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White Noise Essays (Examples)

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Interaction Between Competition and Noise in Timed Task Completion
Words: 773 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82543447
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Environmental Noise May Have a Negative Impact on Human Cognitive Abilities

Environmental noise may have a negative impact on our cognitive abilities. In contrast, competition may attenuate the negative effects of noise on cognitive abilities. Further, noise and competition may interact in their effect on cognitive abilities. In this study, researchers attempted to determine if environmental noise reduced the performance of participants in a visual task. Specifically, participants were asked to locate objects in a picture, and then exposed to noise alone, competition alone, or noise and competition, or no noise or competition. Competition was defined as the presence of a $20 award, while noise was defined as white noise.

Participants were timed in the cognitive task.

There is compelling evidence that noise can alter human cognitive abilities. A recent study published in Psychological Science demonstrates the potentially negative effect of noise on human cognitive processing. The study of 326…

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Hospital Work on Most Frequent Complaint Noise
Words: 608 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 36791665
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Noise eduction

Medical care institutions have come up with various strategies to reduce noise generated within their facilities. However, this has remained quiet a challenge. The situation has never been rosier even in the private rooms within such facilities. Matters have worsened bearing in mind that hospitals have become increasingly open with more liberal visiting hours and policies that permit cell phones and other devices (Cmiel, Karr, Gasser, Oliphant & Neveau, 2004). The war is not yet lost because some medical facilities have come up with ways of reducing noise like reducing the frequency and intensity of medical alarms, dimming lights in the evening, and replacing nurses' pagers and walkie-talkies with mobile headsets. Walkie-talkies and pagers make all manner of noises during a typical night in a hospital bed. Patients are also being provided with Quiet Kits (Landro, 2013). The use of information technology is really taking the war against…

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Young White and Miserable by
Words: 2153 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84525815
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They did not have the same degree of patience, however, as the more subdued feminists, and they wanted change now. They wanted to choose whether they had children, whether they got married, and whether they could or could not perform a certain task instead of allowing a man or group of men (the government, for example) to choose for them. They stuck by the posters of 'Rosie the Riveter' that were around during the war and depicted a woman doing a man's job - and doing it well.

These women saw themselves as strong and capable and tough, and they were also much more in tune with their sexuality than past generations had been. They were not afraid of being women. The sexuality issue was confusing and uncomfortable for a lot of men. Men saw women as sexual objects, but they were not comfortable with the idea that they women…

Sangster Delillo Nature and God What Is
Words: 2481 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3808565
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Sangster, DeLillo, Nature and God

hat is the opposite of Nature? There are a number of different answers we could give in playing the game of finding an antonym. e are accustomed to speaking of "nature vs. nurture," but "nature" here is a shorthand for the phrase "human nature." In referring to Nature in its environmental sense, we are more likely to speak of "nature vs. culture" or "nature vs. art" -- environment is defined as something which stands apart from human habitation or cultivation. In this sense, it is paradoxical to approach the subject of nature in a work of art -- the fact of its being art serves to remove us in some way from the realm of Nature. I would like to examine the treatment of Nature as a concept in two very different works: the nineteenth-century Canadian poem "The St. Lawrence and the Saguenay" by Charles…

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Zapper Zapping Away the Annoying Sounds of
Words: 1672 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 99237370
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Zapper: Zapping Away the Annoying Sounds of Modernity

One of the most annoying aspects of modern life is the inability to find peace and quiet. Our entire lives are filled with noise, and our only respite is often turning up the volume on our own iPods. Zapper provides a solution to this problem of over-stimulation. The Zapper is a small device that can literally 'zap' away unwanted noise, spanning from background noise in a shopping mall to the loud phone conversation of your neighbor on train. In the workplace, it can give the customer a 'home away from home,' enabling him or her to find solitude amongst noisy coworkers. At home, it allows harried mothers and fathers to escape the loudness of a child's video game.

