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Pros And Cons Essays (Examples)

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Pros & Cons of Inclusive
Words: 2294 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45770684
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Furthermore, he argues
that trying to force all students into the inclusion mold is just as
coercive and discriminatory as trying to force all students into the mold
of a special education class or residential institution. Others argue
against the constant interruptions to the classroom by assistants of
disabled children, who must be there to assist the child in using the
bathroom, and other basic functions. These opponents argue research
studies regarding methods of instruction of the disabled student in the
classroom to support their side. For example, research by Sindelar et
al. (1990), indicates that extended seatwork activities do not work in
comparison to allowing time to socially interact with other students.
Many disabled students are not able to perform seatwork activities for an
extended period of time. This research supports theories that encourage
higher levels of student participation as well as bringing lessons to a
close by providing…

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Pro-Or Con There Is a
Words: 2479 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17336002
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Nurses perform their job in almost all portions of the country, irrespective of the locality of cities, small towns or remote rural districts. Nurses are also required in many of the foreign countries for assisting the rehabilitation programs.

My Position take the Pro-position of nursing. The proposals of nursing deserve deep observation. Nursing is considered to be a varied and flexible area of study. Traditionally the age old image of nursing has been infused into our minds for a very long period of time but actually such ideology is rapidly seen vanishing over a period of time. The goal of the nurses is not confined only to assist the doctors in their practice. Contrary to this the nurses are not at all dependent on doctors and nursing is taken to be an isolated and all-inclusive field of activity in itself. Nursing is considered to be an essential portion of health…


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Motivational Reward System Pro's Con's the Learning
Words: 2551 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84897524
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On the one hand, it can increase the uncertainty he accumulated during the time in which he was subject to abusive treatment. On the other hand, he can limit the level of trust he offers to any superior with authority. Therefore, the punishment-based system of motivation can cause serious long-term effects.

Another reason for which punishment-based motivation systems is not useful for the construction of a stable and reliable motivation is the fact that it is not built or it does not appeal to a system of values based on mutual respect. More precisely, the element of fear present in the relationship between the professor and the student is not able to have a consistent contribution to the establishment of a respectful relationship and once the fear is gone, an offensive attitude replaces any submissive behavior from the part of the student. Moreover, he comes to reject any future authority.…


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Cloud Computing Security Pros & Cons
Words: 1606 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56152092
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Cloud Computing Security Pros & Cons

Over the last ten years, cloud computing has rapidly grown and it is expected to grow even further as more businesses move online. When cloud computing was first conceived, many skeptics dismissed it as being just another tech fad that will quickly disappear. However, over the last three years cloud computing has truly changed the way we think about IT nowadays. The Cloud has significantly reduced the cost of doing business and has allowed businesses to focus on their core activities and not IT related issues (Krutz & Vines, 2010; Ali, Khan &Vasilakos, 2015). These reasons and many other which we will highlight in this essay show that Cloud computing is here to stay. However, like any other technology, cloud computing has also been associated with a few challenges and inefficiencies. This paper will look at the pros and cons of cloud computing. In…


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Pro-Home Waterbirth Report
Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14532225
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Home/ater Birth

An Analysis of the Benefits of Home/ater Birth

Like all decisions to be made regarding the birth of a child, there are pros and cons that go along with them. This paper will look at the pros and cons of home/water birth, from a legal, moral, social and ethical perspective, and show why home/water birth with a midwife is a positive, low risk alternative.

There are many points to consider when contemplating home/water birth. The first is that water birth takes place in a spot where many women find the most relaxation, a tub of warm water. "Some moms go through the labor in the water, but get out when it's time for the delivery," according to Pregnancy RX. Other moms deliver right in the water. Either option is available for women choosing water birth. Some other pros worth mentioning are:

First, the baby before it is delivered…

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Pro Con Neutral Characteristics for Ethical or
Words: 365 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37838569
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Con: This approach can be excessively rigid and fail to take into consideration social nuances

Neutral: Kant, the developer of the categorical imperative and the founding father of this ideology, saw his view as a kind of middle path -- he did not believe that all actions set moral laws for all time, but that some types of moral principles should remain inviolate.

Virtue ethics or human nature moral theory

Pro: This stresses the need to be a good person, to make good moral decisions. It focuses on the good that 'doing good' can provide both for the actor and the subject of moral decision-making.

Con: Good people, even when they believe they are doing the right thing, can engage in actions that have very negative moral consequences.

Neutral: Virtue ethics has come into prominence in recent decades, perhaps because of the increasing focus upon the 'self' in modern culture,…

Pros & Cons of Global Communications
Words: 925 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86305065
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Global Communications

The world of global communication is storied, vast and wide. It can also be very treacherous and unpredictable for people that are not in the know about what is involved, why things have to be done a certain way and so forth. This report will be a brief literature review of three articles that all pertain to global communications. The articles will relate to web-enabling for competitive advantage, the role of entrepreneurial networks in the exploration and exploitation of certain peoples and a case study about one of IBM's newer corporate volunteer programs. While these articles may seem to be about different things, they are all part of the different pieces and parts to the global communications landscape and all are worth of at least a cursory review. All of these articles pertain to the practice of business using global communications in the right way, the wrong way…


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Special Education Inclusion -- Pros
Words: 1663 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37895555
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Meanwhile, paraprofessionals and special education facilitators are available in greater supply and provide considerable relief to the burdens placed upon dedicated fulltime special education professionals (Suter & Giangreco, 2009).

