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Textile Essays (Examples)

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Historical Fiction
Words: 2249 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33905890
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Fictional Family in the Textile Business in London 1850-1914

This paper is a fictional account of a family in the textile business in London. The time period is 1850 to 1914 and makes reference to inventions, trends and other textile pertinent data. In addition the family role in society is addressed through the use of plot structure and dialogue.

The Mills of The Bedford Family

Julianne heard him enter the house before she saw him, but that was the way it was with her brother. Alan was the most energetic young man she knew and his dedication to the family textile business was unmatched by anyone in London or the surrounding areas. As he breezed into the room he glanced at Julianne before addressing their father.

Father, we need to hire some weavers right now! That shipment of machines from America has been delayed and there are none to be…

Thomas Dublin New England Farm Women Respond
Words: 1220 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10276497
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Thomas Dublin, New England farm women respond conditions work textile mills? eference: ead

Communal Organization

In order to effectively analyze the way in which New England farm women responded to the conditions of work in the textile mills, particularly those existing in Lowell, Massachusetts, it is first prudent to examine exactly what those conditions are, and how they affected these young women laborers. It should be noted that in many cases, the women recruited to work within these factory systems were obtaining their first formal employment, since many of them grew up on neighboring farms and chose the life of a factory workers as a way out of the rural monotony they had known all of their lives. Initially then, regardless of what the conditions were in the factory system, they were agreeable to many female laborers who were able to send money home to their families on farms and…


Brinkley, A. (2008). American History: A Survey. New York: McGraw Hill.

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International Expansion Strategy the Purpose
Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34806868
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As a matter of fact, this means venturing into unknown territories by the company and because of this the company has to work to eliminate this weakness by studying the market segments and their needs so you can meet those needs.

Marketing objectives are based on understanding the strengths and weakness and the business environment that the company operate in. The objectives are also linked to the overall business strategy. For instance, in the case of ABC Textile Company business objective is to penetrate in the international market be able to pose a serious competition in the industry. So as to achieve this objective, the company will be targeting a new promising market segment especially those in the rural areas to help achieve this growth.

Having realized the target market, the company has to position itself in it. To do this, the product should have a core message that differentiates…

Works Cited

Garth (2000) Strategic Management; Wiley, New York. Retrieved on May 2nd 2013 from:

Garment Evaluation
Words: 1073 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 72362323
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Women Pea Coat

Major components

This apparel is a wool-blended pea coat selling at a price of 62.80 dollars and available online at Forever The length of the pea coat is 32" from the high point shoulder to the where it falls on the thigh or hem. It adapts a traditional, military style silhouette with a slight slim in the middle section with modern proportions. The coat is belted, a sleek without much detail and has a hidden hook-bar closure at the top. It is double breasted with two front slanting pockets in addition to a hidden snap button at the bottom. This coat has a slight Napoleonic collar with sleeves 25" in length from the high pleated shoulder. It is fully lined with 100% polyester with the shell woven and comprising of 48% polyester, 45% wool, 4% acrylic, 2% rayon, and 1% nylon. The apparel is machine washable…

Rise of Business and the New Age
Words: 1562 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11553680
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rise of business and the new age of industrial capitalism forced Americans to think about, criticize, and justify the new order -- especially the vast disparities of wealth and power it created. This assignment asks you to consider the nature and meaning of wealth, poverty and inequality in the Gilded Age making use of the perspectives of four people who occupied very different places in the social and intellectual spectrum of late nineteenth-?century America:, the sociologist William Graham Sumner, the writer enry

George, a Massachusetts textile worker named Thomas O'Donnell, and the steel tycoon

Andrew Carnegie.

For Andrew Carnegie, wealth was a good thing. In his "Gospel of Wealth," Carnegies talks about the problem of "our age" which is the proper administration of wealth. e has his own philosophy of how wealth has come to be unequally distributed with the huge gap existing between those who have little and those…

Henry George, Progress and Poverty, Major Problems, pp. 20-?22.

Thomas O'Donnell Testimony before a U.S. Senate Committee, 1885 U.S. Congress,

Capital (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1885

Management Perspective on Aviaton Safety Woven Fabric
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75803771
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Management Perspective on Aviaton Safety

Woven fabric or textile has existed on the planet for quite some time, and is integral to many different functions and applications of society. extile functions as a "cultural" transmitter (Sonja, 2008, p. 32) for people. It is the primary substance that is utilized to clothe people; various renditions of it are used for decorative purposes in facilitating shelter, transporting goods, and even in providing upholstery and furnishings in automobiles and various other crafts such as aircrafts. Woven fabric is a series of yarns or threads of textile that has been knitted or stitched together so that it produces a singular garment or item out of many different threads. he individual strands of yarn are engendered through any variety of materials such as cotton or wool, which are valued for their ability to produce lengthy threads of this substance. Woven fabric, in turn, is produced…

The degree of variation found in textiles is created by a number of different qualities that apply to it. Color is produced by dying textiles. Dying them enables manufacturers to create virtually any color that they like. Without the process of dying textiles, clothing and furniture upholstery would all take on the appearance of the initial fiber or fabric that was used to create it. Additionally, by treating the finished product of textiles one is able to produce variations in texture and feel of these fabrics. Some are course and bushy, others are fine and smooth. There is little end to the variation of color and texture that one can create with textiles, particularly after the Industrial Revolution.