Consumers have had to resort to a variety of techniques to separate themselves from annoying, distracting sounds. Some people use earplugs; others use noise…


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Post Modernism Philosophy Art Literature
Words: 907 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46798997
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Many critics consider the name Godot to be a hidden name for God. Godot in the end is a paradox. The dramatist described in his play the person at the end of the World War II. It is a person who can be characterized as master and victim of will. The characters have a will but their wishes destroy them. The characters are waiting for someone or something to save them.

From the aesthetic point-of-view the postmodernism movement pleads for an anti-narrative structure of the work. Tarantino's film, "Pulp Fiction," doesn't have a classic plot. Two stories that seem unrelated come together in a "non linear plot." The first story is about two thieves, Honey unny and Pumpkin who decide to rob a restaurant, and the second story of two hit men working for mob, named Vincent and Jules.

The novel "Finnegan's Wake" by James Joyce is constructed using strange…


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Biostatistics the Techniques of Providing
Words: 1189 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2861926
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As random noise is introduced in the study which would help estimate the responses in the sample, the result is more error will be accounted in the study. In effect, some modifications of the true responses may not estimate statistical values accordingly, which then, as explicated earlier, leads to erroneous development of findings/conclusions in the study.

And since we are just estimating the actual responses, the results become less efficient and less reliable. It becomes less efficient because the difference to the true effect of being studied will be greater (greater standard error), and data results become less reliable that the results generated using the random noise will not have a truthful description of the population.

The data will still be useful for the public health purposes. Identifying this white noise would help the researcher control these variables in such a way the true effects of the relationship will be…

Interview Is With a Long-Time
Words: 1778 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53880576
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I get excited about ideas I have for new products and services, and I'm motivated for them to succeed on a personal level. Of course, the income helps motivate me too! I really feel pressure to succeed so I can take good care of my family, so I think that's the extrinsic motivator for me, making sure my family is well taken care of and secure. Otherwise, it's all intrinsic for me, I love the feeling I get when I succeed at something, and it works. it's very satisfying and it makes me feel in control and in charge of my own life and destiny.

ME: I think I'm intrinsically motivated, as well. I find I do much better on assignments that interest me, (like this one), than on assignments that I don't feel any connection with. I think that's the same in many areas of my life. Outward motivation,…

Technical Analysis in the Implication of Efficient Market Hypothesis on Silver Market

The thesis is for the study of simple commonly used technical trading rules, which are applied on silver market. It covers years 1989 to 2005. A famous study carried out by Lakonishok, Lebaon and in year, 1992 has clearly shown that technical analysis can lead to abnormal prices when compared with buy-and-hold strategy. Other studies have been carried out and found out that technical trading rules cannot over-rule passive investment management strategy. The study uses Brock et al.'s methodology. Several trading rules are discussed (Dawson & Steeley 2003).


In financial theory, efficiency of financial silver market is highly disputed. This has led to many attempts to explain efficiency of silver markets. Eugene.F. Fama formulated the most famous definition in 1970 referred to as the, Efficient Silver market Hypothesis (EHM). The basis of the hypothesis is that…


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Persuading That Listening to Music
Words: 1603 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93071527
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" (Eugenia Costa-Giomi 2004, 141) Among the academic benefits associated with three years of piano lessons, the children tended to have higher math computation scores, higher language scores, and higher self-esteem than children not involved in music.

Many studies and a wide array of empirical evidence supports the hypothesis that music improves the academic performance and test scores of children, including those in Middle and High School, but certainly also including Elementary and College students. These benefits may occur because of the increased activity in the temporal and left-frontal areas of the brain that have been observed during exposure to music, or because music brings "cohesion" to already existing background noise. (Geake & Ivanov 2003) Or perhaps the link between music and academic success may trace back to the Ancient ideas of how the arts affect the essence of the soul. (Costa-Giomi 2004) Regardless of the root cause of why…

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My Future House Using Gothic Revival Style
Words: 1640 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90153119
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future house, to be built in the tradition of the Gothic Revival style. This description will include an explanation of the general layout of the house, as well as address the elements of light, acoustics, and color. Further, issues of living space will be addressed, including sleeping, entering, food and storage, and bathing areas. External structure and landscaping will be outlined, as well as internal infrastructure like heating, and "smart-house" wiring.

