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Turnover Rate Essays (Examples)

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Strategies to Improve Retention Rates at a Consulting Firm
Words: 2352 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 75835646
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Executive Summary
Although the precise causes differ from organization to organization, the high costs that are associated with unplanned turnover are well documented. In fact, in some professions, replacement costs for employees can easily equal their annual salary or even more, so identifying strategies to reduce turnover rates represents a valuable and timely enterprise. To this end, the purpose of this proposal is to provide a description of the problems of interest and what can be done to mitigate these issues. A description of the implications of implementing the career management program is followed by the key recommendation that emerged from the research. These recommendations include providing employees with a career management plan that motivates them to acquire additional education and training as well as instilling an enhanced sense of organizational loyalty to reduce turnover levels. In addition, a secondary recommendation concerns the need to encourage employees to develop their…

Reducing Blood Culture Contamination Rates
Words: 880 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19995512
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" (North, 2005)

Plan Design

As indicated from the literature review, an effective approach to establishing a performance improvement process is to establish a 'Champion" to drive the process through the organization and to obtain ensure management is on track with the program and the efforts of the performance improvement staff

. The role of nurses in performance improvement programs is critical and integral to the overall effectiveness of the program. According to, "Nurses are critical to the delivery of high-quality, efficient care. Lessons from Magnet program hospitals and hospitals implementing front-line staff driven performance improvement programs such as Transforming Care at the Bedside illustrate how nurses and staff, supported by leadership, can be actively involved in improving both the quality and the efficiency of hospital care." (Needleman, Hassmiller, 2009)

The reference is to illustrate how critical nurses are to the overall effectiveness of a performance improvement program. The time…


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Employees' Turnover on Human Resource
Words: 1953 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41947941
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In this context, a question is being posed relative to the measures which could be taken in order to increase employees' on the job satisfaction and reduce the high turnover rates. The following strategies could be implemented in both Hong Kong vehicle companies, as well as within all companies facing the challenges of high employee turnover rates. Yet, what should be remembered is that the following suggestions are merely theoretical and that they should be customized to fit the specific particularities of each separate entity. These being said, the suggestions to improving employee retention are as follows:

Increasing salaries; higher wages will generally determine people to be more committed to the job and to the employer

Offering other financial incentives, such as premiums and bonuses; these should be offered based on performances, but also based on efforts

Offering various non-financial incentives, such as flexible working schedules or the organization of…


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Counselor Turnover in Substance Abuse
Words: 2580 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93530681
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As a caveat, it must be noted that the measures of turnover varied across centers. epresenting 62% of the treatments centers, hospitals overwhelmingly constituted the largest group, with only 31% of centers classified as for-profit. Centers of both types averaged approximately 115 clients each, ranging, on average, over four or five levels of care. The demographic composition of the couselor workforce was 57% female, 13% minority group members, 50% with graduate degrees, 56% certified, and 37% in recovery. Counselors' salaries averaged $30,134, with a range of $15,000 -- $62,640. With respect to the client population, an average of 54% had experienced a relapse. Twenty-nine percent will in a program due to a court mandate. Twenty-six percent of clients were covered by Medicaid and 18% were covered by managed care.


McNulty et al. tested ten hypotheses in four conceptual blocks of variables. Their "key hypotheses" (p. 173) concerned the role…


McNulty, T.L., Oser, C.B., Johnson, J.A., Knudsen, H.K., & Roman, P.M. (2007).

Counselor turnover in substance abuse treatment centers: An organizational-level analysis. Sociological Inquiry, 77 (2), 166 -- 193.

Health System Management and the Use of New Grad Program for Reducing Turnover
Words: 2457 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 39644169
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Reducing Turnover in New Graduate Residence Program

Introduction- The process of recruiting and training, particularly in high-impact fields like healthcare, has become increasingly complex and expensive. Turnover is the rate at which an organization gains or loses employees. High turnover means that more employees are leaving more rapidly, which can be harmful to productivity and finances. Real costs of hiring including recruitment time, opportunity costs, and investment in both the new employee and the staff in Human Resources. Indirect costs include training, loss of production, reduction of performance levels, overtime due to inexperience, etc. In fact, this issue is so important that in for-profit organizations, the cost of employee turnover is estimated to be about 150% of the total payroll and benefit package (Rothwell, 2012). One needs to also understand the high costs of post-employment; drug-screening, physical exams, orientation, learning curve, coaching from others, etc. Staff time is difficult to…

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Expatriate Management Reducing Turnover Enhacing Performance Defining
Words: 3877 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6530908
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Expatriate Management

educing Turnover

enhacing performance






Oce' Printing systems is an international company which specializes in original ICT applications and productive user-friendly systems, such as nonfunctional and multifunctional printers, plotters, copiers, scanners, as well as print management, document management, archiving, color management, design tools and image manipulator. Services provided by Oce' printing company includes consulting services, implementation services, education services, support services and facility services. (Oce' Website)

In addition to providing a wide range of products and services, Oce employs many European expatriates. As Oce continues to expand and keep updated and advanced on the latest and newest technologies, they must keep high quality employees, and a mixture of different cultures on their teams. One of the goals of this company is to decrease the high turnover rate and increase employee satisfaction European expatriates, of course do have…


Oce Printing Systems Website

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Trends in Correctional Officer Turnover
Words: 510 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41192218
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Correction Officer Turnover

This work intends to review two articles, which both have as their subject the increase in Correctional officer turnovers and to compare why correctional officer turnover is a trend in today's agencies and how the articles relate.

