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Resource Allocation Essays (Examples)

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Healthcare Resources Allocating Healthcare Resources Allocation of
Words: 1444 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75434137
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Healthcare esources

Allocating Healthcare esources

Allocation of Healthcare esources

It may seem that the resources that a healthcare organization has at its disposal is contained in a very small list, but for proper allocation of total resources every possible thing has to be considered. esources refers not only to the money that a business has on hand, but the people, buildings, land, recruitment of people, retention and finances. An organization is the sum of all of its parts and must operate within the framework of those resources. How those resources are allocated is an important function of the control of the organization also. This essay will discuss the resource acquisition and allocation processes in a healthcare organization with specific emphasis regarding those processes in allocating financial, operating, capital, human, recruitment, and retention resources.

esource Acquisition and Allocation

In one aspect a healthcare organization is no different from any other organization…


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Resource Scheduling and Evaluating Various Methods Used
Words: 968 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41570857
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resource scheduling and evaluating various methods used to schedule resources in project management.

esource scheduling involves implementing and planning a way of scheduling one's resources. It involves ascertaining that the necessary resources for perpetrating the task are there; that the right resource/s are used; that timing or resource is correct and that there is optimum use of this resource; and that the aggregation of resources is appropriate.

esource scheduling is important in order to prevent project constraint (problems with competing project). Its benefits are three-fold:

When project delay is unacceptable, resource scheduling allows sufficient time for considering alternatives such as cost-time trade-offs and changing of priorities.

esource scheduling matches budget with dates so that deadlines are met

esource scheduling shows project managers amount of flexibility they have with certain resources and how far they can therefore go with their ideas and plans.

There are 3 different types of project constraint:…


Resource Development Strategy Every NPO
Words: 4577 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71046059
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Volunteer activities

Volunteers are considered to be compassionate, patience, unselfish caring and just plain love which are expressed by an individual to another. Voluntarism is considered to be in kind donation in that it is where a person donates his skills and manpower to the organization by performing duties a signed to him. Management and leadership of nonprofit organizations should ensure that they get highly skilled volunteers who come and stay through the extension of the visions of the volunteering through creating an experience which is meaningful, develops skills, demonstrate impact and ability to tap into the volunteers' capabilities and interest.

Volunteers my stop rendering their services due to poor management practices. Nonprofit organizations should tap volunteers to help in doing charitable work in their organization. Most people do not volunteer because they are never given a chance by the nonprofit organizations.

According to the Context for Nonprofit esource Development…


Ethics and Accountability (2011)

The Nonprofit Sector: Resource Development and Management (2001)

The Resource development Process (n.d)

The Context for Nonprofit Resource Development (2011)

Resource Management Is an Effective and Efficient
Words: 1963 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74661610
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esource management is an effective and efficient way of deploying the resources within an organization. These resources include human skills, inventory, financial resources, production resources or even the information systems. For there to be success in any project there has to be effective management of resources when it comes to assigning them to the projects. This often includes hours of labor for those people who are assigned to the particular project. esource management also involves management of the labor hours of the people that are involved in subcontracts. Apart from the management of people, resource management also involves managing equipment that are to be used for specific projects and the materials required by people and the specific equipment that have been assigned to the projects. When it comes to project management there are techniques, philosophies, and processes can be developed in a bid to ensure that the best approach is…


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Allocation of Costs Using ABC
Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Data Analysis Chapter Paper #: 25816790
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The notes in the around the Activity box are actions needing fixed at the present time such as detecting allocation and costs and most importantly the priorities of the hospital's maintenance.

The diagram then has a box drawn below labeled objects in both methods, yet these objects are defined to ABC by tracing activity drivers because it represents products/services and customers while the current method looks at only products and services of pharmacy maintenance repairs which is derived from the custom way where allocations such as the direct cost of supplies, labor, administration on the basis of square footage. The focus is on costs vs. Activity-Based Costing and cost cannot control expenditures, yet it in comparison to cost accounting current at Jumper Hospital, it will permit the facility to see the what they do have control of, what has been done including the management that provided regularly or on a…


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Business Report Adelaide Convention Centre How Resource
Words: 1038 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74280055
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usiness Report: Adelaide Convention Centre

How Resource Requirements Are Determined

Why resources are acquired and allocated

How resource usage is and reported

The Adelaide Convention Centre was founded in 1987 with an aim to promote tourism and industry related economic activities in the area of South Australia. The center hosts banquets, cocktail functions, conferences, exhibitions, green events, meetings, product launches, school formals, weddings, and corporate events[footnoteRef:1]. [1: Adelaide Convention Center. "Our Green Commitment," Adelaide Convention Center. n.d. (accessed January 14, 2014).]

Part A: How Resource Requirements Are Determined

Current Processes:

The current operational plans are mainly targeted towards providing a place for the business and local community to organize their events in the center. The center provides the place for the event including food and beverages. There are various partnering suppliers for floral, lighting, music, and other special arrangements. The resources required for the center can be divided into…


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Outsourcing Alternatives in Human Resource
Words: 1933 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67105756
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Overview of ecommendations

As has been demonstrated above, whether or not a company should outsource its human resources management tasks and processes is a highly individual consideration. Many aspects of the company's operations, its financial standing and capital reserves, and the specific industry fluctuations must be taken into account when determining whether or not to outsource. It should be noted that this overview recommendation is by no means an exhaustive list of considerations.

Companies that are very small or that have very stable human resources needs should keep most if not all of their human resources management processes and tasks internal, and specifically should allocate these tasks amongst line managers in order to achieve the maximum efficiency. In certain industries where human resources management takes up a large amount of organizational resources yet remains very stable in the time devoted to such management -- academia and healthcare are examples, in…


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Human Resources Roles of Managers and Supervisors
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12629124
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Human Resources roles of Managers and Supervisors and the impact of the roles upon the management team?