The Gothic Revival style of architecture is a return to the architecture of the middle Ages. Although popular in Europe, the Gothic Revival eventually became the most popular in the United States and Europe. Early examples appeared in the 1700s, but Gothic Revival did not appear in full force until the 1800s. During this time, churches began to appear in the style. Soon, fashionable homes began to mimic the Gothic Revival style of these churches. hile the Gothic Revival…

Works Cited

Colorado Historical Society. A Guide to Colorado Architecture. 08 December 2003.

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Brain Modeling
Words: 554 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 58637042
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Neurological Models of Behavior

Understanding the roots of human behavior is a complicated process. Attempting to explore this concept from a neurological perspective is even more complicated, as it requires some sense of an ongoing pattern to describe the neurological process of learning certain behavior traits. Kozma et al. attempted to generate a mathematical model within a controlled environment.

According to Kozma et al., the human psyche is composed of complex combinations, known as vectors, which represent particular values at any one moment in question. Each neuron has a designated condition that ultimately impacts the conditions of surrounding neurons, thus allowing for a mathematical modeling of human behavior given the combinations of values that exert their influence on numerological components of the brain (Sayama et al., 2013). This model is within a controlled environment, where learning inputs invoke a response but do not need full neurological supervision to conduct learning…


Kelso, J.A. Scott, Dumass, Guillaume, & Tongoli, E. (2013). Outline of a general theory of behavior and brain coordination. Neural Network, 37(1), 120-131.

Sayama, Hiroki, Pestov, Irene, & Gross, Thilo. (2013). Computers and mathematics with applications. Science Direct, 65(10), 1645-1664.

Characteristics on Mild Moderate Disabilities
Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10841774
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Characteristics on Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Special Education and Inclusion: Characteristic on Moderate Disabilities

The inclusion of special needs students in a standard classroom continues to be a topic of debate among educators that covers an array of issues including academic, social, emotional, medical, and economic concerns. Opinions range greatly; however, at the heart of debate lies the question, which parents and educators on all sides attempt to answer, is "what is best for the child?" One approach is the inclusion of children with mild disabilities into standard classrooms. This paper shall give a brief overview of the meaning of inclusion, and present characteristics and classroom strategies for the inclusion of a child who is hard-of-hearing in a standard classroom.

A discussion on inclusion would be benefited by clarifying two common terms that mark distinct approaches in special education. These terms are 'integration' and 'inclusion.' The concept of integration implies that a…

Works Cited

Thomas, G, (1997), Inclusive schools for an inclusive society. British Journal of Special Education. 24, pp. 103-107.

Comprehensive Analysis of Memory and Forgetting
Words: 27179 Length: 100 Pages Document Type: Dissertation or Thesis complete Paper #: 93076981
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Memory and Forgetting: A Comprehensive Analysis

Memory loss is a huge problem in an aging population.

No substantive cure for memory loss.

Forgetfulness does not always accompany aging.

Different types of memory loss:





The memory impairment that comes with aging may be due to confusion as well as memory loss.

Memory loss and forgetfulness may be preventable.

There are a number of different approaches to reducing forgetfulness

Background music



Daily behavioral changes

The goal of the paper began as a meta-analysis of efforts aimed to reduce forgetfulness

Too many promising approaches to aiding memory impairment to engage in a traditional meta-analysis

Look at the theoretical overlap of different known approaches that may enhance or impair memory

F. Not engaging in a meta-analysis of a single therapy because single therapies do not have therapeutic efficacy.

G. Examine the hypothetical overlap between various treatment modalities



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Computer Games esearch

When considering the short history of computers, video and PC gaming are very recent on the timeline of technology. This is one of the reasons why there have not been many conclusive studies on the negative and/or positive effects of electronic games on children and young adults -- the most formative years. With the ever-increasing interest and involvement of children in this activity, much concern has been expressed about the impact of these games, especially ones of a more violent nature, on physical and psychological development. At the crux of the debate is the question of whether they are detrimental to a young person's health. There are specific concerns about such factors as aggression, addiction, criminal activity, obesity and reduced academic achievement.