Udechukwu, et al. (2007)

The work of Udechukwu, et al. (2007) entitled "The Georgia Department of Corrections: An Exploratory eflection on Correctional Officer Turnover and its Correlates" reports an exploratory study that was conducted for the purpose of determining the reasons for correctional officer turnover at the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC). It is stated that strategic workforce planning "has played an increasing role in human resource related activities of "many state public agencies in Georgia. The GDC is no exception. The GDC's strategic workforce objectives are aimed at anticipating potential gaps in employee competencies, diversity and staffing, which if unchecked, could potentially create work challenges for the GDC. The…


Udechukwu, I.I. (2009) Correctional Officer Turnover: Of Maslow's Needs Hierarchy and Herzberg's Motivation Theory Public Personel Management- Summer 2009 Issue

Manyak, T., Segal, S. And Graham, S. (2007) The Georgia Department of Corrections: An Exploratory Reflection on Correctional Officer Turnover and its Correlates. Public Personel Management- Fall 2007 Issue

Retainment & Recruitment High Turnover
Words: 1599 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 12070857
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However, when comparing the training costs of implementing a more robust training system in comparison to the costs of continuously loosing a large percentage of the workforce, it becomes even clearer that more training is the better cost.

With so few nurses available, it is only a matter of time until the quality of care in the United States is negatively affected. With one of the largest demographics, the baby boomers, approaching old age where they would need quality care, many are left wondering how our healthcare organizations will handle such massive nursing shortages with such massive patient surges. One thing is clear, more on-the-job training is an absolute must in order to help provide a more supportive environment for today's new nurses and to help keep retention levels as low as humanly possible.


American Organization of Nurse Executives. (2002). Acute care hospital survey of V vacancy and turnover…


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Rosseter, Robert. (2009). Nursing shortage fact sheet. AACN Media. Retrieved December 4, 2009 from

Dealing With Turnover HRM
Words: 2142 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73544797
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businesses, in particular because there is a productivity drop that occurs when an experienced worker is replaced by an inexperienced one. What happens is that the company will see productivity drop, and this can affect the financial results, so the more turnover there is the worse the financial impact will be. If the turnover rate is high enough, as occurs in poorly-run establishments, then it becomes the blind leading the blind and the organization's effectiveness is likely to be plummet.

The influences of turnover include perceived lack of procedural justice, lower than market compensation, and a perceived lack of a career pathway. Employees want to feel that there is mutual commitment between them and the organization, but they also want to feel that they are working towards their life goals, and that the company is a place where they can do that. Providing such a vision is important to employee…


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Nursing Turnover and Leadership
Words: 1266 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52245752
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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management
Nursing turnover is one of the most important issues facing the health care industry today. Turnover rates increase costs for health care facilities and decrease the quality of care for patients, as new nurses constantly need to be trained and a lack of experience throughout the department can mean that patients suffer ultimately from a continuous rotation of novices (Twibell, 2012). Han, Trinkoff and Geiger-Brown (2014) have shown that various factors can impact turnover rates: nurses can be burned out by working too many shifts or consecutive hours; they can feel overburdened and unsupported; they can feel that they are not empowered to actually care for the patients they way they were taught they should. All of this can contribute to high turnover rates in nursing. This paper will discuss the ways leaders/managers can address the problem, the approach that I would personally prefer,…

High Turnover of Both Senior
Words: 3079 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29928061
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In this second phase of interviews with senior management, both direct and indirect studies of the congruence of their behavior and actions with the cultural norms and values they verbally endorse will be compared with their actual behaviors and actions. Seeing if the senior management of Acme Software "walks the talk" of empowering employees and honoring their contributions will be evaluated. While these two attributes are not specifically called out in the case details, there is the very good chance that these values are regularly endorsed by senior management. The congruence of their many statements and their actions needs to be qualified through a series of observations and interviews, because disconnects at this level would reverberate quickly throughout the remainder of the company. If the senior managers below the C-level executives sense a less that complete commitment to making the most of peoples' talents and abilities, and allowing them to…


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Effects of High Nursing Turnover to the Patients and Shareholders
Words: 702 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50422889
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High Nursing Turnover in a Hospital Affecting Patient Operations

In every healthcare institution, it is the expectation of every patient to receive adequate medical care when he/she visits the health care institution. Often, the hospital management and stakeholders must always ensure that all patients are treated as their health needs require. This will be critical in maintaining and enhancing the reputation of the hospital. However, when the patient is visiting the hospital increases, it will reach an extent that the nurses and other staff working in the hospital are overwhelmed. When the nurses and other staff are overwhelmed, the patients will not receive satisfactory medical care (Bae, Mark, & Fried, 2010). In the end, the hospital's reputation will be severely affected. Since not all the patients will be served as expected, they will opt to visit other near hospitals to seek better services. The hospital will receive stiff competition due…


Bae SH, Mark B, & Fried B. (2010). Impact of Nursing Unit Turnover on Patient Outcomes in Hospitals. J Nurs Scholarsh. 42(1):40-9. doi: 10.1111/j.1547-5069.2009.01319.x.

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Negative Interest Rate Japan
Words: 6967 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36751911
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On January 29th, 2016, the Japanese government instituted a negative interest rate for the first time in history. The stated objective of this policy is to "encourage banks to lend, business to invest and savers to spend," but the policy has come under heavy criticism. It is, ultimately, a high-risk policy that essentially takes Japan into uncharted waters (euters, 2016). To suggest that this policy is unorthodox is an understatement, but it highlights the rather unique position that Japan is in with respect to its economy. Economists in particular will be observing what happens with this policy closely, because it is a new situation, and the impacts can only be theorized at this point. This paper will outline the context for this decision, and analyze whether it not this is a good move by the Bank of Japan.

Background on the Japanese Economy, 1940s to 1980s

Understanding how this…


Einhorn, B. (2016). Abenomics? How about Kurodanomics? NewWeek Retrieved April 22, 2016 from (2016). GDP real growth chart, Japan. Retrieved April 22, 2016 from 

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Nutrition & Cancer Rates
Words: 3994 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 73183034
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In the daily diet; (5) Include cruciferous vegetables in the diet. (russels sprouts, kohlrabi and cauliflower); (6) Consume alcoholic beverages only moderately; and (7) Only moderately consume salt-cured, smoked and nitrate cured foods. (American Cancer Society, 1984, pp. 122-123) What little was understood about nutrition as it relates to cancer rates is summed up in the following specific food categories by the American Cancer Society in its 1984 report:

Food Additives -- chemicals of a variety are added to foods for improving the color and flavor of the foods and to preserve the foods. While some of these have been banned due to having been shown to cause cancer in animals others are believed to protect against carcinogens.