Although textiles have been around for many thousands of years, their production and variation greatly increased with the Industrial Revolution. In Britain, some of the earliest manifestations of the newfound equipment and machines devised during this time period were for the creation, and refining of textiles. The textile industry truly flourished during the Industrial Revolution, which was largely responsible for the wide assortment of uses and applications of textiles in modern life. The Industrial Revolution helped to facilitate a degree of ease within the textile industry that enabled it to not only mass produce its goods, but also expand the scope and focus of them to the point where they are currently highly specialized and "provide a wealth of information about technology, their social significance and use, and aspects of ritual and cultural values" (Wimberley and Thompson, 2010, p. 348).

It is important to realize that there are different types of textiles with both subtle and pronounced differences. For instance, although the term cloth is frequently used synonymously with the term fabric, the former actually denotes a finished product that is used for a specific purpose. Fabrics, on the contrary, are used to make up certain finished products such as cloths and really refer to any type of material that has been put together through the aforementioned stitching or crocheting process. Textiles, however, is more of a general term that refers to any sort of fibers that have been woven together. There are some synthetic textiles in use, although the vast majority of them are organic. Whereas some of the more known textiles are from plants such as cotton, there are also animal textiles which are responsible for the creation of leather, nubuck, and suede finished products. The vast

International Trade Economics Trade Between
Words: 1604 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49878155
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S. markets are listed as being:

Import Licensing

Services arriers

Also is concern in the presence of the government in the telecommunications market sector. U.S. exporters need to know that shipping of foods and agricultural products must be done to meet Italian requirements whether sealed and bonded or not. Italy has also banned the commercialization of four corn varieties approved by the EU. The biotech corn ban may be in violation of EU regulations. The United States and the European Union are the two regions with the largest amounts of imports in Textile and Clothing as well as in terms of their GDP and power of purchase. There are also investment barriers in place making it a lengthy process and investors are prohibited from the airlines and aircraft manufacturing markets. Government procurement is also a problem as it is fragmented in Italy and there are problems with Conclusion:

There are…


Italy: Economy [Online] located at 

The World Textile and Clothing Trade: Globalization vs. Regionlization [Online] at 'cibconf/co

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Italy in the World Economy ICE Report 2003-2004

Dark Satanic Mills Human Cost of the Industrial Revolution
Words: 1557 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55939517
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Industrial Revolution

It might be argued that the Industrial Revolution throughout Europe was not a revolution in the traditional sense, insofar as it involved no violence. Anyone making this argument, however, is unaware of the existence of the Luddites. Active in England in the early nineteenth century, at the height of the industrial revolution, Luddites were English textile workers who revolted against their replacement with industrial machinery and responded by destroying that machinery. The ritish government responded by sending in the army. The labor historian Eric Hobsbawm notes that "the 12,000 troops deployed against the Luddites greatly exceeded in size the army which Wellington took" to defeat Napoleon, which may give some sense of where governmental priorities actually lay.[footnoteRef:0] The real point is that the Industrial Revolution was tremendously disruptive to the lives of ordinary workers and people, and what is remarkable in retrospect is only that there was not…


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Entrepreneur Turkey Has Long Been
Words: 1511 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 54961209
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Finding ways to delegate authority is an important thing for entrepreneurs when they grow. hen a company is in the beginning or high growth stage of the business cycle, there comes a point when the founder must let go some control so that the business can be more professionally run.

The current business model is somewhat aimless, but oriented towards high end positioning. An alternate direction is that the business can focus on becoming a volume supplier. The designer is capable of having a mainstream touch, and Turkey is a great place to follow a high-volume, low-margin business model for export. This would leverage the low cost of production and the effort that the government puts into creating export opportunities. At this point, as an unknown brand, he still has the capability to go in that direction.

orks Cited:

CIA orld Factbook. (2013). Turkey. Central Intelligence Agency. Retrieved April 29,…

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Turkish Designers it Has Been
Words: 2733 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 91609500
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China and the far east represent such areas and naturally they are a threat to Turkey. One ways of fighting against this threat is by encouraging the local creativity to develop and by promoting it abroad.

Another important issue that can be discussed is repr4esented by the impact of fashion upon the Turkish society. One might argue that the Turkish society is so different from the western one that it is impossible for fashion to actually have a profound social influence. This is not true. On the one hand the attack of the media is extremely intense and there is no way to prevent girls and women to come in contact with them. On the other hand, keeping them away from the media is not a solution, even if the purpose would be that of defending culture. The right way to proceed about it is to allow women to decide…


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Vision Report on Business Report
Words: 3682 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20983708
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It is noteworthy that most recently the government started soliciting opinions from legal academies, interested groups and the general public when drafting a major piece of legislation, to achieve democratic lawmaking and advance further compliance with the law (Lo, V.I., 2007).

The most important economic event at this stage or in the years following the 1978 economic reform in China is undoubtedly its accession to WTO at the end of 2001. Following 15 years of numerous negotiations and adjustments of policies, China eventually entered the mainstream world economy and started enjoying the benefits and facing the challenges of WTO.

