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Success Story Essays (Examples)

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Outliers People Are Fascinated by Success Stories
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People are fascinated by success stories, especially the rags-to-riches stories wherein someone starts from nothing and, through a combination of hard work and extraordinary luck, becomes famous and rich. In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell profiles a number of individuals who have been tremendously successful. Some of the names are well-known: Bill Gates, the Beatles, obert Oppenheimer. The stories of their success are much more complex and interesting than one could ever imagine. Gladwell also provides plenty of examples of people for whom success has been elusive. They appear to have much in their favor and yet circumstances such as culture, class, family and even date of birth relegated them to an existence of missed opportunities and mediocrity. Talent, hard work and luck are certainly components of success but, as Gladwell shows, the back story is often richer and more complicated.

In the beginning…


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Home Programs Are Success Stories
Words: 775 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95993656
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Initiative seven is for creation of research agenda that is on a national platform as well as data collection strategies that relate to the initiatives. Initiative eight utilizes technology that is available so as high levels of health and safety are produced. Initiative nine calls for a thorough investigation of all fire fighter fatalities and injuries. Initiative ten calls for grant programs support implementing safe practices as requirement for eligibility. Initiative eleven encourages the development of national standards in place for emergency response policies .the twelfth initiative entails the development and championing of national protocols in support of response to incidences that are violent. The thirteenth initiative requires that fire fighters and their families access counseling as well as psychological support.

The fourteenth initiative entails the public education receiving more resources and championed as a life safety and fire program that is critical. The fifteenth initiative ensures that advocacy has…


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Successes in the Affordable Care Act
Words: 833 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70196013
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Healthcare as an Obligation of Each Citizen

Live chat

The commercialization of services and goods has been on the rise with the prevalence of globalization to an extent that even essential services that human cannot survive without like the health care have widely been commercialized. The provision of healthcare especially in the cases of delicate surgical procedures and extensive medication has been left the selected few who go for it from the high end private hospitals with personal doctors and consultants. This privilege however comes at a cost, one that the poor and average Americans cannot afford hence they miss out on them and are rendered to make do with the public health services provided by the government.

It is hence an obligation of each individual to uphold the contributions towards the provision of the free and comprehensive universal healthcare for all the citizens of America. We all have the…


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Management Wal-Mart Success Sam Walton's
Words: 1910 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29941913
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Branching out into new sectors of retailing - Wal-Mart has become a major pharmacy, an automotive repair shop, and a grocery retailer. This is just one example of success. It demonstrates Sam Walton's vision of being the best retailer around. After a store expands physically and geographically, it must then expand in terms of what they sell by branching out and competing with other businesses.

The conventional retail business of Wal-Mart has been to sell discount and house wares and plastic goods, clothing, sporting goods, and toys. Other departments have include but have not been limited to stationary and office supplies, hardware, home improvement, paint supplies, arts and crafts, cosmetics and toiletries, shoes, books and magazines, greeting cards, and confectionery. Wal-Mart has also branched out into home electronics, automotive supplies, pharmaceuticals, jewelry sales, photo finishing, travel planning, along with home gardening. After that Wal-Mart moved into the grocery store business…


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from Ezine Articles Web site: -


Horatio Alger Gender and Success
Words: 1025 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14903268
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hen Alger's Ragged Dick put himself forward for hire as a guide for a rich boy who is visiting the city, the boy's businessman uncle hesitated to entrust his nephew to him. But after reflection the older man decided that although Dick "isn't exactly the sort of guide I would have picked out...he looks honest. He has an open face, and I think he can be depended upon "(55). Thus, although Alger believed that private generosity and charity alone were necessary to remedy the evils of capitalism, he knew no one could truly succeed alone. Dick's contact with the rich boy Frank because of Dick's shining honesty resulted in his becoming a young gentleman, not just because Dick was a hard worker. And, in the story of Tom, the street tomboy, rather than rise to prosperity through her labor, Tom became the genteel 'Jane Lindsay' at the end of the…

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Neverending Story Wolfgang Petersen's 1984
Words: 3563 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40319326
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However, critics complain that although the creatures created are fascinating as will be discussed later, the merging of special effects with the film itself is far from seamless. "Alas much of the effects work is considerably underset by thick matte lines - uncharacteristically poor work from Brian Johnson" (Scheib). Those thick matte lines are very visible at times during the film, particularly during the flying sequences when Flagor flies the young warrior on his journeys to save the besieged Fantasia.

This could be seen as a valid criticism of the special effects. However, it could also be seen as a way for the special effects team to underscore the intention of the film. The intention is to create a world drawn out of people's imaginations. The imagination is a place of dreams, not perfection. It is a place of vivid images and creation, but not necessarily ones that are so…

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Sean's Story
Words: 1702 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25253274
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The ABC News Turning Point series called "Sean's Story" features the issue of educational inclusion. Federal law assures a "least restrictive environment" and full access to mainstream education for students who would have once automatically been placed in special education tracking away from their peers. Individualized education plans and other methods of ensuring best practices for students with special needs are making "Sean's Story" continuously relevant. The story raises a host of issues about educational philosophy and ethics.