Whereas the traditional model of separate education for special-needs students requires that school systems rely on fulltime special educators and depends, necessarily, on their availability, that is not the case with inclusion programs. The inclusion of special-needs students within the regular curriculum allows special-needs services to be delivered by paraprofessionals instead of relying exclusively on dedicated special needs educators. Typically, special needs education paraprofessionals can deliver services to several special-needs students simultaneously instead of limiting the number of special-needs students to the same number of special needs educators available on a one-on-one basis (Suter & Giangreco, 2009)


It does not appear that any of the objections to the inclusion of special-needs students in the regular educational environment and curriculum stand…


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Cha and Kang the Pros
Words: 2001 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80217918
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57). If power shifts too much toward the U.S., the consequences could be bad, especially if combined with belligerent U.S. rhetoric. His well-argued point is that North Korea's striving for nuclear capability is a response to the perceived imbalance of power which is threatening to North Korea. It is an attempt to develop a deterrent to possible future U.S. aggression, a bargaining tool rather than an offensive strategy. Presumably, then, Kang would agree that if the U.S. lowered its military presence and changed its rhetoric, the fear would gradually dissipate. The North would have no incentive for risk. In addition, the mistrust and animosity between the two countries will not go away until the U.S. recognizes the legitimate national security concerns of North Korea. His argument is stronger than Cha's with respect to nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are less threatening than thought since the conventional war would still wipe out…

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Canadian Healthcare System Pros and
Words: 359 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35898731
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To Thomas Sowell, another opponent of the universal health care, suggests that it is necessary to first study the consequences of having a universal health care before diverting into such system. Sowell doesn't believe in a government-run health care. To him, the universal health care doesn't reduce the real cost of health care but instead reduces the amount of money a patient has to pay for at the cost of reducing health care quality.


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Air Traffic Controller Representation Pro-Or
Words: 1794 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36762936
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In this regard, Osorio adds that, "The strike put deregulation on hold, giving the airlines a respite from intense competition and more time to plan for the post-deregulation era" (2000, p. 114). The PATCO strike also severely hampered further governmental employee unionizing activities for decades (Osorio, 2000).


The research showed that in 1981, the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization engaged in an illegal strike for more money, better working conditions and updated equipment that violated Title VII of the Civil Service eform Act of 1978. Notwithstanding the legitimacy of the union's demands, the manner in which they pursued them was violative of the law of the land and the President of the United States took matters into his own hands as chief executive officer and fired the lot of them in response, replacing them with supervisors, military air traffic controllers and newly hired controllers. The PATCO strike also had…


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Non Linear Pro-Is a Company That Sells
Words: 1201 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85270714
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Non Linear Pro-is a company that sells editing equipment. Recently, the company was involved in a transaction that involved the lease of equipment to Quick Text Video on a trial basis. Before the purchase, the sales representative for NonLinear Pro and the company manger for Quick Text Video discussed the pros and cons of the product. The salesman indicated that the system would be up and running within a day in a half of delivery and that it would be twice as fast as the current system in use at Quick Text Video. The system was delivered, including a delivery document for the signature of the recipient. The document included a lease agreement for three months.

Quick Text Video attempted to use the equipment for two weeks. However, it was not performing properly for a number of reasons, the first and most obvious of which was that the promise of…

Managerial Finance the Pros and
Words: 400 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65031023
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It is a New York company that employs less than 200 people, and most of them are blue-collar workers. There are thirty people who do nothing but package cookies, and the company is generally fairly efficient. However, if the company were to send its cookie-making work overseas it could probably make the cookies and have them shipped back for less money than it is costing them to make the cookies locally, especially since many of their suppliers are already located far from their plant, driving up the cost of doing business. However, the company would hurt the community it is currently in by doing this because it would mean the loss of jobs and also the anger at those lost jobs, so the people in that area might not buy the company's cookies anymore. This would ultimately damage both profits and image.


Pagach, D. 2004. Outsourcing at your own…


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Capital Punishment the Pros and
Words: 2096 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28952904
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life imprisonment, we must follow common sense and assume that if one punishment is more fearful than another, it will deter some potential criminals not deterred by the less fearful punishment" (p. 282). In an effort to deconstruct the tenability of van den Haag's assertions, eiman takes the deterrent analogy to an extreme and suggests that the death penalty is insufficient and that death by torture would serve as an even more effective deterrent.

While some observers might suggest that this is precisely what is happening to internees at Guantanamo Bay detention camp, eiman's extreme position concerning capital punishment does serve to highlight the moral and legal ambiguities involved in assessing the value of the death penalty for a modern society. Notwithstanding these moral and legal ambiguities, though, in the case of capital crimes, there is far too much at stake to allow such heinous acts to go unpunished, and…


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