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Rutgers University Essays (Examples)

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Rutgers Admission the Choice of
Words: 487 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 36699382
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There are two courses presented that appear to be very interesting. The first is "special topics in accounting," which addresses ethical concerns. This is very important since accountants need to be ethical persons. The cut and thrust of business sometimes pressures individuals to engage in unethical practices. I believe that this course will assist in unearthing ethical challenges, thus keeping accountants honest. The second course is "current topics in auditing." Auditing is another facet of business that has held my interest, the cutting edge of the discipline will prepare me to engage firms from a very knowledgeable position.

In addition to the strong accounting program, Rutgers provides intellectual guidance for life. Life beyond Rutgers means that it is critical to be an independent thinker. This university fosters independent thinking. Where ever you go in life thinking about a situation from a fresh perspective is necessary. This type of approach is…

Rutgers Personal Statement I Am Very Proud
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 10582857
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Rutgers: Personal Statement

I am very proud to have lived all of my life in New Jersey: I love my state's energy, diversity, and forward-thinking attitude. My desire to seek a Rutgers education is a natural extension of my status as a New Jersey resident. Rutgers' vast resources would give me a 'total education' both inside and outside of the classroom. Within its classrooms I would be able to explore the full range of my interests in business, economics, marketing and communications. The fact that Rutgers' business and communication majors (my two primary areas of interest) are competitive majors increases my determination to become a part of a prestigious, challenging program. I wish to emerge from Rutgers better able to compete in the world of commerce and to become a true leader in my field.

Outside of the classrooms of the campus I would be exposed to students of a…

Change Dining Plan at Texas A& m University
Words: 2442 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Other Paper #: 88623033
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change dining plan at Texas a&M University


Freshmen and members of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M are required to select a dining plan prior to attending the university however, should the student fail to select this dining plan by the first of August, the student is then automatically assigned to the Good Bull plan. This plan includes 120 meals or approximately seven to eight meals per week. Each plan that is created by A&M University dining has three tiers within the plan. The various University dining plans include: (1) Old Army; (2) Good Bull; and (3) Non-eg. The number of meals varies ranging from approximately two hundred meals to ninety meals each semester. The Old Army meal plan is the most expensive costing $2,070.00 which provides the student with $500.00 dining dollars each semester and then…


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Peer-Counseling as an Intervention for College Freshman Substance Abuse
Words: 2466 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 73376768
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educing Substance Abuse Among College Freshman


Motivational Interviewing as an Intervention for Substance Abuse Problems among College Freshman

Motivational Interviewing as an Intervention for Substance Abuse Problems among College Freshman

Kazemi and colleagues (2013) were interested in understanding whether a behavioral intervention would reduce the prevalence of substance abuse among college freshman in the United States. The independent variable was motivational peer-counseling sessions (motivational interviews) about the risks of alcohol abuse and illicit drug use. The dependent variables were scores obtained on two questionnaires. These scores were then used to determine if there was a statistically significant association between blackout frequency, illicit drug use, and alcohol consumption. Demographic information (attribute variables) was also collected and the attributes of primary interest were ethnicity and gender. The hypothesis tested by the researchers is whether the intervention could reduce the prevalence of self-reported high risk behaviors among college freshman at a representative…


Barnett, E., Sussman, S., Smith, C., Rohrbach, L.A., & Pruijt-Metz, D. (2012). Motivational interviewing for adolescent substance use: A review of the literature. Addictive Behaviors, 37(12), 1325-34.

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Should Colleges Required Prohibit Bullying Harassment Pro-Position
Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60380742
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Bullying and Harassment in Colleges:

One of the major reasons why children are sent to school or colleges by their parents is to learn. However, many college campuses have become breeding grounds for bullying and harassment that affects millions of students. While the extent of bullying and harassment in colleges is still unclear, such incidents take place on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, race, gender identity, and sex (Holt, 2010). The bullying and harassment in college campuses tend to occur through email, on the Internet, and face-to-face.

As the practice has become widespread across college campuses, memories of school bullying haunt people for several years. Actually, bullied students are usually habituated to defending themselves from cruel actions to an extent that they ultimately become bullies themselves. Moreover, unsupportive teachers also contribute to the spread of bullying and development of new bullies. For instance, many victims of bullying and school…


Billitteri, T.J. (2010, December 10). Preventing Bullying -- Do anti-harassment Laws Violate

Students' Rights? Retrieved April 13, 2013, from 

Holt, R. (2010, November). Should Colleges be required to Prohibit Bullying and Harassment?

Pro-Position. CQ Researcher.

Attaining Higher Education From a Decent College
Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 53494893
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Attaining higher education from a decent college has always been my dream, even when I was living in Puerto Rico. But after moving to the U.S. four years ago, I realized that joining a decent college was not enough. For student like myself with a different ethnic background, it was important to get admission in a college that was ethnically and culturally very rich and vibrant. This was because I realized that only such a college could understand the needs and dreams of immigrants and could provide them with college environment where they felt safe and comfortable. XXX University, by all means, is one such place and therefore it is my utmost desire to become a part of it. By joining this college, I know I would be making a useful contribution to its culture, which is a beautiful amalgam of different ethnicities.

I was 14 when my family decided…

Modern Language Association to Cite
Words: 417 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20237112
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The MLA style offers a consistent method for students and scholars within a discipline to cite their sources and make their citation method comprehensible to everyone reading their works. It allows the reader to easily find what part of the source that was used to write the paper and to "help your reader to distinguish between your ideas and reasoning and those you derive from other sources" ("Style: The MLA ay," Rutgers University, 2010).

hat MLA resources are available to help students?

A number of online websites, such as Easy Bib offer templates for compiling MLA bibliographies (Easy Bib, Official ebsite, 2010). The MLA website itself is a resource, as is the published, book version of its style guide (MLA Official ebsite, 2010). And teachers and classmates are also resources, whenever there is confusion about the correct way to cite different materials.

orks Cited

Easy Bib. Official ebsite. October 19,…

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Challenges Facing American Higher Education
Words: 2801 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72529302
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American Higher Education

Higher Education is ading in Deep ater in 2014

Is there anything to celebrate about higher education in the 21st century? hat are the most troubling issues facing America's campuses that have emerged in particular over the past twenty years? These questions cry out for thoughtful, scholarly answers. On the one hand, there are crises related to university finances, student financial programs are bogged down by endless congressional haggling, federal financial backing for important research and development has withered away to a significant extent, and scholarships and grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have not been able to meet the demand of qualified scholars (Thelin, 2013). On the other hand, according to the Knight Foundation Commission, many university presidents (if not most) are admitting that they no longer have control of their NCAA-governed athletics programs, and moreover, deans in medical schools are being urged to…

Works Cited

Barrett, P.M. (2014). In Fake Classes Scandal, UNC Fails Its Athletes -- and Whistleblower.

Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved July 19, 2014, from .

Barrett, P.M. (2014). The NCAA Will Investigate Fake-Classes Scandal at UNC. Bloomberg

Businessweek. Retrieved July 19, 2014, from

War in Afghanistan the Foundational
Words: 2727 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36921389
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Meanwhile the Soviets and its Afganistan government forces brace for the complete deterioration of the nation

Soviet newspapers report that some Afghan army units have begun looting their strongholds and abandoning them to guerrillas. (VOA)the last Soviet troops fly out of Kabul, ending a nine-year occupation of Afghanistan ahead of schedule. Moslem rebels launch rocket attacks on Kabul hours before the final withdrawal. (BBC)

The value of the early assumptions proved very real, though the soviet controlled government was able to hold the nation until 1992, despite many rebel attempts to take over the nation, and especially Kabul. Again on February 16th the U.S. pledges to continue to support the rebels, stating that the ultimate goal of the support is, "...Afghan self-determination. Secretary of State James Baker says the Soviets should assist in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. (NYT)"

Defections of government troops to rebel forces continues, unabated. In one…

Works Cited

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Rogers, Tom. The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Analysis and Chronology. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1992.

Taiping Carpet Generally Companies That Ship Products
Words: 3429 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71331184
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Taiping Carpet

Generally, companies that ship products to other companies and/or individuals have contracts with at least one shipping company (Bannock, 1997; Ziegler & Aguilar, 2003). Other companies have many shipping options and allow the person to whom the item is being shipped to choose which shipper that person wants. Does it make sense for a company to nominate a particular shipping company for all of its shipping needs?

There are advantages and disadvantages of doing that, and any company must consider those advantages and disadvantages carefully before deciding on which company will be used for routine shipping. The company must also decide if there are to be exceptions to the rule when it comes to shipping special orders or something out of the ordinary. If the company is using a shipping company that is not appropriate for all of its needs, then the company may want to reconsider which…


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Alternation of Generation Between Mosses
Words: 1427 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49062476
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Chapter Conclusion

This section will be used to provide a summary of the research and important findings supported by citations.


Arcand, Yves and Pierre Talbot. (2000) "Using Peat to Treat Wastewater." Journal of Environmental Health 62(6): 36.

Author provides a description concerning the utility of peat moss in wastewater treatment applications. Included in the report is a discussion concerning the origins of habitats favored by peat moss. Author also presents a useful basic description of this species and its physiology.

Coggins, Reed. (2002). "Ferns and Fire: Village Subsistence, andscape Change, and Nature

Conservation in China's Southeast Uplands." Journal of Cultural Geography 19(2): 129-

Author describes the economic impact of fern species for agricultural practices in rural

China where ferns are burned and used as fertilizer as well as used as a rotation crop to improve crop yields. Report provides useful background information for ferns.

Falcon-ong, H.J., D.J. Cantrill and…

Longmans, 1960.

This biology text has several sections devoted to Byrophtya, including the mosses, including detailed descriptions of their life cycles and the processes that are involved.

Author also provides several graphics that will be useful in illustrating these life cycle processes for mosses.

Emma Goldman the Interesting Thing
Words: 1504 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98463666
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When she died in Toronto, after having a stroke while playing cards, her last words were "oddamn it, why did you lead that?" (Falk 315).

Until the end, she was strong, feisty and a true role model for all humans who strongly believe in and want to promote a cause. In oldman's biography, Falk clearly recognizes that oldman is no saint or a andhi, and will never be remembered as such. However, "Emma oldman provided an example for all women in the affirmation of her sexuality and her internal struggle with gender norms; she provided an example for all human beings in her total disrespect for the evil of institutions. She advocated freedom, which is admirable. But she lived freely in a world enslaved, which is heroic."

American Civil Liberties Union. News Reports. 7 August, 2007.

Falk, Serena. Love, Anarchy and Emma oldman New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers

University Press,…

Goldman, Emma. Anarchism and Other Essays. New York: Mother Earth Publishing,

Jewish Women's Archive. Emma Goldman. 6 August, 2007

History Religion
Words: 1134 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43689847
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cultures of India and China share some similarities, yet are vastly different when answering the question of how ideally a person should live their life. India, as a country, embraces the diversity of their people, and lives peacefully despite the different religions that coexist. The country supports a large population that is estimated at over 1 billion people. The people of India speak thousands of languages, practice nearly every religion imaginable, and oddly enough still incorporate the caste system. China similarly supports a 1-billion+ population, along with social classes, but more emphasis is placed on being male, and receiving higher education. Communism has been a very intrusive government system, which has dramatically influenced the everyday way of life in China.

India's people, despite their similar characteristics physically, celebrate their diversity by coming together on common ground in reference to a common ancestry. Religion is very important in India, and the…


"China," Microsoft ® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2001 © 1997-2001 21 Feb 2002

Chinascape. 25 Feb 2002

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"India," Microsoft ® Encarta ® Online Encyclopedia 2001 © 1997-2001 21 Feb 2002

Read Book Why Peron Came to Power
Words: 1027 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8182429
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Peron Came to Power

Publisher: Alfred - A - Knopf

Copyright Date: 1968

The editor of this publication, Joseph . Barager, following his own 38-page introduction, gives way to 21 individual "authors" - all of whom contribute short essays on pivotal periods and events leading up to and into the Peron era. Each of the 21 essayists has his or her own particular area of expertise, and hence, a unique point-of-view. As to the over-riding point-of-view of the editor? Barager clearly wishes to establish at the outset of his book, that the book is going to argue that Juan Domingo Peron was not responsible for "all the ills and misfortunes" that afflicted Argentina following WWII - notwithstanding the contention of some Latin American journalistic observers, and the raging of many hostile and angry Argentineans. Nor, the editor's thesis goes on to assert, was Peron the "champion" of the lower class…


Barager, Joseph R. Why Peron Came to Power: The Background to Peronism in Argentina. New York: Alfred - A - Knopf, 1968.

Venus Role in Art
Words: 2900 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19446819
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Venus in Art

Introduction to Venus and Aphrodite:

Throughout history, Venus has long been a source of inspiration for artists. Her representation of love and beauty has been captured in various mediums, from the visual arts of paintings and sculpture to music and drama; Venus has served as a universal symbol of beauty and has embodied the secrets of love. Central to understanding how artists have been able to use her as such a representation of love and beauty, is understanding Venus and Aphrodite's roles in history and Greek mythology.