Human resources managers traditionally handle a management team's specific personnel decisions. These decisions often include the hiring of new staff, the position assignment of existing staff members and the adjustments to the pay schedule and other forms of compensation for both existing and new organizational members. Human resource management decisions are subject varying levels oversight by human resource supervisors. For instance, a human resources professional at a smaller firm may be simultaneously involved in financial resource allocation, compensation, benefits, compliance with laws affecting employees and the workplace, and safety and health issues. A human resource professional at a larger firm will likely be assigned to oversee one of those areas. Thus, a human resource supervisor at a large organization may be responsible for coordinating the various efforts of many different managers within the…

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Public Admin General Budget Allocation
Words: 591 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12974938
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Public Admin General Budget Allocation

Budget Area


Health Care

Social Insurance (aid to the elderly, disable, unemployed)

Job Training

Disaster Relief

Public Education (K -- Universities)

Environmental Management (regulate clear and clean water; regulate the handling & disposal of hazardous & radioactive wastes)

Support of Cultural Institutions (e.g. libraries, museums, zoo, etc.)

Conservation of Natural Resources

Management of National Parks % Lands

Manage Law and Order

Regulate Business

Build and Maintain Roads, Dams, & Other Infrastructure


A critique of the general thought process used to reach a consensus on the various public policy categories

In choosing the public policy category, it is crucial to determine the necessary resources and measures that should prioritize the percentage budget allocation for the federal government. Security of the federal government is crucial to the development and growth of the nation. This makes security reasonable to command large portion of the budget allocation.…

MS Project Resource Leveling
Words: 411 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47509656
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MS Project

hat was the original project duration prior to resource leveling? (eek 5 (1) file is the BS before leveling)

In MS Project, a report was run to find the project's total duration. The total duration of the project before the resources were leveled was 140.73 and this made the expected project completion date April 9th, 2012.

hat was the revised project duration after resource leveling? (eek 5 (2) is the BS after leveling)

After the resources were leveled another report was run. This time the duration was calculated to be 84.75 days with a 55.96 day variance.

Carefully read the resource leveling section in Chapter 8. Based on your reading and experience in MS software, why is resource leveling important in schedule development?

Resource leveling is a way to fix resource over allocation. Generally, resources are leveled in two ways (MS Office, 2011):

By delaying a task until…

Works Cited

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Distributing Resources in an Ethical Manner
Words: 681 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18775243
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Ethical Distribution of Access to Health Care esources

ight to Health Care esources

ole of Nurses

ight to Health Care esources

While the concept of 'right to health' is applicable in many of the socialist countries, most of the modern societies lay emphasis on the concept of 'right to health care." This is the concept that has been evolving over the years with the aim of providing equal health care resources to keep every individual healthy and to promote "quality of life" for their citizens.

However the concerns are about what the governments and the authorities related to health care can do what considerations, especially the ethical ones, which need to be considered while preparing a policy for equitable distribution of health care for the citizens (Flak & Chong, 2008).. These attempts of ethical policy formation help to open access to proper health care for people who had been previously…


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Will Diminishing Supplies of Natural Resources Limit World Economic Growth
Words: 2202 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31178406
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For most of the time since the subject of economics was first studied, the idea of resource constraints has been irrelevant. The world was simply not viewed as a finite place. The concept of resource constraints was limited, more or less, to the consideration of constraints on an individual economy. Adam Smith recognized that all economies would face resource constraints of one type or another. As Snowdon (2003) points out, "to Smith, it was obvious that all economies were faced with resource constraints and that free trade was a policy that would allow any nation to achieve the most efficient allocation of its scarce resources." This notion was built into the Ricardian trade theory and classical economics. It has not been until recent times, however, that the concept of worldwide scarcity has become relevant. The idea of peak oil and a world with seven billion people (or more) has…

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Human Resource Management Practices in
Words: 503 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35192993
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The country and the company itself present significant challenges that need to be overcome. Our company has invested a significant amount of money and time into the acquisition of this new company and we need to soon show our shareholders that this has been an inspired acquisition. Your mission will need to turn profit soon, but also to create a team of professionals who are motivated at their job and who will produce results in the next years.

The challenges you will encounter include a lack of motivation in their work, no long-term objectives, plans of action or approach and the incapacity to commit to change and accept the non-functionality of their own system. Things are done differently than we are used to here in the U.S. You will need to start by getting to know the team you have and by working out how you can complete your human…

Allocation for CVP the Process
Words: 812 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40746551
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Public Law 90-65, dated August 19, 1967, authorized the Secretary to include extra capacity in the Tehama-Colusa Canal to enable it to provide future water service to areas that could be authorized as an extension of the CVP." (Chapter III, 1) The expectation accorded here would be the share of construction costs amongst those who would ultimately use the water source, meaning that this would become a publicly shared cost repaid through traditional avenues of taxation.

Such common costs allow for a greater flexibility of internal decision making, with an expansion into wider arenas. The shared responsibility of repayment allows for some expenditure in other areas of development as well as the expansion of investment into nature reclamation projects. In a similar regard though, decision-making is actually removed in some capacities from the jurisdiction of CVP's accounting department, with the legislative demands of State and local authorities imposing certain use…

HRM-340-Human Resource Info System Subject Case Senario
Words: 1243 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64535677
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HM-340-Human esource Info System Subject CASE SENAIO: Castle's Family estaurant restaurants northern California area approximately 300-340 employees.

Human resource information systems

The Castle Family estaurant is formed from a chain of eight facilities, employing an estimated 340 staff members, most of whom work as part time employees. The human resource responsibilities have been assigned to Jay Morgan, the operations manager, who is challenged by both the responsibilities, as well as the volume of work. Furthermore, Jay Morgan has to travel each week in each of the locations to implement the human resource measures which are necessary and the effort is becoming too costly for the overall firm.