Vitamin E -- Vitamin E is an oxidant and while it may prevent cancer in animals more research is needed of the role Vitamin E plays in preventing cancer in humans.



American Cancer Society.: Nutrition for the Person with Cancer: A Guide for Patients and Families. Atlanta, Ga: American Cancer Society, Inc., 2000.

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Organizational Behavior Case Study
Words: 1948 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 6563198
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Organizational Behavior Case Study


esidential care facility's staff plays an important role in the daily lives of residents; unfortunately these facilities are usually faced with organizational obstacles and lack of information that prevents them from taking proper care of residents (Smith, 1998). This organizational behavioral case study is about a residential care facility which is part of a parent company that runs six different residential care facilities. The management of the company observed, this residential care facility facing serious problems. Turnover rate was high, performance was poor and economic losses were high.

In order to diagnose and solve the problem; parent company conducted a culture survey in all of its residential care facilities in which each member was bound to participate. The results were satisfactory for all residential care facilities except this care facility which showed totally negative results.

Looking at this serious situation; management hired a new…


Atchison, J. (1998). Perceived job satisfaction factors of nursing assistants employed in Midwest Nursing

Homes. Geriatric Nursing.

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p.57 in Newstrom, J. & Davis, K. (1993). Organization Behavior: Human Behavior at Work.

Expatriate Employees it Is Common for People
Words: 1523 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5179662
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Expatriate Employees

It is common for people to travel far and wide for employment opportunities. It is a difficult task not just for the workers but their families as well. The living conditions, health sanitation and many other difficulties often cause these individuals to regret their choice and quit the job. The paper highlights the expatriate issues and the significant and life altering role that H can play in this respect.

It is very important to understand what exactly an Expatriate Employee is before matters like: problems faced by them and the reasons for their high turnover rates are delved into.

In simple terms the word 'expatriate' refers to any person working in a country other than his or her native or birth country. This individual could be employed by one of their native 'Multi-national Corporations' and then selected to represent them abroad, in which case they can also be…


Expatriate Law and Legal Definition (2012). U.S. Legal. Retrieved June 7th from 

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Staffing at Piedmont Airlines Finding Solutions at
Words: 3190 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53068968
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Staffing at Piedmont Airlines

Finding solutions at Piedmont Airlines

Overview of Organization

Piedmont Airlines is a fully owned subsidiary of U.S. Airways. U.S. Airways is the 6th largest airline in the United States (Piedmont Airlines, Inc., 2011). Piedmont flies 440 daily departures to 55 cities throughout the Eastern United States and Canada. They operate 44 DeHaviland DHC-8 Turbo prop aircraft as their primary fleet. The headquarters is based in Salisbury, Maryland. They employ nearly 4000 aviation professionals (Piedmont Airlines, Inc., 2011).

Like many organizations, Piedmont is facing problems with employee morale. Low employee morale is closely linked to high turnover rates in many organizations. Low morale also leads to low productivity. Employee satisfaction is one of the most important factors in maintaining an experienced workforce. Poor morale leads to excessive employee absences and a higher absence rate (CCH, 2007). This costs the company money and lost time. It also has…


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Grawitch, M., Gottschalk, M., & Munz, D. (2006). "The Path to a Healthy Workplace: A Critical

Review Blinking Healthy Workplace Practices, Employee Well Being, and Organizational Improvements." Consulting Psychology Journal Practice and Research.

58 (3): 129-147.

Direct and Indirect Costs Associated
Words: 1782 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3739474
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" (Thomas, Hutcheson, Porterfield, and Pierannunzi, 1994)

Summary and Conclusion

It is clear that employee turnover is very costly to organizations and as noted in the introduction of this study employee turnover rates are as high as 23.4% in some industries, which demonstrates a very large financial cost to these organizations. As demonstrated by this report the costs associated with employee turnover are costs both of the direct and indirect nature. Costs for employee turnover on the average (average employee's salary, mid-size organization) are generally 150% of the employee's annual salary. Clearly, the organization with the least employee turnover is the organization that will realize the most profit and the most productivity. There are methods of avoiding employee turnover which have only been briefly touched upon within the scope of this present research but are methods that hold promise for the organization in the reduction of employee turnover and the…


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Latest BLS Employee Turnover Rates for Year Ending August 2006 (2006) Retention Management and Metrics. Nobscot Corporation. Online available at .

Strategic HR Putting it All Together
Words: 612 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93390947
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Strategic Human Resource Management

Human resource management has always been an important part of the organizational planning and strategy but over the past few years, its role has shifted from purely traditionalist to more strategic and hence the sudden surge in the use of the term "Strategic HRM." Strategic management of human resource is not just hogwash because the change has been important as focus shifted from laws and regulations to people. raditionally Human resource managers like myself were mostly involved with the job of making sure that organization was complying with various rules, regulations and laws. But when the strategic alignment was introduced, we moved to more important and critical component of organization i.e. its people. By aligning people's needs with goals of the company, it was believed that we could get better results at lower costs and hence the need for integration of needs with goals was stressed.…

The document chronicles the improvement in turnover situation since 2007. In 2007, we had a reasonably high turnover rate of 15% annually. Though some would say that 15% was not something to worry about, it must be noted that we are a small organization and 15% for us means thousands of wasted dollars in recruitment and training. We need to control this turnover rate in order to able to become more cost efficient and also improve employee morale and productivity. We first identified the most common reasons for an employee to leave the organization within first two years of joining. We identified the problem areas and worked on them by paying closer attention to what employees needed and how it all could be changed so employees' grievances were effectively addressed and all necessary steps were taken to make them feel important and to give them a sense of ownership in the organization. These measures worked and last year we had only a 4% turnover rate which was a major improvement and we are consistently working to maintain and even lower the existing turnover rate.

Financial Gains:

The organization was doing well in 2007 as well but lately the financial health has improved significantly due to cost effectiveness that we have achieved through lower turnover and higher employee productivity. In the third quarter of 2007, the company reported profits amounting to $1.5 million and last year, we reported profits in the neighborhood of $2.2 million. The company attributes this success to effective strategic alignment of employee needs and company goals and we are very proud of our achievements since adorning this new role.

