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Typhoons Essays (Examples)

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Decisions in Paradise Part II
Words: 688 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72349868
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Nik and the following is my problem. I have been assigned to a beautiful island in order to help my team, Alex and Chris, set up their work site. Kava, the island itself, is battered with more challenges that I have ever lived with that include tidal waves/tsunami; typhoons/hurricanes; tornadoes; floods; fires; volcanic eruptions; earthquakes. Add to this mixture HIV / AIDS; petroleum spill; high risk for avian flu; and terrorism and you understand why I am queasy about the chances of success and, more so, perplexed about where to start. Aside from the above external problems that impact the project, internal challenges include disorganization of the work location and site; shoddy H procedures, chaotic organizational structure; and non-harmonious workforce that has been reflected in the organization's history of high turnover.

My task, according to Alex and Chris, consists in helping them establish a greater presence in Kava. Ways of…


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Hurricane Andrew in May of
Words: 1998 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 40357988
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Although it had lost some pop, Andrew was still a Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale Category 3 hurricane on the second go around. but, the first round was enough to know that Andrew was bad. From a business perspective, Hurricane Andrew crippled the offshore oil facilities on its second approach throughout the gulf coast and in Louisiana where the storm added another billion dollars in damage.

These financial losses did not even take into consideration the badly deteriorated Everglades ecosystem which would be restored several years later after a second hurricane, Opal, crippled the ecosystem even more.


The state of Florida had one of its worst hurricane seasons on record in 2004 yet the state was much better prepared. The state seemed to have learned some valuable lessons from 1992. "As hundreds of millions of dollars in hurricane relief become available to Florida, Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings declared ednesday that she…

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Organizational Accountability in Emergency Management
Words: 8646 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 15886146
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Function #1: Mitigation

At this stage, gradual and long-term steps are taken to ensure that disasters do not occur, or that, when they do, they cause minimal damage. Actions at this stage include the identification of hazards, the research of the causes which generate the disaster, the creation of means in which to modify the causes of the disasters, the development of means which reduce the community's vulnerability to the disaster, the efforts to better consolidate old buildings, the construction of disaster-resistant buildings, the education of the population or the provision of insurance.

At this stage, the responsibilities of the central government include:

The identification of hazards and the research of their causes

The research as to how the causes of the disaster can be modified

The offering of research and development grants to local projects

The promulgation of buildings safety standards

elative to the competencies of the local governments…


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Foundation Comparison Burj Khalifa vs Taipei 101
Words: 1914 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 90526133
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Foundation Comparison: Burj Khalifa vs. Taipei 101

This report aims at assessing the foundation of the world's tallest and second tallest skyscrapers; the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai and Taipei 101 in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently, Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building taking over the title from Taipei 101 topping out at a height of 828 metres. Khalifa is built on silty sand and sandstones while Taipei 101, with a height of 509 metres stands on two tectonic faults with silty sand and clay soils. Both Burj Khalifa and Taipei 101 are built on deep type foundations but with almost-similar soil conditions. Due to the weak and collapse-prone soils these building are built on, various site investigation techniques were initiated prior to the construction to determine each site's soil conditions and build foundation likely to hold the structures firmly. In this regard, this report highlights the rationale behind these foundations…


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Viability of Coconut Production and
Words: 9960 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 82631133
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ut neophytes should not attempt to do this. Halved coconuts can be dried in one of two ways. The first is by letting them dry by the heat of the sun, which takes a longer time. The other and faster way is by heating them. A bamboo house or shack without walls is built at about 3 feet above the ground. It has only a roof and a floor. The halved coconuts are piled on the floor. Some coconut husks are piled beneath the shack but not too close to burn the shack. A torch is used to set fire on these piled coconut husks but they are monitored carefully. More fire is set if it turns low. The halved coconuts turn brown and separate from the shells when ready for scooping. Just enough heat from medium to low is used to avoid burning. When the fruits at the bottom…


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Decisions in Paradise III With Paretto Analysis
Words: 1665 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86046902
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Decisions in Paradise III With Paretto Analysis

Decisions in Paradise II

Cesar a ivera

oy Chuang

Decisions in Paradise II

This is Nik's problem

Nik has landed on Kava an island that is faced with numerous challenges including tidal waves/tsunami; typhoons/hurricanes; tornadoes; floods; fires; volcanic eruptions; earthquakes; HIV / AIDS; petroleum spill; high risk for avian flu; and terrorism, and has been asked to helped establish a business there. Aside from the above problems that impact the potential business, other challenges include the location and site being a mess; H procedures being chaotic, disrupted and confused organizational structure; and conflicting and conflicted workforce due to diverse composition, beliefs, attitudes, and ideologies. Employees in the past, the wrong mix and too many, barely stayed and so business management and environment became increasingly chaotic.