In response to WTO requirements, China underwent a "make-over" in many aspects. A brief summary of China's WTO promises is shown in Figure 9A. According to the WTO agreement, China is subject to reviews by the WTO in the 8 years following its accession. The most recent one was announced in…


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State-Led Economic Policies in South
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42635261
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in the newly ormed Ministry o Finance drew rom a talented pool o
economists rom the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Privileged positions
were illed rom within the bureaucracy and were obtained through
exceptional perormance instead o cronyism or nepotism. O great
importance to their autonomy, oicials were able to disconnect themselves
rom total reliance on local unding thanks to inancial assistance rom
the international community and reparations rom Germany. Two igureheads
within the government guaranteed a decisive and coherent economic policy:
Levi Eshkol o the Ministry o Finance, and Pinhas Sapir o the Ministry o
Commerce and Industry. They worked hand-in-hand to ormulate a uniying
agenda that bureaucrats rom both departments could pursue towards a single
common goal.
The end-product o this labor in both nations was a inancial
structure in which banks, and by extension the government at large,
controlled the low o capital. On one hand, banks…

formulated and guided a successful investment endeavor was in the case of
textiles. Israeli officials, in particular MOCI chief Pinhas Sapir,
envisioned in the Textile Industry Development Plan that by 1966, twelve
major textile manufacturing plants would be operational and ultimately
produce 26% of Israel's

Eye Will Travel
Words: 584 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 61506122
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Eye Has to Travel

hat is the name of the exhibit / film you chose to analyze?

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

hat feature of fashion or textiles does it highlight?

The film discusses many aspects of the fashion industry, particularly the influence of the woman Diana Vreeland who was said to have set the standard for fashion for decades. Mostly highlighted is the idea of Vreeland's that above all else fashion should be exciting and interesting and most importantly never, ever boring.

Describe at least four different examples and use fiber information as well as descriptive terms learned in class. rite a minimum of six sentences to describe each example.

Velvet: Vreeland once used her column to advice people to wear "violet velvet mittens with everything." Velvet is a kind of fabric which is woven and the threads are cut evenly to make a distinctive feeling which…

Works Cited:

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel. Dir. Lisa I. Vreeland. Perf. Diana Vreeland. Samuel Goldwyn, 2011. Film.

Marketing Plan Benetton Is a
Words: 3062 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 94269488
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Marketing strategy

Overall Marketing Strategy

The group's marketing strategy is focused on raising awareness on social issues concerning today's society and taking a stance of the real world, rather than encourage costumers to buy its products.


Considering the large product diversification characterizing Benetton's portfolio, it is very difficult to define the manufacturer's main competitors, as it's difficult to define it's industry. Thus, according to (Accessed January 2009), the company's top 3 competitors are: Inditex, GAP and H&M. Inditex is a Spanish based, clothing group, which is considered to be Benetton's main competitor as it designs and retails its own products. It is also a global company managing over 3,690 stores in 68 countries. GAP is an American-based company with 4,250 stores worldwide. Unlike the Italian company, GAP doesn't manufacture its products, being responsible only for the retailing part. H&M is a Swedish-based company with over 1,500 stores in…

Reference List

Annual Report - Benetton. 2008.


Annual Report - H&M. 2007.


Causes of Chronic Bronchitis in Workers This
Words: 3638 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50753050
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Causes of Chronic Bronchitis in Workers

This review shows the literature and research available in the issue of respiratory diseases and the various occupations. The review shows that there is a pressing need to evaluate and conduct research in the known areas like coal, cement, and pesticides, but alarmingly agriculture and other industries have also to be included.

It is not only the factories that are hazardous. There are arguments to show that even farming can cause allergies. osenman (2012) in viewing "respiratory hazards that farmers and family members" argues that the grains that can be "contaminated with fungi, bacteria or microbial toxins; pesticides; solvents; gasoline and diesel fuels; and irritant gases such as oxides of nitrogen and ammonia." This may lead to occupational asthma and the allergens in such cases could be grain dust, cow dander, cow urine, egg yolk proteins, alternaria, aspergillus, cladosporium, meal worm, poultry mites, fungi,…


Attfield, Michael D; Hodous, Thomas K. (1992) "Pulmonary Function of U.S. Coal Miners

Related to Dust Exposure Estimates" Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med, vol. 145, no. 3, pp: 605-609.

Baumgartner, Kathy B; Samet, Jonathan M; Coultas, David B; Stidley, Christine A; et al.

(1999) "Occupational and Environmental Risk Factors for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Multicenter Case-Control Study" American Journal of Epidemiology, vol. 152, no. 4, pp: 307-315.

Management Education on the Development
Words: 319 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92655370
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By successfully transitioning from production to design we will not only retain the jobs we have created but we will also generate the type of high-end jobs that sustain modern economies.

For me personally, I have worked in architectural firms and in my family's textile business. In doing so I have gained a keen understanding of the design function and a rough knowledge of how a business operates. In the face of competition from the Far East, we have repositioned ourselves in the marketplace and wish to complete the transition. Business leaders with knowledge that is both broad and deep are scarce in Turkey. Our firm has global aspirations in terms of design, but to achieve them we need leaders such as myself that can combine our passion for design with a solid grounding in fundamental…

Flammable Clothing Problem in America Is One
Words: 1008 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31242478
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flammable clothing problem in America is one that has plagued the industry for several decades. The federal agency responsible for the creating standards and compiling statistics relative to fires and clothing in the United States is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) (Consumer Product Safety Act). In the late 1970's the CPSC, after several difficult years in which there were some tragic injuries resulting from children being burned by flammable clothing, made the enactment of stronger regulations on children's clothing, particularly pajamas, a priority. One of the results of this intensified effort was the implementation of the Children's Sleepwear Standards in 1972 by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The regulations regarding children's sleepwear were incorporated with several other regulations but the other regulations were eventually abandoned under extreme pressure from the textile and retail industries and only the children sleepwear provisions continued to be enforced (Knudson).