Venus is an ancient Italian goddess closely associated with fields and gardens and later identified by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Although the question as to how Venus came to be identified with so important a deity as Aphrodite remains unanswered, Venus' identification with Aphrodite is certain and because of this is often depicted in art.…

Works Cited

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Goodman, E. (ed.) (2001). Art and Culture in the Eighteenth Century: new dimensions and multiple perspectives. Newark: University of Delaware Press.

Franklin Delaney Roosevelt's Attitude Towards the Jewish
Words: 1417 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 51340018
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Franklin Delaney oosevelt's attitude towards the Jewish problem during the War. I have read and heard such contradictory accounts spanning from Jews who congratulate for his involvement to some scholars and others who criticize him for an alleged anti-Semitism. Being that this is a famous personality that we are talking about and a prominent President of the U.S.A.; I felt that enlightenment on the subject was important. I wanted to go to the source, and therefore I accessed original documents from the collections of the Franklin D. oosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. These, compounded with other sources, are the results that I found.

By the 1940s, news had already reached the U.S.A. about the concentration camps which Edward . Murrow described (December, 13, 1942),as "A horror beyond what imagination can grasp . . . there are no longer 'concentration camps' -- we must speak now only of 'extermination camps.'" (FD…


Beschloss, M. The Conquerors: Roosevelt, Truman and the Destruction of Hitler's Germany NY: Simon & Schuster, 2002.


Feingold, HL The Politics of Rescue: The Roosevelt Administration and the Holocaust, 1938-1945 New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1970.

Leadership Styles Among Male and Female Principal and How Teachers Rate Their Principals
Words: 14019 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37659084
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Leadership Styles Among Male and Female Principal

It is the intention of this research to study the leadership and cognitive styles of teachers and instructors of both genders within the educational system and their preference for types of leadership in a principal of that institution.

The research will include teachers and educators from all levels of the educational system from grade school to high school. The study will also include teachers and instructors from all major academic fields of study offered in public and private schools. The studies conducted thus far in the educational arena indicate that teachers are equally inclined towards different cognitive styles.

Teachers prefer a mix of idealist, analytical and realistic cognitive styles of leadership in their Principals. Studies have also indicated that teachers prefer that principals are people oriented and task oriented in their approach to running the school or institution. In addition, teachers also prefer…


Berens, Linda V., and Dario Nardi. Personality Types, Descriptions for Self-Discovery. New York: Telos Publications, 1999.pp.

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Bossert, S.T., et al. "The Instructional Management Role of the Principal." Educational Administration Quarterly 18.3 (1982): 34-64.

Attitude and Behavior Developmental Task
Words: 13216 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93148396
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" (Halpin and urt, 1998) Duois states: "The history of the American Negro is the history of this strife -- this longing to attain self-conscious manhood, to merge his double self into a better and truer self. In this merging he wishes neither of the older selves to be lost. He would not Africanize America, for America has too much to teach the world and Africa. He would not bleach his Negro soul in a flood of White Americanism, for he knows that Negro blood has a message for the world. He simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both a Negro and an American, without being cursed and spit upon by his fellows, without having the doors of Opportunity closed roughly in his face. (Duois, 1903)

The work of Pope (1998) conducted a study to make examination of the relationship between psychosocial development and racial…


Alessandria, Kathryn P. And Nelson, Eileen S. (2005) Identity Development and Self-Esteem of First-Generation American College Students: An Exploratory Study. Project Muse January/February 2005 Vol. 46 No. 1 Online available at 

ARMY ROTC: The John Hopkins University (nd) Training and Curriculum. Online available at 

Astin, a.W. (1984). Student involvement: A developmental theory for higher education. Journal of College Student Personnel, 25, 297-308.

Astin, a.W. (1993). What matters in college? Four critical years revisited. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Community Capital Organization Description the
Words: 2472 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83450019
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It is important, therefore to understand the different frameworks by which the ethics of an act can be evaluated.

The art of citizenship, as identified by Barber (no date), must taught as part of one's education. It also holds that practical experience is the best way to teach the art of citizenship. People learn about the consequences of their actions by attaching themselves to those consequences physically. In my case, the sheer volume of shoes that I had to sort made the point clear -- I was helping people clothe themselves. Every box of children's shoes I sent was a child that I helped to live a better life. e have a responsibility, Barber argues, to understand the implications of our actions on our communities.

The different approaches to ethics can also be studied through practical experience. It is social interaction that illustrates for us the outcomes of our actions,…

Works Cited:

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Fukuyama, F. (1999). Social capital and civil society. International Monetary Fund. In possession of the author.

Need for Information Outreach in Camden City
Words: 1053 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 91505835
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STD Testing: Community Health Outreach

When it comes to health care in the United States, it is often those most in need that find themselves somewhat neglected and under serviced. Nonetheless, state programs and coalitions do make an effort to prevent any person, regardless of economic status or other differentiating factors, from going without the care that he or she needs. The main challenge is to make certain populations aware of programs and clinics that are available to provide for their care. As a result of low socio-economic status, these populations are often not only underserved, but also unaware of the fact that they can do something about their health status, especially when it comes to issues such as STIs. In New Jersey and Camden City specifically, statistics show that, in addition to the worsening effects of STIs and other related conditions, the population tends to neglect seeking help, mainly…


New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. (2013, Jun.). New Jersey Part B Comprehensive Plan. Rutgers. Retrieved from: 

State of New Jersey Department of Health (2015). Division of HIV, STD, and TB Services -- Sexually Transmitted Diseases Program Reported Sexually Transmitted Diseases Morbidity in Camden County by Municipality for Report Year 2012. Retrieved from: 

West, B. (2014, Oct.) Public Health Coalitions in South Jersey. Rutgers University, Camden. Retrieved from:

American Meat Packing Corp 362F 3d 418 7TH
Words: 3196 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19934518
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American Meat Packing Corp., 362F.3d 418 (7th Cir. 2004).

On November 15, 2001, 350 workers at the American Meat Packing Corporation (AMPC) showed up for work and were told they had been terminated. Because they were not notified 60 days prior to termination, the Worker Adjustment and etraining Notification Act, U.S.C. § 2101-2109, the WAN Act, did not apply. The purpose of the 1989 WAN Act was to create a buffer for workers who anticipate mass layoffs or plant closings that have been unanticipated. Under the WAN Act, the 60 day notice of plant closings or any mass layoffs may be waived or reduced if a business closure is "caused by some sudden, dramatic, and unexpected action or condition outside the employer's control." 20 C.F.. § 639.9(b)(1).

The fundamental issue of this case is that of foreseeability. Business situations that are likely to cripple or close a firm may be…

Resources-Through Strategies

partnerships (8th ED), Thomson Retrieved  / graduate_writing_program courses/academic_writing_II/media/b_paper.pdf

Internet sources assessed.


