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I need help with a topic sentence for my research paper on how would monitoring teens and their social media / device used decrease the rate and prevent teen suicide?


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Teen suicide is a one of the biggest health threats to teens.  This may be due to many factors, such as the fact that teenage brains are not fully developed, hormone changes from puberty, teen vulnerability to child abuse or dating violence, or the fact that many mental illnesses begin to emerge in the teenage or young adult years.  Reducing the suicide rate among teens is a consistent public health goal, though there is no guaranteed intervention that will always lead to success.  With social media usage among teens changing the way that teens socialize, there is little doubt that social media usage is going to have some impact on teenage suicide. 

Here are some suggestions for topic sentences for a research paper examining that relationship:

Monitoring social media for signs of suicidal ideation is one way to determine if teens may be suicidal, leading to earlier interventions, and decreasing the suicide rate.

In addition to looking for signs of suicidal ideation, monitoring a teens social media can alert parents or other adults to other risk factors for teenage suicide, such as bullying, substance abuse, or being a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

There is a fine line between monitoring and controlling a teenager’s social media usage, and in order to monitor social media in an effective way to reduce teen suicide rates, caregivers need to understand the difference.

While adults should be monitoring teen social media usage, it is also…

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