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Turtles Essays (Examples)

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Blue Turtle Clothing Company Btc Is a
Words: 2476 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 68478232
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Blue Turtle Clothing Company (BTC) is a newly established business in London, Ontario. The company showed poor financial performance in the previous season. Therefore, the owner has decided to redesign the marketing strategies of the company to boost up its sales performance in the next season. This paper presents analysis of the case using different tools and techniques; including situational analysis, market analysis, segmentation analysis, competition analysis, and financial analysis; case keys (key success factors, key contingencies, and analysis of alternative solutions); recommendations, and action plan for the short run.

The paper starts with the problem statement and discusses the situational analysis for the company in detail. The analysis includes individual goals and objectives of the owners and the company, background and forecast for the company, SWOT analysis (internal and external environment), market analysis (including business environment, current and past strategies, marketing mix, segmentation analysis, competitive environment, and financial analysis.…


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Yertle the Turtle This Story Is Set
Words: 578 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81466263
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Yertle the Turtle" This story is set in a pond dominated by turtles and that is presumably organized in a hierarchical way with king Yertle in charge of the community of turtles. Yertle stands on a rock that represents its throne and the other turtles are 'forced' to act in accordance with its wishes.

Yertle is an eponymous character and one of the central characters in the story while Mack, the other central character, is the turtle at the bottom of the pile and the individual who decides to overthrow Yertle's authority.

The main theme in the story is related to how an individual can lose everything if he or she keeps trying to get more power.

The conflict involves Yertle's tendency to want more and Mack's determination to do something about it.

The exposition shows Yertle as a turtle who is not satisfied with its position. The rising action…


Dr. Seuss. "Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories." (Random House Children's Books, 23 Sep 2008)

Confusing at First Because There Is No
Words: 354 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6821182
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confusing at first because there is no mention of a turtle, but the scene needs to be set before the turtle can have a point. The title of the story is good because it talks about the main subject of the story, but it is also important to know that the turtle is a metaphor for something bigger. Steinbeck is trying to show that there are many things that human beings encounter in life, but by not giving up and by making the effort to do something more with life, most of the problems can either be avoided or corrected so that they are not really problems anymore. The thick shell of the turtle is like the 'thick skin' that people talk about. It means that things do not bother a person, and it is important to be this way when problems appear so that life can be enjoyed.


Technology in Can You Hear
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 75471511
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" Turkle claims that "our fragile planet needs our action in the real," which is exactly what the little girl was trying to point out. Her appreciating the animatronic animals more than the real ones is a product of technology saturation.

Technology has become an annoyance: we all experience the "sense of encroachment of the device" on our personal time and it is difficult to cut ourselves off from the world. Yet technology is a blessing. Turkle points out that the shy and inhibited are hiding behind their virtual selves. Indeed they are: to their advantage. Many readers would agree that technology has allowed the shy and socially awkward to engage socially with others without having to sweat or take anxiety medication.

Being constantly connected with the world is a choice we make. Technology is not deadening us to the world, as Turkle implies. Quite the opposite: technology is enhancing…

Start Stories Comparing Contrasting The Stories Homecoming
Words: 595 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4278337
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start stories comparing contrasting. The stories "Homecoming turtle Junot Diaz" How Tame a ild Tongue Gloria Anzaldua. Use examples story justifying similarities differences. Has MLA format..

"Homecoming, with turtle" versus "How to Tame a ild Tongue"

Junot Diaz' short story "Homecoming, with turtle" and Gloria Anzaldua's story "How to Tame a ild Tongue" both deal with matters regarding cultural identity, ethnic discrimination, and lifestyles in general. Characters in the two stories are shown as they have trouble understanding who they are because they are forced to make it in hostile environments. Each protagonist experiences suffering developing their personal identity because they are confused in regard to their image. However, in contrast to Diaz, Anzaldua experiences positive results as a consequence of her attitude and actually comes to consider that her life is improved because of the way that she shaped her character.

"Homecoming, with turtle" puts across an episode in…

Works cited:

Anzaldua, Gloria, "How to Tame a Wild Tongue."

Diaz, Junot, "Homecoming, with turtle."

Taxes Direct Democracy and Federalism
Words: 1986 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 18339951
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This is designed to help support individuals who are dealing with financial challenges. The problem is that select amounts of recipients will use as a way to live off of the government. (Wolf, 2005)

How might a socialist and a capitalist government differ in its treatment of the problem of unemployment?

Socialists want to see massive amounts of government spending to create new jobs, training programs and provide unemployment benefits. A capitalist is opposed to these kinds of programs and believes that charities / private enterprises can address these issues.

In your opinion, should the government have the responsibility of providing health care for every citizen? Why or why not?

Yes, the government should provide health care. The reason why is because prices are increasing exponentially and the number of uninsured is rising. These factors are a sign that there is very little competition inside the sector. To address these…


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Profound lessons from childrens'stories
Words: 742 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46390205
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Civil Disobedience

One might think that finding parallels between a Dr. Seuss story and the real-life story of Rosa Parks does not make sense. However, that is less than true as the parallels and commonalities are early and often when it comes to comparing the history of one and the story created on the other. Indeed, civil disobedience has taken on many forms but it is seemingly the least violent yet poignant events that seem to be the most effective. It was something that Martin Luther King Jr. greatly touted and Rosa Park and her refusal to move from her seat was just another example of that. While civil disobedience is sometimes disruptive or otherwise counterproductive, it is a thing of magic when it is done well.


To answer the important question first, civil disobedience is basically a means that people use to protest laws that are deemed to…

Eyewitness and Recalling Shook Hands I Shook
Words: 2111 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62015673
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Eyewitness and ecalling

Shook hands

I shook hands with Bugs Bunny... Describe and evaluate the role of schemas and stereotypes on recalling past events. What implications does this have for the accuracy of eyewitness accounts of events?

I shook hands with Bugs Bunny... Describe and evaluate the role of schemas and stereotypes on recalling past events. What implications does this have for the accuracy of eyewitness accounts of events?

Literature on Schemas

Literature on Schemas and Stereotypes and their role in Eyewitness

I shook hands with Bugs Bunny... Describe and evaluate the role of schemas and stereotypes on recalling past events. What implications does this have for the accuracy of eyewitness accounts of events?