Risk Return and Their Evaluation Risk &
Words: 1454 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68660864
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isk, eturn and Their Evaluation

isk & Performance Indicators

Since this is a small business, therefore raising equity capital through public stock issue is less likely than debt or whatever form of paper issued to angel or venture investors. Therefore while a larger, publicly traded firm would consider the return on equity version of the short form DuPont equation, a small, more closely-held concern would focus on return on assets (OA). If OA is net income over sales times sales over total assets, i.e. net income over total assets, then any action that could increase the numerator, total income, or shrink the denominator(s) should increase OA compared to past performance within the firm and the competition outside it. If competitors all use the same (best) plant, then maximizing efficiency of the same assets through process or brand innovation; input cost reductions, and also financial performance like minimizing payables days over…


Investopedia (2011). How to calculate required rate of return. Forex. 25 Feb. 2011. Retrieved


Advantages and Disadvantages of Human Resources
Words: 3084 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60755824
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changing and competitive workplace and environment, it has become vital for the organizations to come up with effective strategies for maximum and efficient use of resources (eich, 1991). The most important and critical resource for any organization is the human resource or man power. It has become difficult to find and retain skilled and trained human resource. Organizations are facing increasing challenges in this regard and are striving to formulate effective and efficient human resource policy and practices. The role and importance of human resources and man power is being understood by the organizations in response to the altering and uncertain business landscape and environment.

It is necessary to have proper and well stated policies and standards for hiring, training, appraising, compensating, and utilizing human resources. Efficient human resources and employees facilitate the organization in achieving its strategic goals and objectives. For this reason it is necessary to have strong…


Arthur, J. (1992). The link between business strategy and industrial relations systems in American steel mini mills. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 45, 488-506.

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Resolving Organizational Culture Issues Situational Overview and
Words: 2326 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74471393
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esolving Organizational Culture Issues

Situational Overview and Background of the Issues

The organisation consists of 43 employees managed by a management team of 3 males in their middle 60s: a Director, General Manager, and National Sales Manager. The average age of the employees is 30, and only 3 of the employees are female. The 3 managers all adhere to very outdated authoritarian management styles and communication patterns, routinely resorting to verbal abuse and screaming. The managers maintain very high expectations; meanwhile, they pay their employees less than is standard within their industry. Female employees are paid even less for doing the same jobs as their male counterparts and they receive less respect and deference than male colleagues in identical positions. The management team spends a large percentage of company profits, partly because they adamantly refuse to adopt newer technologies that have already become standard in contemporary business organisations as well…


Avolio, B.J., Walumbwa, F.O., and Weber, T.J. "Leadership: Current Theories,

Research, and Future Directions." Annual Review of Psychology, Vol. 60 (2009).

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Fitch, B. "Good Decisions: Tips and Strategies for Avoiding Psychological Traps." FBI

Compensation and Benefit Systems Implemented at a Major United States Company
Words: 1722 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 46076019
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Fun is Good

The Benefits of Google Inc.

The benefits and compensation system for Google Inc. is both varied and complex. It offers many options for the worker at Google Inc. And is meant to increase employee retention rates within the company. Compensation and benefits systems enable leaders to generate and maintain a chance for an effective mechanism that stimulates a culture of self-empowerment, creative modernization, and self-motivating employees. Google is among the top companies in promoting self-motivation and innovation within its employee pool leading to its continual success and high profits.

Google Inc. has become one of the top 100 companies in the world with profits increasing since its formation in 1998 and its first public offering in 2004. Ever since the mid-2000's, Google has received a steady wave of success. "Companies like Cisco Inc. And Google Inc. have structured their leadership to provide the best environment to motivate…

Works Cited

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Glassdoor. "Google Salaries and Benefits." Glassdoor. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Feb. 2014. .

Human Resources Managers From Three Different HR
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96542971
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Human Resources

Managers from three different HR departments (from three separate companies) were interviewed concerning the management, job duties and focus of their respective HR departments. A summary of each of their responses is included below.

All three companies look to hire experienced HR personnel and then require them to attend training courses. In addition to outside courses, both the second and the third companies required their HR personnel to attend conferences and in-house sessions as well.

The first company's ROI is determined by calculating the average length of employment and the company turnover rate. The average cost per hire is not calculated by the first or the second company and although the third company does not specifically calculate the average cost per hire they do have a focus on retention due to the cost of hiring new employees.

Each company presented different answers in regards to trends effecting their…

Third Topic of Compatibility Problems
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The fourth topic "The effect of bonus schemes on staff turnover rates in the countries in which my company operates" is a good topic, as long as the countries are specified. This topic relates directly to the Managing People course as it brings together two human resources fundamentals -- motivation and retention. The linkages between motivation schemes and retention should have a lot of literature.

Since multiple countries are going to be used in this study, the other variables should be kept relatively simple. Presumably one company is going to be studied -- it cannot be your own. A company will need to work with you on a project like this, since motivation schemes and turnover rates are not often made public. If the company is consistent with its motivational strategies, that would make for a better review. Under that scenario the title would be something like "The effect of…

Staffing Organization
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Staffing Organization

Describe competency modeling. Steps to establish competency models in an organization

Competency model refers to the process of describing and analyzing various aspects of abilities, knowledge, and skills present within the organization. It also relates to the abilities, skills, and knowledge the organization requires recruiting for the purposes of achievement of a competitive advantage. Competency modeling is an essential tool or component in accordance to its application in various human resource activities thus offers an opportunity for examination of high performance and success competency characteristics. Competency modeling is essential towards the achievement of results thus creation of value within the organization. Organizations must focus on understanding the core needs for competency such as skills, behaviors, and abilities vital for the achievement of business results or output (Ambastha & Momaya, 2004).

In the establishment of the competency model within an organization, the manager should focus on six critical steps…


Schmidt, T., & Jensen, P. (2012). Social networks and regional recruitment of foreign labor:

Firm recruitment methods and spatial sorting in Denmark* Social networks and regional recruitment of foreign labor: Firm recruitment methods and spatial sorting in Denmark.