Studies thus far show both positive and negative results from playing video and PC games. Some research finds that the playing or observing of violent…

References Cited

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Electronic Music Instruments Techniques &
Words: 1798 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49604016
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Carlos also proved that the music of ach was dimensionally ever-changing and could be expressed quite well through the use of electronics.

Pink Floyd, one of the most influential "psychedelic" groups from England, utterly transformed the entire spectrum of music in the late 1960's and early 1970's through the use of the synthesizer and other electronic devices. On their "Dark Side of the Moon" album, Pink Floyd, especially bassist/keyboardist Roger Waters and keyboardist Richard Wright, completely altered all previous ideas concerning how the synthesizer could take the listener on a new voyage of discovery into uncharted territories of sound. For Pink Floyd, the synthesizer was far more than just a tool -- it was a machine with the capabilities of transforming the landscape of sound into something cosmic in origin.

In conclusion, electronic music, from its humble beginnings in the 1940's and into the present day, has greatly influenced most…


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Memory While We Often Speak
Words: 842 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 98034034
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Not all forms of contextual memory enhancement operate in the same fashion. A literature review by Smith & Vela (2001) found "that environmental context-dependent memory effects are less likely to occur under conditions in which the immediate environment is likely to be suppressed… Likewise, memories of experiences may vary in how much they are affected by environmental surroundings, both when events are originally experienced and when events are remembered" (Smith & Vela, p. 203). When researchers gave high priority to enhancing the effects of the test environment, subject's memories were more likely to be altered.

The stakes in understanding context-dependent memory are high: learning environments may enhance memory in school or inhibit memory, and can be redesigned to improve student's education. Context may also affect recall of eyewitnesses in a trial. egarding the later, studies have suggested that learning under highly emotional condition is not conductive to recall. "Experienced skydivers…


Baker. J.R., J.B. Bezance, E. Zellaby, J.P. Aggleton. (2004). Chewing gum can produce context-

dependent effects upon memory. Appetite, 43(2):207-210.

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Architect in the Architecture of Today
Words: 3218 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 84469126
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Materiality is a tool in which should be incorporated into the performative deign, but also allows a design to enhance a form or space and invoke different emotions.

"First, material artifacts engage us with all our senses. Materiality comprise physical properties such as texture (roughness or smoothness, details), geometry (size, shape, proportion, location in space, and arrangement in relation to other objects), material (weight, rigidity, plasticity), energy (temperature, moisture), as well as dynamic properties. Many of these properties are 'dimensions of touch'. Secondly, our interactions with materials are not just 'physical' but they spur our thinking, help us communicate ideas that would be difficult to communicate through words alone, adding an 'experiential' dimension to our action. hile the concept of affordances of artifacts is fundamental to an analysis of the use of material artifacts, it is not sufficient for addressing the very intricate interrelationships that emerge in people's interactions with…

Works Cited

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Economic Analysis of the Operating Cost That
Words: 4358 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6894998
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economic analysis of the operating cost that are incurred in the running of a metro station. The paper also reveals the variables that are tied to the cost efficiency of the whole process of running a metro station. The cost of operating the stations is however grouped under the semi-fixed costs that are involved. This is because these costs do not vary proportionately with the output of the metro business. This paper seeks to shed light on some of the main factors that affect these costs. Empirical analysis reveals that very strong system specific factors influences costs but it is worth mentioning that there are other station specific details that also influences the costs. These include the number of platforms in the station, the length of the passageways, the interchange demand, availability of toilet facilities etc.We also discover that presence of air-conditioning has a great effect in the propulsion of…


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Railroads." Transportation Research Forum

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Tribe Called Quest Biographer John
Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 81842593
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A Tribe Called Quest has performed live at a number of large music festivals including Bumbershoot and Lollapalooza. These big name, big draw venues allowed A Tribe Called Quest to project their sounds to the masses, enlightening large numbers of listeners to the transformative potential of hip-hop. As gangsta and other predictable forms of rap increasingly dominated the industry, A Tribe Called Quest was keeping things real. Their commercial success also depended on their high visibility in terms of live performances and music videos. The videos of A Tribe Called Quest parallel the content of their lyrics, and depict African-American street culture especially on the east coast.