Women and Commodities British Literature
Words: 1498 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72964649
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omen and Commodities

In both Jonathan Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room" and Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market," women are presented both in a world of commerce and as commodities themselves, but only Rossetti's text is critical of this formulation. In both poems, the value of a woman is dictated by her physical appearance, but whereas Swift seems to be arguing that the value produced by a beautiful woman outweighs any of the undesirable or otherwise unattractive elements which go into maintaining that beauty, Rossetti suggests that the woman who allows herself to be tricked into believing that a woman's value comes from her physical appearance will ultimately be doomed to waste away and die. By examining the conclusion of Swift's poem in conjunction with certain relevant scenes from "Goblin Market," one may see how the former serves to reinforce the notion that women are essentially semi-autonomous commodities, existing solely for visual…

Works Cited

Rosetti, Christina. "Goblin Market." Loudlit., n.d. Web. 24 Oct 2011.


Swift, Jonathan. "The Lad'ys Dressing Room." Rutgers University. Rutgers, n.d. Web. 24 Oct

2011. .

Human Commonalities in Literature in
Words: 1134 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30023599
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In stark contrast to Hemmingway's Old Man and the Sea is Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron which is not only set in the future, but a bleak, tyrannical, almost farcical future. 2081 is not a year in which any sane person would hope to see if Vonnegut's future comes true; it is a dystopian future where everyone if forced to be equal, no matter how ridiculous the attempt to do so. The Bergeron's, George, Hazel, and their son Harrison live in a world where intelligent people have buzzers in their heads to keep them from being too smart, while beautiful people must wear masks to cover their faces so other, less attractive people don't feel bad. As Vonnegut himself stated "Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else." (Vonnegut) Every natural advantage is handicapped by the government to make everyone exactly equal. And everyone seems content…

Works Cited

Hemmingway, Ernest. The Old Man and the Sea. Germany: Max Hueber. 1960. Print.

Johnson, Samuel. "Preface to Shakespeare." Rutgers University. Web. 25 Mar. 2012.

19th Amendment
Words: 2336 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99776993
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An extensive period in US history has witnessed specific segments of the nation's population (such as females, Blacks, etc.) deprived of voting rights. The female suffrage movement or struggle for winning voting rights for females continued throughout the major part of the 1800s and into the early 1900s[footnoteRef:1]. While a few states allowed female participation in elections, both as contesters and voters, before the 19th Amendment's enforcement, its ratification on 18th August, 1920 ensured voting rights were extended to every woman in America[footnoteRef:2]. Ever since its ratification, US society has universally acknowledged female voting rights. [1: William W. Hodes, "Women and the Constitution" Rutgers L. Rev. 25 (1970): 26.] [2: Carol Lynn Yellin, "COUNTDOWN IN TENNESSEE" American Heritage 30, no. 1 (1978): 12.]

The American Constitution's Nineteenth Amendment accords an equal right to both males and females to vote. It asserts that the federal and state governments shall not…

Why Evolution and Extinction Is Essential to Humanity
Words: 1812 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58087893
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Extinction Events or Environmental Catastrophes

Many uncertainties exist over the acts and roles of extinction in the world today. Nonetheless, with all these uncertainties, it is possible to formulate reasonable statements that depict the probable role of extinction. The role of extinction can be thought to have some elements, most of which are instrumental in striking the relationship and power seen in evolution and extinction in the earth's history up to the appearance of hominids (8 million years ago) . For any widespread species or any group of a widespread species, extinction needs some bit of environmental shock that comes in the form of physical or biological aspects that normally occur. Such occurrences take place during the geological lifespans of the given species or groups of species. In this case, the shock that is resulting has to be applied with a rapidness that is enough to take place over a…

Reference list

Abe, Takuya, Simon A. Levin, and M. Higashi. 1997. Biodiversity and Ecological Perspective. New York, NY: Springer New York. .

Courtillot, Vincent. 2002. Evolutionary Catastrophes: The Science of Mass Extinction. Cambridge [U.A.]: Cambridge Univ. Press.

Fry, Iris. 2000. The Emergence of Life on Earth: A Historical and Scientific Overview. New Brunswick, NJ [U.A.]: Rutgers University Press.

Kolbert, Elizabeth. 2014. The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. New York, Routledge.

African-American Discrimination
Words: 3977 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84650386
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African-Americans are second only to Native Americans, historically, in terms of poor treatment at the hands of mainstream American society. Although African-Americans living today enjoy nominal equality, the social context in which blacks interact with the rest of society is still one that tangibly differentiates them from the rest of America. This cultural bias towards blacks is in many notable ways more apparent than the treatment of other people of color, such as Asian immigrants, as is reflected in disparate wages and living conditions experienced by these respective groups. Common stereotypes hold the successful, college educated black man or woman as the exception rather than the rule, whereas Asians are commonly thought of as over-achievers. Although any bias undermines social interaction in that it shifts attention away from individual merit, the bias towards African-Americans can be said to be worse than most, and lies at the root of discrimination and…


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Lithium Transition Metal Oxides as
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The energy it stores (?180 Wh kg?1) at an average voltage of 3.8 V is only a factor of 5 higher than that stored by the much older lead -- acid batteries. This may seem poor in the light of Moore's law in electronics (according to which memory capacity doubles every 18 months), but it still took a revolution in materials science to achieve it. Billions of lithium-ion cells are produced for portable electronics, but this is not sustainable as cobalt must be obtained from natural resources (it makes up 20 parts per million of Earth's crust). (Armand & Tarascon, 2008, p. 653).

Fu investigated the lithium-ion conductivities of glasses and glass-ceramics in the LI2O-AlO3-TiO2P2O5 system. Fu's samples revealed high conductivity, albeit when Abrahams and Hadzifejzovic similarly investigated the LI2O-AlO3-TiO2P2O5 glass and glass-ceramic systems, their findings revealed "a maximum room temperature conductivity of 3.98 x 10-6 S/cm in their crystallized…


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Women's Movement Triumph Over History
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Support like this was not uncommon. omen were demonstrating how useful they could become and by asserting their knowledge along with their feminine nature, they were showing men they could be a positive influence on society. As the effort grew, it became more organized and it gained momentum. In 1869, Lucy Stone helped establish the American oman Suffrage Association (ASA), which worked for women's right to vote. The association became a powerful force behind the women's movement. Its main goal was to force individual states to grant women the right to vote to women. In 1890, the ASA joined with the National oman Suffrage Association, which Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton formed in 1869. The new organization was called the National American oman Suffrage Association, and it held conventions, waged voting campaigns and distributed literature in support of women's voting rights.