"Sean's Story" is powerful in that it features not just Sean but also Bobby. Bobby's mother adamantly refused to move her son from idge to the public elementary school because she did not believe that doing so was the best thing for her child. She thought that her son was better served at idge, which could at least teach Bobby basic vocational skills. On camera, Bobby's mom even states that placing…


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Palestine Her Story Documentary
Words: 3553 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35923013
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A Documentary Filmmaking Experience
Aim and Accomplishment
Renov (1993) states that there are four fundamental purposes of a documentary: “1) to record, reveal, or preserve; 2) to persuade or promote; 3) to analyze or interrogate; and 4) to express” (p. 21). In my documentary, Palestine, her story, my aim was to observe—i.e., to record, reveal and preserve—the stories of the Palestinian women who served as the subject of my film. The film is therefore an observational documentary.
Looking back on my original proposal, I can say that I have completed at least a portion of my original project. The focus of my 20-minute film is on the three Palestinian women who live a successful life in London. Each woman is of a different generation and thus each one has a different experience to share, a different story to tell. Yet they also have one thing in common, which is Palestine.…

Wal-Mart Good for America The Story of
Words: 650 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76252623
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Wal-Mart Good for America?

The story of Wal-Mart is a reflection of a company that has experienced unprecedented growth from its humble roots as a single store to an extent that it has become the most powerful retailer in the worldwide economy. This company has set the standard for many 21st Century businesses just like General Motors and U.S. Steel characterized the 20th Century corporations. The success of Wal-Mart can be attributed to several factors including its transformation of the conventional push system to a pull system where retailers inform the manufacturer what to produce and how much. This change has enticed several multi-national manufacturers like Kodak and Hoover to establish their offices near the global headquarters of Wal-Mart. The pull system that contains unparalleled accuracy and efficiency has enabled Wal-Mart to know exactly what to buy and the costs of buying it.

One of the major motivation and challenge…


Vedder, R.K. & Jacobs, K. (2007, May 8). Is Wal-Mart Good or Bad for America? A Debate.

Retrieved June 22, 2012, from

Story of Sinuhe the Egyptian
Words: 1830 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79093608
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Sinuhe the Egyptian

The story is about Sinuhe, an individual who loses his status after fleeing from his country, Egypt and later gains his rightful place in the Egyptian society by restoring himself. The story first draws Sinuhe as a coward who deserts his king for fearing for his own life. Sinuhe then challenges an opponent in a combat and comes out successfully (Gardiner and Alan 8). This win is crucial because it makes him decide to return to his homeland.

The story was composed after Pharaoh Amenemhat I's death who founded the 12th dynasty of Egypt in the 12th BC. The story is believed to be fictional as there is no evidence to claim that the story is based on a true story. In the tale, Sinuhe, an official and accompanies Senwosret who is a prince to the neighboring Libya when war was waged against Libyans. hile on the…

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Story of a Love Affair
Words: 1159 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23025218
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colors, when all you could see was black and white, when nobody could think of a featured film, it was then that the director Antonio came up with a film "story of a love affair" which challenged the traditional ideas and themes. Cronaca di un amore is an Italian black and white drama film which was released in 1950. The movie is known as 'Chronicle of a Love' in the United Kingdom, and 'Story of a Love Affair' in the United States of America. It was the first venture of the director Michelangelo Antonioni as a whole length feature film. Before this the director Michelangelo Antonioni has been famous for different short films and he was also given the opportunity to direct a documentary about the internal works of an asylum but he abandoned this opportunity. Story of a Love Affair was his first narrative feature film (Venturi, 1955).



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Story About Real World Issues Events
Words: 510 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28451822
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Artificial Intelligence

There is much ado about artificial intelligence today and this is reflected in the article published in the Science Daily entitled "New Computers Respond to Students' Emotions, oredom." The report states that the computer software is such that is senses the emotions of students and responds to the cognitive and emotional states of students including those of frustration and boredom. This computer program was developed by Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, Sidney D'Mello, along with Art Grae3sser from the University of Memphis and another colleague from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A New Technology

Reported as a new technology "which matches the interaction of human tutors, not only offers tremendous learning possibilities for students, but also redefines human-computer interaction." (Science Daily, 2012) The software program is named "AutoTutor" and "Affective AutoTutor" and can be used to measure the level of knowledge of students…


New Computers Respond to Students' Emotions, Boredom (2012) Science Daily -- Science News. 2 Mar 2012. Retrieved from:

Stories of Change
Words: 1306 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9976991
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Change management initiatives of HP, IBM, Kodak, and McDonald's

Kotter's Model

Although it is said that the only constant in business is change, the need for change has thwarted many potential corporate superstars of the recent past, including Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kodak, and McDonald's. Although these companies were able to deal with the changes demanded by exterior economic circumstances and internal corporate pressures with varying degrees of success, all met with roadblocks on their way to pursuing change. Kotter's model for successful change suggests that all change entails a certain amount of urgency; a period of coalition building during the pre-change process; the need to create a vision for the change; communicating that vision; removing obstacles; creating short-term wins; building on the change; and permanently anchoring that change in the corporation's culture (Kotter's 8-step change model, 2013, Mind Tools).

HP: Three significant errors

However, in the case of HP, critical…


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Story of Oscar Wao
Words: 1264 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6476500
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ondrous Life of Oscar ao

There is an obsession with obesity in the United States, and that obsession is also seen in a number of other countries (Pool, 24). One of the most significant works of fiction that deals with that issue is Junot Diaz's book The Brief ondrous Life of Oscar ao. In the book, the main character -- Oscar -- is obese (Junot, 8). He lives in New Jersey and is obsessed with science fiction and fantasy. He also wants to find love, and believes his family is plagued by a curse with which they all struggle. Because he is Dominican, there is another problem with his weight. The hypermasculinity that is seen and appreciated in the Dominican culture is not something of which he can be a part, because he is so large (Junot, 27). If he were thin, popular, and not "nerdy," he would be much…

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Success of Phamarcare in Its CSR Activities
Words: 1585 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82536576
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Corporate Social esponsibility

