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Expatriate Management

Reducing Turnover

enhacing performance






Oce' Printing systems is an international company which specializes in original ICT applications and productive user-friendly systems, such as nonfunctional and multifunctional printers, plotters, copiers, scanners, as well as print management, document management, archiving, color management, design tools and image manipulator. Services provided by Oce' printing company includes consulting services, implementation services, education services, support services and facility services. (Oce' Website)

In addition to providing a wide range of products and services, Oce employs many European expatriates. As Oce continues to expand and keep updated and advanced on the latest and newest technologies, they must keep high quality employees, and a mixture of different cultures on their teams. One of the goals of this company is to decrease the high turnover rate and increase employee satisfaction European expatriates, of course do have better work conditions in their own country, but their unique knowledge is making a great contribution to the company. (N.A. Management of Expatriates, June o1)

This essay will discuss effective managing expatriates strategies, the problems with mixing the European and American cultures, the diversities, differences, costs and ethical issues. We will also be discussing analyzing the possible solutions, and the results produced by taking the time and trouble to merge the two cultures together.


Oce' printing systems has ambitions to continue to expand, continuing to sign new agreements, and new subsidiaries, continue to develop unique technologies, and continue the strengthen the Oce' Printing Systems range. Oce' Printing System is known for it's uniqueness, and one of the sources providing the originality is the versatility of different nations, especially the European expatriates.

Being original and the first to stay above the competition and develop new ideas and services, unfortunately comes with high pressured, and highly stressful situations. It is not easy for employees, and managers to continue to deal with high-pressured situations most of the day, every day, and in the same environment. When companies can maintain the same employees and managers for many years, not only does the company retrieve the rewards from the efforts and expenses invested into the business, it establishes customer security, and credibility.

The main problem and goal of Oce' Printing Systems is keeping the employees satisfied, preventing burnout, preventing employees to stay at one level for many years, and preventing boring tasks, which eliminating these problems will bring us closer to our goal of reducing expatriates turnover rate and increase productivity.



American employment conditions are very different than those of the European culture, with the European culture more favorable towards the employee. European wages are much higher, and unemployment benefits are for the full amount of the employee's original paycheck, with no limitations. Europeans work in unions, which gives the employees a further advantage. In addition to this, Europeans even have a four-day, work- week. (Went, Summer 2002)

The American labor government emphasizes the rights of the employer, not the rights of the employee. In America, the minimum wage is nowhere near a livable salary, and most minimum wage jobs are very part-time. In the event of a lay-off, an unfair discharge, or unwelcome loss of a job, the employment benefits is partial or a percentage of the earned pay, and does not always last until the employee finds another job. (Went, Summer 2002)

EUROPEAN DIVERSITIES high level of financial involvement and participation, with no structure or guidelines, is highly encouraged, even involving employees, in Europe. The European government heavily promotes financial participation because it improves work organization and management in companies, and it decreases work intensity, stress and self-exploitation. In addition, financial participation improved economic performance, as well as production. (Poutsma, Hiigen, May 99)

The theory of employee financial participation is the promotion of employee ownership Oce Printing systems, which would encourage employee concern and take a greater interest in developing new concepts and ideas for the company. If the employees were involved in profit sharing, and felt a long-term connection to the business, they would not look at this as just another job they leave at the end of the day. Employees would be receptive to new and changing technologies and ideas that the company increased profits and expansions. Commitment and dedication from the employees are increased when there is financial involvement, even if the customers decide to go on to work for someone else. (poustma, Huijgen, May 99)

Increased sales and customer service are another benefit of employee profit sharing. If even the customer service employees had the conception that they owned part of the store, then they would be able to acknowledge the benefits of customer satisfaction and increased sales. Employees of Oce Printing Systems would make the best investors, because they are directly in contact with the customers. Changing the way the employees view the company promotes the idea they are servicing their own customers, not working hard solely for somebody else's business. Should employees transfer to another company, ownership in the company would encourage them to refer customers and avoid publicizing the negative side of the business.


The entire reason Oce' Printing Systems hire employees is to make money for the company, and their salary and benefits are only a small portion of the money brought in by that employee. Oce' Printing System employees are not liabilities; they are assets to the company. Everyone is considered a sales person. It may be a good idea to give each employee and manager, including the housekeeping, personalized business cards, and every new customer they bring in, they will receive a commission on their very next paycheck.


Because of the uniqueness of Oce Printing Systems, a high turnover rate is much more costly than paying for employee promotions and increased benefits. Employees who learn all the secrets, both the strengths and weaknesses, can either start their own business, or go work for someone else and reveal valuable information. This is why getting employee commitment and dedication, by ensuring their happiness, within reason, is essential. On the other hand, the employee that comes in at 10:00 A.M., takes a lunch break at 12:00, then leaves for the day at 3:00 P.M., and demands a six-figure salary, and the use of the company jet, of course, does not fit into this category. There is no chance of dedication and company interest from this employee. However, the company will get back multiple financial increases to keep the dedicated employees happy.


Oce Printing Company wants to stay above the competition and continue to be the first in bringing the top of the line technology to the customers. Oce Printing Company has been very successful is the accomplishment of this goal, however the company wants to set new goals. Oce Printing Systems have realized one of the problems, which are slowing down their progress of achieving this goal, is the high turnover rate of the European employees.


Creating a pleasant work environment and encouraging team-work among the employees will encourage a family oriented atmosphere and will encourage longevity, commitment, and dedication. Building a teamwork foundation will lower the costs of high turnover rate. If employees create strong friendships in the workplace, they will also want be dedicated to the improvement of the company, and committed to working for the same goal, instead of in competition with each other.Why did employees get the idea that they are in competition with each other?

First we will look at the causes of competition, and exactly why they behave the way they do.


Many times, non-competitive, and poor performing employees will bring unnecessary attention to the supervisors of the co-employees mistakes, not to get that employee in trouble, but to get the attention of the supervisor. Preferably, this behavior should have been left on the playground, but all to often, this attitude is carried into adulthood and into the workplace. Some people feel a sense of power and accomplishment when they bring out the other person's errors.

Oce Printing Systems do want highly competitive people working for them, however competition must be in relation with a mature positive attitude, and competing for the productive results. Competition for a supervisors attention is not they type of competitiveness we are going for. We want outstanding people who will compete for the production of the company, such as coming up with the best ideas, inventions, and faster and better way of doing things.


Oce Printing Systems, although doing well, and is way above it's competition could be doing much better if a more positive work environment was established and enforced. Many employees bring outside problems into the workplace, and there are more than enough customers already doing this. Our progress is impeded greatly, because of a negative atmosphere. The company's focus is taken off of the productivity, and placed too much on problems, most of them having nothing to do with…

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