Papers in Regional Science, 91(4), 795-821

Ambastha, A., & Momaya, K.K. (2004). Competitiveness of Firms: Review of Theory,

Pay Structure Southeastern Oklahoma State University Is
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Pay Structure:

Southeastern Oklahoma State University is a growing university that has been characterized with professor and employee turnover rate. Since the rate is becoming a major concern, the institution is currently working on their pay structure in order to overcome this challenge. Notably, one of the major concerns for the institution is whether to conduct a survey when developing the pay structure. The need for conducting a survey is a crucial concern for the institution given that every organization must develop its own pay policy line, which is a trend line that best represents the value of jobs that are considered to have specific worth (Henderson, 2006, p.266).

Similar to many organizations, Southeastern Oklahoma State University should conduct a survey since the procedure for establishing a trend line or pay policy involves identifying the market rates for various benchmark jobs that cater for…


"Developing a Competitive Pay Structure." (n.d.). Fox Lawson & Associates LLC. Retrieved

November 11, 2013, from 

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Classic Airlines a Nine Step Cost Reduction
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Classic Airlines

A Nine Step Cost Reduction Plan

Describe the Situation

Identifying the Potential Cause of the Problem

Verifying the Likely Causes by Gathering Data

Identifying Possible Solutions

Evaluating Alternative Solutions

Determining the Best Solution

Identifying and Assessing the Risks

Implementing the Solution

Evaluate the Results

Classic Airlines is currently the world's fifth largest airline which is operating a remarkable 2,300 flights daily to over 240 cities. In the previous period, net profits were roughly $10 million on $8.7 billion in revenues. However, Classic is experiencing negative publicity, declining stock prices, as well as the rising costs of fuel and labor over the past year. Furthermore the destructive reports coupled with low employee morale resulted in Classic's Board of Directors requiring a 15% cost reduction over the next 18 months. Management must quickly act to implement a nine-step problem solving method to overcome the obstacles and provide solutions to meet…

China Can Best Compete With
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In this situation, "compatibility problems" seems too vague a topic with which to work. The hypothesis would require a specific compatibility problem and study a different company in order to be valid. This will help to keep the dissertation manageable (Rockler-Gladen, 2007).

The fourth topic "The effect of bonus schemes on staff turnover rates in the countries in which my company operates" would, more or less, be valid. The country or countries should be specified. Otherwise, with a proper methodology developed, a hypothesis could be developed and tested, making this a valid dissertation topic. The topic is easily quantifiable and can be researched. The issue is contemporary and relevant both to academia and to industry. There will also be literature that can help to support the dissertation. Therefore, it meets the criteria of an acceptable dissertation topic.

The fifth topic, "An appraisal of Microsoft Office compared with its competitors" would…

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GE Aircraft Engines
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Work Teams

Today, work teams are increasingly being seen as an effective way of enhancing employee satisfaction and organizational productivity. However, though quite a number of organizations have benefited by embracing work teams, others have not been so lucky. In fact, teams have in some instances been blamed for increases in employee turnover rates. In this text, I discuss work teams in the context of the new GE factory charged with developing GE 90 (a wildly popular commercial jet engine from GE). In so doing, I will highlight instances where teams are considered most appropriate and those where they are not. Further, I will also suggest (with relevant reasons) the kind of teams we should use for our factory and how individuals working on those teams should be paid.


The main issue in this case is whether the adoption of teams in the case of the new GE plant…


Jackson, M.C. (2000). Systems Approaches to Management. Springer Williams, C. (2011). MGMT 4. South-Western Mason, OH: Cengage Learning

Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier
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Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier

Bank Teller Pay

Compensation in Wachovia Bank's Base Employee Tier

Banking Industry Practices

etention ates for Tellers

Opportunity Cost for Promotion

Enabling Cross-Selling

Consideration of Drawbacks

Compensation of tellers at Wachovia Bank is closely tied to turnover rates. Employee turnover is costly because resources must be expended to replace employees who leave. ecruitment and training can be expected to be approximately one-third of an employee's salary. In the banking industry, the turnover rate for tellers also impacts the bank's ability to efficaciously cross-sell investment products. High turnover rates of promotable employees contribute to increased expenditures by the human resources department since searches must be orchestrated with outside executive search consultants. The banking industry is in survival mode. In order for Wachovia Bank to survive in this industry, we must take care of our frontline. The frontline of Wachovia Bank is our tellers. A…


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612746-20209499 [Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK]

Treadway Analyze the Harvard Case the Treadway
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Analyze the Harvard case the Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant 2189

Analysis of Treadway Tire

Analysis of the Harvard case the Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant 2189

An analysis of the dilemma facing the Treadway Tire Company, particularly at its Lima plant in Ohio, is one that reveals many aspects and problematics of contemporary human resource management. This case is in essence a model for many of the themes and issues facing modern management and leadership in large-scale industry.

The Treadway Tire's plant in Lima has been confronted with high levels of job dissatisfaction, which is accompanied by high turnover rates, particularly among there line foremen at the company. This is partly due to the position of the foremen as they are uncomfortably situated between management and the unions. However, central to the…


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HR Retention Finding and Keeping the Right
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HR Retention

Finding and keeping the right employees are major problems especially to big businesses today, but the biggest headaches appear to confront the retail, food service (Catlette 2000) and the high-technology industries. The National Restaurant Association alone approximated the turnover among fast-food workers at 300% or so fast that by the time one gets his or her order of French fries, the worker might have made a change in his or her career (Catlette). Some Florida companies were reported to have taken bold steps at fighting off a 2.8% unemployment rate among hospitality workers in an attempt at insuring that breakfasts were cooked and served, beds made and park sideways swept. Disney was said to have gone as far as Puerto Rico offering airline tickets and bonuses for a year's contract as maids or food service workers (Catlette).