Ethics and Corporate esponsibility in the Workplace and the World

Key stakeholders within the PharmaCare scenario

Stakeholders play a significant role in influencing the performance and the realization of goals and objectives of the organization. They make corporate decisions about the ways in which the organization should carry out its operations meeting the demands of the customers and the legal requirements. The stakeholders of the PharmaCare Company are varied and have varying characteristics. Among the stakeholders, include the employees, customers, investors, and the creditors of the company. The performance of the PharmaCare Company relies largely on the hard work of the employees, the managers, and the members of its board. As such, it implies that the company should provide a variety of services to its employees such as compensation packages to retain and ensure their satisfaction with their job. In addition, the company provides regular training opportunities…


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Success Factors in Group Development
Words: 1584 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94166306
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team I was welcomed to observe contains divorced women of varying ages, from 30 to 40. The team members also had varying ethnic backgrounds. All of these women had different experiences with one thing in common; they had all had divorced and now desired a new life very free from that stress. The environment was relaxed and welcoming. The team members were free to sit where they felt comfortable, and the whole atmosphere was relaxing and calm. There were sofas placed around the table. It almost had an atmosphere like a get-together for log time friends.

The vision of the team is to help women divorcees in any situation restore their lives and stand on their feet. Depending on this, the mission describes what the group wants to do and how. This team seems to work to allow women that have experienced divorce to learn from one another's experiences. The…


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Setting of a Story Can Reveal Important
Words: 1219 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57204372
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setting of a story can reveal important things about the narrative's larger meaning, because the setting implies certain things about the characters, context, and themes that would otherwise remain implicit or undiscussed. In their short stories "The Lottery" and "The Rocking-Horse inner," Shirley Jackson and DH Lawrence use particular settings in order to comment on the political and socio-economic status of their characters without inserting any explicitly political or socio-economic discussion into the narrative. In the case of "The Lottery," the setting transforms the story from a one of simple horror to a more nuanced critique of American society, and particularly its dedication to arbitrary, destructive beliefs. Lawrence's "The Rocking-Horse inner" makes a similar point, but in this case the setting serves to implicitly critique the consumerism encouraged by capitalist hegemony in England. Comparing and contrasting these two settings allows one to better understand how each story makes an identifiable…

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Negotiation Stories Lessons Learned Negotiation
Words: 9576 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Professional Writing Paper #: 55074775
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While Cadbury was initially vulnerable resulting in this take over, Kraft had to borrow heavily to afford the final price of 850p per share. In the coming months and years, Kraft will have to balance against recovering the money put into this acquisition (Wiggins, 2010). A risk, many British politicians and citizens alike fear will mean the end of their signature chocolate in an effort by Kraft to increase their profit margin quickly.

Case Study 2: Discussion

The Kraft acquisition of Cadbury is a corporate negotiation making headlines across the world both for the magnitude of the deal and the incredible hostility which marked the negotiations prior to the final signing of the agreement. Cadbury wound up in a financially vulnerable position after several strategically bold maneuvers ultimately resulted in a poor stock showing for the newly de- merged Dr. Pepper Snapple drinks company, and the reliance of Cadbury on…


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Outliers The Story of Success Is a
Words: 1272 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94148739
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Outliers: The Story of Success" is a non-fiction literary work written by Malcolm Gladwell in 2008. In this book, Gladwell has explained the underlying reasons for the success of certain very famous individuals. He has called such people "outliers," which by definition is any value that lies far away from, or at the extreme ends of, a set of data. Similarly, Gladwell has explained such individuals to be very different from the rest of us, exceptional, far removed in their immense success.

In the book Gladwell has explained certain factors he believes are the reason for the success of, say, Bill Gates and the Beatles. These include the "Matthew Effect," which Gladwell has used to explain why many elite Canadian hockey players are all born in the first few months of the year. The reason he gives for this is that, as youngsters, these hockey players had an advantage of…


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Comparing a Poem and a Short Story
Words: 910 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97750678
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Growing Up

A Quest for Knowledge and Answers with Plenty of Lessons Learned

The two works of literature to be examined here are the short story "The Stolen Party" by Liliana Heker and the poem "Hanging Fire" by Audre Lorde. These pieces detail the struggles, fears, successes and implacable worries of childhood. In them, one sees reflected one's own childhood, as the pieces are quite innocent and straightforward in their description. The most important theme, present through both stories, is the pervasiveness of those questions that are so reflective of growing and learning. This essay will examine some of these important childhood wonderments, and will discuss them below.

The events of childhood always seem of the utmost importance as they take place. Whether they are happy, sad, embarrassing or otherwise, these events, above all, teach. Sometimes it is true that they are important, but otherwise one might even forget them,…

Ann Packer's Short Story Horse With Geoffrey
Words: 1009 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24793501
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Ann Packer's short story "Horse" with Geoffrey Becker's "El Diablo de la Cienega."

Comparison and Contrast -- Ann Packer's short story "Horse" versus Geoffrey Becker's "El Diablo de la Cienega."

Victor, from "Geoffrey Becker's "El Diablo de la Cienega" and Elizabeth from Ann Packer's "Horse" are both individualists who excel, in different ways, in solitary pursuits. Victor is a young star basketball player whose skills draw the attention of a man whom he believes is the devil. Elizabeth is an introverted, bookish young woman who excels in reading. However, these two characters are both forced by external family circumstance to come out of their introverted shells as they realize a more expansive version of their evolving adolescent selves. Both characters must draw upon reserves of strength they never knew existed within their souls.