The history of regulation…

Works Cited

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Mummies of Urumchi
Words: 1696 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68209608
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Mummies of Urumchi by Elizabeth Wayland arber. Specifically, it will contain a book report on the book, including the author's thesis, evidence she uses to prove her thesis, and how convincing a case she makes. Did ancient civilizations of Asia and Europe expand from common places of origin? Where did these Caucasians come from? Elizabeth Wayland arber, an archaeologist at Occidental College, asks herself those questions and begins a fascinating journey along the silk-road into prehistoric time. Is there strong circumstantial evidence to prove there was expansion from common places of origin for these mummies? arber was well prepared to piece together all of the diverse and overwhelming textiles, linguistic, and anatomical clues that makes up this amazing case.

The Mummies of Urumchi

arber's book chronicles the mummies found in and around the Urumchi area of Eurasia. The mummies are quite interesting for several reasons, including the vivid and beautiful…


Barber, Elizabeth W. The Mummies of Urumchi. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1999.

St. Philip, Elizabeth. "The Mummies of Urumchi." Discovery Canada. 17 July 1999. 1 Nov. 2003.

Kimono History and Contempory Fashion
Words: 2040 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66328369
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...these designers placed great significance on clothing inherited from the past, including Japanese farmers' clothes designed through necessity and adapted dyed textile and quilting from ancient Japan, which Japanese would not consider fashionable. These designers presented them to the fashion world, gave the opportunity for 'the neglected' to make their existence known, and transformed them into 'fashion'."(Kawamura, 2004, 125)

Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are considered as the designers who made these first steps towards a new fashion more concrete: "hile Kenzo is considered a pioneer among all Japanese designers, Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are the ones who created a new style characterized by monochromatic, asymmetrical and baggy looks."(Kawamura, 2004, 125) the asymmetrical and baggy look of their designs is clearly influenced by the loose form of the kimono. Sometimes, in Miyake's creations for example, the dresses are completely shapeless and have random holes that offer a certain freedom when wearing…

Works Cited

Cort, Louise Allison and Sabur? Mizoguchi. Design Motifs. Weatherhill, 1973

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18th C Decorative Botanical Art
Words: 3104 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77815266
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In Jamaica, like many other physicians abroad, Sloane collected specimen; later, he acquired the collections of others. Among the botanical material in his collection were exotic plants and bird skins, "unique albums of Durer's prints and drawings" "a vast library of manuscripts and printed books" (Geographical 2003 26+,the second two items of which probably contained abundant botanical engravings.

Not all of the items Sloane collected survived. One that id, however, was cocoa, which he brought back to England and "marketed shrewdly as a medicinal drink valued for its 'Lightness on the Stomach'" (Sterns 2003 411+). The financial incentive was strong in many of the collectors, although with Sloane, it also had a practical side as he went in search of remedies. In 1712, for example, Sloane became keen to purchase the collection of the German physician, Engelbert Kaempfer. A chapter of Kaempfer's book, Exotic Pleasures, mentioned a number of Oriental…

Works Cited

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Claude Aubriet

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Fabric Store Exploration
Words: 714 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 66083557
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Fabric Store

What does this store specialize in selling? Who is the target customer for this store? Do they sell fashion fabrics or home fabrics or both?

This store sells textiles, trims, buttons, thread, and various sewing and DIY fashion tools. The target consumer includes individuals who can or want to make their own clothes or household accessories. Most of the customers in the store are female, but ages range from teenager to senior. Fashion fabrics are their specialty but some can also be used for interior design.

What classifications do they sell? Fabric, buttons, patterns, etc. Please be descriptive.

The store sells all of these classifications: fabric, buttons, patterns, threads, and accessories.

How does the store merchandise their fabrics? How are their textiles organized? (i.e. knits, woven's, novelty, leather, fiber contents, etc.). Please list all.

The textiles are organized into classification, which also reflects cost and quality. Leathers are…

Comparative Analysis of Dries Van Noten and Vivienne Westwood
Words: 1102 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27383404
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Vivienne Westwood and Dries van Noten in term Textiles

Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer specializing in designing different categories of men and women clothing that include Coat, Jacket, Knitwear, Shirt, Skirt, Suits and other type of textile collections. The Vivienne uses a designing architecture to design different types of dressing using the dimensional materials. On the other hand, Van Noten is a modern and fashionable Belgian designer specializing in designing varieties of men and women fashion clothing.

Objective of this paper is to analyze the picture of the produced by the Vivienne Westwood and Dries van Noten in term of textiles.

Difference and Similarities between the Picture 1 and Picture

The Picture 1 is the Vivienne Westwood wool and cotton crafted women jacket finely tailored in a rich red tartan. The jacket is carefully constructed with balance cotton and wool. On the other hand, the Picture 2 is…


ASI (2014). Wool Textile Industry Conditions Trends, Drivers and Prospects. Wool Journal.


Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Defection of an Executive in
Words: 1325 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 44997319
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Moreover, Coleman is right in suggesting that a better compensation package could be offered in an attempt to retain Carpenter.

How could the crisis have been avoided?