The most businesses hire workers-based competence and experience but values, style…


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Cnos Proposed Study
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civilians think of the nursing department in any well-run hospital, they often don't consider all the structure, organization and guidance which is required to make this department run as smoothly as it needs to be and to achieve the highest level of patient-centered goals. One position at the top of the pyramid of the nursing department is the position of Chief Nursing Officer or CNO. The Chief Nursing Officer is the person who is responsible for overseeing the crux of the entire nursing operation, ensuring that the entire team runs like a well-oiled machine and that all members are responsible for pulling their weight, following policy and engaging in the most proactive and balanced measures for patient centered goals (Dickson, 2008). This is without a doubt an extremely demanding job and absolutely requires a person who truly enjoys working with patients and other nurses, and thrives on the challenge of…


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Downsizing Has Become a Management
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Variables such as voluntary turnover rate, downsizing rate, and organizational commitment were measured. The researchers also included 12 measures as indices of human resource practices in the organizations. The survey also included questions asking about the existence of "an ombudsman who is designated to address any employee complaints, or a grievance or appeal process available to nonunion employees." [Trevor & Nyberg, pg (16)]

Overall it was found that downsizing occurred in 38% of the sample (102 companies). Logical regression analysis and multivariate tests were performed on the final completed data. The statistical analysis indicated that downsizing had a considerable effect on voluntary turnover rates. As a statistical measure one unit of downsizing increased voluntary turnover rate by .058%. The study also found that strong procedural justice practices as indicated by high rating of the HR measures tended to mitigate the negative effects of downsizing on the voluntary turnover rate. For…


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Financial Indicators That Can Be
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According to these analysts, "The implicit assumption underlying the price-to-earnings method is that the fair market value of the closely held business can be approximated from the market value of comparable publicly traded businesses. To implement this method, the valuator must be able to identify a set of presumed-to-be comparable publicly traded companies and obtain sufficient information on each to verify the extent of comparability from an economic, management, and financial perspective. No publicly traded company will be precisely comparable to the closely held business being valued, so informed judgment must be exercised" (p. 81). As a general rule, the smaller in size and the more limited the scope of activities of the business being valued, the less likely there will be a set of publicly traded companies that are comparable, or even a single comparable publicly traded company. Publicly traded companies are for the most part large, measured in…


Allen, M.F. & Cote, J. 2005, "Creditors' Use of Operating Cash Flows: An Experimental

Study." Journal of Managerial Issues 17(2): 198-199.

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Work vs Life Balance the
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ood indicates that "everyone has different motivations and aspirations that they wish to achieve in their life. ork-life balance is about adjustments that can be made to working patterns to enable people to combine work with the other facets of their life. Bratton and Gold (2003: 105) de-ne work-life balance as, 'the relationship between the institutional and cultural times and spaces of work and non-work in societies where income is predominantly generated and distributed through labour markets.'" (p. 388) This implicates various aspects of one's working experience, including the manner in which one's responsibility's are balanced with one's personal needs; the degree to which social needs are constructed within the workplace; and the manner in which the employer goes about providing opportunities for attendance of personal needs for employees. This definition is also underscored by the basic assumption that employee morale and work/life balance are inextricable and that, additionally, these…

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Human Resources Managing Underperformers and
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The first consideration is that employees may be reluctant to reveal their innermost feelings about the company for fear that they will be punished for their responses. For this reason, it is imperative that employees are assured of absolute anonymity. This will also encourage honest answers and be the most likely to result in discovering the root causes of the problem. Employees will be able to respond anonymously by dropping their folded responses into a box by human resources.

Those that feel good about their job may be more eager to respond to a survey than those that are unhappy. A voluntary response would be more likely to result in a biased sample population. It is important that the sample is representative of the entire plant, rather than a small, select group. Therefore, employees will be told that the survey is mandatory. Although, there will be no real way to…


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Hot Wings Balanced Scorecard From the Financial
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Hot Wings Balanced Scorecard

From the financial perspective, the measures for the balanced scorecard are revenues, profitability (net income) and margins (gross, operating and net margins). These measures are the most important to the shareholders, and they best reflect the industry. Market share is not a good financial measure because the casual dining segment is so heavily fragmented that market share will always be miniscule even when Hot Wings is successful -- achieving a dominating market share is not a realistic objective. Revenue, profit and margin objectives are closely related. Profit and margin reflect the relationship between revenue and costs, and reflect in part the pricing power that the company has with its suppliers and customers. Given that the current state of the industry is oriented towards price competition in casual dining, the ability to maintain superior margins can be seen as both a source of competitive advantage and as…

Expatriate Repatriation Commitment and Retention
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Expatriate epatriation

Employees that are sent on assignment overseas for a specified period of time often experience difficulties upon their return to the United States in readjusting to the culture that they once closely identified with. As a result, it has been established that employees often leave their organization within two years of returning from an assignment overseas. This complicates matters for the employee that must find new employment as well as the employer that has lost a significant intellectual knowledge asset in addition to wasting extensive financial resources on expatriation and repatriation processes. Organizations with successful repatriation programs have identified various requirements and employee needs that result in employee retention for an extended period of time. The following study will provide an in-depth analysis of the process of expatriate repatriation, commitment and retention in today's U.S. organizations. The discussion will define the importance of retaining repatriated employees within a…


Baruch, Y., and Altman, Y. (2002). Expatriation and repatriation in MNCs: a taxonomy. Human Resource

Management, 41(2), 239-259.

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Retention Are - Or Soon
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Thinking about companies and organizations you are familiar with, what are some examples of HR practices that are consistent with that organization's strategy? and/or, some examples of HR practices that are inconsistent with the strategy?

Microsoft's commitment to diversity as a corporation is consistent with its desire to be a global player in the international community. Microsoft employs people from more than 135 different countries and regions, and has groups within the organization to provide mentorship and support for members of underrepresented groups in it, such as women and African-Americans ("Programs and Initiatives," Microsoft Corp: Diversity, 2007). This is not simply good public relations for Microsoft. It is also helpful for an international company to have input as to different customs in Microsoft outposts around the world, and also to understand how to market company products differently in minority market segments. The company's provision of scholarships, internship programs, and other…

Works Cited

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CEO and Human Capital Officer
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We need to create roadmaps that clearly outline what their positions entail, and what we expect from them. We do expect a lot from our new recruits, as we should. If we wish for our new recruits to rise to the occasion, then we will need an Induction Day program.