A Tribe Called Quest drew upon the groundwork set by De La Soul in fusing jazz musical elements, instrumentation, and samples into hip-hop. In fact, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and the Jungle Brothers were schoolmates and formed a successful musical…

Works Cited

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Shaken Baby Syndrome a Type
Words: 2610 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 5942135
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Helping parents understanding the infant's needs, development, and behavior, along with educating the parents in the area of proper parenting constitutes vital components for the prevention of SBS.

In the article, "New programs target shaken-baby syndrome," Alex Newman (2008) relates the following prevention tactics:

Check if baby needs to be changed/fed/burped.

Check if baby is too hot/too cold.

Make sure baby's clothes fit comfortably.

Play white noise (radio, TV static, fan, vacuum).

Rock gently or use a baby swing.

Pick up baby and cuddle, hum, sing or talk in a soothing voice.

Take baby for a ride in car or stroller. (Newman)

To help the potential shaker calm a crying child under 2-years-old, he/she could consider these steps:

Put the child in a safe place. alk away.

Listen to music, read, call a friend to talk.

Check on your baby every 5 to 10 minutes. (Newman)

In "Project baby care:…


A.D.A.M. "Shaken Baby Syndrome." Health Guide. 31 May 2009. 31 May 2009.


Blake, Ann and Jennifer Michael. "Saving Babies From Shaking." Children's Voice. Child Welfare League of America, Inc. 2006. HighBeam Research. 27 May 2009


Stuttering Is an Impaired Condition
Words: 2583 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 52690101
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One instance of this strategy is the self-therapy suggested by the Speech Foundation of America which is focused on the assumption that stuttering is not a symptom, rather a behavior which can be corrected. (Sadock; Kaplan; Sadock, 2007)

Stutterers have been advised that they can learn to control their problems in part by correcting their feelings regarding stuttering and mindset towards it and in part by correcting the abnormal behaviors linked with the blocks that come to the forefront during stuttering. The strategy covers desensitizing i.e. lowering the emotional reaction to and uncertainties revolving stuttering and substituting positive action to control the moment of stuttering. The latest mature strategies concentrate on the aspect of restructuring fluency. The complete speech production pattern is remolded with emphasis on a series of target behaviors, covering reduction of rate, simple or gentle starting of voicing, and even shift between sounds, syllables as also words.…


Bothe, Anne K; Shenkar, Rosalee C. (2004) "Evidence-based treatment of stuttering"


Conture, Edward G. (2001) "Stuttering"

Allyn and Bacon.

Sightings Stroll Through Any Mall
Words: 537 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88381701
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Most look tired.

These groups consist of African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and Caucasians of every class status, some poor, some middle-class, and some wealthy. Yet, they are all there, under one large roof. Although they may not interact with each other, there seems to be some unspoken code of respect. Everyone just wants to finish their business there and go home.

However, the ethnic gangs that dot the crowds throughout the mall seem to have another purpose and another code. It is almost as if they are patrolling, like a cop on a beat, always on the look-out for something or someone. They are young. They aren't loaded down with packages and children. They aren't on the search for the best buy. They aren't tired.

Outside the mall, it is much the same, yet perhaps less noticeable. But they're all there - families with whining children, women tending to domestic duties,…

Men and Women Would Better Serve Society
Words: 956 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63817076
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men and women would better serve society if they opted to shampoo my crotch (in lieu of putting out the drivel that they do). I'm serious. Nothing people say, write, or teach with respect to relationship advice, male-female communication, or the dynamics of socialization (with particular regard to language) is worth a damn. I'm serious. It's worthless. And if Gore Vidal was right when he said the three worst words in the English language were Joyce Carol Oates, then Deborah Frances Tannen has to be a close second. I'm serious about that too. Nothing Tannen writes has any relevance or usefulness. Case in point, her essay "But What Do You Mean?"