In order to address these issues at Castle's Family estaurant, recommendations have been forwarded towards the development and implementation of a more comprehensive plan for human resource management. This plan would include the hiring of a specialized human resource manager, the delegation of…


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Human Resource Management Practice Certain Combinations of
Words: 1784 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9998288
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Human esource Management Practice

Certain combinations of human resource management practices lead to superior outcomes for organizations. The H combination department is at the heart of organizational performance, productivity, turnover, profits, and market value outcomes. Employees are considered a source of non-duplicable and sustainable competitive advantage. By using the combinations in capabilities, resources, relationships and decisions presented by employees, organizations strategically position themselves thus avoiding threats and maximizing opportunities. Organizations and H combinations managers aim to generate strategic capacity by ensuring that an organization acquires a skilled, committed and motivated workforce. Integration of H combinations issues, organization performance and H management systems in organizational strategic processes serve as a solution to business problems. The need to create and manage capabilities and skills and align such capabilities to organizational performance and future needs drives Human esource Management. As such, the H department plays a greater role in planning and implementing a…


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IHRM International Human Resources Management in Today's
Words: 816 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74127813
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International Human esources Management

In today's fast-paced and highly interconnected and interdependent business environment, most companies even of a medium size that are attempting to grow and remain significant and viable players in their industry have had to include some level of international expansion, hiring, or at the very least contracting. The rapid growth in communications technologies and the ever-increasing efficiency of shipping has made international commerce and business not simply easier and more sustainable, but the new way of life for most businesses and industries. This has of course led to new challenges that must be overcome in order to take advantage of the new opportunities that are provided by the existence and availability of this international and indeed global market for many industries.

One area in which significant changes have occurred is human resources management; as more and more individuals from different countries find themselves working with…


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Human Resource Information Systems Wal-Mart
Words: 1523 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82880281
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Analyze the appropriateness of HM technologies and best practices to recommend applications and strategies for your selected organization, in order to improve organizational effectiveness, workforce productivity, and systems integration

HM technologies are essential towards reduction of the cost of operations as well as an increment in the level of consumer satisfaction hence effective management of the resources and available opportunities. Wal-Mart should focus on the quality and efficient automation of the processes and departments for the purposes of eliminating errors and overhead costs. This is essential through management of the HM technologies such as CM, FID, and EP with the aim of achieving maximum profit levels and revenues at the end of the fiscal year.


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Resources in ERP Capability Building and Business Process Outcomes. Journal Of

Financial Resource Management Reaching a Financial Decision
Words: 2362 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99186204
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Financial esource Management

eaching a financial decision regarding heath care services

All forms of industries deemed financial management as expressive in origin till the 1960's. Its basic and sole role was to ensure financing for completing the business's operatives and functions. The department for business planning or marketing would project a net total for meeting the services and meeting daily demands; managers would calculate the assets required to complete a given project needed, equipment's, supplies and building. Financial management is a field which focuses on business securities as well as the markets in which they are in key demand. Also, more emphasis is made on how businesses can tap new markets and unlock their hidden potential. As a result, financial management books were pretty explanatory and predictable in origin during those times. (Sandrick, 2008).

These days, financial management plays a pivotal role in day-to-day operations of a business. The responsibility…


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HRM in an MNE Human Resource Management in an Multinational Enterprises
Words: 1878 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96741186
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Human esource Management in Multinational Enterprises

Similarities and Differences between domestic and international HM

HM assumes a strategic role in almost all business organizations. It is the core of an organization's corporate strategy because it helps enhance their performance, create a sustainable competitive advantage and guides through enterprise management. This leads to the two similarities between domestic and international HM. Basic functions such as allocation, procurement, motivation, and utilization are similar whether in the home or foreign country. Both international and domestic HM serve same functions and activities in H recruitment, planning, training and development, performance management, industrial relations and compensation. Another aspect is linked to environmental forces, which drive the function of HM. These external drivers include economical, political, and cultural and legal have a significant impact on H activities in both domestic and international environment (McDonnell, 2011). In addition, they have similar fundamental human resource goals. First, they…


Dowling, P., Festing, M., & Engle, A.D. (2008). International human resource management: Managing people in a multinational context. South Melbourne, Vic: Thomson.

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Review of Human Resource Management
Words: 3209 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95335322
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Organization Brief Description

International Human Resource Management (IHRM) can be delineated as a set of activities purposed at the management of organizational human resources at the global level to attain organizational aims and accomplish competitive advantage over rivals at national and global levels. It encompasses characteristic human resource management functions like training and development, recruitment and selection, as well as performance appraisal undertaken at the global level. So as to closely incorporate company operations across the globe, multinational corporations try to cultivate and instigate standardized human resource management practices by transmitting the practices being undertaken at the headquarters to subsidiaries situated overseas. Consequently, practices at the organization's subsidiary will have a close likeness and similitude to practices in the home nation (Potocnik et al., 2014). The organization selected is IBM, which operates at the United States in its host country and having a subsidiary in China. The two IHRM practices…

Streamlining Company Resources Given the
Words: 428 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13048699
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Ask all departments to conduct an efficiency inventory of the processes that are standard in their respective departments.

eek 2: Reconvene all staff, and ask the department heads to explain the results of their inventory. Make plans to bring in outside personnel to conduct an outside efficiency inventory, if the cuts are not deep enough, or if there is substantial inter-or intra-departmental controversy about specific processes and procedures. Also, make use of competitive 'benchmarking' between departments, otherwise known as "the process of learning from other" competitors, to show lagging departments how other areas of the organization have established ways and ideas of cutting ineffectual processes. If necessary, ask for additional streamlining by department heads before the outside inventory (Prosci, "Benchmarking," 1996)

eek 3: Review the final results of the revised versions of the efficiency inventory. Also, bring in automation experts to determine if additional processes can be rendered by computers,…

Works Cited

Prosci. (1996) "Benchmarking." Change Management Learning Center. Retrieved 10 Jun 2005 at 

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Human Resources Recruitment Strategy and Plan This
Words: 1173 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 5017485
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Human esources

ecruitment strategy and plan

This document is about laying down a strategy of recruiting employees in sincere college. Employees move, quit or transfer thus creating a need to open job application for interested candidates. It helps to determine what the job entails, tasks and skills of the employees. It covers an outline of the recruitment plan, job description, methods of recruitment, interview procedures and hiring. The strategy aims at attracting qualified applicants ready to take the job.

ecruitment plan

ecruitment goal

The goal is to attract higher standard candidate with skills promoting the name of the Sincere College. This can be achieved where the faculty of the Davis School of Business should suggest names of people who "know people" in the field who should be called upon to nominate individuals. The other way is posting advertisement in newspapers, journals read by people in this discipline and posting advertisement…


Edenborough, R. (2007). Assessment methods in recruitment, selection & performance: A

manager's guide to psychometric testing, interviews and assessment centres. London:


Page Ltd.