For one, at the time of hiring Carpenter, I would have insisted on the company's in-house developmental data and operations information remaining confidential after Carpenter moves on to another firm. Even if Carpenter had refused to sign a contract that would prevent him from leaving and signing on to another company, the contract could have included a confidential information clause, preventing him from sharing company (trade) secrets with future employers. Steven Emanuel and Lazar Emanuel explain in their book Corporations that any of the following acts can be considered "wrongful taking of trade secrets": a) soliciting a "large number of the former employer's customers"; b) soliciting of the former company's employees; and c) use of the former employer's "secret processes" or other strategies…

Works Cited

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Hill Professional.

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Sustainability in Fashion This Study Seeks to
Words: 2042 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24181782
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Sustainability in Fashion

This study seeks to answer the question of how the concept of sustainability applies to local fashion production and to explain the connection between global fashion industries and fast fashion business to the sustainability fashion products.

The Designers Speak

Sustainable fashion is defined differently depending on who is asked to define the concept. Freda Giannini, Gucci creative director defines sustainable fashion as, "Quality items that stand the test of time -- it is the concept of sustainability, symbolized by a timeless handbag that you wear again and again, and can pass on…" (Friedman, 2010, p.1)

Oscar de la Renta, designer and brand founder stated that sustainable fashion "…implies a commitment to the traditional techniques, and not just the art, of making clothes." (Friedman, 2010, p.1) Oscar de la Renta designer stated that today, she worked in the same manner that she learned first "in the anteliers of…


Friedman, Vanessa (2010) Sustainable Fashion: What Does Green Mean? Style. Retrieved from: 

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Sustainable Road Action Plan (2010) Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Feb 2010. Nobel House, London. Retrieved from:

Language of Apparel From France Cultures
Words: 1372 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73266906
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Clothing and Culture

Clothing, in the modern definition, is considered to be fiber or textiles that are worn on humans, and one of the anthropological features of human culture and society. The type (color, style, fit) of clothing is typically dependent upon a number of variables -- geography, weather, gender, status, physical state, work activities, and even status symbols. From a practical standpoint, clothing serves as protection from external weather, or for safety reasons (constructing, cooking, hiking, sports); it may protect the wearer from flora and fauna (nettles, bites, thorns); it may insulate against hot or cold conditions; and may even provide a hygienic barrier. Often, studying the aspects of clothing and society tells scholars a great deal about the particular culture -- not just in external appearance but in the technology of textile production, weaving, and adornment (oucher & Deslandres, 1989).

Evolution of Clothing Styles: Scholars are uncertain as…


Blum, S. (Ed.). (1982). Eighteenth-Century French Fashion Plates. New York: Dover Publications.

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Doyle, W. (2001). The Ancien Regime. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Rock Art Transference of Power
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Rock art does not have a singular function in the physical images or meaning of the object -- it may be religious or historically commemorative, or use extraordinary or ordinary symbols, depending on how the tribe wishes to make its mark upon the surface of nature, and the type of transfer of tribal power that is being conducted in the specific circumstances.

The main unifying theme in all of the various potential acts of rock art, is that the act of leaving the tribe's mark upon the rock is in itself a rite performed, and adds additional significance to the meaning of the images, whatever that meaning may be for the tribe. Although rock art can provide a variety of symbolic, commemorative, and spiritual functions, and it may involve symbolic images very particular to a tribe or region (like the Mexican rain dog or like suns or spirals in the…

Family and Consumer Sciences the
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They are also the guidelines by which a member determines the correctitude of conduct in relationships with the clients, colleagues, members of allied professions and with various populaces.

A member of the family and consumer sciences profession and of AAFCS is required by the code of ethics to maintain the highest responsible standard of professional performance. At all times, a member should uphold confidentiality and act with intelligence, dedication, and ebullience. A member is required to fulfill the obligation in order to continually advance and extend personal professional qualification. Sharing the professional competence with colleagues and clients is also a requirement meant to enlarge and carry on development of the profession.

The code of ethics requires members to support the objectives of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. Members should also take part in its development through informed, active participation in its programs. Extending public cognizance and understanding…


American Association of Family and Consumer Services, AAFCS/CFC National Examination Candidate Information, (2004) Bulletin Texas Teacher Certification Version

National Council on Family Relations, a Guide to Family Life Educators Code of Ethics, (2010)

The Minnesota Council on Family Relations (MCFR), Ethical Thinking and Practice for Parent and Family Life Educators (2009) Minneapolis: Minnesota Council on Family Relations.

Management Case Study the Process
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By monitoring these results, the company's managers can control and determine whether the company has achieved its objectives, and whether the company's efforts are justified.

Problems that arise during the production process outsourced to India as also caused by individual workers. Such problems include fluctuations in the degree of quality and of craftsmanship of Indian workers. As a consequence, it is necessary to implement an operational control system that would better monitor the activity and the results of each employee.


Production outsourcing has become one of the solutions implemented by small or large manufacturers as a response to increased production costs on national level. India has become one of the most targeted production outsourcing destinations, especially for small companies.

The advantages provided by the country justify the efforts made by companies in order to overcome the numerous barriers that India also presents. The cheap workforce in India seems to…

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Personal Quality Talent Accomplishment Contribution
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I felt I was the only person who did not look at my image every time I passed a mirror, every time I happened to walk by a reflective surface.