To investigate and prosecute crime the criminal justice system heavily depends on eyewitness identification (Wells & Olson, 2003). An eyewitness goes through different psychological procedures prior to the courtroom testimony. It is evident that before…


Brewer, W.F., & Treyens, J.C.(1981). Role of schemata in memory for places. Cognitive Psychology, 12(2), 207-230

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Creation Account Is Focused on
Words: 1680 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19590325
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(Radhakrishnan, 1953)

The Indian deity also preoccupied himself with creating most famously the Ganges.

The Chinese tale too has symbols of China (specifically the turtle) ("he used the molten rock to patch the holes in the sky, and she used the four legs of a giant turtle to support the sky again" (Walls & Walls, 1984) Aside from which, note that all names of gods are typically Chinese.

The acts of the Creation generated an entire world with a host of nations and geographical environments. Each of the narrative accounts however focus on a sliver of land, usually the land lived in by the author / authors of the narrative.

The author's purpose in centering in and focusing the tale around one specific country may simply reflect the fact that for primitive people born, living, and dying on one specific part of earth, this was all they knew. For people…


May, Herbert G. editor, the New Oxford Annotated Bible: New York, Oxford University Press

The Four Creations, 1987; Online

Philippi, Donald L. trans., the Masks of God: Oriental Mythology: New York, Viking Press, 1969

Offshore Outsourcing Jonathan Zaun as America Continues
Words: 1177 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 48306861
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Offshore Outsourcing

Jonathan Zaun

As America continues to struggle through a recession that was in many ways self inflicted, today's leading economic minds are debating the issue of offshore outsourcing with more interest than ever before. hile politicians and labor unions claim that offshore outsourcing weakens the nation's economy, this view is biased and shortsighted, as it fails to take into account the many benefits derived from the transfer of jobs overseas. In order to remain competitive in an ever evolving global market, America should take advantage of offshore outsourcing and utilize the practice as an effective means to strengthen and streamline its workforce. Innovation has always been a cornerstone of American economic superiority and offshore outsourcing is a reliable method of spurring employees both at home and abroad to adapt, improve and expand their skill sets. A profitable exchange of talented, educated employees from one country to another can…

Works Cited

Friedman, Thomas. "30 Little Turtles." New York Times 29 Feb 2004: 2. Print.

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Outsourcing and Off Shoring This
Words: 1451 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32860407
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Plus, SweatX's proponents supposed it would make accessible a model that would provide anti-sweatshop campaigner confirmation to push most important brands like Gap plus Nike whose goods are made chiefly in Asian also in Latin American sweatshops to elevate their workplace values. It should be noted that the majority of SweatX's thirty-five fabrication workers have started other jobs, characteristically with harsher conditions and inferior pay. Although the company's for the most part recent executive team wishes to keep the brand name alive under a very new trend. Somehow, SweatX may well also bond with human rights along with labor crowd like United Students adjacent to Sweatshops as well as the National Labor Committee. Which have splurge the precedent decade exposing sweatshop exploitation and underneath workers' move violently to unionize about the world. Auxiliary, SweatX may possibly help building a U.S. marketplace for union commodities made in underprivileged countries by selling…


Thomas L. Friedman. "30 Little Turtles." New York Times, February 29, 2004.

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Art in Non-Western Society the
Words: 1354 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57114131
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Turtle shell rattles have been used for countless centuries. Such rattles have been recovered from ancient sites in the southwest and in the Mississippian civilizations.

The turtle rattle was also a musical instrument in ceremonial use. One of its most important functions was its significance in the False Face ceremonies. One of the most distinguishing features of the Iroquois belief system is the reliance on the mask for religious and ritual purposes. These masks are often designated as False Faces. This term refers to the first False Face and the mythical origins of protective and healing spirits. They are used in introductory and agricultural rituals. The turtle rattles play a significant part in these important rituals.

In the various curing and healing rituals, the wearer of the False Face will juggle hot coals and use ash and is apparently immune to cold (see below), and he bears a turtle-shell rattle…

American Indian Education. (Accessed April 30, 2005)

THE IROUK CHARACTER.  / (Accessed May 1, 2005)

Frank G. Speck, and Alexander General, Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1995), 70.

Reptiles and Amphibians as Sources
Words: 893 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14910306
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Even if giant salamanders may feed more individuals, they too are not sustainable sources of food because of their scarcity. However, turtles may not pose such sustainability or scarcity issues, and turtle soup has been popular throughout the ages. The popularity of turtle meat in Cajun cuisine, combined with the hardiness of turtles might make turtle meat a likely candidate for more widespread consumption: "Turtle soup is a great delicacy in Louisiana. The flavor of the turtle meat is both delicate and intense; there are supposedly seven distinct flavors of meat within the turtle (Turtle Soup, 2010, Gumbo). The fact that turtles are larger and have a wider variety of culinary applications than frogs makes them potentially superior as a food source. However, turtles raised in captivity have also been implicated in environmental problems: "turtles regularly escape or are purposely set free into the wild. They establish populations and damage…


About typical French food. (2008). French Food and Cook. Retrieved July 28, 2010 at 

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California upholds ban on importation of nonnative frogs and turtles for food. (2010, June 10).

Right in the English Language
Words: 692 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26239965
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Is it utopian to believe that "peace can make right"? That such sayings, as "Do unto others as they do unto you," and "To each one his (her) due" can actually be followed in a positive way?

In the fifth chapter of the Once and Future King, Merlyn wants to teach Arthur that the point of ruling is to create order and peace, not just to make people do what he wants them to do. Merlyn shows Arthur what a horrible thing "might makes right" is.

The author, T.H. White was a pacifist, and wrote this book during WWII. He uses the Aurthurian story to stress his own belief that violence and aggression are not the answer to life's challenges. Regardless of what government is in place, the importance is the leader and his/her views on what is right and moral. The answer, then, does not lie in a country,…

Oceans & Plastic Pollution the
Words: 1338 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31117096
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9% of the turtles" -- and "plastics" dominated the debris found (Katsanevakis, p. 75). The list of plastic trash found in those turtles is too long to include in this research.

