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Volunteer activities

Volunteers are considered to be compassionate, patience, unselfish caring and just plain love which are expressed by an individual to another. Voluntarism is considered to be in kind donation in that it is where a person donates his skills and manpower to the organization by performing duties a signed to him. Management and leadership of nonprofit organizations should ensure that they get highly skilled volunteers who come and stay through the extension of the visions of the volunteering through creating an experience which is meaningful, develops skills, demonstrate impact and ability to tap into the volunteers' capabilities and interest.

Volunteers my stop rendering their services due to poor management practices. Nonprofit organizations should tap volunteers to help in doing charitable work in their organization. Most people do not volunteer because they are never given a chance by the nonprofit organizations.

According to the Context for Nonprofit Resource Development (2011), non-profits organizations can generate their revenue from donations that are sourced from individuals, federated funding sources as well as foundations. They can also get their revenue from grants from various government agencies, corporations and foundations. The sale of goods and services also offers them a revenue source. The other source of revenue is fees, pledges and dues from members.Every nonprofit organization is usually faced with the need to come up with resource development strategies for them to sustain their operations. There is a lot of competition in the nonprofit sector as approximately 1.8 million nonprofits are having development strategies that are highly sophisticated. For the organizations to succeed there is need for them to have strategic plans and also to do adequate marketing for the organizations. They should also hold fundraisings. For the nonprofit making organizations to gain successful resource development, they should come up with several strategies. The establishment of a very successful resource development needs several things to be put into place. Similarly, for a successful resource development, nonprofit organizations have to come up with a very well-built ethical program. Through this, the organizations will be pledging good citizenship. Besides, they will be expressing their commitment to moral principles. This act will also reflect the organization's integrity and trust.For a successful resource management, the management of the nonprofit organizations should keenly scrutinize the financial policies of the organizations. Effective and efficient financial management needs complete financial policies, actions and controls.

The management of the organizations should also make sure that the nonprofit organizations are having enough resources. The resources can be attained through personal contributions and organizing fundraising. The management of the nonprofit organizations should also ensure that there is effective and efficient management of resources. The assets of the organization should be protected by the board. The management should also ensure that the generated funds are appropriately used. They should also ensure that the investments and incomes are properly managed. The management of the organizations should also expand the network of the organizations in the society. They should also promote the nonprofit organizations. Effective and efficient management of the nonprofit making organizations will make these organizations to be endorsed by the community leaders. It will also make the organizations to seek other donors so as to build the community, making the society to grow and develop.The organizations should employ direct mail offers as pointed out in Resource Development Review (2011). This is because direct mail is capable of offering gainful strategy for launching a reliable funding stream. It will also build very strong relationships with both the future and the current donors. Similarly, NPOs are capable of using direct mail campaigns so as to convert the total strangers to be great supports of the organizations.Success of the organizations is dependant majorly on the relationship that exists between prospects and solicitors. Connection, capability, and interest all apply in gift fundraisings. The management of the nonprofit organizations should invest in results. They should look for organizations that are value driven. The management of the NPOs should be accountable to their volunteers, community and also to the budget, the board, policies, practices, reporting, insurance and reserves. The budget should clearly establish programmatic goals aligned with strategic plan and the mission. It should also determine financial resources that are needed and the ones that are available for the nonprofit organizations to achieve their program goals. The budget ought to involve the board members and also the staff to enhance the correctness of information and dedication towards the plan. Formulas and assumptions should be note down. This will be very significant in the management of the budget all through the year. The budgeting process should also be customized.

Financial accountability principles

According to Ethics and Accountability (2011) financial principals are very necessary for successful resource development and management in the nonprofit making organization. This is because as discussed earlier, nonprofit making organizations rely on donations as their major source of financial resources. The truth is that no donor can give his donations if the donations shall be mismanaged. Nonprofit organization should therefore ensure that they put in place resource development plan to guide the accounting procedures. This should include accounting policies, budget, accounting methods, and specific responsibilities for financial controls. Monitoring and evaluation tools for the use of organizational funds should also be put in place.

An organizational budget should clearly identify programmatic objectives which are aligned to the mission and strategic plan of the organization, it should be able to determine the financial resources available and which are needed to achieve the programmatic goal. In development of the organizational budget, all the staff members should be involved in order to improve accuracy and ownership of the plan. The document should have assumptions and their predicted solutions so as to help in the management of the budget through the year. Finally the budget should be developed in line with the organizational policy.

Accounting methods: Nonprofit organizations should be have clear accounting methods which can range from the use of easiest system as cash method of accounting, which entails recording of revenues when cash is received and recording of expenses when cash is paid. The main disadvantage with this simple method is that it does not reflect the true economic situation of the organization. The organization can also choose to use the accrual method; this entails recording of revenues as when earned and recording of expenses when they occurred.Responsibility for financial control is solemnly the role and responsibility of board. The board should safeguard the assets of the organization and also ensure that money as initially intended. This responsibility can be carried out by ensuring that there is strong financial control in place which can be done by hiring staff or consultant who are financial professionals to help in development, or by asking hired auditors to assess the quality of these controls annually.

Finally according to Organizing and managing financial resources (2011) for a financial policy to be effective, the following essentials are necessary; Assessment of authority; policy statement on conflict of interest; clear authority to spend fund including approvals; clear assignment of authority to enter…

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