The Equal Rights amendment was passed in 1972.…

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Rights of Biological and Adoptive
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S. until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (Samuels, 2001) According to existing sources, which are sketchy, the establishment of adoption procedures initially failed to provide elements of confidentiality however, these protections were eventually included. Adoption laws and regulations have been instituted in what may be described as a manner that is both illogical and non-uniform in nature. The historical account of the adoption process in the U.S. states that: "Early in the twentieth century, states began moving toward protecting the privacy of participants in the adoption process by closing court records to public inspection." (Samuels, 2001) During the 1930s and 1940s as well as into the earlier part of the 1950s nearly all U.S. states imposed secrecy upon the records in adoptions in order to keep the adoption parents and biological parents from knowing one another and as well to keep the adopted child from accessing information relating…


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Thomas Alva Edison A Lifetime
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It became apparent that Edison's invention (electric lamp) led to the creation of another invention (electric generator), illustrating the rapid progress of technological development because of Edison's goal to make maximum use of electricity to make people's domestic lives easier and more improved.

It was also known that Edison dabbled in inventions that helped bring about the motion picture. His previous endeavors on telephone and telegraph innovations allowed him to extend his expertise to developing the motion picture, via the lack Maria laboratory. Using his technical knowledge about lighting and lighting systems, Edison developed the "Kinetoscope" in 1892, which entertained people by letting them view captured continuous images of people 'recorded' conducting their daily activities (the Edison Papers, 2005). This viewing device had once again added to the scientist's numerous contributions in the field of technology and development. With the invention of the Kinetoscope, people were not only entertained, but…


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Controversy Over the Harry Potter
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The ealities of the Supernatural:

Any person who picks up a Harry Potter novel will surely come to realize that J.K. owling must have spent a great amount of time conducting research into the occult and the supernatural in order to produce such powerful and influential literary characters and situations. Obviously, owling has borrowed heavily from much older sources concerning the supernatural, sorcery and witchcraft, some dating back to Medieval times. As one of the world's oldest religions, witchcraft is a pagan faith, non-Christian rather than anti-Christian, and is based upon the belief that nature and the universe can be controlled and manipulated via magic and the invocation of divine spirits. As a practice, witchcraft has existed for many centuries, and before the 12th century a.D., sorcery and magic were generally overlooked by the church, but by 1300 a.D., witchcraft became equated with sorcery, at least in the view of…


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Revolution Movies Marketing Workers Protection Acts Investigate
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evolution Movies Marketing

Workers Protection Acts

Investigate ways in which community arts organizations develop and maintain an audience

In the recent past, there has been a notable improvement in the field of arts. Many people in the community are now garnering interest in arts like never before. As a result, there has also been an increase in the community art organization. This is of course due to the need to fulfill the demand for the interest in art. However, it is an enormous challenge for organizations to acquire audience. Furthermore, the bigger challenge is to maintain the audience that they already have. Therefore, it is imperative that there are strategies that can happen in both situations. Community art organizations need to use all the appropriate methods to acquire a new audience. This is possible through advertising although the most suitable is to get to know the target group. There should…


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Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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Pleasant and Romantic World Depicted in She
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pleasant and romantic world depicted in "She alks in Beauty," Byron illustrates a dark, cold, and hopeless world in "Darkness." "Darkness" is an elaborately detailed poem that remains a testament to Byron's flexibility as a poet. hen I consider the personal and external forces at work in Byron's life at this time, it becomes easier to understand how he could so masterfully create a world that was full of despair and so far removed from the world he illustrated in "She alks Like Beauty."

By the time "Darkness" was published, Byron was already established as a poet whose talent covered a wide range. (Bartleby) "She alks in Beauty" was written in 1814, and is presumably written for Mrs. Robert John ilmot, Byron's cousin. (u 668). Although only two years separate the two poems, there were forces other than love that were influencing Byron's life during those years. History provides a…

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Bloodlines and Racism
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loodlines and Racism.

Discuss Spriro, Defending the Master Race

The book Defending the Master Race by Madison Grant viewed history through an entirely racial lens. Rather than conceptualizing history as a series of clashes between different civilizations or class struggles, Grant characterized history as a series of divisive exchanges between persons of different 'racial' status. What is so interesting from a modern perspective is that many of the 'races' perceived by the author, such as the Macedonian race or the Gothic race, do not exist within our current conception of what defines 'race.' This highlights how, rather than being a static construction that exists outside history, race is a culturally-constructed notion.

Grant even speaks of the 'American race,' which he sees as fundamentally Nordic. This notion is particularly odd, given that America is such a diverse country. America is a nation of immigrants, with the exception of the indigenous tribes…


Crossland, David. "Lebensborn children break silence." Der Spiegel. 7 Nov 2006.

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University Press, 2005.

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Berlin Dada and the Modern Artists of the Weimar Republic
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Dada and Degenerate Art in Germany

At the end of WW1, Germany found itself in a period of transition. Held responsible for the war and forced to pay reparations, the Weimar Republic was in a disastrous state. The Kaiser Willelm II had abdicated, hyperinflation decimated the value of the mark, and erlin was fast becoming vice capital of the world with "New Frau" poster-girl Anita erber taking pride in her position as the high priestess of immorality.[footnoteRef:1] It was a new Germany in every respect -- but not one that was destined to last: it was new in the sense that for the first time in its culture, the Germans were embracing the end -- the end of the old order, of the old code, of the old art and moral imperatives; life was short and falling apart at the seams as fast as the mark was becoming worthless. Jobs…


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Hildegard Peplau the Nightingale of
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ut if they can manage to terminate the temporary relationship, they will become more emotionally balanced and mature persons (Young).

Why Choose the Peplau Model

oth its interpersonal theory and nursing process have a concrete sequence of use and focus on the therapeutic relationship (Current Nursing, 2012). oth utilize appropriate problem-solving techniques, which aim in common at filling the client's needs. oth use observation and communication as well as recording as basic tools, which are already used in nursing care. The four phases inter-relate and inter-weave the varying components of each phase. The Theory or model is applicable to endeavors, which follow the concepts of client, health, environment and nursing. It proceeds in a logical and systematic manner in viewing and processing nursing situations. Its generalizability rests in its simplicity in the logical progression of the partnership. It has produced testable hypotheses. It can be used in psychiatric patients. It…


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Suite Retrieved on March 30, 2012 from

Enactment of the 19th Amendment XIX
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Amendment XIX
Enactment of Amendment XIX and its contribution to the achievement of equal female rights