Conducting Home Health Care Like a Business
Words: 1245 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Paper #: 68589355
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esource Allocation in a Home Health Care Agency

As the U.S. population continues to show growth in the senior and elderly generations, a corresponding increase in health care agencies and facilities will reflect the increased demand for health and nursing services. Growth is particularly anticipated in the home health care industry as the "boomer" generation is geared toward independent living far into their lifetimes at unprecedented rates (Cubanski, 2014). Competition between these home health care agencies is expected to heat up, as economists say, since demand for quality care will be bolstered by the rise of the upper socio-economic strata in the U.S. (Varkevisser, et al., 2009). What this means for home health care administration and management is an elevated need to ensure that resource allocation exhibits the stewardship demanded by the marketplace (Cubanski, 2014).

How does your health care facility manage resource allocation?

In order to create a forward…


Bottrell, M.M. (2013, Summer). Ethics Quality Helps Build Healthy Organizations. Organizational Health, 19. Retrieved from 

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Micro-Allocation in the Scheme of Things the
Words: 1121 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22330624
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In the scheme of things the debate that Warren, Doran, and Patrick (Larry, Moe, and Curly would have been better) undergo regarding how limited resources should allocated in the medical field is in effect a "catch 22" situation. If any nurse or physician in a situation in line with the one Alice and Gurpreet were in such as being in a small rural area, everybody knows everybody, massive emergency situation, people with the same level of need and urgency, temporarily depleted resource base, etc., there would be no course of action that will satisfy every point-of-view under every outcome with the exception of one where everybody receiving the resources ends up with the best possible result. In effect the people who make these decisions make snap decisions based on a combination of their subjective views, training, and assessment of the relevant variables. Decisions like this are often based on…

Behaviors Allocation Cost Behaviors in Health Care
Words: 743 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86690762
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Behaviors Allocation

Cost behaviors in health care organizations are complex, and the costs are classified according to the relationship they have with the volume of the care provided. It is, therefore, important to address the cost allocation and how health care organizations can leverage costs to operate more effectively. There are five ways in which health care is funded. These include taxation of a municipality, state, or county, private (voluntary) health insurance, payments made out-of-pocket by patients, socialized health insurance (such as government-run options), and donations that are made to health care charities (Bond & Bond, 1994). Most countries offer a mix of those models for paying health care costs, and what the health care organizations do with that money is dependent on the needs of the organization itself and the patients in need of health care from that organization. In cost allocation, a business unit (a department, for example)…


Bond, J. & Bond, S. (1994). Sociology and Health Care. New York, NY: Churchill Livingstone.

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CRM Crew Resource Management Reflects
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6). In crisis scenarios, a team holds the same objectives. Even when individual crew members have specific roles, responsibilities, and duties the entire cockpit works together as a whole. A collective response to a crisis will be better timed than a response executed by the same number of single-minded individuals. Collective action by a team ensures coordination of behaviors and effective emergency management. Teamwork also encourages crew members to throw aside interpersonal conflicts when a crisis arises and instead place the best interests of the team above personal pride. Technical expertise and years of experience cannot make up for a lack of cooperation.

Task allocation might take place on the fly, as crew members address unforeseen circumstances by assigning duties to flight crew who might not be fully prepared for them. However, task allocation is directly related to a crew member's professional title, role within the organization, and overt descriptions…


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Human Resources the Role of
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HR will need to have better guidelines in place for individuals in this new atmosphere (Kahnweiler 25-26).

However, there are and will always be two main components that the HR department of any organization will cover. The first is comprised of management, leadership and employee motivation and the other is the traditional realm of HR practices which include performance appraisal, training, recruitment and selection, as well as compensation management (salry and bonuses). In this regard payroll is usually located within the HR department in some respect and there is a certain amount of crossover between HR and the Finance area of any company in this regard. (Lajara, Lillo, and Sempere 38)

However, fundamentally HR is concerned with the human element and the return on investment (ROI) regarding that element has become a primary concern of the business world. Measurement of that return is not as clear-cut as it is in…

Works Cited

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Human Resources Job Description
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ole of Human esources in Organization

ealization of Importance of Human esource

Vision for using Human esources for Organizational Success

ole of H Manager in Workplace Environment Creation and Motivation

Importance of Merritt-based Promotions

ealization of Importance of Human esource

Companies and organizations can gain market leverage and achieve competitive advantages through effective management of its human resource. Thus, it plays a critical role in an organization or a company. Given the cut-throat competition in the global and the local markets as well as the declining importance of the impact of outside forces on stability, organizational effectiveness and development become critically dependent on management of human resources (Mondy, Noe & Gowan, 2005).

Most of the companies in the modern business require to function and develop in a relatively constant volatile environment and market condition. It is important that companies improve continuously for the purpose of creation of a sustainable competitive…


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Scarce Resources Access to Healthcare
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Boylan is a firm supporter of universal healthcare, stating without adequate healthcare the nation will soon realize a rapid decline in health, as evidenced by the increase of health status reported when healthcare was more readily available to community members in the past.