For Victor, the conflict the young man is engaged in, is a masculine narrative of excellence exhibited…

ERP Aux ERP Implementation Difficulties and Successes
Words: 1481 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54506478
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ERP Implementation Difficulties and Successes at ABS

The global economy is causing significant shifts in business patterns. The opening of international trade avenues is producing a new set of pressures for business leaders, who are increasingly conceding to such change imperatives as production outsourcing, operation downsizing, industry consolidation and Information Technology reformation. The discussion here examines the importance of adopting an Information Technology (IT) strategy which effectively coordinates the increasingly complex strands of modern business while simultaneously fitting the needs, resources and capabilities of the implementing firm. In particular, we consider the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) IT strategy as a direct response to the need for such network coordination across a broad range of departments, facilities, operations and geographical contexts. Today, the changes which are sought on an organizational level will frequently reflect the interest of improving the technological efficiency, knowledge economy and data management which are conducted…

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Irony in Two Short Stories
Words: 1177 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48802790
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She also learns, too late, that the jewels and the life she coveted so long ago was a sham. Hence, the symbolic nature of the necklace itself -- although it appears to have great value, it is in fact only real in appearance, not in reality and the heroine is incapable of assessing the false necklace's true worth.

The tale of "The Necklace" conveys the moral that what is real, the replacement she returned to Madame Forstier, can be won not with beauty but with hard work, sweat, and toil. Like "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Necklace" revolves around the use of irony and a single, symbolic element, exemplified in the title object that works throughout the tale, using the literary device of irony, to reveal the protagonist's moral character. That final revelation engineered by the title object makes the story compelling, even if both protagonists may seem morally repugnant. The…

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28 Jun 2008.

Hyde Piper Story The Hyde Piper Is
Words: 2066 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80877052
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Hyde Piper Story:

The Hyde Piper is a residential-turned-industrial pipe cleaning and repair firm located in Hyde County, North Carolina. While the firm was initially a residential pipe cleaning and repair company, it changed its emphasis and relocated to Texas after receiving more requests for industrial applications. The management of the firm includes Will Drayne (principal owner), Harris Tock (Chief Financial Officer), and Conlan DeWitt (the vice president of marketing). Before relocating to Texas the annual income of The Hyde Piper grossed to $1-2 million every year. However, since relocating to Texas and focusing on industrial applications, the company generates in excess of $50 million annually and has huge contracts with oil and gas refineries. Hyde Piper's Expansion:

As previously mentioned, the main reason for Hyde Piper's expansion and relocation to Texas from North Carolina was because of the huge number of requests for industrial applications that the company received.…


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Life Story the Race for
Words: 855 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26049739
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It is difficult to determine whether the Cambridge team's approach on the structure of DNA was more effective than the one put across by the King's College team. History generally dictates that progress was in most cases made possible because certain people wanted to be better. However, taking into account society's most praised values, it appears that cooperation is essential in order for technology to advance.

hile the general public typically likes to believe that scientists are devoted to cooperate with each-other regardless of the circumstances, this movie proves that one of the greatest advancements in the history of science is owed to the fierce rivalry that existed between scientists during the early 1950s. atson's passion clearly knows no limits, considering that he is even willing to give up his sister to ilkins in hope that this would influence the latter in cooperating.

atson sees cooperating as a form of…

Works cited:

Life Story (The Race for Double Helix). 1987. Motion picture. BBC. USA.

Designer Story Now the Whole
Words: 606 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 82932375
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It was tough the first year of being in business for himself.

Breaking Points

Although his mother was unsupportive of his decision to be a designer, David persisted through the lean times. One day, he spotted an ad for the Elle New Talent Competition. He started to apply, and then realized that he needed to submit full storyboards and materials overnight. Like a scene from Project Runway, David pulled an all-nighter and made it happen. Three days later, he was in the top twelve. Three months later, he was in the finalists, and then…he won.

Winning the Elle New Talent Competition launched David's career in earnest, but it did not mean instant success. He still had no full-time, dependable clients. As he considered returning to teaching, David had a lucky break. The House of Montiac called him to work in Cape Town. Rather than leave his budding business in Johannesburg,…

Key Success Factors in Project Management
Words: 1636 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46584261
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Project Management

Key Success Factors (KSFs) of most organizations have similar attributes, references, and disciplines. This is because each project has internal and external expectations. In most cases, internal expectations happen to be project developers while the external expectation happens to be clients and/or the audience community. The positive striking balance is categorical in elaborating the nature and quality expected in developing each project. This comparison will be substantial in assessing KSFs of two seemingly different organizations. The analysis will identify the reasons why the organizations have pursued the KSFs in the execution of their projects. This study analyzes the KSFs of the two organizations. The study will also appoint basic commonalities between these two organizations in relation to the nature of projects that the two organizations are pursuing.

The key success factors in these two seemingly different scenarios


Combined Security Transition Command -- Afghanistan (CSTC-A)

After a close…


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Identity Stories Interrelate Along Talking Structure Book
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identity, stories interrelate. Along talking structure book (. book consists family, friends strangers Yo allowing voice defend )..


Julia Alvarez's novel "Yo" puts across a series of points-of-view regarding the protagonist in the book -- Yolanda Garcia -- told from the perspective of people who have interacted with her and who consider that she had an effect on them. Apparently as a result to issue a response to the fact that Yolanda had just written a book relating to them, the narrators express their own opinion concerning the girl. The speakers are relatives and acquaintances of Yolanda and appear interested in expressing an exclusive insight into the girl's character and indirectly tell more about themselves by doing this.

