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Treatment Plan for a Crack Addict

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Overview of Tanya’s Case
Tanya was physically and sexually abused as a child. This caused her to experience depression and anxiety. As a way of coping with her situation and the symptoms she felt, she turned to drugs and alcohol. However, this only exacerbated the situation, as she began chasing ever-fleeting and harder-to-obtain highs. She ran away from home as a teenager and ended up on the streets selling her body for money or drugs and finally selling drugs herself. Years went by like a blur, as her addiction to cocaine, crack, heroin and alcohol took its toll on her body. She had no support system, continued to be abused by those in her environment and was finally arrested for possession.
Tanya went through withdrawal in prison, which made her feel worse than anything before. It was “like hell” for her (The Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute,…… [Read More]


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Caron Treatment Centers

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Caron Treatment Centers
Caron Treatment Centers are more than just rehab centers as they offer integrated behavioral health treatment. Their treatment philosophy is aimed at easing the pain of individuals and families by restoring hope, health, relationships, and spirituality(Caron, n.d.). With an understanding that addiction is complex, Caron Treatment Centers not only deal or treat drug and alcohol problems but every related issue that families and patients might face. Caron Treatment Centers realize that drug and alcohol problems are not isolated and this is why the centers will address the issues together with substance abuse. Some of the underlying issues might be depression, trauma-related disorders, anxiety, and eating disorders.
Caron treatment centers tailor addiction treatment to each individual patient because they understand that each patient is different and their needs are not similar. Employing the latest evidence-based practices from medicine and psychology allows the centers to advance and use the…… [Read More]