There are many reasons why "But What Do You Mean?" is a waste of 15 minutes (the approximate time it takes to read it), but for the sake of brevity, I'll only discuss three. The first reason is her…

Psychoacoustics on the Music Production
Words: 1043 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12157431
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The human brain analyzes these patterns and learning occurs. The inner ear is a receptor that transmits messages to the brain about the location of sound and does so through the use of the following:

(1) pitch;

(2) loudness;

(3) timbre;

(4) spatial localization; and (5) Duration. (Lecture 2, p.4)

The shape of the inner ear in addition to any sounds that mask the tones being processed by the ear for instance in how white noise masks a 2 kHz tone. (Lecture 4, p.18) in addition, psychoacoustics measures the head and spatial localization or the head in relation to the surrounding in which the tones or sound is heard in relation to the position of the head. The cues for location of pure tones are reported as:

(1) Interaural time differences (it'd); and (2) Interaural level differences (ILD). (Lecture 10, p.2)

ILD result from sound bending around an object known…


Lecture Series (2013) Psychoacoustics.

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Is the Perception of Objects in Infants Related to IQ During Adolescence
Words: 2240 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Grant Proposal Paper #: 19629741
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peception of objects in infants elated to IQ duing adolescence?

The tem "social cognition" epesents the fundamental capabilities of childen to peceive an object, categoize, emembe, evaluate, thing and eact appopiately (Dilalla, 2007). This poposal ecognizes the boad definition of the tem, but it emphasizes on the multidisciplinay quality of eseach fo this pape. Nevetheless, scientific disciplines vay in thei emphasis on vaious elements of this sophisticated constuct. In social psychology, the tem illustates a wide ange of happenings including moal easoning, fomation of attitudes and steeotyping. In neuoscience, it defines the tem as the capability to peceive the intentions and dispositions of othe people. On the othe hand, developmental psychology descibes the tem as the theoy of mind, the ecognition that people have beliefs and inteests divegent, and it is possible to explain behavio by efeing to the beliefs and inteests.

This poposal adopts the above definition because acoss…

references for novel and familiar stimuli. Advances in infancy research, 5, 69-95.

McCall, R.B., & Carriger, M. (1993). A meta-analysis of infant habituation and recognition memory performance as predictors of later IQ. Child Development, 64, 57-


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Exchange Rate Determination
Words: 3372 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79532735
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forward discount in predicting exchange rate modifications. The conclusion of the literature review is that the forward discount is a biased predictor and that are two possible explanations for this situation. One cause would be the presence of a time varying risk premium, and the other the failure of agents to make rational expectations (the inability to use all available information in an efficient manner).

The forward discount puzzle (as a predictor of exchange rate modifications) is a very discussed puzzle in the international finance literature, since its importance is quite high. As a result, numerous studies have concentrated on this issue, i.e. On the causes on the bias. Some authors (Fama, 1984), believe that this problem is traceable to the existence of a time-varying risk premium. Others connect it to learning effect (Lewis, 1989) or irrationality (Bilson, 1981) the "peso problem" (Krasker, 1980),

The "peso problem term" was introduced…


Beng, G.W. And W.K. Siong. (1993) Exchange Rate Expectations and Risk Premium in the Singapore/U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate: Evidence from Survey Data Applied Financial Economics, 3(4), pp. 365-73.