The enactment of the 19th amendment empowered women on many fronts. They were allowed to vote and consequently seized the opportunity to influence political decisions. The enactment saw the legalization of contraception and even abortion. There was economic empowerment too in the process. The more common availability of reproductive services and education doors increasingly opening up, more women enrolled in education institutions sought higher education. These developments also ushered in an era in which women began to occupy sensitive professional positions in the society. The amendment aimed at giving hope to all women. African-American women sought to link suffrage to race and gender across the country; so as to make sure that the benefits were not just paper-based policies, but practical processes for actual empowerment. Indeed, the African-American women believed that taking part in…

People Fear DNA Because Criminals
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This can contribute directly to human health and development (Agio). orlaug (1999), who won the Nobel Prize in 1970 for his work in developing high-yield wheat and other grains in third-world countries, stresses that genetic engineering is essential due to the worldwide population growth. Other organizations supporting genetically modified foods are the American Medical Association, the International Association of African Scientists, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

Of course, there are always two sides to every coin, and individuals such as Ronnie Cummins, national director of the ioDemocracy Campaign, a grassroots organization that promotes organic food and opposes genetic engineering in agriculture, states that genetically modified foods can result in production of items that are toxic, carcinogenic, and allergenic. She warns that widespread planting of GM crops could cause unexpected harm to the environment; as crops are engineered to…


AgBio World, Scientists in support of agricultural biotechnology. February 27, 2008 

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America as a Multinational Society
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In years before, America was a collection of Chinese, Germans, Italians, Scots, Croats, etc., all craving freedom. Today, even the simple concept of an English-speaking nation is fading off the continent. In the past, immigrants were taught in English in the public schools. In America today, children are taught in German, Italian, Polish, and 108 other languages and dialects. Most of these schools are funded by 139 million federal dollars. "The linguist's egalitarian attitude toward dialect has evolved into the multicultural notion that dialect as a cultural feature is part of one's identity as a member of that culture."

Due to their ethnic or cultural heterogeneity, multiethnic societies in general are more fragile and have a higher risk of conflicts. In the worst case such conflicts can cause the breakdown of these societies. Recent examples of this were the violent breakdown of Yugoslavia and the peaceful separation of Czechoslovakia. Forced…


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Leadership in International Schools
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Leadeship Skills Impact Intenational Education


Pactical Cicumstances of Intenational schools


What is Effective Leadeship fo Today's Schools?

Challenges of Intecultual Communication

Challenges of Diffeing Cultual Values

Impotance of the Team

Leadeship Style


Cuent Leadeship Reseach

Tansfomational Leadeship


Contingency Theoies


Wagne's "Buy-in" vs. Owneship

Undestanding the Ugent Need fo Change

Reseach confims what teaches, students, paents and supeintendents have long known: the individual school is the key unit fo educational impovement, and within the school the pincipal has a stong influence upon the natue of the school, the conditions unde which students lean, and upon what and how much they lean. Despite this ageement about the cental ole of the pincipal, thee is little eseach concening the chaacteistics of pincipals associated with effective leadeship and with pupil accomplishment, and even less insight…


Allen, K.E., Bordas, J., Robinson Hickman, G., Matusek, L.R., & Whitmire, K.J. (1998). Leadership in the twenty-first century. Rethinking Leadership Working Papers. Academy of Leadership Press.

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People Left on This Planet
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" We have reached a critical point in our society where interpretation is needed from not only the parents, but also from our government officials. There are too many young adults that are choosing to end their life because of cyber bulling. Many people seem not to understand the harm the Internet can do, therefore, we must increase in educating our generations about the modern world of internet.

It's sad that it takes many tragedies before anything is done to correct the occurring situation. Following the suicide of Tyler Clementi New Jersey Senate released an anti-bulling law. "The bill would require training for most teachers and other school employees on how to recognize bulling, and would mandate all districts form a "school safety team" to review complaints. School administrators who do not investigate and reported-bullying incidents would be disciplined, while harassment, intimidation and bullying would be upgraded to conduct that…

Regional Economic and Structural Change
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Although remediation efforts have been underway by the private and public sectors more recently, the cause of this pollution can largely be traced to its canalization following orld ar II and a lack of environmentally responsible infrastructure capable of handling the amounts of toxic discharge and other effluents that are produced in the area. According to Verweij, "The canalization of the Rhine, as well as the discharge of polluted wastewater from industrial, agricultural and municipal sources, has had a devastating impact on the ecosystems of the river, at least until the middle of the 1980s" (2000:79). The intensive push for massive industrialization to rebuild the German economy following the end of orld ar II can be discerned from the official records of the period. According to Verweij, "Records from both governmental and non-governmental organizations show that the environmental degradation was at its peak in the late 1960s and early 1970s"…

Works Cited

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Fingerprints vs DNA Is One
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(Aronson, 2007)

The problems and future of DNA Testing

The scientific soundness of the DNA test has not been doubted at all. Courts have increasingly relied on the outcomes of DNA tests. The common man is at a loss to understand the complexities of the method, and as a result in jury trials it is not taken as standard proof but approached with hesitancy. Jurors are ignorant of science and the 'principles of modern genetics' and can get quite confused by all the jargon and confusing tactics of lawyers who are more interested in their cases rather than scientific truth. ("DNA Fingerprinting and Forensics," 2006) Thus the very process that can throw light on the proceedings and produce unfaultable evidence gets mired in sticky debates. The actual concern about the DNA test is not a confused jury but the process of collecting the data and analyzing it. There is no…


Aronson, Jay. D. (2007) "Genetic Witness: Science, Law, and Controversy in the Making of DNA" Rutgers University Press.

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CRC Press.

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US Occupation of Haiti
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Schmidt, Hans. The .S. Occupation of Haiti: 1915-1934. New Brunswick: Rutgers

niversity Press, 1995.

Hans Schmidt's The .S. Occupation of Haiti was originally published in 1971, after the folly of American intervention in Vietnam had become all too stark and clearly apparent to the .S. public. Schmidt wrote his book to tell a sordid tale of another, earlier example of a misguided .S. intervention in a foreign land. After the people of Haiti had rioted in protest of the actions of their current leader, America entered the independent nation and occupied it, resulting in the death of almost two thousand Haitians in five short years (102). The calculated, self-serving invasion was not undertaken because of humanitarian reasons, for the Haitian politician unrest was solely internal -- there had been seven presidents in rapid succession, and President Guillaume Sam had executed 167 political prisoners, to the anger of many Haitians (167).…

University Press, 1995.

Hans Schmidt's The U.S. Occupation of Haiti was originally published in 1971, after the folly of American intervention in Vietnam had become all too stark and clearly apparent to the U.S. public. Schmidt wrote his book to tell a sordid tale of another, earlier example of a misguided U.S. intervention in a foreign land. After the people of Haiti had rioted in protest of the actions of their current leader, America entered the independent nation and occupied it, resulting in the death of almost two thousand Haitians in five short years (102). The calculated, self-serving invasion was not undertaken because of humanitarian reasons, for the Haitian politician unrest was solely internal -- there had been seven presidents in rapid succession, and President Guillaume Sam had executed 167 political prisoners, to the anger of many Haitians (167). But the American invasion was motivated by America's determination to protect its interests in the Caribbean, especially after its construction of the Panama Canal, along with its fears of the growing French and German presence in the region.