Creative Solution or Innovation

Guercia et al. (2005) provided a novel solution to the current healthcare crisis by suggesting hospitals and other healthcare agencies receive nonprofit status to encourage more charitable donations and grants of money to these organizations so they can provide charitable care. Individuals who qualify for charity care are more likely to seek healthcare when they need it most.

Derrington & Shapiro (2004) provide some evidence that early intervention may help prevent major healthcare crisis before they happen. This model is perhaps the best model to use to present a new and innovative solution to the current crisis in healthcare. ather than focusing on…


Boylan, M. (2001). A universal right to healthcare. Journal of Politics and Ethics. 1(3):

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Human Resources Management - Review
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These practices include: selective hiring, employment security, self-managed team, extensive training, sharing information, diminution of status differences, and stipulation of high pay contingent on organizational performance.

Other authors analyzed by Chang and Huang sustain that SHM benefits company both directly and indirectly as it modifies passivity into initiative by clearly communicating organizational goals and encouraging the participation of line-managers. In addition, by generating structural cohesion, defined as "an employee-generated synergy that propels a company forward, enabling the firm to respond to its environment while still moving forward" (Chang and Huang, 2005), the SHM influences positively organizational performance.

Various other testimonials strengthen the idea that a good strategic orientation of human resources will mostly appear in high performance firms, as contrary to the cases of low performance firms, which tended to apply more conventional methods. (Jackson and Schuler, 1995)

Human esources Management (HM) and the Strategic Management Process (SMP)

In order…



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HRM Outline Human Resource Management
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, 2010). The model includes several mediator (e.g., knowledge exchange) and moderator variables (e.g., self-leadership competencies of actors) that explain why and when this approach is effective and looks at leadership in more of a comprehensive way than focusing on one individual. Such perspectives have suggested that when employees become involved in the decision making processes then this can strengthen leadership.

Transactional Leadership

Transactional leadership is the leadership model that represents what most people view as the concept of management. Transactional leadership is defined by an exchange relationship between the managers and the employees that are all motivated by their own self-interests and meeting the expectations that are associated with their job description. Transactional leadership consists of monitoring, controlling, and motivating employees through economic incentives and other types of exchange incentives (Bass, 1985). Most of the motivation in this model stems from financial exchanges such as by either salaries, performance…

Works Cited

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Deploying Law Enforcement Resources the
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Of particular focus is the situation of the deployment of forces in a case of national security such as the floods and fires which have affected the territory of the United States. In these situations, volunteers and reserves are also part of the intervention forces, aside from the police patrols. More precisely, in the most recent floods from Iowa the help of ed Cross volunteers were asked for in order to be able to resist the natural disaster and in time to rebuild the territory. A similar situation occurred in New Orleans as well when non-specialized aid was asked for because the police was overwhelmed by the situation. However, it can be said that in situations such as these, the discussion is no longer related to the issue of law enforcement but rather to that of human solidarity. Nonetheless, the presence of volunteers and reserves is crucial in such moments.…

Reference List

America Civil Liberties Union. (1997) Fighting Police Abuse: A Community Action Manual. Accessed 5 July 2008, at 

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Family Resource Questionnaire Do You Ever Sit
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Family Resource Questionnaire

Do you ever sit down with your entire family to discuss your important family goals? If so, how often do you have such meetings?

Which of the following types of goals do you include in those discussions?

Financial Goals

Educational Goals

Quality of Life Goals

Personal Goals of Individual Family Members

Do you include all members of the family or just the adults? If so, who is included and who is not included in those discussions?

Do you share concerns about financial matters with all members of your family? If so, who is included and who is not included in those discussions?

Do you allow members of you family who work to maintain separate finances from that of the family or do you include all of their income within your calculations of family resources?

Please use the following space to explain how you prioritize your projected expenses…

Non-Profit Human Resources One of
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Non-profits need to develop ways in which their funding for overhead can be more stable, one way to do this is to develop funding sources such as revenue from sales and other sources an example the Goodwill can boast it has been remarkably successful at. Continuing to recruit and seek longevity from quality employees based solely on their desire to give greater good to their community, may not be the best exclusive practice for non-profit human resource managers. HR managers must seek ways to develop possible in kind benefits donations and other positive and thankful resources to compensate employees for a twenty five percent differential in pay.

orks Cited

Cutt, James, and Vic Murray. Accountability and Effectiveness Evaluation in Non-Profit Organizations. London: Routledge, 2000.

Gabris, Gerald T. "Public Sector Motivation as an Independent Variable Affecting Career Decisions." Public Personnel Management 24.1 (1995): 33+. Questia. 22 Mar. 2005…

Works Cited PM.qst?a=o&d=103322197' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Human Resource Management Human Resource Training Responsibility
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Human esource Management

Human esource Training

esponsibility for Choosing the Training Method

Training and Fulfillment of Individual Employee Needs

Link between Training Need Identification and Training Evaluation

Training and development of the employees is a broader strategic objective of the human resource department. It is an essential function of the human resource department because by effectively enhancing the skills, abilities and knowledge of the employees the organizations can gain a competitive edge over their competitors. (Arthur and Bennett, 2013, pp. 234-245)

This report aims at identifying the ways in which an organization can develop an effective training program. It puts light on the fact that the management and employees shall jointly share the responsibility of selective effective training tools and programs. It also indicates that apart from benefitting the organization, training also assists the employees in fulfilling their individual needs.

In addition to that, this report also highlights the link…


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Human Resources Play an Integral Role in
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Human resources play an integral role in any organization. The allocation of human capital is critical to the overall success of the organization. Depending on the particular industry, talent and its subsequent retention is directly correlated to the overall profitability of the firm. In many instances, as is the case in our current economic cycle, improper human resource activity can have a profound effect on our overall society. By employing and retaining the correct individuals for the corresponding position, both the business and society benefit. For example, the most creative individuals will be placed in the positions that utilize their talent most effectively. This talent will thus be cultivated in the position allowing the individual to grow and develop. This development allows the individual to create products or solutions that another individual with less talent may overlook. This is primarily how Microsoft, Google, Intel, and IBM continue to generate new…


1) "Employment Situation Summary." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Web. 14 July 2011. .