"Yo" practically takes away Yolanda's ability to speak for herself and leaves her at the mercy of the narrators. A series of individuals want to take advantage of the opportunity to…

Omid's Story the Power of Family Centered Care
Words: 2756 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61192459
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Omid's Story

Being ill is never a simple thing. Besides the physical tolls a medical condition can take on a person's body, there are also many mental and psychological costs that affect a sick person. Nor do these physical and mental effects only harm the person with the medical condition. Research shows that family members and close friends of ill people will also be seriously affected by the condition. Illness is a physical, mental, sociological, and financial drain and, in some family units, an illness can destroy the fabric of the family itself. A person who is involved in the medical profession must have a clear understanding not only of medicine and what they need to do to cure or treat an illness; they must also be aware of the psychological issues that a patient deals with, along with the pressures which are placed upon members of their family. Nurses…

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Local Color in the Short Story the Viscountess and the Short Haired Girl
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obert Graves lived from 1895 to 1985, and was a novelist, poet as well as a translator of the English Language. obert Graves has been a vivacious author, and has won acclaim as an author of the accounts of the First World War, in his book called 'Good bye to all that' republished in 1957. His poetry about the First World War he was recognized as being one of the sixteen Great War poets in 1985. These poets were honoured on the slate stone that was unveiled in Westminster Abbey's Poet's Corner as an edifice respecting their contribution to the narration of the war.

Through his life span, obert Graves has worked on various aspects in literature, ranging from autobiographical accounts, to historical novels. His works also include translations of Greek mythology as well as historical novels such as King Jesus, I and the Golden Fleece. obert Graves's memoirs particularly…


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Students Capabilities for Success in
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"...Shovel the snow off her walk and try to make friends with her momma and her aunts," is an example of thinking ahead of time toward the completion of a goal. Finally, self-esteem is the last determining factor. The higher a student's self-esteem is, the higher their confidence is and they are not pre-determined to fail. "It was on a Thursday, I was sitting in the back of the room, in a seat with a chalk circle drawn around it. The idiot's seat, the troublemakers seat," is an example of automatic failure. A student with high self-esteem would be able to overlook this negativity and be able to effectively accomplish goals.

In conclusion, the factors discussed above, such as character, thinking skills, and level of self-esteem should be taken into consideration when an educator evaluates a student's capabilities for success later in life. These characteristics come closest to those needed…

Jamie A Literacy Story the
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She came up with an idea of a reading discussion group where the purpose of the group would be to communicate and exchange meaning, not focus on someone else's questions. The teacher let the students choose what books to discuss, and encouraged them to respond to pictures as well as words, and to return to the story as often as possible to simplify and clarify their ideas. Through these discussion groups the children shared their interpretations and connections. Instead of "directing" the discussions, the teacher facilitated them, and let the children talk more. These groups were a success in the classroom, and the groups met and discussed books on the regular basis throughout the story.

Another turning point in the story is when Jamie becomes too sick to attend school for extended periods of time, because her body becomes very weakened. At the end of the story she dies, peacefully,…

Promised Land Black Girl Ousmane Sembene's Short Story
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Promised Land/Black Girl

Ousmane Sembene's short story "The Promised Land," which was later adapted into a film called Black Girl, asks its audience to step into the life and subjectivity of a young Senegalese woman working in France, and attempts to demonstrate the isolation and persecution she experiences. The story opens with police arriving at the villa where the main character, Diouana, has killed herself, and immediately the story reveals the distinct divide between the French and Diouana, as nearly everyone calls her "the black woman" (Sembene 85). From this introduction, Sembene returns to Diouana's origins and traces how she went from an excited young woman to a disillusioned and ultimately suicidal servant, and the result is a tragic, though ultimately enlightening look at the ramifications of colonialism and the implicit racism it leaves as a legacy. Even though it was first published in 1974, the story is still relevant…

Works Cited

Sembene, Ousmane. Tribal scars, and other stories. New York: Inscape, 1974.

Price of Success as the Wooden Ship
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Price of Success

As the wooden ship glides slowly into the New York harbor, a sea of hopeful faces looks up from the deck to behold the lady of their dreams. Before them is a statuesque symbol welcoming them to a land where all dreams can be realized. Here, in the land of equality and opportunity, lives a promise that great rewards can be achieved though hard work and perseverance. Among all those coming to this country from distant shores and of all the next generations born here, there is one group of young people that will embrace the concept of hard work, perseverance and self-sacrifice more notably than any other group. Among all who seek the American Dream, it will be the Asian-American children who will achieve that goal with a disproportionately high rate of success. This success does not come without a price. It will come at the…

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Creation Stories a Comparison of the Biblical
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Creation Stories

A Comparison of the Biblical Creation Narrative and the Babylonian Enuma Elish: Substance vs. Form

Every culture known has some sort of explanation for how the world and the universe as we know them came into existence. Creation stories have helped cultures to make sense of natural phenomena that they did not understand, and also in many instances demonstrate the perspectives and basic instructions for how ongoing human civilizations are meant to interact with the world. Many early creation myths appear to have a high degree of commonality, and it has even been suggested that at times the creation myth of one culture was simply taken by another culture and adapted to suit its own needs and purposes. This paper will examine one such instance and the two creation myths at stake, revealing that while the form of the myths may be highly similar, the purpose and substance…


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Half Story Journey East The Jesuit Mission
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half story "Journey East: The Jesuit Mission China" 1579-1724. read write pages 207-425.

"Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579 -- 1724"

Review and reflection

Liam Matthew rockey's book "Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579 -- 1724" describes the interaction between intellectual European priests and Chinese communities at a time when society had already experienced significant progress, both from an economic and from an ideological point-of-view. rockey deals with how Christians attempted to promote their ideas in China and with how they struggled to perform a mission that they completely believed in despite the fact that they immediately encountered significant resistance. The second part of the book is concentrated on dealing with new information coming from original sources and that is likely to impress many readers.

The first part of the book can be associated with a chronological description of the mission that…


Brockey, L.M. (2009). Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579 -- 1724. Harvard University Press.