Seabirds (especially pelicans, gannets and gulls) often fall prey to "monofilament line"; albatrosses, petrels, penguins and grebes are not found entangled in plastic fishing line or other plastic debris as often as pelicans and gulls (Katsanevakis, 2008, p. 69). hat is particularly insidious about plastic is when it is ingested by marine animals is releases "toxic chemicals" due to the chemical additives that are added to the plastic during the manufacturing process. Once in the abdomen of the animal the toxic materials can block the digestive tract and block "gastric enzyme ingestion, diminished feeding stimulus, nutrient dilution, reduced growth rates, lowered steroid hormone levels, delayed ovulation and reproductive failure," Katsanevakis asserts (p. 71).

There is lethal danger for small…

Works Cited

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Moore, Charles, 2003, Trashed: Across the Pacific Ocean, Plastics, Plastics, Everywhere,

Poisoning Our Planet if it
Words: 8834 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68794962
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From the point-of-view of the variation and flexibility of the species such cultivated woody crops rank as no more than cornfields. While the tree farms are conveniently be stretched on the private lands, national forests those are considered priceless reservoirs of most of the biological diversity of the nation cannot expand so easily. The commercial logging is considered as the greatest danger for survival of the national forest system. The timber sales are growingly concealed beneath the post fire recovery and fire prevention missions, forest health initiatives and restoration programs. (Endangered Forests: Endangered Freedoms)

Wetlands disappearing

Declining wetlands and reservoir construction are having spectacular influences on a global scale. (the Importance of Wetlands and the Impacts of eservoir Development) the data of USF & WS reveals that the United States added 2.3 million acres in ponds and inland mudflats during the period of mid 1950s and mid1970s. The country added…


Acid Rain -- a Contemporary World Problem. Retrieved at Accessed on 3 February, 2005

Acid Rain: Do you need to start wearing a rain hat? Retrieved at . Accessed on 3 February, 2005

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Conservation Biology the Objective of
Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42945604
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The role of the current in trajectory movements is significant, particularly in species such as the leatherback turtle, as it provides at times unexpected information regarding the animal's sense of direction and purpose in terms of its environment. In the conservation effort, it is therefore very important to consider the influence of current upon animal movement.


Conservation can only be effectively applied when behavior and movement are interpreted to the highest degree of accuracy. The study reveals the importance of current influence on marine life movement. Although larger and faster marine animals will not be as influenced by the current as the leatherback turtle, there will certainly be an impact. While important to study the movements of marine life, the influence of currents on the study of foraging behavior is even more important. This will determine the focus of conservation on specific foraging areas in order to ensure sustainability…

PCB Contamination of the Upper
Words: 4465 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 7588112
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Additionally, the water intake near Chelsea may be used, at times, to supplement New York City's water supply, during times of drought. The Town of Waterford and the Town of Halfmoon both get their muncipal water supply from the Upper Hudson iver ("Hudson iver PCBs," 2008).

GE's Involvement in the Build Up of PCBs in the Hudson iver

From 1947 to 1977, the General Electric Company discharged as much as 1.3 million pounds of PCBs into the Hudson iver, polluting 197 miles of the river and creating America's largest Superfund site. Two of GE's facilities, one at Hudson Falls and one at Fort Edward are reported to be the source of the pollution. As Angelo (2009) notes, PCBs were used as high-temperature insulators in the manufacturing process of transformers and capacitors, at the GE facilities. Even today, more than three decades later, PCBs still leak into the river from GE's…


Angelo, W. (25 Feb 2008) Hudson River PCB cleanup projects under construction. Engineering News Record, 260(7). Retrieved December 9, 2009, from Academic Search Complete database.

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Historic Hudson River cleanup to begin after years of delay, but will General Electric finish the job? (23 Mar 2007). Retrieved December 9, 2009, from .

Hudson River PCBs. (31 Dec 2008). Retrieved December 9, 2009, from .

War on Pollution of the
Words: 2299 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 97943031
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.." For example, during the Vietnam War the United States "sprayed 3640 km2 of South Vietnam's cropland with herbicides, using a total estimated amount of 55 million kg. The stated rationale was to deny the enemy sources of food and means of cover. This widespread use of chemicals to destroy farmland, forest and water sources is unprecedented, and the environmental consequences are still relatively unexplored. International teams have been granted access for field assessments only in the last few years." (Learning, 2000)

The work of Lindon, Jernelov, and Egerup (2004) entitled: "The Environmental Impacts of the Gulf War 1991" relates that the oil fires in Kuwait" emitted pollutants that potentially could affect the health and well-being of the people in the region. Most of the substances emitted from the burning wells can potentially cause adverse effects, which vary according to concentration and duration of exposure." In fact the concentrations of…


Lessons from the Last Gulf War (2003) Greenpeace Briefing Feb. 2003. Online available at 

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Leonard Peltier - Serving Two
Words: 2163 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47936225
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By then I'll be ninety-seven. I don't think I'll make it. My life is an extended agony. I feel like I've lived a hundred lifetimes in prison already. But I'm prepared to live thousands more on behalf of my people. If my imprisonment does nothing than educate an unknowing and uncaring public about the terrible conditions Indian people continue to endure, then my suffering has had - and continues to have - a purpose.

Peltier, who was sentenced to the two concurrent life terms in 1977, has produced some critically acclaimed oil paintings while at Leavenworth, according to an article in the journal the Progressive (July, 2001). "Painting is a way to examine the world in ways denied to me by the United States Justice system, a way to travel beyond the walls and bars of the penitentiary," Peltier is quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, on page 17 of his book,…


Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. "Who is Leonard: Biography of Leonard Peltier."

The Case of Leonard Peltier: Native American Political Prisoner. January, 2003.

McKiernan, Kevin. "Put a Close to This Sad Chapter." Los Angeles Times 7 January 2001: A18.