Human Resources Unions When Unions
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Unions have been dropping members at an incredible rate. The trouble can't be resolved by individual unions dealing with great, monopolistic, international companies. Unions must stick together and work in the political ring to elect government officials who understand that the nation is here for the citizens, and not for business (the Decline of Unions -- Why, 2007).

In 2000 the Union Network Federation (UNI) was fashioned with the purpose of structuring a coalition that could represent employees across many nations. According to UNI, when businesses are local, unions can be local; when businesses are national, unions must be national; when businesses are international, unions must be international. Apart from UNI, there are quite a few other international trade unions that could have some pressure on the expansion of unions internationally in the future. There are presently ten Global Union Federations (GUF's), which are the global representatives of unions in…


7.6. Labor Unions. (n.d.). Retrieved March 11, 2011, from Web site:  Decline of Smith, Keith. (2011). Employees Continue to Not Join Labor Unions. Retrieved March 11, 2011,


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HRM Policies Human Resources Play an Integral
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HRM Policies

Human resources play an integral role in any organization. The allocation of human capital is critical to the overall success of the organization. Depending on the particular industry, talent and its subsequent retention is directly correlated to the overall profitability of the firm. In many instances, as is the case in our current economic cycle, improper human resource activity can have a profound effect on our overall society. Not only are jobs being lost at a rapid rate with unemployment at 9%, but also many jobs are being outsourced to low cost countries. Combine this with the fact that many businesses are reluctant to hire, and human capital retention becomes a major conundrum. By employing and retaining the correct individuals for the corresponding position, both the business and society benefit. For example, the most creative individuals will be placed in the positions that utilize their talent most effectively.…

Health Care Decisions Through Allocation of Scarce Resources
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Decisions in Health Care on Scarce esources

Decisions on the best way to allocate resources in clinical research are through an evaluation of the costs associated with the research and the likely benefits to result to the society. The cost of allocating resource to clinical research is pinned against the likely benefit to result from the research. The benefit will include the quality of life gained, life year saved and the productivity of human life that would result. The decision to undertake a particular research ignores the aspect of who is gaining more and who is incurring the higher cost. The core concern, in this case, is the overall benefit to the society (Stephen P. & James ., 1999).

In other cases decisions in allocating the scarce resource are undertaken through comparisons. The measures of comparisons assess the cost effectiveness of a decision to intervene or do nothing. The option…


Stephen P., & James R. (1999). Economics notes: Opportunity cost Health Economics, 318, 1551-1552.

World Health Organization. (2008). Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through Action on the Social Determinants of Health. . Geneva: WHO; Commission on Social Determinants of Health.

10 Million Fund Allocation Budget Plan
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Budget Plan for $10 Million Fund Allocation

Positive economic development in any city in the United tates relies on the provision of effective, efficient, and strong infrastructures that will attract investment to generate job opportunities in the city. A central goal of any city is also to improve health outcomes for the residents to improve their health outcomes. City public officials should also provide safety and securities, and improve students achievements to enhance quality of human developments . However, a city officials are required to keep proper accounts of all income and expenditures to deliver high quality financial resources.

As a newly elected public official of the city of between 50,000 and 250,000 population, our goal is to attract investment opportunities in the city through effective use of budgetary control to meet the economic and health needs of the residents in order to enjoy 100% federal funds. Our goal is…

Sources of Payment, and Incremental Costs, Health Affairs.

Lunenburg, F.C. (2010). Financial Controls: A Safeguard Against Misuse of Public Funds. National Forum of Educational Administration & Supervision Journal. 27(4).

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International and Local Human Resource Management
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HM in an MNE

Similarities and differences between domestic and international HM

International Human resource management is a process that involves the procurement, allocation and utilization of human resource within a multinational corporation or for at least three countries. While the H managers within these organizations are expected to integrate the H policies as well as the practices across various of their subsidiaries that have spread in several countries in order to realize the goals of the organization while at the same time making these policies and practices quite flexible In order to allow the significant policy differences that occur in the policies within the different countries. International HM is thus concerned with the identification and understanding of how Multinational Corporations are able to effectively manage their worked force which is geographically dispersed so as to leverage their H resources and through that be bale to create both a local…


Mir, X.(2010).HRM in the Host Country Context. Retrieved April 25, 2014 from 

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Stratetic Plan for Range Resources Ltd
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Strategic Management Oil and Gas

ange esources Ltd.

SWOT Analysis of ange esources Ltd.

Market Analysis for Oil and Gas Industry

PESTLE Analysis for ange esources Ltd.

Porter's 5 Forces Analysis for ange esources Ltd.

Ansoff's Growth Matrix

Company Health

Strategic Options for ange esources Ltd.

Total Life Cycle Management Strategies

Technology Management

Ansoff's Growth Matrix

Total Life Cycle Management Strategies

Technology Management

Strategic Management Oil and Gas

Companies operating in the oil and gas industry, especially small firms, have experienced a difficult period in the 2014-2015 financial year largely because of constant fluctuations in oil prices. During this period, the media has increasingly focused on strategies for large companies in this sector such as Exxon and Shell. As a result, small firms or operators in the sector have continued experiencing significant challenges given the difficulties in the current business environment in the oil and gas industry. Actually, if these…


Burgess, K & Kavanagh, M 2015, 'Oil Groups Struggle on UK's Junior Market', Financial

Times, viewed 27 November 2015,

Critchlow, A 2015, 'UK Oil Explorers to Reveal Plight of Falling Price on Industry', The Telegraph, viewed 27 November 2015,

Foster, G 2015, 'MARKET REPORT: Oil Firms in the Junior Market Struggle as Price

Natural Resources as a Cause of War
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Natural esourcs

War is one of the primordial human traditions. Man has always been enthusiastic about fighting, murdering and stealing from others. However, it doesn't derive us to the conclusion that interpersonal associations are dependent on war as a requisite or obligatory institution (Mises 10+).

