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" Turkle claims that "our fragile planet needs our action in the real," which is exactly what the little girl was trying to point out. Her appreciating the animatronic animals more than the real ones is a product of technology saturation.

Technology has become an annoyance: we all experience the "sense of encroachment of the device" on our personal time and it is difficult to cut ourselves off from the world. Yet technology is a blessing. Turkle points out that the shy and inhibited are hiding behind their virtual selves. Indeed they are: to their advantage. Many readers would agree that technology has allowed the shy and socially awkward to engage socially with others without having to sweat or take anxiety medication.

Being constantly connected with the world is a choice we make. Technology is not deadening us to the world, as Turkle implies. Quite the opposite: technology is enhancing our vision of what the world can...


When we network online with people with the same hobbies, or when we check friends' Facebook pages, we are making the world a more caring place. Animatronic animals do seem realer to the casual observer visiting a Disney theme park because real animals do not belong in a theme park: they belong in the wilderness. Turkle's mistake is assuming that live animals do belong in a theme park or museum.

The Internet and related communications and information technologies help us understand and learn about the world. Communications technologies keep us in touch with people who we might otherwise never see or hear from. Instead of posing technology tethering as a fearful portent of the future, Turkle could step back and notice what benefits a Blackberry can…

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