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Why is it hard for TiVo to do PR?

Doing PR for TiVo is extremely difficult as the case illustrates. At the most fundamental level the benefits of the system are not easily defined through common allegories, as there are no comparable products or services available (during the period of the TiVo launch and case study timeframes). Compounding these challenges is the lack of feature richness and lack of user ergonomics and support for customizing workflows to meet the unique needs of customers. Unlike other services that will align to the specific preferences or needs of a customer, the TiVo does not. These limitations have made getting consumers to change their habits extremely difficult.

Extending beyond the product itself and its innate challenges in terms of messaging and PR, there are the further channels of managing the distribution channel as well. Classical consumer electronics distribution channels are designed to support complex sales that are more system-based and less stand-alone device oriented. Adding to this is the lack of advertising strategy to pull customers into stores and competitors who quickly emerged offering the same service at no charge (as Time Warner does today for example throughout much of their coverage area).

News brief about ethical issues for 200 words with references and should include what the news story is about, where you heard/read about it, and offer an ethical judgment or editorial opinion about the action of what should be done

In the Economist article No Hiding Place (Economist, 2013) the author interviews researchers at IBM's Almaden Research Centre in San Jose, California who have found in ingenious algorithm that can predict preferences and needs. This same technology can be used for monitoring anyone on Twitter and in the…

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What is particularly challenging about this from an ethical standpoint is that there is no notice given to the person being monitored that they are being studied. Further, the depth of these psychological profiles have not been disclosed to the general public, so while the author of this article states the five dimensions of personality, there is actually no clear definition of ethical boundaries given (Economist, 2013). What is troubling about this from an ethical standpoint is that any company or government organization could use this technology to monitor a person and they would be completely unaware. The entire technology, without opt-ion, presents a significant challenge from the standpoint of rights to digital and online privacy not easily solved with an algorithm that can parse widely available public data.

Source: Personality, Social Media and Marketing: No Hiding Place, The Economist Online. March 25, 2013 Source: http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21578357-plan-assess-peoples-personal-characteristics-their-twitter-streams-no

Write about servant leadership and Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility should include ( Students will propose and devise a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project for their employer (current or past). As such they will design the project so that it creates value for one or more stakeholders. The proposed program should be consistent with Porter and Kramer's (2006) criteria of "strategic CSR" so that it also creates value

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