Many believe that war is a natural necessity and man can only attain full human importance if he behaves aggressively and antagonistically (Mead 415). If the militarist theory is taken into consideration for the sake of argument, it can be accepted that man is gifted with an intrinsic natural feeling to struggle, battle and to cause destruction and damage. Nevertheless, man cannot be characterized with these instincts and primal inclinations to harm and destroy. Man is distinguished from other mortals on the basis of his intellect, rationales and imagination. It is the 'reason' and 'logic' that teaches and guides man to the right path. The…


Bannon, Ian, and Paul Collier. Natural Resources and Violent Conflict: Options and Actions. Washington, DC: World Bank, 2003. ix. Web. .

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Johnson and Johnson Human Resource Value and Contribution
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Introduction to Johnson and Johnson
For a company to be successful, it must continuously build and nurture long-term relationships with its strategic shareholders. Shareholders is anyone who has an interest in an organization ((Noe et al., 2016). They include employees, governments, competitors, suppliers, competitors and customers. One such company is Johnson and Johnson (J&J). It has emerged as one of the most successful company globally because of its values dubbed "Our Credo” (Team, Directors and Governance, 2019).J&J is also among the Fortune 500 companies.
This paper will focus on various dimensions of the J&J Company. It is divided into three distinct sections. That is organizational structure, organizational strategy and human resource management. So, J&J organization structure will be explored, the various strategies that the company has pursed over the years will be elaborated and finally J&J human resource management practices will be discussed. Other sections in the paper include organizational…

The Impact of Resource Management on Student Performance
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This paper provides an overview of the need for the Butler School to reduce its annual budget by $1,000,000 in order to meet the mandate of the community that the school should “live within its means.” The recommended reductions are based on eliminating extraneous programs, staff positions, administrative services, and supply funds. Areas that are not reduced include programs that support the humanities, athletics, science and technology, as these areas are deemed too important to the formation and development of students’ characters and skills, which are needed to ensure success in their ensuing years. Letters to a state legislator and to the community are attached in the Appendix.
Keywords: school funding, budget reduction, administration reduction, school budgeting
As Butler Elementary School has been tasked with eliminating $1,000,000 from its annual budget, there are a number of cuts that the school will be required to make in order to…

HRM Policies in the UAE Human Resources
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HRM policies in the UAE

Human resources play an integral role in any organization. The allocation of human capital is critical to the overall success of the organization. Depending on the particular industry, talent and its subsequent retention is directly correlated to the overall profitability of the firm. In many instances, as is the case in our current economic cycle, improper human resource activity can have a profound effect on our overall society. By employing and retaining the correct individuals for the corresponding position, both the business and society benefit. For example, the most creative individuals will be placed in the positions that utilize their talent most effectively. This talent will thus be cultivated in the position allowing the individual to grow and develop. This development allows the individual to create products or solutions that another individual with less talent may overlook. This is primarily how Microsoft, Google, Intel, and…

Values and Resource Decisions
Words: 811 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 57914815
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McLaughlin and McLaughlin (2015) indicate that societal values, medico-societal issues, and political issues, among other factors, impact health policy and analysis of health policy. Please explain, giving examples, why you agree or disagree with this statement.

The values that a society upholds as its norms, or the values that are held by the majority of citizens or possibly those with the decision making power, significantly influences the manner in which healthcare institutions are organized, how they are funded, and their priorities and objectives among others. That is to say that the ones who hold power in the society will typically influence its institutions at every level. However, despite the fact that some people have more influence over institutions that others, the way that such norms disseminate throughout the U.S. healthcare system is far from a static system that is simply top-down in nature. For example, decisions about health care programs…


Fitz, D. (2010, December 9). Eight Reasons U.S. Healthcare Costs 96% More Than Cuba's -- With the Same Results. Retrieved from Alternet: 's -- with_the_same_results

Jones, T. (2015). A Descriptive Analysis of Implicit Rationing of Nursing Care: Frequency and Patterns in Texas. Nursing Economics, 144-154.

Papastavrou, E., Andreou, P., & Vryonides, S. (2014). The hidden ethical element of nursing care rationing. Nursing Ethics, 583-593.

Human Resource Management
Words: 1070 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60761238
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secret and open salary information policies in which the author argues in favor of an "open" policy. Attempt has been made to discuss both sides of the picture and the conclusions have been drawn after a thorough analysis of the arguments.

Salary Information: Secrecy or Openness?

A case can be made both for and against a secret as well as an open pay policy. That is why we find almost an equal number of organizations that follow either of the two systems. There are surprisingly large numbers of organizations, particularly in the private sector, that not only keep the salary information of their employees secret but also require the staff to keep such data under wraps. Punishment for release of pay information in these companies is often severe and can even lead to dismissal. Although there is always some merit in a counter argument, I am convinced that an open…


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"Should women know the pay of their male colleagues?" Talking Point, December, 2001. BBC News web-site. Retrieved on February 15, 2002 from

Toll Brothers Inc Strategic Plan Toll Brothers
Words: 1555 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36807091
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Toll Brothers, Inc. Strategic Plan


This strategic plan is meant to discuss the reimplementation of Toll Brothers, Inc. For 2012. Toll Brothers, Inc. was founded in 1967 and quickly became the leader in luxury homes and land development. In 1986, the company went public with a public offering totaling $40 million. Toll Brothers is currently in 20 states and has acquired numerous building companies including the most recent acquisitions of Cam West and Gibraltar.

Statement of Forward-looking Information

Certain information included in this presentation is forward-looking within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation eform Act of 1995, including, but not limited to, information related to: anticipated operating results; financial resources and condition; selling communities; home deliveries; average home prices; consumer demand and confidence; contract pricing; business and investment opportunities; and market and industry trends.