Nik's tasks, according to Alex, consist of establishing a greater presence in Kava. Ways of establishing that presence…


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Decisions in Paradise Case Study
Words: 963 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3026432
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Early focus for moving operations to Kava will include organizational processes with a step-by-step plan, human resources evaluation, and study of ethical dilemmas that they might encounter. This project will take more man power than the two of us presently in Kava; a team will need to be assigned to help work the project.

This project will be one of the company's largest endeavors, we will need to ensure that we have one controlling master schedule so that individual aspects of this project do not spiral out of control

Research of the culture must be done to ensure the success of the venture, before attempting to market services to a foreign country we must understand the culture and the differences

. In understanding, respecting and accepting the different culture and the ability to set our own aside we will see a smooth transition when collaborating with the local government, parents…

By structuring a plan to formally educate the young people of Kava, we will help the island economically by looking toward the future and our ultimate goal of opening a facility that will employee the islanders that we have trained, this is a positive situation for both parties involved as we improve their standard of living while we gain access to a more cost effective workforce to improve our operating margin. Conforming as much as possible to their culture and respecting their differences, we will win their respect and trust. Implementing the above plan will also help other countries who obtain supplies and services from Kava by keeping the island alive and economically viable. Better education will help them overcome the many obstacles they are faced with on a daily basis.

Ned Kock, Dorrie DeLuca. (2007). Improving Business Processes Electronically: An Action Research Study in New Zealand and the U.S. Journal of Global Information Technology Management

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Local & International Disasters the
Words: 1211 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 76838686
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As of May 2, 2009, CNN has reported there are 160 confirmed cases of swine flu across the United States of America and about 108 cases throughout the rest of the world.

Although the swine flu (H1N1) strain's discovery in the 1930s has shown not so much an aggressive spread of the disease through the years worldwide, a flaccid approach to the prevention and eradication of any communicable pathogen could result into a catastrophe worldwide, as transmission methods are numerous and casual like mere sneezing, coughing, and usual human activities, like handshakes, kissing and talking with an infected or healthy pathogen carrier.

Preventive measures include keeping one's self healthy by having a well-balanced diet, taking in ample or optimal amounts of water (8 glasses of water for normal individuals) to keep one normally hydrated, getting enough quality sleep and rest (normally 8 hours of sleep) with some stress relieving naps,…


Black, Richard. Global Warming risk 'much higher'. BBC NEWS. 23 May 2006.

Psychologic Effect on People in
Words: 3632 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 8814890
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This revision, they note, was "partly in recognition of research demonstrating that traumatic events were in fact not uncommon. DSM-IV defines the traumatic stressor as when a person 'experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of self or others" (Vasterling and Brewin 6).

The diagnostic criteria established by the Fourth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) for PTSD state that an individual must have:

itnessed, experienced, or otherwise been confronted with an event that involved actual or possible death, grave injury, or threat to physical integrity; and,

The individual's response to such a traumatic event must include severe helplessness, fear or horror (cited in Clancy 2004).

According to Clancy (2004), a number of professions such as law enforcement, firefighters and combat veterans tend to experience a…

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Angkor Is Called the Largest
Words: 2006 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42600586
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Laterite is a soft stone, easily cut, which dries to a very hard material. It was not easily carved, so it was used for foundations and walls.

During the 7th and 8th centuries, larger temples were built of sandstone, which was available from the Kingdom of Chenla, quarries. Sandstone is easily carved, so by the 7th century carvings of good quality and detail were found on the lintels of the doors of the temples. Towards the end of this century, some temples were made entirely of stone, some of these tall, single tower temples still survive in Indo-China and Cambodia.