Detective Stories One Is Represented
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In demonstrating this he shows the audience that he had done a lot of research about all the character's past which led to their present needs. The demonstration of the crime is extremely rational and pieces are put together in a very logical manner "The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes." (Doyle 78)the detective uses all the available resources and he even travels to various locations in order to get the evidence he needs. It is the large amount of information which he manages to gather the main factor which contributes to his success. His spirit of observation and his detached attitude will help him find the solution to the case "It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it." (Doyle 119) Just like…


Chandler, R. The big sleep (the bets mysteries of all time). Impress mystery. 2002

Sir Doyle, a.C. The hound of the Baskervilles: another adventure of Sherlock Holmes (Classic reprint). Forgotten Books. 2010

Epics Frame Stories Are Those
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However, neither is invincible. Beowulf meets a heroic demise when he fights the final dragon at the end of the epic. His death in no way diminishes the grandeur of his heroism. Another feature of the classic hero is their tendency to embark on lengthy journeys and quests to prove their merits, and Beowulf is no exception.

Similarly, Gilgamesh does not completely succeed in his quest for immortality. Gilgamesh does help kill beasts with the help of Enkidu. Enkidu also fits the archetype of the male hero: he is a powerful, seemingly super-human beast who dies before the epic is over. Yet his death does not spell his failure any more than Gilgamesh's mortality minimizes his great successes. Gilgamesh proves his heroism also by demonstrating the lessons he learned through the course of his adventures: coming to terms with mortality and finding love in his heart. Through loving Enkidu, Gilgamesh…

Voltaire and Story of a Good Brahmin
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Voltaire and Story of a Good Brahmin

According to Merriam-ebster's Collegiate Dictionary, the word "Brahmin" is defined as "a Hindu state of the highest caste traditionally assigned to the priesthood" (Mish, 149). This means that a good Brahmin is at the highest level of enlightenment within the Hindu social system. One would think this state of being would be an accomplishment and would bring about happiness and peace. This paper explores on many levels Voltaire's Story of a Good Brahmin found in many of his collected works.

Upon reading the text, it appears that despite the good Brahmin's path to Nirvana, he also has a dilemma in life. It appears he has spent too many years pondering the big questions in life, with no one to listen to him and he feels this plight has made him miserable. This state of being brings up many questions for the reader. Should…

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Black Hawk Down A Story
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Thus, he covers both sides of the issue effectively, and notes that while eighteen Americans died, between 500 and 1,000 Somalis died on the ground. Thus, as a journalist, he uses balance and both sides of the issue to make his points and back up his reasoning. That is the mark of a good journalist, and probably one of the reasons the book was considered for a National Book Award. It is an emotional book, but it is also balanced and fair, leading the reader to make their own conclusions about what happened in Somalia.

One of the great strengths of the book is the way the author portrays the soldiers. They are more than a group of men fighting together, they are a team, a cohesive group that care about each other and will never leave another behind. That is one of the enduring themes of the book, and…


Editors. "Mark Bowden: Biography." 2007. 

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Long-Term Success in Your Specific Area of
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long-term success in your specific area of interest. How have your previous experiences prepared you for this professional career? What areas of specialization within the Carroll School of Management do you believe will be most valuable in achieving your goals? What specific short-term career objectives have you set to assist you in achieving your long-term career plans?

I will never feel successful if success means putting up my feet and feeling satisfied. I don't work that way. I will only feel successful for small moments, like when I solve a huge problem in my company or when we avert trouble: when we can turn around a failing operation or stay afloat in spite of falling stock prices. Personally, I could be working in a behind-the-scenes managerial position in a company that I cared about and even if my salary was not great I would be successful because every day I…

Case Assessment of Antwone Fisher Story
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Antwone Fisher Story

Antwone Fisher was a young black man with a disruptive family history. His emotional development was severely affected as he matured, which created situations and difficult choices for the first 25 years of his life. The middle child in a family of foster children, Antwone never knew his father, and was abandoned by his mother into the foster care system at the age of two. At the time he was given to the 'system' his mother was a prostitute, or at least a bar made who rarely stayed in an employed status for a long period of time. It could be assumed that she never returned for her first born son, to retrieve him from the foster care system because of her own unstable living conditions. As a result, Antwone became part of a religious, but abusive foster family where he endured the degradation of beatings, threats,…

Gideon the Biblical Story of
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It is difficult to determine exactly as much Midianites died as a result of this strategic battle, but most sources point to the fact that numbers were very high.

Judging from an impartial point-of-view, one can consider that Gideon's courage was not as great as most people like to think. Instead of being appreciated for this quality, he should be actually praised for the fact that he was particularly cautious and because he was reluctant to engage in an activity that did not seem to be constructive.

Gideon was extremely skeptical about everything and would not even believe that it was God who wanted him to lead Israelites against the Medianites consequent to seeing a miracle. He continued to ask for more miracles in order to accept God's mission, obviously wanting to be one hundred percent sure, given that he was reluctant to foolishly risk his life and that of…

Works cited:

1. Phelps, William Lyon. Reading the Bible (New York: The Macmillan Company, 1919).

2. Wallis, Louis. Sociological Study of the Bible (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1912).

How Reagan Changed America
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Successes of President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was America's 40th president. He is among America's most influential presidents. He was able to make several positive contributions to the development of the American Republic. America grew to be a stronger superpower during his tenure as president. Ronald Reagan was also once a governor of California State before being elected president of the United States. Before joining politics, he spent much of his time in Hollywood and came out a polished public relations individual. The Hollywood experience made him fit for public appeal. At Hollywood, he was also able to rise to a leadership level when he was elected the president of the Hollywood Actors Guild. This paper seeks to reveal the successes of Ronald Reagan and their effect on America's destiny.

The successes of Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan contributed to the American nation. One contribution that he is associated with was…

Work Cited

Sibley, Katherine A.S. The Cold War. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood, 2010. Print.