Although I had grown up in the business, fashion seemed increasingly meaningless to me, just an arbitrary way of selling a false self every month, and making people feel bad about their appearance. It was all about trends, not beauty: one moment everyone loved skinny jeans; then suddenly skinny jeans were 'so last season.' I wanted to break free of this perpetual fashion show. What I really loved doing was working on my computer -- upgrading it and setting new challenges to understand how to work it. I quickly became the 'go to' person when anyone had a computer problem, although I never surfed fashion blogs like the other students. Reading PC World online was my pastime of choice.


Bamboo Industry in India Bamboo
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S. production value. Exports account for approximately half this amount (Binnquist, Lopez, and Shanley). Figure 2 portrays three views of bamboo. One: A bamboo forrest; Two: A bamboos shoot; Three: A bamboo grove walkway.

Figure 2: Three Views of Bamboo (adapted from Stickman).

As bamboo production levels have risen, the amounts of raw materials needed to facilitate the production have simultaneously increased. The bamboo industry in Anji predominantly harvests bamboo from plantations, as it primarily grows a fast growing and easily cultivated, bamboo species, locally known as "maozhu" or "moso bamboo" (phyllostachys heterocycla) (Binnquist, Lopez, and Shanley). .

Currently in Anji, the cultivation of moso bamboo encompasses 60% of the forest area, with the percentage rising as plantations expand. Along with the hefty production of bamboo, the intense cultivation bamboo industry uses mammoth amounts of fertilizers and pesticides; which contributes to negative environmental effects. In reference to the bamboo production…


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Web. Available at: . 09 October 2009.

Renting vs Buying Industrial Uniforms
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Plus our pickup, laundry, maintenance and delivery services make it even more convenient for employers and employees alike to participate in a Cintas uniform program" (Uniforms & Apparel 3).

These third-party providers are clearly much better equipped to launder these types of rugged uniforms and report to do so consistently to help promote a positive image for customers as well: "hether you rent, lease or buy, a Cintas uniform program can enhance your company's image. It can also save you time and money. First impressions matter. In Cintas work uniforms your employees will project a professional, confident appearance and attitude to your customers" (emphasis added) (Uniforms & Apparel 3). First impressions do in fact matter, and it is also reasonable to conclude that different workers will experience different levels of success in keeping their uniforms clean and well maintained on their own.

Beyond the foregoing advantages of leasing or renting…

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Home Furnishings Industry One of
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At the same time, this has led to a search by customers for low priced material.

It is clear that every person is interested in stretching their investment in these matters as far as possible, and for this there are many methods. However for this to be done well, the concerned person has to spend a lot of time in searching for true items of value and not just buy any item that the person finds in the shop as ready purchases may be regretted later. Thus there has to be a lot of visits to different stores and proper judgment of the material that one intends to buy later. The places for such purchases are for interior design and most likely to be found in second hand furniture stores, seconds depots, and discount stores. If an individual goes around in a substantial number of these stores, then the person…


Applied Arts and Design. Retrieved at . Accessed 26 October, 2005

Competition Gets More Intense as Shoppers Buy Home Furnishings Less Often, and on Sale.

December 14, 2004. Furniture World Magazine. Retrieved at . Accessed 26 October, 2005

Ethan Allen Sees Trend in Wedding Registries Towards Non-Traditional Items; Bridal Industry

Shui Fabrics Critical Analysis of a Global Problem
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Global Problem

Shui Fabric Case

The purpose of writing this paper is to discuss and analyze the case of Shui Fabrics, which is a joint venture of an American and Chinese company. This assignment will explain the problems identified by the global managers at Shui Fabrics and will also suggest possible solutions to manage these problems in a global environment. This paper will give the opportunity to integrate the management skills and apply the global concepts learned in the course.

One of the problems with the managers working on international level is their inability to understand the culture and environment of the other country. Similar is the case with Shui Fabrics, which is 10 years old 50-50 joint venture, textile company manufacturing fabrics for both Chinese and international market. A problem arises when ay Betzell, who is the general manager of the venture since 5 years, founds himself stuck in…


Daft, R. (2010). Management. Venderbilt University. Ninth Edition. South Western Cengage


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Fifth Edition. South Western Cengage Learning.

Dupont Has Become One of the Most
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DuPont has become one of the most well-known household names for the various products they are selling. The most notable include: corn hybrid, soybean, canola, sunflower, sorghum, inoculants, wheat, rice seeds, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, photopolymers, electronic materials for photovoltaic products, consumer electronics, displays, advanced printing, ultures, emulsifiers, gums, natural sweeteners, soy-based food plastics / coatings, textiles, mining, pulp, paper, water treatment, titanium dioxide, specialty fluorochemicals, fluoropolymers, performance chemicals, thermoset engineering polymers and elastomers. This helped the firm to become one the top producers of these areas.

To determine how success is impacting DuPont requires focusing on: its resources, schedule, scope, budget, communications, training and support. These different elements will illustrate the way specific variables are impacting stakeholders. It is at this point, when select ideas can be used to understand those factors influencing the company.

For any kind of strategy, the ability to determine how successful an organization will…


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Knowledge and Proficiency in Economics
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The third degree discrimination is when businesses set prices depending on the location and the market segments. Here the supplier will identify the various market segments and have varying prices for the same item due to the varying consumer classes in these regions. The sales managers always have to look at the characteristics of the market and the customers in general.

The factors that the sellers consider here are age of the potential clients and their population in a given area, the economic standards and their purchasing history. This will enable the recommendation of varying prices for the different market segments. This is a discrimination criterion frequently used by the textile industry run by my father in Indonesia and particularly on the export textile. He has countries that will generally buy at higher rates than others hence he does his research and sets the prices accordingly.