Schmidt's book was also written shortly after the victories of the recent American Civil Rights movement. He noted that Americans, rather than liberating the Haitians, instituted Jim Crow racial segregation in the African nation, supposedly because of linguistic and social differences, but really because of fears of Haitians 'mixing' with American white women (137). The racial hostility was especially notable on the part of the U.S. military, which was mostly made up of Southerners. Haitians were barred from the American social clubs, and Americans took the best houses, much to the outrage of Haiti's former upper class. Even American withdrawal was a protracted affair, despite many promises to the contrary, given the U.S.'s difficulty in financially extricating itself from the messy state of Haiti's financial affairs, of which the U.S. had assumed control after the invasion. Today, this book's portrait of an American invasion in a land it does not understand, and America's involvement in a politically divided nation with a foreign culture is just as timely, if not more timely, than when this book was first written.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in
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These leaders are aware of their emotions and the effects they have on others. Understanding one's emotions is the starting point for an effective self-management and management of others. In addition to this, an effective leader should be aware of its limitations, its strengths, and its capabilities. These competencies are in strong correlation with social competencies, which help leaders understand the behavior of their subordinates, their clients, and to better perceive relationships within the organization.

In order to effectively manage its employees, the leader must first be able to understand them. This is where EI intervenes. An effective leader should not only use its EI competence for managing people, but also for promoting EI among them and encouraging them to develop their Emotional Intelligence skills. Employees with developed EI skills develop better relationships with their colleagues, their bosses, or their subordinates, are more pleased with their jobs and the overall…

Reference List

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Discriminations Evaluated Laws Protecting Citizens
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Individuals with disabilities may experience mental anguish, but also feelings of embarrassment about their ability, or inability to perform tasks that they normally might were they not disabled. These feelings may lead to depression or feelings of worthlessness, guilt or sadness, which are unacceptable in a society that promotes equality and fair treatment under the law. People with disabilities incorporate a large segment of the population, including people with HIV, cancer or physical handicaps resulting from chronic illnesses like multiple sclerosis (DDA DirectGov).

Other characteristics of individuals who feel discriminated against may include fear, as in the case of women who are discriminated against sexually (Gregory, 2003). As part of our research, we note that more women are fighting back, thanks to feminist movements encouraging women to speak out when they feel discriminated against. Any type of discrimination, as evidenced by our research, interferes with a person's ability to lead…


DirectGov. (n.d.). The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

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Local Jurisdiction What Are the
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(erg, 2007)

Community oards

Non-voting public advocate groups that will advise the City Council on: how different policies will affect neighborhoods. Their main responsibility is to represent the interests of the general public. (erg, 2007)

What form of city or county government does your local municipal or county jurisdiction have?

Executive branch

Representative democracy.

Legislative branch

Representative democracy.

Judicial branch

Representative democracy.

Community oards

Representative democracy. (erg, 2007)

What kinds of elections do your local city, county, and school board employ?

Executive branch

Direct elections every four years.

Legislative branch

Direct elections every four years.

Judicial branch

Direct elections every four years.

Community oards

Appointed by orough Presidents. (erg, 2007)


Community oards. (2011). NYC. Retrieved from:

Mayor loomberg. (2011). NYC. Retrieved from:

The New York City Council. (2011). NYC. Retrieved from:

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erg, .…


Community Boards. (2011). NYC. Retrieved from:

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New York City Courts. (2011). New York Unified Court System. Retrieved from:

Race and Ethnic Relations
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Polygenism, which posits that humans stem from a diversity of races and, therefore, have distinctions, is the converse of monogenism that posits that all of humanity is from one undifferentiated origin.

Whilst it is true that we each have our distinct cultural background and that these cultural backgrounds can be, occasionally, hugely different in values, practices, ways of thinking, opening, beliefs and so forth, monogenism, such as Christianity, nonetheless believes that we descend from one single set of parents i.e. Adam and Eve and have all been created by God. Banton sees 'race as descent' as the differences between races that could have likely occurred through moral (i.e. social / cultural) or physical (i.e. genetic or behavioral) causes. These differences exist. Monogenists believe that men came from the same source and had acquired these differences later due to environmental and correlated changes, whilst polygenists believe that men were different to…


Banton, M. The Idiom of Race in Black, Les & John Solomos, 2009. Theories of Race and Racism, 2nd ed. New York: Routledge.

Jackson, J., Race, Racism, and Science: Social Impact and Interaction, Rutgers University Press, 2005

Demands Being Placed on the Global Transportation
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demands being placed on the global transportation industry are creating unprecedented requirements for international commerce during a period when peak oil is being approached and the need for more environmentally responsible alternatives has become especially pronounced. The responses to the varied needs of the global transportation industry have included research and development of alternative energy sources as well as innovative supply chain management approaches that make global transportation more efficient and reduce energy requirements in the process. This paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to develop a current overview of the global transportation industry and the challenges it faces in the future. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the paper's conclusion.

Global Transportation Challenges


Innovations in telecommunications have contributed to an increase in global transportation needs as international commerce and business-related travel have grown significantly in recent years. At…


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Damns on Wildlife and the Environment Background
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Damns on Wildlife and the Environment

Background to Dams and Levees - One of the issues resulting from civilization and urbanization is that most of the places humans chose to locate, for reasons of convenience, agriculture, transportation, and economic independence, have been near water. Dams provide hydroelectric power, help control floods, and make rivers navigable. Levees are quite similar to dams in their purpose, although they are primarily build to restrict water in times of high flow -- and for the majority of time are not under water. Per capita, floods are the most destructive and frequent of Mother Nature's natural disasters. In the last 50-60 years, in fact, the number and severity of flooding has worsened globally. Several reasons have contributed to this: global warming and worsening of storm activity; the deforestation and paving of natural watersheds; and more people living and working on known flood-plains. However, many scholars…


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Ethnic Newspapers in the United
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Besides, they also lack funds for conducting audits and readership surveys which the advertisement agencies demand. However, this is changing. The ethnic media which have since long ignored and taken too lightly, a lot of converging factors are rendering media decision makers to acknowledge the importance of the ethnic press. First of all, the mainstream newspaper industry is in the middle of a persisting decline in revenue as well as readership.