Peltier, Leonard. Prison Writings: My Life is My Sundance. New York: St. Martin's

Isolation in American Literature the
Words: 3546 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13731057
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The mere fact that these people interact as much as they do is a sign of the blurring of class signs. Also, the image of Gatsby as essentially nouveau riche, is itself a statement indicating interclass mobility. Unlike Steinbeck's story, Fitzgerald's is much more concerned with individual prejudices and stereotypes. In Gatsby, the prejudgments are of the working class against the leisured class. The work also speaks to the utter aimlessness of someone like Gatsby - a man who lives it seems, just for the sake of inoffensive pleasure, but who, at the same time, contributes nothing to the overall society. The unbelievable disconnect between Gatsby's set, and the rest of humanity is captured in an offhand remark of one of his guests, who just happened to find himself in the library, "I've been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit…

Works Cited 

Pelzer, Linda C. "Honoring an American Classic: Viking's 1989 Edition of John Steinbeck's the Grapes of Wrath (Review)." The Critical Response to John Steinbeck's the Grapes of Wrath. Ed. Heavilin, Barbara a. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000. 309-311.

John Steinbeck, the Grapes of Wrath, p. 30

Linda C. Pelzer, "Honoring an American Classic: Viking's 1989 Edition of John Steinbeck's the Grapes of Wrath (Review)," the Critical Response to John Steinbeck's the Grapes of Wrath, ed. Barbara a. Heavilin (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000) 310.

Lead Chinese Students Who Study Abroad Used
Words: 1364 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84334531
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Lead: Chinese students who study abroad used to be among the most sough-after workers in China. Now, they are increasingly facing barriers to employment. Negative stereotypes and the rising quality of domestic education have Chinese employers turning their backs on the once-venerated "sea turtles.' In many ways, their story encapsulates the cultural conflicts internal to China as the nation continues its rapid pace of globalisation.

As recently as a few years ago, Chinese students who traveled abroad in pursuit of higher education were known as 'sea turtles'. This was seen as high praise - the turtle is revered as a symbol of luck in Chinese culture -- and these students were viewed as among the most fortunate of their generation. Today, these students are known by the much less flattering sobriquet of 'seaweed'.

When they were sea turtles, Chinese students who studied in the West were virtually guaranteed to have…

Conservational Fishing of Endangered Aquatic Organisms
Words: 732 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61250739
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Opinion Supporting the Government's Use of Special Nets

There is a great concern for the endangered species in the environment thus there is a need for their protection. The activities such as poaching, unregulated fishing, and deforestation contribute to the extinction of some species (McDonald et al. 2016). Notably, there is a need to check on the human behaviors in the environment to protect the animal species that are in the danger of the extinctions.

As seen from the case, the U.S.' government considered it appropriate to protect the environment including the animals facing the dangers of the extinctions. It is clear that there is a rise in the case of trade on the elephant ivory and the other animals such as the shrimps and the turtles (Wojakowski et al. 2015). Therefore, the government is attempting to explore the different problems facing the endangered species…


Bennett, N., Dearden, P., Murray, G., and Kadfak, A., 2014. The Capacity to Adapt? Communities In A Changing Climate, Environment, and Economy On The Northern Andaman Coast Of Thailand. Ecology and Society 19(2): 5.

Jensen, K. and Rozenberg, G. Eds., 2012. High-Level Petri Nets: Theory and Application. Springer Science & Business Media

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Peckham, S.H., Lucero-Romero, J., Maldonado-Diaz, D., Rodriguez-Sanchez, A., Senko, J., Wojakowski, M. and Gaos, A., 2015. Buoyless Nets Reduce Sea Turtle Bycatch In Coastal Net Fisheries. Conservation Letters Volume 9, Issue 2, pages 114-121,

Plastic Debris on Marine Species
Words: 3763 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87349845
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In Indonesia, this shoreline litter covers about 90% of the upper shore.

How plastic debris affect marine life

There are two major ways in which detrimental effects to marine life occur. One is when these marine animals become snarled up in the marine debris and the other way is when they ingest the plastic wastes. Some of the materials which can cause the snarl up are pieces of fish lines or nets and rings which are used to bind six-pack beverages. These materials can cause the marine animals to drown or suffocate thus killing them. Death can also be an effect of the materials strangling the animals or starvation when the animal is trapped and unable to reach any food. These materials can also cause severe injuries to the animals. Entanglement is especially important to sea lions and seals. These animals are known to have a curious nature like that…

Works cited

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Intelligent Design vs Evolution Arguing
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35492275
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It has been shown that from a very simple spot that is an eye -- "barely a light receptor" -- all the way up the evolutionary chain to a human eye's present day sophistication.

As to the argument that the ID advocates make that the during the "Cambrian explosion" there suddenly appeared these species with "unprecedented complexity" -- in point of fact that so-called "explosion" during the Cambrian epoch took three billion years. There are fossil records to prove that the Cambrian epoch was in fact a "slow fuse" and not a sudden eruption of new life on the planet. There are fossils of microscopic, soft-bodied things that have been dated as pre-Cambrian; hence, with the fossils and carbon dating science showing exactly what happened during and before the Cambrian epoch, early life evolves from simpler things to far more complex things, according to Prothero.

Intelligent design advocates argue that…

Works Cited

Discovery Institute / Center for Science & Culture. (2008). Definition of Intelligent Design.

Retrieved May 3, 2012, from .

National Geographic News. (2010). Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: 6 Bones of Contention.

Retrieved May 3, 2012, from .

Conflict Management Professional Conflicts Are
Words: 3114 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75443980
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However, such strategy has the outcome in compliance in absence of commitment and feelings of frustration and resentment.

The fourth strategy is I lose a little, you win a little. The placate yield style represents a concern for the effects of conflict on the welfare and durability of all relationships that is entered. The hypothesis is that human relationships are so flexible that they cannot endure the trauma of working through normal differences. Therefore, the inclination is towards withdrawing from the conflict and pleases others by ignoring, denying and avoiding conflict. When the differences continue it is found worthwhile in placating and submitting oneself to ones objectives being seen as effective modes of self-protection and safeguarding our relationships with others. One-sided domination in ones relationship is evident in such type of strategies.

Finally, the strategy is 'I win, you win'. This approach to conflict resolution is regarded as the dominant…


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Impact on Conflict Resolution" (1999) Retrieved at 12 September, 2005

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Words: 1293 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Methodology Chapter Paper #: 32855136
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mechanisms behind self-sustainability in Costa ica in regards to the environment and job creation. The world knows Costa ica as a self-sustained country; however, what kind of sustainability and the kinds of organizations that carry out such endeavors is also important to know. I would change this portion of the research paper in terms of providing visual aids like maps and pictures of the people in charge of the self-sustaining practices and organizations. The thing I like most about this portion of the paper is the ability to reflect on a topic that remains important throughout the world. That is conservation of the environment and job creation. The thing I like least about this section is the lack of use of visual aids to represent better the idea or concept.