It is noteworthy that…


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Michael E.P. & Mark R.K., (2006). Strategy and Society: The Link Between Competitive

Business Situation if You Were John Martin
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business situation if you were John Martin?

Mexico is the third largest trading partner of the United States. This partnership has thrived courtesy of NAFTA agreement between the U.S. And Mexico. The two countries have become more than siblings since the implementation of the agreement. U.S. firms investing in Mexico have historically gained an increase in profits and economic viability. I would advise John Martin to invest in Mexico as it has proven to reduce costs involved in the production. This will help boost the company's manufacturing output because it has never experienced before the enactment of NAFTA (Keesing and Martin 34).

Currently, the survival of the company is uncertain since NAFTA does not eliminate tariffs as it only allows its companies to chip products to foreign nations by providing an increase in quotas. If Martin's Textiles fails to shift its operations to Mexico, it risks losing major customers because…

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Economics Market
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North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Specifically, it will present the pros and cons of NAFTA, and how it will affect the apparel industry, especially in the California and/or Los Angeles market. It will consider such factors as how it affects the job market, manufacturers, contractors, etc.


The NAFTA agreement has been controversial since it first began in 1992. Many experts felt that the United States would lose a large amount of jobs to Mexico, because of lower wages and fewer trade union restrictions. It created Free Trade between Mexico, Canada, and the United States, and eliminated a large number of tariffs on a sliding scale over the next fifteen years. "On 12 August 1992, the United States, Canada, and Mexico agreed on a plan for free trade that would gradually eliminate tariffs over fifteen years and stimulate trade and investment. hile protecting the 1988 free…

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Opening a Business
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Opening a usiness

Setting up a clothing business in Germany: Discussing the four variables

German textile and clothing industry is among the oldest and consists mainly of SMEs; the sector remains the second largest manufacturer of consumer articles in the country, after the food industry.

Germany has a liberal foreign investment policy. Despite persistence of structural rigidities in the labor market and extensive government regulation, the economy remains strong and internationally competitive. Although production costs are very high, Germany is still an export powerhouse. Additionally, Germany is strategically placed to take advantage of the rapidly growing central European countries.

The current government has addressed some of the country's structural problems, with important tax, social security, and financial sector reforms. At present production and processing of resources is often carried out by suppliers from Asia or Eastern Europe and by branch plants in such countries. This is much cheaper than producing…


1. Web link: 

2. Doing Business in Germany: A Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies. File: CCG2005.pdf

3. FY2001 Country Commercial Guide Germany. File: germany_ccg2001.pdf


Maxx Company -- Strategic Marketing Plan Tk
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Maxx Company -- Strategic Marketing Plan

TK Maxx Strategic Marketing Plan

TK Maxx is expanding beyond the brick and mortar footprint that helped it rise to the top of retail operations in the United Kingdom. As with its competitors, TK Maxx has entered the mobile digital market and is implementing multiple distribution channels (McVey, 1960). The company has a clear target market that transcends the various channels over which its goods are marketed. This is the case because the market segment targeted by TK Maxx is made up of digital natives or consumers who have discovered the benefits of being technologically savvy -- particularly for shopping.

The marketing objectives for TK Maxx were identified as follows:

To increase market share for kid's shoes by 25% by September 2018.

To increase market share in home textiles by 15% by September 2018.

To increase e-commerce sales of designer bags and accessories by…


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Case study: Total Logistics takes it to the max for TK Maxx. (2001) Total Logistics. Available at

Turkey's Economy the Republic of
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6 billion cu m in 2005; natural gas export - 0 cu m in 2004; natural gas imports - 21.73 billion cu m in 2004; natural gas proved reserves - 8.495 billion cu m in 2005; current account balance - -$25.99 billion in 2006; exports - $85.21 billion f.o.b. In 2006; exports commodities - apparel, foodstuffs, textiles, metal manufactures, transport equipment; imports partners - Germany 11.7%, ussia 11%, Italy 6.5%, China 5.9%, France 5%, USA 4.6%, UK 4% in 2005; reserves of foreign exchange and gold - $53.42 billion in 2006; external debt - $193.6 billion in 2006; exchange rates - Turkish liras per U.S. dollar: 1.4286 in 2006, 1.3436 in 2005, 1.4255 in 2004, 1.5009 in 2003, 1.5072 in 2002 (CIA, 2007).

Turkey's agricultural sector

Turkey's agriculture is not one of the modernized sectors of the country's economy. In fact, agriculture is the traditional part of Turkey's economy that…

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Bauhaus Movement Refers to the
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" (Nora FitzGerald, 2002)

Bauhaus popularized functional design, a technique that focused specifically on the major functions of everything including buildings, textiles, tables, lamps etc. To make them more easily accessible and usable. Bauhaus artists were the first to understand the needs of the new urban breed of workers who were looking for cleaner and sleeker design in everything in order to make better use of space without feeling cramped. Gropius decided to combine Academy with the Weimar Arts and Crafts School to provide new and more comprehensive training in design. Two persons trained each student: an artist and an expert craftsman to develop "creative ambidexterity." (2)

While cubism, expressionism and Dadaism inspired early Bauhaus designs, the later designs rarely ever bore any resemblance to these art movements. The reason being that Bauhaus took birth in highly chaotic times and it took some time for the movement to gain momentum…


Frank Whitford, Bauhaus -- the world of Art, Thames & Hudson; (April 1984)

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Augusta Canal
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Augusta Canal. There are eight references used for this paper.