Induction Day will entail motivating the new employees, making them feel welcome and encouraged. They will be developed as members of our organization, expected to contribute and make suggestions. The new recruits will develop a sense of pride and identity working for our organization and representing us to our clients, as the recruits make the transition from door-to-door sales to more challenging and rewarding positions in the company. As the new entrants feel more at home in their working environment, their roles will be clarified too. They will know what is expected of them, and can generate the sales that…

Attracting and Retaining Quality Staff
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Other situations which makes the supply and demand situation in Alaska is the increased amount of time which is needed to certify the teachers as well as other difficulties in the certification procedures of the state. The state has a teacher placement program which is a not-for-profit clearinghouse for placing teachers across the whole state. This was setup by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in the year 1997. This clearinghouse conducts the activity of recruitment of teachers as well as maintaining a job bank which is accessible on the internet LaBerge, 1999()

The state of Oklahoma, on the other hand, found that the rural districts need more early childhood development and elementary teachers. They also found that the rural districts have the greatest need for teachers. These rural districts account for two-thirds of the school districts in Oklahoma as well as about one-fifth of all the educators in the state.…


Bradley, a. (1998). Uneven distribution contributes to teacher shortages, study warns, Education Week.

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Business Assess the Organisation in Terms of
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Assess the organisation in terms of its organisational strategy, objectives, mission and values.

Analyse the environment in which the organisation operates with regards to industry, business life cycle, etc.

Evaluate the organisation's current reward and pay strategies on two criteria: for meeting its overall organisational strategy and for maintaining competitive advantage in the face of new challenges and changing conditions.

Reach a reasoned and evidence-based conclusion about the level of success achieved by the organisation in motivating employees to reach organisational objectives and propose a reward and pay strategy that may better serve this purpose.

tarbucks: The Company and its Compensation ystem.

tarbucks is the largest coffee producing industry in the world with 19,555 stores in 58 countries. This includes 12,811 in the United tates, 1,248 in Canada, 965 in Japan, 766 in Great Britain, 580 in China and 420 in outh Korea (Location xcelrated). tarbucks has succeeded to…

Starbucksgossip (Jan. 16, 2005) 

Workforce Starbucks is Pleasing Employees and Pouring Profits

Human Resources Plays Crucial Role
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Collaboration between HR and operational departments is essential to establish the right criteria for knowledge, skills, and abilities, previous performance, and other desirable objective traits in successful candidates.

Collaboration between HR and operational managers must include the final candidate selection process.

Managers are hiring according to apparent nationality and cultural biases.

Slide #6

Legal Considerations

The consequences of accusations or claims of discrimination could be damaging to the organization both financially and in terms of reputation.

All testing, interviewing, and selection processes must focus on objective criteria to avoid any possible accusations or claims of discrimination.

Recruitment and hiring practices and tools (i.e. forms, questionnaires, structured interview questions, and tests) must be designed by HR and operational management in conjunction with legal review and final approval.

Conflicts of interest must be avoided in connection with recruiting or hiring family members of the organization or of its subsidiaries.

Slide #7


Nursing Licensure
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1997, the average pass rate for first time test takers on the NCLEX-RN was 93%. Since 1997, the national average pass rate on the NCLEX-RN has declined to 83.8% (National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing, 2002). The pass rate for the state of North Carolina and many other states has also declined in recent years.

Community colleges are the prime educators of new registered nurses in the United States. In 1997, 701 community colleges awarded 41,258 associate degrees in nursing (National Center for Education Statistics 1997). The combined ADN graduate pool constituted 60% of the U.S. graduates who took the NCLEX-RN exam in 2000,and these graduates represent the largest group of nurses entering the profession (National Council of State oards of Nursing 2001). On the other hand, baccalaureate programs graduated 37% of the total; and diploma or hospital-based educational programs, graduated 3%.(Teich, et al.)

In addition to educating the majority…


Adams, Carolyn, Valiaga, Theresa, Murdock, Jane. McGinnis, Susan & Wolfertz, Joanne (2002). Trends in Registered Nurse Education Programs: A Comparison Across Three Points in Time. In National League for Nursing (Ed.), pp. 1-10).:.

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American Hospital Association.1999.Trendwatch:RN Shortages in Hospitals. Washington, D.C.: American Hospital Association.

HR Management and Minimum Wage in Hong Kong
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Human Resources Management: How to Improve Minimum Wage Policy Management in Hong Kong

The objective of this research is to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of minimum wage legislation in Hong Kong. When hike minimum wage can help lower skilled worker. This study will conduct an evaluation of the minimum wage hiking and how it can help the lower skilled workers and will additionally compare benchmarking minimum wage legislation with other countries, for example the standard of minimum wage.

Following minimum wage legislation the primary problems that employers and employees faced included for employers the turnover rate of lower-wage workers and how to reduce the cost of training that affects the quality of service and the working attitude and behavior of employee lack of enthusiasm. For employees problems included the increase in the unemployment rate and reduction in fringe benefits including such as medical insurance. Included in this study will…


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Corporate Wellness Program Benefits of
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It is recommended that Sea Island should implement a corporate wellness program in order to gain the advantages that come with the program. These include cost savings on health insurance, increased job satisfaction levels which decrease absenteeism and employee turnover and increase employee productivity. The program should be designed to be culturally sensitive and should be tailored for the workplace environment in the company in order to include all members of the organization despite their background, history or other cultural aspects that can create barriers to participation in the program.


