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Healthcare as an Obligation of Each Citizen

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The commercialization of services and goods has been on the rise with the prevalence of globalization to an extent that even essential services that human cannot survive without like the health care have widely been commercialized. The provision of healthcare especially in the cases of delicate surgical procedures and extensive medication has been left the selected few who go for it from the high end private hospitals with personal doctors and consultants. This privilege however comes at a cost, one that the poor and average Americans cannot afford hence they miss out on them and are rendered to make do with the public health services provided by the government.

It is hence an obligation of each individual to uphold the contributions towards the provision of the free and comprehensive universal healthcare for all the citizens of America. We all have the moral obligation to ensure that those who are not in a position to access healthcare like the extremely poor, the homeless...


The sole reason for this obligation is because if healthcare is commercialized where the highest bidder gets the best and the owner of the services charges as the demand dictates, the people in these dependent brackets will nob be able to compete with the extremely rich and abled people to access the commodity, hence will die at the behest of the rich.

Healthcare also assures the citizens of good health and commercializing healthcare is tantamount to attaching value to the health or the life of an individual, which is immoral and unethical since there is no dollar value that can be attached to a state of well-being or a suppressed condition. Each individual must hence ensure they play their fair share in cash or kind in ensuring that healthcare is accessible to all and not commercialized, this is our collective moral obligation.

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the legislation that was passed a year ago and aimed at ensuring that all Americans have access to healthcare despite the economic class. It was a controversial one and many groups had seemingly viable reasons to seek for its banning. However, as the Act celebrates its first anniversary, there have been good outcome from the Act as compared to negatives and many Americans are turning round to realize…

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