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Narrative Story
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Psychology Narrative

It is the intention of this paper to explore the methods utilized which resulted in the transformation of not only the behavior of a teenage boy but also in the transformation of his very life. Many methods have been utilized in attempting to modify behavioral-patterns in problem children and teens.

This paper will look at the changes in a young man whose name is Reuben, the elements that contributed to those changes and the viewpoint of Reuben as he tells us the story of his new outlook and life view.

This is a story told by Ruben about his life. It is a candid look at the manifestations of anger, frustration, rebellion against authority, and it is a story that gives voice to the possibilities of transformation or change within an individual. Further Ruben will reveals the conditions, or change of conditions in the environment that is conducive…

Men Undressed Success of an Anthology
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Men Undressed: An Examination

One of the most intriguing aspects of reading this anthology was how sex offered up these writers a more compelling platform upon which to write as sex is a topic which almost always grabs the attention of the reader, but which offered an opportunity for these writers to explore other, even more compelling topics such as emotions, the balance of power, gender identities, among others. Sex was used repeatedly in the book as a strong means by which the writers could approach certain human issues and stumbling blocks and seek to overcome them. The anthology creates a really interesting dialogue in the sense that it presents sex as both an element of an intimate and romantic relationship but also something which exists as a relationship unto itself. This is something that the anthology can courageously explore while shaking off the puritanical morality that is so embedded…


Bierlain, S.; Frangello, G. (2011). Men Undressed. Chicago: Other Voices

Interview: Thursday October 2nd 2014. JSK- professor AF- author

Worley, S. (2011). What do Women Think Men Think About Sex? Retrieved from,

English Literature the Short Stories
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In this light. Dee represents the most successful fulfillment of the material side of the American Dream (Whitsitt). On the other hand, she is unsuccessful at preserving what is most beautiful about her culture by no longer honoring it in any practical sense. In this, she represents the tragedy of loss in terms of meaning, culture, and heritage in blind pursuit of material gain and social success.

The Red Convertible" by Louise Erdrich

The story by Louise Erdrich similarly demonstrates a dichotomy between the past, the potential of the future, and the scars that cannot be healed as a result of trauma and tragedy. The American Dream and its destruction in this story is represented by two brothers and their initially healthy relationship (boosh). As young men, Henry and Lyman are happy-go-lucky and somewhat irresponsible. Their relationship is healthy and close, represented by a red convertible that they buy restore,…


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Ci Realized a Finalizing Image Stories
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CI realized a finalizing image stories ( authors) interrelate ( final image ) works focus . You asked interrelate works referred syllabus-based reading: glancing references materials authors assigned reading syllabus; reference works author: short stories, plays, poetry, essays, graphic stories, comicstrips, photographs, moving pictures (created authors photojournalists, movie directors final phase respective, correlatable, works art).

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the themes presented in two short stories, namely "A good man is hard to find" by Flannery O'Connor and in "Hands" by Sherwood Anderson. In order to have a better understanding of the concepts which these authors deal with we will also be referring to other short stories written by each of them. The social standards almost crush the individuals' true identity. There is a lack of real communication in people's lives. The divine manifests itself even in the grotesque. The tragic destiny of the characters…


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Missing Reel the Untold Story of the
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Missing Reel

The Untold Story of the Lost Inventor of Moving Pictures by Christopher Rawlence

History as a concept was created within the human mind thousands of years ago. It most likely arose from tales told around flickering campfires of great deeds performed by fathers and mothers, dangerous beasts which were conquered, nourishing plants and fruits which were discovered and distinguished from poisonous ones. Gradually, even before the invention of writing, these stories were incorporated into ever more complicated sagas that involved not only wondrous accomplishments but details of day-to-day living. These sagas were handed down to succeeding generations who enlarged them and eventually used them as the bases of various religious practices. Virtually all of the really ancient religions devote extensive portions of their writings to the presentation of racial or ethnic history.

For most of the existence of the human race, history was confined to the spoken or…

Interpretation Analysis Evaluation of a Short Story
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irthmark, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is the story of a man consumed by the pursuit of perfection. He seeks absolute knowledge and absolute control, and imagines that he has discovered great scientific absolutes including the nature of the very heavens and the reason volcanoes erupt. After he marries, he becomes obsessed by a small birthmark on the cheek of his otherwise flawlessly beautiful young wife. His obsession with perfection combined with his scientific hubris leads to the death of his wife. Ironically, in death, the hated birthmark finally fades. The story demonstrates the danger of hubris in assuming that science will have all our answers, that we can manipulate life to meet our arbitrary standards.

Hawthorne demonstrates the protagonist, Aylmer's, obsession through various references. In the opening paragraph he says Aylmer.".. had made experience of a spiritual affinity more attractive than any chemical one. He had left his laboratory to the…


1) Beauchamp, Gorman. 2002. "Hawthorne and the Universal Reformers." Utopian Studies 13. (Beauchamp, 2002)

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3) Wohlpart, A. James. 1994. "Allegories of art, allegories of heart: Hawthorne's 'Egotism' and 'The Christmas Banquet.'" Studies in Short Fiction, June 22. (Wohlpart, 1994)


Ledge Short Story by Lawrence Sargent Hall
Words: 1358 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69577048
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Ledge Hall

Lawrence Sargent Hall's short story, The Ledge, is characterized by a devastating emotional pull, compelling prose, and vivid characterization. The Ledge won the O. Henry Award and been included in a number of anthologies. hile Hall's literary career was marked by great success of The Ledge and other writing, he also had successful academic, public service and naval careers.