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Solutions for the Harmful Effects of High Population Density
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Psychology -- the Effects of Population Density and Noise

Population density affects territoriality, privacy, personal space and noise levels. These four psychological elements involve perception and high population density affects all of them in ways that are physiologically and psychologically harmful to humans. Through decades of experience and study, experts have learned to use perception to reduce the harmful effects of high population density. The introduction of nature and the use of design to create the perception of ample space can dramatically reduce the harmful effects of high population density on territoriality, privacy and personal space. In addition, the uses of noise masking and noise-absorbing materials have reduced the harmful effects of noise. Just as perception can increase harm, perception can also decrease harm.


a. Population Density

"Population density" is the number of people residing in an area divided by the size of that area (National Geographic Society). Population…


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Personal Statement it Is Almost
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My old home in the Bronx was a Tower of Babel -- filled with the warble of more languages than the United Nations. Every house I walked past on my way home from dinner poured forth different sounds, different smells. The pungency of curry powder, the sun-baked scent of saffron, the strange fermented odor of kimchi -- none of these were of my culture, but all of these smells became part of my world, my soul, my sense of identity.

Then my family moved to the land of odorless bologna and tasteless white bread. I feared my Spanish heritage would become a social liability. What was I to do about my funny name, my parents with their heavy accents and unapologetic celebration of the ways of their homelands? I was an extrovert in my old neighborhood. Now, suddenly I worried about making friends and being accepted. Bringing kids to my…

How to Design Our Prandtl Wing Shape
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PrandtlPlane aircraft configuration is based on the concept of "Best Wing System." The best wing, according to rediani et al. (2012) is the lifting system with the minimum induced drag. A large amount of aerodynamic analyses is needed to develop this best wing and the most recent improved version was that set up by the Univ. Of Pisa in 2012 named MSD (Multiple Shape Design); it has been set up to generate any aerodynamic PrandtlPlane configuration (rediani et al., 2003).

The MSD calculates the best conditions for the Prandtl wing which include the following:

- The total surface area of the Prandtl Wing must have the same surface area as the White Knight Two from Virgin Galactic for comparison purposes

- The lift on both wings of the Prandtl Wing must each have the same lift

The lift distribution on each wing section must be elliptical (two sections per wing,…

Frediani, A. & Montanari, G. "The Prandtl's Best Wing System" in A. Miele, A. Frediani (Eds) "Advanced Design problems in Aerospace Engineering," Plenum Press, New York, 2008.

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Lake Is an Oddity a
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..."(hite, p. 106). This goes beyond religion into metaphysics, but he brings it back to a more understandable realm, the realm of the church service arguably, by noting that those 'same' waitresses had begun washing their hair frequently, in imitation of things they had seen in the movies.

By the end of the page, hite has returned to the mystical, building an implied comparison to the entirety of Christianity to an almost musical crescendo: "Summertime, oh summertime, pattern of life indelible the fade proof lake, the woods unshatterable, the pasture with the sweet fern and the juniper forever and ever, summer without end...." (hite, p. 106).

On the following page, hite is immersed in memories of earlier times, times that bear a resemblance, in his retelling, of the early Christian ideas of community, everyone joyously committed to a single purpose, taking pleasure in seeing others of like mind, conducting the…

Works Cited

The only work cited was a version of E.B. White's "Once More to the Lake" provided by the customer.

Software Evaluation Writeboard the International
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This is a critical feature of the tool that best suits IDM, as Writeboard enables its users to maximize the use of technology to deliver messages efficiently without compromising the credibility and accuracy of messages being transmitted to other members of the organization.

Clear messages delivered through a simple channel or platform such as the Writeboard will help members save time from understanding a specific disaster or relief management issue, enabling them to respond to the issue faster and more effectively. Its text-only feature enables users to communicate and send messages through a simple platform, eliminating clutter and unnecessary "noise" that could compromise the message being sent and cause misunderstanding or miscommunication in the course of the message transmission.