Augusta, Georgia has been a thriving textile center for over a hundred years. It is interesting to look at the history of the Augusta Canal, as well as its influence in the past and present.

Beginning Ideas

Southerners during the 1830's and 1840's were concerned that the cotton states were dependent on the industrialization of the Northern states financially, and looked for ways to make their cities prosperous. In "Augusta, Georgia, the city financed the construction of one of the earliest power and transportation canals in the South, which created an industrial base still important to the area's economy (

hile construction did not actually begin until 1845, the concept of "harnessing the Savannah River and building a power canal had been considered as early as 1828, when the Augusta editor to the Georgia Courier debated the possibility of a…

Works Cited

Augusta Canal. (accessed 10 April 2004).


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The Augusta Chronicle, Ga. Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News. (2001): 05 May.

Subtle Disapprobation of Labor Conditions the Harbinger's
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Subtle Disapprobation of Labor Conditions

The Harbinger's magazine article, "Female Workers of Lowell," which was initially published November 14, 1836 by an unidentified author, is one of the earliest surviving accounts of conditions of labor (not associated with institutionalized, chattel slavery) in the post-Industrial era United States of America. This particular excerpt, which details the living and working quarters of an entirely female textile mill presumably in the North Eastern (New England) region of the U.S., is decidedly sympathetic to the harsh existence many young female labors were forced to endure. However, this sympathy is tempered by the powerful economic impetus of profit, or capital (as it is termed in the magazine article), which was used to justify the development and implementation of just such means of industrialization. A close read of the text illustrates the fact that the author begins the article favoring the institution of such an oppressive…

Nature of U S -mexican Trade Relations it Is
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nature of U.S.-Mexican trade relations, it is difficult indeed not to think of the statement of Mexican President Porfirio Diaz at the turn of the last century, "Poor Mexico, so far from God, and so close to the United States." For Mexico does continue to seem to occupy a benighted position vis-a-vis its richer and more powerful neighbor to the north, a position that is in no small measure defined and continually recreated by the nature and mechanisms of international trade between the two nations. This paper examines the nature of the trade relations between the United States and Mexico in the light of several classical economics theories and models as well as in respect to recent developments in the wake of the 1992 signing of the NAFTA accord and the last decade's worth of increasing globalization.

Economic Theories and Models

We begin by discussing and summarizing some of the…


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Italian Business
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People by Edoardo Nesi

"the Story of My People" by Eduardo Nesi

"the Story of My People" by Eduardo Nesi


Learning One: Business Trade

Learning Two: Financial Analysis

Learning Three: Denouncement of Big Business

Learning Four: Corrupt Politicians

Lesson Five: Haughtiness of Economists

How does the book apply to International Business?

"The Story of My People" by Eduardo Nesi

In the Italian city of Prato, Eduardo Nesi's family owned a textile factory that was really small and it was located in Tuscany. However, some time I September 2004 Nesi had to sell it for the reason that there was no way to keep it in tip top condition so that it could compete against its rivals. Apparently, it was just too much trouble. In a world of international and free trade the house was not making any kind of profit and in…

H&M Trade Comparative Advantages
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Comparative Advantages

1. The question of whether agreements like OPT should be restricted and apparel retailers be allowed to import from the most cost-effective countries is a false dichotomy. The two are not mutually exclusive. If there is an OPT agreement within the EU, that does not force H&M to buy from EU nations; it simply gives them an incentive to do so. H&M can still trade with other nations, under whatever trade agreements exist between the EU and those nations. If India and China have competitive advantage in textiles, then they will win the trade. But by no means is H&M forced to trade within the EU.

The reality that even with an OPT agreement, EU producers still do not have competitive advantage – that India and China exist as lower-cost producers – certainly calls into question the value of having the OPT agreements at all. The agreements probably…

Liberal Capitalism Is the Ideology
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Flax was a major industry because of the ease of production. The prosaic nature of the homespun ideal led it to be the symbol of the revolution. It also induced progress. enjamin Franklin referred to it as the "first Ages of the world." ut this was linked to European finery, historically made from the animal skins of the Indians, who did not have a cloth-making industry. In his 1787 Notes on the State of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson declared all forms of manufacturing, including household, as a mortal threat to American virtue. As the American president in 1806, he drew the attention of Cherokee chiefs on the civilizing effect of spinning and weaving their own cotton cloths. In 1812, Jefferson and John Adams agreed to a common homespun vision of commercial progress (Zakim).

The overall view is that capitalism threatens or hinders democracy (Muller 2007). Capitalism involves an inequality of reward,…


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Opening a Business
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Opening a Business

An Analysis of the Political and Legal Environment for a Clothing Business in Germany Today

The purpose of this study is to determine the viability of establishing a clothing outlet in Germany today based on the existing political and legal climate for business. At first blush, it would appear that Germany represents an exciting opportunity for virtually any type of commercial enterprise; for example, the German economy is the largest in Europe and the fifth largest in the world, and Germany has more people than any other nation in Europe (Germany 2005:1). Further, the country remains a key member of the continent's economic, political, and defense organizations and has assumed a new leadership role in world affairs today. For a clothing business, Germany would also seem a logical choice since the German people have always expressed a keen desire to keep up with the latest fashions from…

Works Cited

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