Such forward-looking information involves important risks and uncertainties that could significantly affect…


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Strategic Plan for Stryker
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Stryker Organizational Strategic Plan

Stryker is a world leader in medical technology and works to make healthcare much better. Stryker offers innovative medical devices and technologies reported to include "reconstructive, medical and surgical, and neurotechnology and spine products to help people lead more active and more satisfying lives. Stryker products and services are available in over 100 countries." (, 2014, p. 1) Stryker reports having spent $471 million on research and development during 2012 and 5 to 6.3% of its sales invested each year since 2000 are in research and development having assisted 4,768 patients on a global basis in 2012. Stryker has been recognized by Fortune 500 and is a Gallup Great Workplace Award Winner as well as being recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 100 that are best to work for. While Stryker is a successful company it has recently reported a problem with an…


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Importance of the Alcan Case
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Alcan's continued revenue growth is the result of the combined success of increasing sales in four main business units, in addition to growth through acquisition. The cumulative effects of these two factors have served to create a profitable business and one where a highly decentralized organizational structure dominates (Chang, Wang, 2011). The catalyst of the organization becoming so decentralized is the continued revenue gains made across four businesses, each competing in market areas that face heavy pricing and commodity-like market conditions. Despite the heavily process-centric based approaches the industry takes to supply chain management, production and distribution, Alcan has been also able to profitably grow sales in the more mature markets they compete in. The senior management and IT departments credit the highly decentralized nature of the enterprise-wide systems that run the company.

During the time period of the case, Alcan generated $23.6B in sales in 2006, and has 68,000…


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Barnes and Noble Strategic Analysis
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Barnes and Noble Strategic Analysis

In evaluating a business strategic positioning, the research approach relates towards Barnes & Nobles' seven main areas of focus relating towards the company's annual report, investor relations summary notices, and corporate governance. By reviewing a variety of available public company's governance, proper research can start to measure strategic approaches effectively. In doing so, the organizational vision, mission, and value statements are from the Barnes & Noble Governance initiative that influences all other strategies, either internally or in the external environment.

The intention behind every organization is to have a successful manifestation of plans and objectives that will elicit equitable control methods and strategies in the company. Barnes & Noble is a multifaceted company that incorporate a number of strategies and planned options to carry out its business entities in the global market. Marketing options involved are rudimentary to the tastes and preferences of the social…


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Management and Decision Sciences From
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76). As automation increasingly assumes the more mundane and routine aspects of work of all types, Drucker was visionary in his assessment of how decisions would be made in the years to come. "In the future," said Drucker, "it was possible that all employment would be managerial in nature, and we would then have progressed from a society of labor to a society of management" (Witzel, p. 76). The first tasks of the manager, then, are to coordinate an organization's resources and provide a viable framework in which they can be used to produce goods and services effectively and efficiently. The second set of tasks concern guidance and control. In Drucker's view, this role is almost entirely proactive: "Economic forces set limits to what a manager can do. They create opportunities for management's action. But they do not by themselves dictate what a business is or what it does" (Drucker,…

Amazon Capital Decisions
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There are many firms that exist and operate within the capital management realm. Some companies operate and expand via their internal income and operations. There are other firms that are not currently self-solvent. However, the latter is commonly able to expand through capital investment and fundraising. The goal with such firms, of course, is to ramp up business levels, pricing structures and so forth so as to get to a profit at some point, even if it takes a few years. Indeed, many firms start off relying on capital investment and resource allocation at first and then become able to expand organically with no outside support, budgeting or investment. While firms like Amazon are a behemoth right now, there was a time where their operations and capital structures were quite thin internally and thus they needed a lot of investment and support through the capital investment and budgeting process.


Strategic Partnerships With the EU
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In this sense, it is not simply a matter of theoretical approach, but also one that is accompanied by data. More precisely, for instance, in the 1960s, when, as stated previously, the afflux of the development aid had not been significant, the real GDP per capita was $1,049. Compared to the 1990s when the development aid was more consistent, the real GDP per capita fell to $1,016 and in 1991 to even $970 (Andrews, What foreign aid can and can't do in Africa, 2010). This can be interpreted as being the result of a series of development strategies that did not improve the condition of the society. Also, this period was indeed characterized by increased political distress that only contributed to the way in which development programs were constructed, managed, and implemented.

In later years, through the United Nations programs, the increased donor contributions, the GDP per capita increased substantially,…


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Management Service Processes in a Specific Organization
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Management Service Processes in a Specific Organization

Critical Evaluation of Effective Management Service Processes: Qantas Airlines

Effective and efficient management service processes are highly important when it comes to any organization that has dealings with the public in a service capacity. Addressed here will be the case and critical evaluation of Qantas airlines, which operates airplanes that shuttle individuals to vacation destinations and work-related conferences, among other needs. The paper will focus on three areas: the effective management of service processes, service people, and resource allocation. All three of these areas must be evaluated, in order to better understand the issues that the company faces. Additionally, all three areas generally work together to help an organization reach maximum efficiency and effectiveness. ith that in mind, examining all three issues for Qantas will show how well the company is doing and whether there are things it could do to improve in…

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Economic Final Report
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Economic Systems:

An economic system is basically described as specific set of principles that addresses the production, distribution, and consumption of products and services. The involved parties in the production, distribution, and consumptions processes are usually determined by or dependent on the economic system. Throughout the history of humanity, different types of economic systems have evolved because different societies have placed varying emphasis on distinctive goals and priorities as part of their efforts to obtain answers to certain economic questions. In addition, the difference in economic systems is fueled by the tendency by different societies to develop very broad economic approaches to manage their resources. One of the main reasons for the development of different economic systems is to address the challenge of scarcity. The challenge of scarcity is an essential problem that confronts individuals and nations. hile there are four major types of economic systems recognized by economists, there…

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