What do you think is the best way to generate self-sustainability in an environmentally conscious country that also creates jobs…


Castro-Tanzi, S., Dietsch, T., Urena, N., Vindas, L., & Chandler, M. (2012). Analysis of management and site factors to improve the sustainability of smallholder coffee production in Tarrazu, Costa Rica. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 155, 172-181. doi:10.1016/j.agee.2012.04.013

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Morgan, M. (2013). "Social Entrepreneurship: The Ideal Business for Humanity and the Econo" by Maya D. Horgan. Retrieved 14 February 2015, from

Graphs and Answers for Ecology Problems
Words: 681 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 11371775
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phosphorus levels in 2004 and in 2007.

/ The sample that is collected consists of 20 different pondwater samples for each of the two years.

/ The parameter being measured is the phosphorus levels in the pondwater samples measured in ug/L.

/ The null hypothesis in this example is that there was no change in phosphorus levels between 2004 and 2007, i.e., nothing happened.

/ The alternate hypothesis is that there was an increase in phosphorus levels as a result of the contamination.

/ In terms of this example, for the dataset to fail to have a normal distribution would mean that the 2007 phosphorus levels would not fall on the part of the distribution curve that is established by the 2004 levels that indicate probability of no increase. If mathematically the probability of the 2007 levels of being significantly different from the 2004 levels -- indicating an increase in…

Online Life Bane or Boon Essay
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Anyone who uses his or her cellphone too quickly check a message while standing in line at the grocery store is likely to become aware of the intense hostility directed toward Internet technology. The Internet has been accused of making people rude and less civil in real life and in online life; of negatively influencing elections; even of artificially damaging the human brain by reducing the natural human attention span. Very few technologies admittedly have no negative effects. Even early industrialization had negative effects on the lives of people who wove by hand for a living. But while the Internet has clearly had some negative effects, this should not outweigh the positive impact it has had upon many lives, including connecting people who would otherwise not have any social outlet, and providing a window onto the world that intellectually curious people would not otherwise be able to see.

Sherry Turtle’s…

Force of the Winds Is
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Speed here is of essence and spices like flying fish are able to jump out of water to escape predators. Others that lack like jellies are transparent. Turtles will have a shell to protect them. Gills enable animals to manage different water pressures like the sharks while whales have the capability of holding their breaths for longer periods. On the other hand, since the benthic zone does not allow sunlight to reach it due to its depth (beyond 600 feet), some fish and crustaceans, at this level do not see, in fact half of the species at this level are blind. In this sense, the organisms have adapted to produce their own lights from their specialized parts in their bodies known as photophores. In addition, since there is lack of phytoplacton to start the food chain, life is limited and fish have adapted to fulfill their needs. For instance, some…


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Mercury in Seafood Are High
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The Food and Drug Administration has published recommendations that warn pregnant women, nursing mothers, women who might become pregnant, and children not to ear swordfish, shark, tilefish, and king mackerel due to high methylmercury content. They also warn women and children to limit their consumption of tuna (DHHS/EPA, 2004). However, if guidelines are followed, these women and children are told that they can eat limited amounts of low mercury fish.

What Levels of methylmercury are safe?

There are many factors that help to determine how much mercury is considered to be safe. The EPA reference dose (fD) is the amount of mercury that a person can be exposed to on a daily basis over a lifetime without appreciable risk of effects from it. The EPA fD is 0.1 ?g mercury per kg body weight per day. This level translates into a blood mercury level 5.8?g/L or 5.8 parts per billion…


Budtz-Jergenson, E., Grandjean, P., & Weihe, P. (2007). Separation of Risks and Benfits of Seafood Intake. Environmental Health Perspectives. 115 (3); 323-327

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I Ching Is a Form
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Fire (the hottest element) and metal (the hardest) both are associated with yang. Nevertheless, the Blue Dragon that symbolizes wood is a principal symbol of yang, while the hite Tiger that symbolizes metal is a principal symbol of yin. This kind of reversal turns up frequently in the I Ching..[Newborn, 1986]

The I Ching is based on the principle of a broken line, representing yin, and an unbroken line, representing yang. There are eight trigrams: The I Ching [Y" Jing1] uses the trigrams by combining pairs of them into 64 hexagrams. The hexagrams reuse the trigrams by combining pairs of them into 64 hexagrams. The hexagrams represent states of affairs, and the I Ching is consulted through the construction of a hexagram to answer one's question. The construction is carried out either through a complicated process of throwing and counting yarrow stalks, or by throwing three coins. The obverse (head)…

Works Cited

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Accessed February, 2002.

Wilderness - Max Oelschlaeger in
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Were such changes necessary? According to what Oelshlaeger explains in his book, it appears that much of these changes are interconnected. With agriculture "naturally" come other transitions in the society. In fact, "neo" or "new" implies the many changes that occurred 10,000 years ago with the advent of growing crops. The beginnings of this huge change can be traced to the food-producing cultures evolving on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Southwest Asia, including today's Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and Iran and Iraq or what was later called Mesopotamia.

Near the end of the Neolithic period after the domestication of cereals and cultivation, domestication and breeding of stock was established and people developed farming methods especially for wide open landscapes. At that time metals, such as copper and gold, came into frequent use and technology advanced to the stage that large numbers of tools were being crafted…

Tecumseh and the Shawnee Prophet Tenskwatawa The
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Tecumseh and the Shawnee Prophet

Tenskwatawa "The prophet" and Tecumseh

Tenskwatawa was born in 1778 at Old Piqua near present day Springfield, Ohio. His father was an important Shawnee chief. Lauliwasikau was one of eight children, and he protected his younger brother Tecumseh and acted as his protector. Lauliwaskiau would eventually be known as Tenskwatawa.