Barton, S.S. (2002). Aspects of the Effect of Substance Use on Health, Wellness and Safety of Employees and Families in Northern emote Work Sites. Social Indicators esearch, 60(1/3), 263-274. doi: 10.2307/27527051

Bates, J. (2012). Benefits of Corporate Wellness etrieved December 12th, 2012, from

Heinen, L., & Darling, H. (2009). Addressing Obesity in the Workplace: The ole of…


Barton, S.S. (2002). Aspects of the Effect of Substance Use on Health, Wellness and Safety of Employees and Families in Northern Remote Work Sites. Social Indicators Research, 60(1/3), 263-274. doi: 10.2307/27527051

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Strategy Mapping and the Learning and Growth Perspective
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Strategy Mapping & the Learning and Growth Perspective

Learning and growth is the fourth category of the balanced scorecard, which makes up the basis of any strategy. In this perspective, there is establishment of the employee capabilities, skills, technology, and a corporate environment to support a strategy. There are several objectives identified by Cattaraugus ehabilitation Center Mission (CCM) in an attempt to improve their learning and growth. These include (i) recruit, orient, manage, develop and retain personnel, (ii) Utilize technology to progress the organization's information systems and (iii) Promote, train and practice the organization's culture (Kaplan and Norton, 1992).





ecruit, orient, manage, develop and retain personnel

The turnover rates

Attract the best employees in an attempt to achieve sustainability

Develop a motivated and satisfied employee

Utilize technology to improve and progress the organization's information systems

The number of staff who successfully complete training

Incorporation of technology…


Kaplan, R., & Norton, D. (1992). The balanced scorecard: Measures that drive performance.

Harvard Business Review, 70(1), 71-79.

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Technology Consultants Should Change Several
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They do not get the opportunity to have any more training, either, so they cannot continue to hone their skills and keep up with the latest technology. If they want to do that, they must do it on their own time -- and that could be very costly for them in both money and time.

3. In starting a company like Technology Consultants, I would offer benefits, and people who start out at the company would not make nearly as much money as people who had been there for a long time. People skills and personality would be just as valuable as technical skills, and further training and development would be available. With that in mind, people would be more likely to stay because they would see that they had room for advancement in their job. They would feel as though they were valued, and they would work…

Workplace Safety Do You Agree
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Boosting job satisfaction by offering employees safety nets should they get MSD or offering as many preventative measures as possible will lead to a corporate culture more conducive to long-term profitability. Firms should move away from the prevailing business model that discounts employee satisfaction (and employee health) and shift toward a more holistic vision of business. No industry or organization will fare well for long if they cannot maintain a healthy workforce. Firms and their leaders also have an ethical obligation to provide their employees with the best ergonomic equipment and the latest knowledge about MSDs.

MSDs are not a problem, regardless of arguments that insufficient research backs up OSHA's claims. Enough research is available and enough case studies testify to the problem. The federal government absolutely should intervene and mandate complete coverage for MSDs because one of the purposes of government is to help maintain public safety.

Minorities in Policing Facing the
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It is however also a challenge that cannot be ignored in the light of not only cultural change, but also political issues. Establishing trust within the police department itself, as well as between the police and its public is vitally important for current and future security issues.

With the targeted psychological support and counseling for all police officers, as well as a restructured reward and promotion program, I believe it is possible to encourage and effectively recruit all sectors of society to this profession. It is clear that there is no lack of talent, power or skill, but that problems occur mainly as a result of social and cultural values amongst existing police officers. The police force would however be more effective if it were more representative of the society of the 21st century. False beliefs regarding racial minorities or women no longer have a place in the United States.…


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Leadership and Self-Assessment Organizational Behavior an Analysis
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Leadership and Self-Assessment

Organizational Behavior

An Analysis of how Self-Evaluation and Self-Assessment relates to Leadership Today

The modern organizational environment must keep pace with changes that are occurring at a historically unprecedented rate. Many of these changes are driven by technology and require that leaders continually learn new skills in order to stay abreast of needed skill requirements. It is often the case that a leader will have difficulty getting performance feedback from their superiors because they generally do not work in close contact with supervisors and in some case may not even have one at all. Therefore a leader must rely on self-assessments primarily to further develop the skill set that will allow them to help their organization create or maintain a competitive advantage.

360 Degree Feedback and Self-Evaluation

Evaluation is an important component of any organization. The use of an evaluation program has been shown to be able…

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Motivation Is the Key to Materializing Energy
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Motivation is the key to materializing energy and getting things accomplished. Organizational relationships require proper motivation from all sides of the relationships. Leaders must be motivated and workers must be motivated as well in order to succeed at any mission. The purpose of this essay is to design an organizational motivation plan that encourages and maintains a high level of performance from the members of the Woo Widget Company. The essay will first describe the need for the plan before introducing key components of the system that intends to increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees at Woo.

Before designing a motivational plan that will work in this environment, it is necessary to reveal some important facts that contribute to the motivating factors of the employees at this organization. WooWoo designs widgets, but the widget that WooWoo makes is a clone of a nationally known widget. Woo sells their…


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HRM Strategy
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Google's human resources strategies are effective. The objective of Google's human resources strategy is to attract the best workers in its industry and to retain them. Knowledge industries compete for the brightest workers by offering them a variety of enticements -- money, perks, benefits and opportunity to work on projects that interest them. It is basically H by highly intelligent, creative people for highly intelligent, creative people. The point is that Google needs to experience continuous innovation in order to maintain its position as industry leader in a fast-evolving knowledge industry. Thus, it needs to attract and find the brightest, most creative people. Google's track record speaks for itself in terms of success. It is one of the most valuable companies on the planet, dominates its industry, generates over $1 million in revenue and $200,000 in profit per employee (Sullivan, 2013). By any metric you can name, Google has achieved…


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Patient to Nurse Ratio Nursing
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Many advocates of the move feel that lower patient to nurse ratio would lead to additional savings because it would reduce nurse turnover rate, lawsuits, complications and length of stay. Nursing unions in the state of California have asked for a PTN ratio of 3 to 1. The health association however agreed on 5 to 1 which sound more reasonable than the originally proposed 10 to 1. (othberg, 2005)

Patient to nurse ratio when it is too high can definitely adversely affect care. And with baby boomers aging and needing healthcare, we know that number of people looking for healthcare will continue to rise in the coming years. However staff shortage continues to pose a serious problem. And unfortunately, the problem doesn't always lie with cost control. While it is true that most of the problems with staff shortage can be attributed to hospitals cutting down their costs and hence…


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