Unfortunately, there were significant problems that the architects were not able to overcome when designing the great pyramids of Angkor at and Bayon. Sandstone may fit together very well, but vertical joints, running on top of one another, makes a wall very unstable. A whole wall would fall down if…

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Stop Global Warming
Words: 3122 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 72397561
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experienced a series of extreme and devastating weather events including Hurricane Katrina's destruction of New Orleans, Louisiana and other parts of the south in 2005, flooding in Europe in 2005, heavy snowfall in Europe in 2010 and 2011, and flooding throughout Asia from 2005 to the present. Many of these weather patterns are related to El Nino or La Nina storms, which are two-to-eight-year weather patterns where changing wind streams pick up warm surface water from the oceans and increases humidity, according to Tim Flannery in his 2005 book The Weather Makers. When the clouds reach a saturation point, they release horrific storms and subsequent floods in some parts of the world and parching droughts in others.

Extreme weather caused by warming oceans is one of the many environmental disasters scientist link to global warming, which is the increasing warming of the planet. In the midst of a cold winter,…

Management of Technology in Developing Countries Such as Iran
Words: 3432 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Paper #: 23736333
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Management of Technology in Developing Countries Such as Iran

Technology management arrangements of developing countries vary from those of first world ones. The requirement for skill in these states is not growing from within, but somewhat cropping up from new wares imported from first world countries. Technological growth in addition does not consequence from inner data and research, but resulting upon the technology transmission from abroad. In these environments, technology management by customary way is barely effective. These are troubles facing the Islamic epublic of Iran these days and as a consequence organizations controlling the technology management endure non-compliance, then technological development does not trail an accurate trend (obertson, 2002).

Lack of distinctive management, vagueness of technological precedence's, misunderstanding of policy-making roles and inter-organization implementation and management, tremendous government involvement in all fields and lack of specialist manpower are amongst the vital troubles of the topic (Sveiby et. al 2001).…


(1.) Abou-Zeid, E.S. "A Knowledge Management Reference Model." Journal of Knowledge Management, 6(5), 2002. pp. 486-499.

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Nik Is a New Hire for Wal-mart
Words: 614 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58337858
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Nik is a new hire for Wal-Mart. As project manager in the public relations department he will work with Alex who is director of strategic planning in Kava. Despite Kava having experienced tidal waves, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and fatal diseases such as HIV / AID and is at high risk for avian flu, its residents are still attached to the island, for Kava has a reputation of being a paradise.

Yet when Nik arrived, he found only problems. His new home was disappointing. The office was a mess and shabby, and Alex seems to be his sole assistant.

Nik's instinctive response would be to throw in the towel. How could he found a Wal-Mart in this under resourced place that has more problems that he can put his hands around.

Nik would have to retain his composure at all costs and delineate his problems, and…


MindTools. Grid Analysis. Accessed on February 15, 2011 from:

Session Long Project Involve Developing a Disaster
Words: 1156 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51822712
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Session Long Project involve developing a disaster management program a specific country include hazard analysis, prevention, preparedness, response, recovery plans. Epidemiology Disasters espond: 1.

In 2011, Japan was shook by a devastating earthquake which claimed thousands of deaths and led to serious economic casualties. Since then, a number of concerns have been raised in regards to expectations of an even vengeful one in the near future. In fact, Japan has had a history of damaging quakes throughout the years. In 2004, the Ch-etsu Earthquakes, although less serious as to the number of human lives, forced many people to leave homes and injured thousands. It was considered the most vengeful quake since 1995 when thousands were killed in the Great Hanshin Earthquake, hundreds of thousands more were affected one way or another and substantial economical damage was registered. As such, Japanese have become more vigilant in regards to their safety and…

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Forest Conservation
Words: 680 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11037870
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Forests Conservation

Forest Conservation

Global warming has become a hot topic since last few decades and there have been continuous efforts in understanding its causes and drastic consequences over the environment. It is a simple term that relates to the increase in the temperature of the earth which affects the entire world equally. Global warming has advanced dramatically with the increase in the use of the hydrocarbons, excess burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. One of the major contributors in global warming is the rising amount of carbon dioxide gas in the environment, which is released by burning of fossil fuels and gets trapped inside the environment, causing it to get hotter day by day. To cut down the ratio of carbon dioxide as compare to oxygen gas, it is important that the naturally occurring forests must be conserved and there should be afforestation instead of de-forestation. Several other severe…


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Emergency Communications System
Words: 776 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Proposal Paper #: 63682913
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ECS can be set-up as an early warning and emergency communications system in areas usually affected by natural disasters or conflicts and with high volume of mobile phone users and text message/SMS users. In case of an impending political conflict or natural disaster, UniComm's ECS will be part of an area's communication plan as people take action in response to the information/message they received through the ECS.