In 1783, at the treaty of Paris, promises of the ritish were broken and they made no effort to protect Indian lands in Ohio. Tribesmen had fought in this war but had no part in the treaty making. White frontiersmen started flocking to southern Ohio, only to be refused by the tribal leaders refusing to acknowledge the government's claims and oppose new settlements north of the river.

From 1784-1789 a few chiefs met with government officials and signed a series of questionable treaties taking away Indian control of lands in Southern and Eastern Ohio, but…


Author not available, SHAWNEE PROPHET., The Columbia Encyclopedia, Seventh Edition, 01-01-2002.

Patriarch Nothing Stays With Us in Life
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Nothing stays with us in life as powerfully as the images of our parents we take with us into adulthood. A harsh father, a loving mother, a single parent who was on the edge of exhaustion, but always available... The emotions attached to these memories affect our adult decisions. These recollections influence how we see ourselves, who we believe we can be in the adult world, and who we see when we look in the morning mirror.

In the equity of the universe, it seems unfair that the species which spends the most time in its home before heading into the world is most influenced by its parents. When looking across the animal kingdom, lion cubs are ready to hunt for themselves after a number of months. Sea turtles are born on the beaches, devoid of any parental influence.

Those lucky enough to make it back to water are…


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Gulf Oil Spill
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Gulf Spill

In the wake of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, about thirty percent of the oil, and "the most volatile fraction" of it, evaporated in a period of about ten hours (Handwerk, 2011). This was the primary aerosol emanation Another ten to twenty percent evaporated over the course of the next few days, and those turned into a wide plume of aerosol that was later identified as being comprised of intermediate or semi-volatile organic compounds (Xie, 2011). This secondary aerosol was composed of both light and heavy types of hydrocarbons, which have contributed to air pollution over a wide area (Handwerk, 2011). Ironically, the pattern of aerosol evaporation from the oil spill has advanced scientific understanding of how secondary aerosols form after the initial chemical conversion from their most volatile compounds (Xie, 2011). According to the EPA (2014), in addition to volatile organic compounds, the oil spill…


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Oil Increased Access to Offshore
Words: 2906 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66820675
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283). This led to the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA). This Act acknowledged the fact that there was a lack of knowledge about the ocean ecosystem. This was an important insight and "At its core, NEPA requires federal agencies to produce an environmental impact statement (EIS) whenever they propose a major federal action" but " it was unclear from the original language of the statute whether the lease of oil exploration rights was covered" (othbach, 2007, p. 283). However, in 1978 Congress amended this Act with regard to the current state of the law governing the leasing of offshore oil exploration rights. The 1978 amendments "…specifically state that if a plan for development and exploration of offshore oil resources is a major federal action, then an EIS must be produced" (othbach, 2007, p. 283). These events were to contribute to the growing concern about the environmental impact of…


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Plastic Bags & the Environment
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5 billion pounds is up 2.3% from December 2006. Angier lists all the plastic-based materials around her desk at the Times and in her personal life, including her computer keyboard, credit card, telephones, her motorcycle helmet, luggage, earrings, for starters. Plastics also pad mattresses, "elasticize our comfort-fit jeans, suture our wounds, plug our dental cavities, encapsulate our pills, replace our lost limbs, lighten our cars and jets" and much more (Angier).

The city of San Francisco banned "traditional plastic bags" in November 2007, according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle (Buchanan, 2007). "People are used to getting free bags and thinking there is no real consequence to them," said Jack Macy, recycling coordinator for San Francisco's Department of the Environment. "But there is a cost," Macy went on. Part of the cost to city of San Francisco -- where about 180 million plastic bags were handed out annually…

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American History the Huron Creation
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Nathaniel Bacon, a wealthy planter staged an uprising, which eventually developed into a rebellion, against Sir William Berkeley's corrupt regime. His manifesto opens with how perverted the morality of the colony has become. Bacon enumerates corruption, where the quality of the lives of their colonizers have greatly improved but the welfare of the colony has stagnated and downgraded, the administration's protection of their" darling Indians," where the interest of the people have not been protected but these "darling Indians" have been, as crimes of the Berkeley's administration. In return, the manifesto suggests the need to expatriate all Indians as well as to extinguish all forms of commerce and trade with them. Even though the rebellion failed, it has had some positive effects: the reduction of taxes as well as the end of rule of the "grandees" (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography in oner, 2008).

In most societies where unjust…

Foner, E. (2008). ed. Voices of Freedom. A Documentary History. W.W. Norton & Company: New York.

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Will Hobbs
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Together they'll face moose, bears, and the terrors of the subarctic winter.

Down the Yukon: Amid the shouts and the cheers and the splashing of oars, it was pandemonium. "Nome or bust!" Jason yelled. In the shadow of the Arctic Circle, Dawson City is burning, changing forever the lives of thousands in the Klondike gold fields. All the talk is of Nome, nearly two thousand miles away, where gold has been discovered in the beach sands. Jason Hawthorn is itching to join the new rush. He and his brothers have been cheated out of their sawmill, and Jason has vowed to buy it back. A race to Nome has been announced, with a $20,000 prize. Jason's partner in his canoe is the girl he loves, Jamie Dunavant, freshly returned from the States as she promised she would. The Great Race across Alaska will be a grueling test for the two…


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Sea Fishing Environmental Effects Over
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Coral reefs began declining when more and more large fish, turtles and seals were killed, species which in the past had frequented coral reef systems. The "reduced visits" have led to a reduced number of herbivorous fish and "added nutrients from pollution" all of which result in seaweed overgrowth and destruction of the reef (Houlder, 2003).

Methods for Addressing Over fishing

The government has encouraged many fisheries and local agents to develop strategic plans for combating the problem of deep sea over fishing. In particular much attention has been spent on an 'ecosystem' approach to fishery management which is adaptive, geographically specified and works to balance diverse objectives (Shotton, 2003). An ecosystem approach aims at "conserving the structure and function of marine ecosystems and the fishery resource" (Shotton, 2003).