Further, their problems have been worsened by the declining advertisement market, rendering advertisers increasingly choosy regarding where they put in their cash. This slowdown in the mainstream media had opened the opportunity to other forms of media, with the ethnic press prepared to rival for limited advertisement budgets. Simultaneously, the ethnic press is getting smarter; the papers are starting to organize and strongly looking forward for advertisement at the national level. Due to these endeavors, and stirred by latest…


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Quasars and Distant Galaxies
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Quasars and Distant Galaxies

How primeval matter cast with uniformity in all directions by an assumed violent explosion, called the ig ang, gathered together into vast groups of starts and galaxies that evolved into the universe remains a mystery (Peterson 1990). There have been speculations about its origins, pieced together and offering new standards against which theories could be tested and measured. Some of these speculations involved cosmic strings, global textures and late-time phase transitions, notions too strange to merit acceptance. Cosmologists have to reconcile separate and contradictory observations in explaining the origins of galaxies and the structure of the universe, such as the receding of galaxies from one another and the astonishingly uniform glow of invisible radiation in the universe known as the cosmic microwave background, the left-over heat from the creation of the universe. These observations and the abundance of hydrogen, helium and lithium resulting from the initial…


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Organizational Profile of a Community Organization The
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Organizational Profile

Profile of a Community Organization: The Kiwanis Club of Ocean Beach San Diego

There are many different ways that a social organization can influence and impact a community, and a great many moral and ethical implications and effects on society of the existence of these organizations and the actions that these organizations take. From gathering and consolidating funding towards various charitable causes to actually engaging in direct service to the community, these organizations are often more important in providing for the basic needs of some of the most disadvantaged members of a community than the governmental organizations in that community. Exploring one such organization in the San Diego community, and more specifically in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, will help to illuminate the importance of these community organizations generally.

The Kiwanis Club of Ocean Beach, San Diego meets twice a week in order to plan a…


Kiwanis Club. (2012). Accessed 6 May 2012. 

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History Politics
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History / Politics

There are a number of salient issues to consider when discerning a mayoral candidate for a city as large and as prominent as New York City. Many of these issues are discussed within this week's readings, the introduction to Bruce Berg's New York City Politics: Governing Gotham, and "The Tiger" from Luc Sante's Low Life. The principle point of commonality dealt with between these two works is social issues pertaining to the results of economic prowess (or the lack thereof). There are many poor people in disadvantaged social positions in New York (Sante 258). Viewed from this lens, I whole heartedly advocate Bill de Blasio as the next mayor of New York.

De Blasio, who is a Democrat, is the antithesis of the Republican candidate, Joe Lhota. Lhota and his vision of the city and its governance are widely in accordance with that of incumbent Michael Bloomberg,…

Works Cited

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Woman and Islam
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Women and Islam

Do Muslim women eally need saving?

Stengths and weaknesses

Between hee and thee: feminist solidaity and Afghan women.

Stengths and weaknesses

Do Muslim women eally need saving? Anthopological eflections on cultual elativism and its othes.

Topic oveview and famewok

The aticle deals with the topic of 'Wa on Teoism', the wa claimed to have been launched fo libeating the Afghan women fom Taliban and an agument with anthopological pespective to deconstuct the essentially flawed epesentation of Afghan women that Wa on Teoism hetoic makes. The aticle is aimed at investigating the nuances of identity that ae essentially devoid of histoical constuction of ole of women in Afghan society. The aticle also aims to identify the pocess though which women's ole in Afghan society is not constucted on anthopological gounds but athe influenced by one's own cultue, identity, and standads of living. Thus, cultual bias is said to…

references: Constructions of gender in the Bush administration discourse on the attacks on Afghanistan post-9/11. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 8(1), 19-41.

African-American Comedians Richard Pryor and His Influences
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ichard Pryor was one of the most influential comedians of the 1970s and 80s. He rose to prominence in the early1970s, bringing a style that echoed elements of Dick Gregory and edd Foxx, while serving as a counterpoint to Bill Cosby. Pryor's use of harsh language was heavily influential on the trade, and his style fit well with the social attitudes of the 70s.

Pryor grew up in the 1940 and 1950s in Illinois and had a troubled childhood in a racially-segregated part of the country. This influenced Pryor significantly, and by the time the civil rights movement gained steam he was in New York working on his standup. An early influence was Dick Gregory, who approached social issues in his comedy, and sough to change stereotypes of black people that existed in white America. A further influence during the 1960s was Bill Cosby, whose approach was more inclusive than…


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Complicity in the Novel Linden Hills by
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complicity in the novel Linden Hills by Gloria Naylor and the short story The Sleeper Wakes by Jessie Redmon Fauset in a collection of the same name. The paper examines complicity in issues of race, gender and class in these two contrasting works - the former a tale of the descent into hell in an affluent suburb and the latter concerned with the redemption of an individual.

Complicity in issues of race, gender and class in Linden Hills and The Sleeper Wakes

In this paper we will examine two very different works. Naylor's novel Linden Hills is based around the life of an affluent black suburb and the downfall of its residents through their pursuit of advancement above humanity. In contrast, Fauset's short story The Sleeper Wakes describes individual redemption - the homecoming (in both a literal and figurative sense - i.e. achieving maturity) of the central character Amy. We…


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Too White Too Black
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ace in early television programming [...] black women and the roles they played in early television. Two female characters illustrate the great differences in how blacks have been portrayed on television. In "Beulah," the lead character was a bossy, unattractive black woman stereotypical of the ideas of black females in the 1950s. By 1968, ideas had changed, but the character "Julia" was the opposite of Beulah, and she did not seem black at all, but more like a white black woman active in a white society that accepted her because she was almost one of them. These stereotypical characters represent what was acceptable to a mostly white audience, and indicate the distance between reality and television personas.

Beulah" had been a successful radio program before in debuted on television in 1950. It was the first show with a female African-American as the lead character. Beulah was a maid in a…


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Jamaican Posse Violence Organized Crime Jamaican
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Jamaican Posse Violence / Organized Crime

Jamaican Posse Violence

Violent Jamaican posses are not new. They have been around since shortly after Hurricane Charlie struck Jamaica, back in 1951 (Gunst, 1996). Jamaicans with gang violence in mind came to the United States in 1971, and began their activities in that country as early as 1976 (Gunst, 1996). Gun battles with police and drive-by shootings with rival gangs were common, generally based on arguments over drugs and territory. In 1984, the posses started to attract the attention of law enforcement. Southern Florida was one of the most common places to find them, with the Shower Posse and the Spangler Posse being the most notable of the gangs at that time (Gunst, 1996). Those two gangs are still the most prominent today, and they have a bitter rivalry with one another. Anyone who happens to get caught up in their violence, even…


Gunst, L. (1996). Born fi' dead: A journey through the Jamaican posse underworld. NY: Holt.

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