Conclusions.


The purpose of this paper is to analyze…


Harvard Business Review (2002), Harvard Business Review on Marketing, Harvard University Press.

Hiam, A. (2000), Marketing kit for dummies, For Dummies Press.

Kotler, P. (1999), A Framework for Marketing Management, Pearson Education.

Kotler, P. (2000), Kotler on marketing: how to create, win and dominate markets, Free Press.

Sigma This Review Addresses the
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When dealing with customers, all interactions cannot be standardized. Similarly, the requirements of customers can differ significantly based on the type of product and the extent of usage of the product by the customer. Short- and long-term training courses are often used to increase worker knowledge of the product or the services being sold to the customer. As product life cycles become shorter, the training needs of the individuals dealing with the customer are also higher. It is observed often, especially with call center-based customer service, that the "interaction between the agent and the customer is divided into "talk, wrap and idle time" is suggestive of task individualization and specialization." (Mulholland, 2002) in this environment, it is difficult to explicitly state if all the needs of the customer have been satisfied based on the format on which the worker is trained.

As with any other quality improvement process in an…


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iPad 2 The Product Being
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The promotion budget remains high, however, and it is essential to maintain the promotions budget to defend the space, especially over the coming months when technologically superior rivals may finally enter the tablet space.

The iPad 2 has been given a premium price, consistent with Apple products. Competitors such as Samsung have chosen to meet Apple at this price rather than undercut. This brings the iPad 2 into direct competition with such products on the basis of features, something that at present favors the iPad 2. The price points are consistent globally, and are not expected to change until the next generation of iPad is introduced and the old devices need to be cleared from inventory. Apple typically does not discount its products while they are still current, and has no plans to change that policy for the iPad 2.

ith respect to place, distribution of the iPad 2 is…

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New Product Service or Process Produce a
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New Product, Service or Process

Produce a specification for an agreed project to implement a new product, service or process

Be able to plan for the launch of a project to implement a new product, service or process

Produce a project plan for an agreed project

Match appropriate resources to a Project

Cost all resources required for implementing a project

Agree timescales for the management and implementation of a project

Plan an appropriate strategy for the implementation of a project

Be able to implement a project

Implement a project in accordance with an agreed specification

Develop appropriate measures to monitor and evaluate progress and outcomes

Monitor the implementation of a project

Task 4: Be able to evaluate the outcomes of a project

Analyze the outcomes of a project in terms of the original project specification

Evaluate the outcomes of a project

Make justified recommendations for improvements to the project


Women's Biology Review and Critique of a
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Women's Biology

Review and critique of a current article relating to women's biology

How Emergency Contraception Works to Prevent Pregnancy

Emergency contraceptives are drugs used to prevent pregnancy after women indulges in unprotected sex. There is a slight difference between birth control methods and use of contraceptives in preventing unplanned pregnancy. It is significant for women and men to learn and choose the appropriate method that guarantees their well-being. Use of contraceptives prevent fertilization of the ovum, while as birth control pills prevents pregnancy, and includes use of contraceptives such as, IUDs, sterilization, and abortion. This article reviews the health effects of various emergency contraceptives on female reproductive functions. The author argues that limited knowledge about Emergency contraceptive contributes to its overuse or its underuse and enhanced knowledge could trigger development of new ways, maximize use of current methods and increase acceptability of emergency contraceptives (Berger, 2012).

Review of the…


Ries, N.M. & Tigerstrom, B. (2010). Roadblocks to laws for healthy eating and activity,"

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Whole Foods Market Strategic Review
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Strategic eview

Whole Foods Market is one of the top retail stores dealing with organic and natural foods in the United States. The company operates and owns a chain of organic and natural foods supermarkets across the United States and Canada. In essence, the company has been able to reach large number of customer by operating through several subsidiaries, and Whole Foods is the first company in the United States to be awarded the first "Certified Organic" grocer. Whole Foods Market was incorporated in 1978 and started the organic and natural foods business in 1980. Within the last 35 years of its operations, the company has become the largest retailer in the organic and natural foods. The success that the company has enjoyed over the years makes the Whole Foods and ABC Company considering integrating their business portfolios.

Objective of this report is to provide a top-notch advice to the…


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Small Business Software Review the
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Sage, who has seen how costly application customization can be, has created a series of template-based charts of accounts, with the last count indicating they had over 70 of Charts of Accounts that could be quickly used by customers to customize for their business. Sage has also seen that inordinate customization of software can lead to a lack of adoption; hence their motivation for creating a library that can easily be used by customers. As Peachtree suffered from an exceptionally bad reputation for usability in its first several product generations on the Microsoft Windows platform (Collins, 2006), Sage is attempting to overcome these limitations through intensive investment in ergonomics and usability. Adding to these efforts include the development of an Online Knowledgebase and Help Center, in addition to the development of AJAX-based microsites that interlink content together. All of these sources of data are in turn integrated via XML to…


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Strategic Approach to Product Recalls
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This will improve the overall quality of product that is being produced and it ensuring that mistakes are minimized as much as possible. In the event that there are any kinds of quality or safety issues, both companies should deal with them immediately by: identifying the problem, finding solutions that will address them for good and initiating recalls on the product. This will take place from the top management all the way down. If this kind of approach can be taken it would have reduced the chances that there will be possible crisis situations. While at the same time, it is creating a strategy that will quickly deal with these issues before they become out of control. ("Principals of Total Quality Management," 2011) ("Dealing with Defects," 2011) (Vogel, 2009)

Prepare to manage the Crisis, recognize the Crisis, contain the Crisis, resolve the Crisis, and profit from the Crisis.

To prepare…


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Production of Food Products Has Changed Dramatically
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production of food products has changed dramatically over the past several years. Technological changes in machinery, increased use of better and more expedient forms of transportation, and improved fertilizers have all contributed to a more efficient food production process. This more efficient process, however, has not come with some requisite problems.

The existing system of delivering food products in the United States is a major contributor to the world's global warming problem. The largest contributor to global warming is the use of fossil fuels. One study released in 2000 estimated that nearly ten percent of all the energy used in the United States was consumed by the food industry. (Heller, 2000).

This large use of fossil fuels is generated throughout the food production and delivering industry. A large measure of this use is through the extensive reliance upon artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Although the use of these products results in…


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Abbott Laboratories Hansen Products Hansen Products Is
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Abbott Laboratories

Hansen Products

Hansen Products is a New Zealand-based corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes over 1,000 products with distributors in 10 countries (Hansen Products, 2011). Hansen's business processes eventually outgrew its nine-year-old system of finance and multiple databases, so Hansen decided to update and integrate its company-wide systems with Microsoft Business Solutions' Axapta (Istart, 2011) as its ERP system. Axapta is listed among the Top Ten ERP programs (Top10ERP, 2011) and at least one industry review praises Axapta as strong, fast and relatively low-cost (Collins, 2003). Effective implementation requires cooperation by a company: "The importance of management involvement cannot be overstated, as they serve as the visionaries and advocates for the project" (Blytheco, LLC, 2008). Aware of the need for extensive cooperation, Hansen appointed a "dedicated team" to the ERP modules (Istart, 2011).

Hansen's ERP system handles all its "financials, manufacturing, inventory and forecasting" (Istart, 2011). ithin six…

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