Pilot Plan

UniComm, as part of its preparations for the international launch, will set-up special launchings in one country in Asia (Philippines) and Africa (Kenya) where the ECS can be tested in terms of its overall packaging. As the nature of the ECS service is more on the side of public service, UniComm will seek partners from the private sector with strong relationships with the government and non-government units operating within the chosen sites in each country. ECS will be tested in the…


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Supply Chain Risk
Words: 1253 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66471311
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UU KU isk

isk is everywhere. The greatest opportunity for any organization rests in its ability to manage risk to its own advantage. The world is not that simple though, and the mysterious nature of the universe presents unknowable challenges in front of us all as we navigate through our lives and experiences. "Managing risk is the number one concern of CEOs and COOs and financial executives in North America and Europe see supply chain disruptions as the second biggest threat to their operations, " (Bidgoli, 2010). Success in any endeavor results from mindfully weighing pros and cons to find appropriate solutions that can maximize benefit. The entire journey is a narrow path, but those organizations and individuals who can navigate without fear have an opportunity to make the best of risk.

The purpose of this essay is to discuss how risk management within supply chain logistical systems can be…


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Learning More About What Processes Change the Surface of the Earth
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72161887
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Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics

This concerns the changes in the formation of the earth crust and mantle from the smallest to the largest, such as a series of mountains (UWYO, 2011). Conducting a study of these changes requires a conduct of fieldwork in coordination with other scientific disciplines, such as geophysics, geochemistry and petrology. The University of Wyoming has conducted such fieldwork on the different active and ancient areas of crustl and mantle changes. This fieldwork continues at present on topics, including continental and oceanic extensional tectonics, aboriginal arc-continental collisions, fault systems, crustal studies, fold and fault features and direct dating of these changes (UWYO).

These studies looked into the Archean depths in Wyoming province, the Rocky Mountain, the Alps, the Colorado River, the Carribean and the San Andres fault (UWYO, 2011). Researchers have swam and dug into thousands of meters into the ocean in order to look and…


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and Natural Variability: Encyclopedia of Life Support System. Retrieved on July 17, 2015


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Dimensions of Culture Between the US and Japan
Words: 958 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69504185
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International and Intercultural Communication


The power distance between the U.S. and Japan are near matching showing that they are almost equal, and hence, inequality is not that great and the influence of people regarding ideas and behavior is same. In the society, people are different. The attitudes of culture towards power inequalities are almost the same with a difference of 14, where the U.S.A. has 40 and Japan 54. Japan is greater than the U.S., but the difference is minimal compared to the other variables under scrutiny such as long-term orientation and individualism. This shows that the use of power is legitimate, and subjects to the criteria of good and evil plus their assessment systems are based on the precise setting of targets. The mentality of the people in both U.S. and Japan is that of 'can do,' which has created dynamism in the society. Moreover, the hierarchy means…

References List:

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Federalism and the Planning for the Response to Emergencies
Words: 1738 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 27127565
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Planning Across Levels of Government: Federalism and the Planning for the esponse to Emergencies

This paper will be in the form of a governmental response plan to the natural disaster: Hurricane Katrina.

Early morning, on the 29th of August, 2005, USA's Gulf Coast was hit by the Hurricane Katrina. When it reached land, it was identified as having "Category 3" intensity, on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, bringing continuous winds of speeds between 100 and 140 miles/hour and stretching across for about 400 miles (Hurricane Katrina - Facts & Summary -, n.d). While the storm was damaging enough by itself, the aftermath was utterly devastating. Firstly, massive flooding resulted from levee breaches. Furthermore, a large number of individuals claimed that the government didn't respond in a timely manner to take care of victims' needs. Several thousands of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi inhabitants suffered displacement from home. It has been…


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Reese, M. (2012, April 23). Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal: Your Source for Fire, Rescue and EMS News and Reviews. - The National Response Framework: Retrieved January 20, 2016, from

Qualities of a Good President
Words: 1267 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35291343
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Presidential Leadership

Significant relationship has been shown to exist between the success of a president and failure both coming from the nature of the strategies used in the making of critical policies. According to Thomas Patterson, several factors affect the presidential leadership in the United States of America and other countries. These factors are critical towards the realization of success by the president and the country, basing the success to be the fulfillment of the policies and strategies laid out for the people. This study has analyzed the various factors that affect the presidency and its leadership as stated by Thomas Patterson. Further, the study has proceeded to lay out where these factors affect the nature of leadership, together with the possibly important factors that are relevant to the leadership of any president in the world (Nye 78).