Longlines can be weighted so that bait sinks faster, and hooks can be set at night, thus reducing the impacts on…


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Cetacean Bycatch Campaign. 1, December 2004: 

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Crash by Jerry Spinelli
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Crash by Jerry Spinelli is a story of an unlikely hero that challenges many of the conventions of young adult novels. Instead of a serious, introspective protagonist like so many books geared at a teen literary audience, the title character of Crash is a jock and a football player. At the beginning of the novel, Crash is very intolerant of people who are different from him and who threaten his masculine identity. Over the course of the book he gradually grows to appreciate and even befriend people who are not part of the athletic culture he embraces. As a result, he makes new friends and even wins the heart of the prettiest girl in school. The book's theme continually underlines the possibilities of change and the fact that appearances are often deceptive.

The plot revolves around Crash's relationship with Penn ebb, a sensitive, underdeveloped young boy who is the child…

Work Cited

Spinelli, Jerry. Crash. Laurel Leaf, 2004.

Strategy and Corporate Governance
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BP Oil Spill

Strategy and Corporate Governance

The bp oil spill of 2010

British Petroleum (BP) is one of the largest oil exploring companies in the world. It is recognized for its efficient practices. In recent years it has positioned itself as an environmentally responsible company by stressing its commitment to undertaking exploration activities by causing minimum harm to the natural environment. It has also invested in technologies to make drilling under the seabed more secure so that oil spills do not occur. However, these claims were brought into question on April 20, 2012 when a massive explosion and oil spill took place on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig over the Macondo oil well in the U.S. Gulf. There was huge damage to the marine environment and to the livelihood of people living in the coastal communities in Louisiana and other coastal states. The poor response of the company was…


ABC News. (2010, July 27). BP CEO Tony Hayward Gets Golden Parachute. Is $18 Million Too Much? ABC News. Retrieved May 1, 2012, from 

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Plastic Bags the Widespread Use of Plastic
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Plastic Bags

The widespread use of plastic bags by businesses and consumer has been a longstanding concern for environmentalists, wildlife management advocates, and recycling programs. The issues with plastic bags include their low recyclability and the environmental hazards created by their production. Not only are plastic bags produced with petroleum, they are light, and easily travel into natural areas, causing waste build-up and hazards to animals. The byproducts of their production are also toxic, causing issues with air quality and aid rain. Campaigns to ban the use of plastic bags began in awanda and India, and by 2007, programs were developed in many other countries, including the United States. Efforts to stop the use of plastic bags and find realistic and environmentally sustainable solutions are critical to ongoing and growing campaigns.

Plastic bags create vast amounts of waste that don't have the ability to decomposed quickly. In fact, the environmental…


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If Maintaining the Integrity of the Environment Is Good Business Sense
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Tourism vs. The Environment

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. In fact, it is believed that tourism will grow at approximately four percent per year through the year 2010. Tourism is usually good for the economy but is it is not always good for the environment. Mankind does have a way of messing up whatever we touch. Whenever something is taken out of its natural environment and placed elsewhere, there is an effect on something. Hikers generally stay on paths. Every so often a hiker just must have a photograph of a flower in the middle of a field and trounces off to get it. In doing so, rare vegetation might be killed. Destroyed vegetation, air pollution, water pollution and refuge are just a few of the problems irritated by tourism.

Sprawl is - no pun intended - a growing problem. In Lancaster ounty, Pennsylvania, sprawl and relative…

Campbell, page 4.

Lindberg, page 11/

Sierra Club sues state of Hawaii before it funds tourism," Retrieved 4 November 2002.

Debate Over Port of Miami Expansion
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Dredging the Port of Miami

Dredging refers to the activity needed to be conducted for removal of unwanted deposits present in water pathways. However, even though this activity facilitates marine traffic regularity, it isn't without its drawbacks[footnoteef:2]. Dredging poses a great threat to the aquatic environment, and should be carried out very carefully, facilitated only using the assistance of the appropriate dredges and dredgers. As a port for international cargo, the Port of Miami is a significant section of the Miami economy. A project, to expand the port area by means of dredging, has been planned for. This is intended to provide ingress and egress for the new larger PanaMax ships that will be coming through the improved Panama Canal, and thus is expected to draw more business in cargo shipping to the locality[footnoteef:3]. The proposed expansion zone is, however, also the site of a key ecosystem. Thus, arguments and…

Assessing Threats to Locations
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Homeland Security 420 WA3

Three locations in and near New York City are assessed for vulnerabilities and threats, and then prioritized according to the security considerations and analysis. The Kuehne Chemical plant in South Kearny, New Jersey, is the only one of the three selected locations that is inherently a risk to citizens. The other two selected locations -- Carnegie Hall and the United Nations headquarters -- are vulnerable to threats and at risk primarily because they are notable Manhattan landmarks and often contain large assemblages of people.

Of the three locations, the Kuehne Chemical plant is the highest security priority due to the worst-case scenario for the site as estimated by the Department of Homeland Security, and as defined in their isk Management Plan that was submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency. The United Nations Headquarters is the second security priority primarily because so many other opportunities to threaten…


Radford, P. (2010, June 22). New Jersey chemical plant puts 12 million at risk, threatens most lives in New York City. Huffington Post. Retrieved from 

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a'short'story about what happened
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stood with neck craning like everyone else around me. The tips of his white sneakers were showing, just past the lip of the building's roof. Although the twelve stories between us blurred his facial features, I knew what Jeff looked like because I saw him every day in class. He had sad brown eyes, pimples on his left cheek, and unkempt hair. I don't think he cared much about what other people thought, but when I saw him up there threatening to jump, I considered the fact that he felt his life was worth nothing because he had no one to live for. I heard someone next to me saying, "I feel like I'm watching a movie," and although it annoyed me to hear them depersonalizing Jeff's attempted suicide, the same thought had passed through my head already. Every time the wind blew, at least one person in the audience…

O'Neill Dreams and Man's Tragic
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But it is perhaps so that had the man followed his dream, he would have died content rather than in abject misery and with a sense of imprisonment in the confines of farm and family. In this regard, Beyond the Horizon suggests that man's tragic fate is to be pulled at once by his dreams and by the realistic imperatives of life such as love, family, work and obligation. In the resolution, this internal paradox renders man an empty and discontent shell of what he dreams to become.

If this perception of man's tragic fate is altered in any regard during the intervening four years between the two plays in question, it is perhaps in the yet less redeeming nature of the dreamers in Desire Under the Elms. here the parties in Beyond the Horizon bypassed their dreams in spite of themselves, the greedy brothers and the inconstant wife of…

Works Cited:

O'Neill, E. (1920). Beyond the Horizon.