Lawrence Sargent Hall's life was marked by his notable academic career, his services in the navy, and his writing career. Born in 1915 April 23, 1915, in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Hall graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine in 1936. He then went on to teach from 1935-1938 at Deerfield Academy at Deerfield, Massachusetts. After his tenure at Deerfield, Hall obtained his Ph.D. from Yale in 1941. He then taught at Yale in 1946, and in Ohio University in Athens from 1941-1942. In 1946, he became a professor of English…

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Men Can Be the Sum of Courage Love and Success
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Cinderella Man

The 2005 film "Cinderella Man" reunites the team of director Ron Howard, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, and leading man Russell Crowe, who had worked together four years earlier on the Oscar-winning "A Beautiful Mind." On the surface the two projects could not seem more different: in "A Beautiful Mind" Crowe plays John Nash, a bespectacled Princeton professor with paranoid schiozphrenia and a Nobel Prize in economics; in "Cinderella Man" he plays Depression-era heavyweight boxing champion James J. Braddock (who had been dubbed "Cinderella Man" in the newspaper columns of raffish "Guys and Dolls" scribe Damon Runyon, who also supplies the film's epigraph). Although the film was widely praised by critics and was nominated for three Oscars (for editing, makeup, and for Paul Giamatti as Best Actor in a Supporting Role playing Braddock's trainer Joe Gould) "Cinderella Man" would underperform at the box office on its original 2005 release --…

Polaroid R I the Story of
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Because of this perceived value, Land was also able to capture a large amount of value in terms of profits.

After the 1970s, however, technology exploded with ever more powerful computers and eventually digital photography. Digital cameras and later cell phones that incorporated digital technology diminished the perceived, created value of the Polaroid. Hence capturing value from this product also diminished. The limited success of later products from the Polaroid company further demonstrates their difficulty in creating the same value as they were able to do with instant photography. Newer technology is simply better, faster, and cheaper.

In addition to the fact that technology changes at an increasingly rapid pace, one of the lessons that can be learned from Land's story is that, to capture value from technological products, value needs to be created by constant innovation.

Lost in Translation This Story Is a
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Lost in Translation

This story is a typical immigrant success tale. It is a rich and an ambiguous story with the first section of the narrative representing, "Paradise," and revolves around Hoffman's childhood and adolescence in Cracow. The most prominent image in Eva Hoffman's mind during her family's immigration to Canada was the crowd gathered at the shore to see the ship off. She was thirteen years old and left Gdynia, Poland together with her father, mother, and younger sister. To her the crowd at the shore waving at them as the ship drifted away, was symbolic, it meant the end of everything she knew. Deep inside her there was sorrow and pain, she never wanted to leave Poland. As they journey on, her memory is filled with the loss she has suffered, Cracow a place she loved just as one would love a person. Her mind wonders around the…

Works Cited

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Lu Xun's a Madman's Diary Story References
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Lu Xun's a Madman's Diary

Story references taken from Norton's Anthology, Expanded Edition

No page numbers listed as requested, chapters listed instead riters are often influenced by their circumstances and, as a result, inspired to write about the things they feel passionately about as well as the things they witness. riters sometimes use fiction as a tool to express their emotions and opinions and the most successful of writers are able to shape their situations and surroundings just as much as situations shape their literature. That certainly can be said of the Chinese writer, poet, and essayist Lu Xun, who is considered by many of his contemporaries to be the founder of modern Chinese literature. (Chinese Cultural Studies)

From his writings, it is clear that Lu Xun was heavily influenced by the Chinese culture and the politics of the day. It is also obvious that if Lu Xun had any…

Works Cited

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Biblical Themed Short Stories
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prim geography teacher. She is a disciplinarian who adopts strict rules for her classroom. Her teaching style is a common-sense method with her former students and citizens of Liberty Hill regarding her as the embodiment of wisdom and gentility. Like Miss Dove, Leiningen believes in hard work, refusing to leave his estate despite a swarm of soldier ants nearing his property. Early in the story it is shown he is wise as well. "First he had vanquished primal forces by cunning and organization, then he had enlisted the resources of modern science to increase miraculously the yield of his plantation." However, there are some differences. For example, Miss Dove is strict, reprimanding David Burnham for swearing. "Nothing is achieved by swearing," Miss Dove's sentence read. "Twenty Times."

Leiningen is not like that with the people he works with on his estate. He encourages them to stay with him to fight…

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Kate Braverman Wrote an Award Winning Story
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Kate Braverman wrote an award winning story called "Tales of the Mekong Delta" in 1991. Ten years later, Ted Demme directed and released a film called Blow. The paper will explore, analyze, and compare themes of the two texts. Specifically, the paper will focus on issues of identity, self-esteem, respect, alienation, predatory behavior including domination (and submission), addiction, as well as moral & ethical behavior. Both stories center around the consequences of illicit substances in the personal lives of the characters.

The protagonist in the short story is most often referred to as "she." She meets Lenny at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Lenny essentially begins stalking her. Lenny is the figure for dominance and aggression in the story. She is the figure for submission and vulnerability in the story. She tries to deviate from her routine and essentially change her life, but Lenny tracks her down and shows up at…


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Herbalife Story From March 28 2002
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Herbalife: Ethical Issues

Herbalife is a company selling herbal products for health and dietary purposes. In order to do this, the company recruits interested people to help them sell their products. The way in which this is done is however questioned for its apparent unethical nature. The aspects of the case, together with the ethical issues involved, are discussed below.


Donaldson (127-128) provides three broad theories of ethics that can be applied to the situation of Herbalife. The first of these is deontology. According to this theory, a sense of duty accompanies all actions. This dictates that some acts are morally obligatory, regardless of the practical or economic consequences of such an act. The second theory pertains to rights. Especially during the new millennium, the issue of human rights has been at the top of business agendas. This then is also one of the major theories regarding ethics in…


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