Patterson Thomas has discussed factors affecting presidential leadership. These factors make…

Works Cited

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Traditional Cuisine in the Philippines
Words: 646 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88643839
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Philippines Culture

The Philippines existed as a loose body of island tribes until the nation was settled by the Spanish in the 16th century following Magellan's arrival. For 300 years the Philippines was part of the Spanish Empire (indeed, its name Philippines is in honor of Spain's Philip II, who reigned during Villalobos's exploration of the islands in the mid-16th century). The U.S. became involved in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and their presence there prompted the Philippine-American War (Constantino, 1975). The U.S. maintained control of the islands until after WW2 when the Philippines became independent.

The geography of the Philippines consists of a vast archipelago of more than 7000 islands. In all, the islands equate to 115,000 square miles of land, with about a third of that land mass being coastal (CIA, 2009). The islands sit on the famous Ring of Fire, a string of volcanoes in the…

Is God a Good God
Words: 1776 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61597743
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Personal Theodicy
Theodicy is the vindication or justification of divine goodness in spite of the evidence of a world where evil exists. When one has faith in the divine goodness of God, the question of why God allows evil things to happen is one that is not troublesome; it is one when one has no faith or has doubts that the question becomes pertinent. Thus, it is helpful to explain how and why a good God would allow evil to exist and evil things to befall innocent people so that others might come to believe or might come to believe more strongly. The main reason for the existence of evil is that God gave to men (and to the angels) freedom of will. Men and angels were given the choice, in other words, of whether they would serve Him or their own desires. The fallen angels (led by Lucifer now…

Business Ethics Scenario -- Expansion
Words: 792 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48442634
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In that regard, even the protections available in more sophisticated societies cannot prevent major governmental corruption, exploitation, or unethical business practices in the private sector.

Therefore, the prospect of expanding our company presence to Kava does not obligate us to become more directly involved in Kava government or politics, but it does impose an obligation on our part to encourage the most beneficial organizational values and practices at every level. Business management principles must be shared in a manner that best cultivates a fundamental respect for human rights, equal rights, ethical principles of fairness and equity.

Naturally, in addition to attempting to instil socially responsible organizational values in Kava, our ethical responsibility requires us to determine a fair method of apportioning the measurable value that we derive from our Kava operations between the Kava people and our financial interests. It should go without saying that we will restrict our operations,…

Company Plan Part I How
Words: 852 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66071238
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We are also building relationships with suppliers at this stage, and those relationships need to proceed as smoothly as possible.

We will create economies of scale here in Kava. Doing so means stimulating local economies, which is ultimately in our best interest. For instance, a local transportation company will not only truck in raw materials for our company but for other companies on the island and possibly off the island too. Local service industries will grow as we bring in more people from around the globe. Thus as we grow in Kava, so too will unassociated companies that might indirectly benefit from our growth. The more we help community small business development in Kava, the more likely we are to succeed here in the long run.

Human Resources

Working with the government of Kava, we can have access to the country's great wealth of human resources. Recruiting students from high…

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In addition to the fact that it reveals the strongest benefits, it also has the advantage that most of its limitations can be easily overcome. In this order of ideas, both time and resource consumption can be reduced by using the previous FedEx campaigns. This strategy does not imply a lack of creativity and originality, but it is based on several advantages, as follows:

Along its existence, parent company Federal Express has created numerous marketing campaigns which have managed to attract both employees as well as customers -- this expertise is vital for the success of the Kava-based subsidiary, Pacific Express

FedEx still possesses its previous campaigns and can readjust one to suit the recruitment requirements of PacEx

The endeavor would materialize in the benefits of reduced time in creating a new campaign, combined with the decade long expertise of FedEx

The campaign would be modified and adjusted to the…


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It is as such necessary to assess it in light of the negative consequences it might generate, the resources available to the company so that it reduces the threat of the problem and finally, the criteria which need to be satisfied in order to state that the problem has been resolved (Principia Cybernetica Web).

a) Problem components: different views manifested primarily in cultural barriers (such as language barriers); lack of experience in the field of delivery services; the role of women in the workplace is still decreased and it has only improved recently as a result of the epidemics and the necessity for more labor force; gender discrimination could raise problems and it must be limited, if not at all eliminated. Bribery is also a growing problem in the region and the efforts of the delivery subsidiary could be easily compromised -- these problem components also represent the reasons as…


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