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Death Have an Effect on
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Losing a pet is difficult for anyone, but children may take longer to grieve and get over the loss than adults do. A small amount of depression, acting out, or gloominess can be expected, and should go away. Longer periods or abnormal activity following loss should be addressed by the parent, a counselor or minister, or a grief counselor. Warning signs of severe or prolonged grief will vary depending on the child's age, relationship with the pet, emotional maturity, circumstances involved with the death, and so on.

Others find that children are far more resilient that adults in coping with death. Because they have a limited ability to understand chronology, unless faced with something quite traumatic, they are usually able to process grief, accept the issue, and sometimes with a little help or explanation, simply move through the issue with very little scaring. Children are exposed to many more issues…


Alat, K. (2002). "Traumatic Events and Children: How Early Childhood Educators

Can Help." Childhood Education. 79 (1): 2.

Bjorklund, D. 2006-08-10 "Spot Died Last Week: Children's Picture Books About

the Death of a Pet" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American

Fate of Carbon in a
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The fact is that numerous rooted macrophyte structures are not full of naturally strong and healthy particles and sediments and nutrients. It is because of the restriction or absence of these particles, sediments and nutrients that the study of these systems has not been as extensive and thorough as the concentration on the terrestrial structures when understanding the fate, sources and sinks of Co2 levels in the ecosystems and the plants structures (e.g., Drake and Leadley 1991). Researchers assert that "rooted macrophyte systems can be sources of CO2, Chapter 4 and other gases through microbial processing of organic matter in the sediments and direct emission from leaves" (Delaune et al. 1990).

Table 1. Total net primary production (NPP) from world systems (Modified from Valiela, 1984)



Tot. NPP1

% of Total

% of Total

106 km2

gC m-2 y-1

X106mTC y-1



Marine System:

Open Ocean




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Ethical Case Analysis JOHNSO62 on
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The Tasman Spirit crew and financiers should work to investigate acute health concerns as well as the marine ecosystem surrounding Karachai. The American Club, likely one of two involved parties with the financial resources to affect significant change in the region which actually suffered the effects of the environmental disaster. ather than working against each other with suits and counter suits and the assorted other motions and legal actions underway, it would be most effective and positive for those two companies to work together with environmental awareness and protection agencies to restore the region.

Step Three

Affected Parties

This portion of the analysis is concerned with the specific affected individual parties. While it is important not to allow empathy for a specific group to outweigh the impartiality of an effective analysis it is also important to understand the relevant human components of a situation especially one which has such a…


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Person in History Woodrow Wilson
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Present day international affairs are done to a level much greater than ilson wanted them to, making it especially intriguing for him to examine them and to cooperate with a professional team in looking over the world's problems and finding solutions to them. Although ilson supported the concept of intervening in the affairs of other countries when democracy seemed to be threatened in these territories, he also supported the theory of self-governing, insisting that each country should be allowed to govern itself as it wishes, with international intervention being limited to preserving freedom, instead of forcing people to act against their will.

oodrow ilson's plans to see an international committee preserving peace failed to the highest degree during the years in which the League of Nations functioned. Not only did the organization fail in preserving peace, but in some cases it actually expressed indifference to conditions involving an oppressing country…

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Gulf Oil Spill Whether the
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So far, this is not the case, and oil companies only pay royalties on production. This is another area under scrutiny in the MMS scandal. There are reports, dating back to 2008, that the royalty offices of the MMS, located in Denver, routinely accepted oil company numbers on the amount of oil they produced, rather than independently auditing the numbers. No one knows how much lost revenue to the government that practice resulted in, and there is no way of finding out now. Clearly, future policy formation on the industry needs to include more oversight, more regulations, and a much less cozy relationship between the regulators and the companies they are regulating.

Future policy formation on other energy sources

The Gulf spill has helped to change public opinion on oil and its production, and on how it is regulated. It seems much clearer after the spill that we are a…


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Alone Are Wanted in Life
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Stephen lackpool, on the other hand could be considered to be from the other side of the tracks. He was a poor man and worked in ounderby's factory as a weaver. The language that Dickens' uses to describe the world that lackpool is from is quite depressing. He tells us that the Gradgrinds live at Stone Lodge. This name itself conjures up and image of a mini castle surrounded by lush, green grass. He describes Stephen lackpool's environment as a place 'where Nature was as strongly bricked out as killing airs and gases were bricked in' and 'the whole an unnatural family, shouldering and trampling and pressing one another to death'. He even lets us know that Stephen looks much older than his forty years because of the life and environment he is from. Poor Stephen loses his job for standing up for his coworkers and also left Coketown in…


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Independence Less Than Half a
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Notwithstanding the challenges involved, the stakes are high and there is little room for false starts or experimentation; therefore, identifying a general set of best practices that Gambian organizations can follow in developing their own set of sustainable productivity practices represents a valuable and timely undertaking, which relates to the purpose of the study which is discussed further below.

Purpose of Study

The overall purpose of this study was to study to provide a review of the relevant juried and scholarly literature together with the findings of a survey of Gambian business leaders to generally identify the most pressing priorities for developing the nation's infrastructure and sustainable organizational productivity. The specific purpose of the study was to determine whether SMEs face the same types of challenges of to optimum performance as their larger corporate counterparts, and to identify any peculiar organizational characteristics that determine levels of performance between SMEs and…


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Creation Story Native American Version
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" In other words, there will be land and between "firmament" there will be water. Continents and oceans were created this way. It is interesting to note that the Christian God spoke but the Sioux Creating Power sang. The Native Peoples had creative ideas.

Sioux Creation Story / Christian Creation Story: At first, the animals and people drowned in the Sioux story. Then the Creating Power pulled four animals from his pipe bag: a loon, an otter, a beaver and turtle. Soon there also came "the shapes of men and women." In the Christian story, God created heaven and then He also created: grass, fruit trees, seasons, stars, "great whales" and "every living creature" that moves, including birds. On the sixth day "God created man in his own image…male and female created he them." Then He "breathed" the breath of life into the man and humanity was born.

The similarities…

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