The versatility of Writeboard is furthered by its applicability and accessibility through other different technologies. It can be accessed through different web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and…


Official Writeboard web site:

Interdependent Individuals and Systems in the Community Weymouth MA
Words: 2482 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87419414
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Interdependent Individuals and Systems

The Neighborhood/Community

The neighborhood of Weymouth, MA is a relatively affluent area with an average population density. While not heavily crowded, it is certainly not rural, either. The noise level is about what would be expected with a moderate to high number of people, and there are some pockets where it is noisier and some where it is more quiet and serene. Areas where there are more rental homes tend to have higher noise levels and less upkeep, overall. The neighborhood in which the client lives is a less common area for Weymouth, as it is predominantly black and Hispanic. The vast majority of the city is white. While it is difficult to tell ethnicity and race information from a walk around the neighborhood, it is not difficult to tell that the area is one of the lower income areas in the city. In that way…


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Toddler's Behavior
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Parents Magazine (2008):

I am Toddler, Hear me Roar: Learning to Live With and Love Your Toddler"

The Terrible Twos: A Preview of the Teenage Years

Angry. Opinionated. Possessing a unique will and capabilities. Ready to explore the world, regardless of whether his or her parents think he or she is ready to do so. Although this description may seem to fit the profile of the typical adolescent, it is also a fair description of toddlers as well. Toddlerhood is the first major stage of childhood development when children are learning how to test their limits and stretch and grow as people by taking risks. As any parent knows, every toddler's favorite word is a decided 'no,' usually uttered in a very loud and declarative tone! Parents are often frustrated during this period of their child's development, as they strike a balance between encouraging the toddler's independence while still striving…

Black Films as a Reflection
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The Aftermath

Uncle Tom characters were common in both white and black productions of the time, yet no director before Micheaux had so much as dared to shine a light on the psychology that ravages such characters. By essentially bowing to the two white men, Micheaux implied that Old Ned was less than a man; an individual whittled down to nothing more than yes-man and wholly deprived of self-worth. At this point in the history of black films, with some of the most flagrant sufferings of blacks exposed to the American public, the only logical path forward that African-Americans could take was to begin making cogent demands to improve their collective social situation.

Slowly, black characters in film took on greater and more significant roles in film. Sidney Poitier was one of the most powerful film stars of the mid twentieth century. In roles like the 1950 film by…

Reference List

Finlayson, R. (2003). We Shall Overcome: The History of the American Civil Rights

Movement. Lerner Publications Company, Minneapolis, MN.

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Women's History
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Women's History

The passing of time does not necessarily denote progress: women made little noticeable social and economic advancement and almost no political or legal advancements between the European settlements of Jamestown in 1607 until the end of the Reconstruction era in 1877. In fact, most Native American women lost a considerable degree of power and status due to the imposition of European social values on their traditional cultures. African women, brought to the New World against their will and in bondage, likewise did not enjoy the fruits of social progress. White women of European descent, however, did make some progress over the course of more than two centuries of early American history. Divorce laws became more favorable toward women, who over the course of these few centuries were increasingly able to extricate themselves from violent, abusive, or unsatisfying unions. However, divorce laws were one of the only legal progress…

Levi Coffin's Artical About the
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d.). Therefore, the strength of his convictions and the acceptance of sacrifice create indeed a vivid impression of the character. Moreover, he openly admits the challenges facing his business and his ability to support his family, yet "yet my faith was not shaken, nor my efforts for the slaves lessened"(Coffin, n.d.). The power the belief in a higher authority that offered the blessing on the affairs he conducted represented the main argument which drove him forward and enabled him to make the efforts to set in place and conduct the Underground Railway.

The financial support he was able to have at his disposal was an essential element in the entire success of the initiative. This can be seen from the perspective of the system his partners and he managed to set in place. In this sense, they had at every moment a wagon stationed in the places slaves were considered…


Jenkins, P. A history of the United States. New York: Palgrave, 1997.

Coffin, Levi. The underground railway.

Personality Interview One of the
Words: 1413 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Interview Paper #: 61550377
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Echo finally died of old age, and the raw emotion from the park rangers and zoologists just brought tears. Similarly, he thinks that now that he is older he can sift through the "B.S. In advertising and media hype," and enjoys such cynical, but rather realistic, portrays of modern society in Mad Men, Weeds, and Breaking Bad.

As far as personality development, Tom believes that children get a pretty good grounding from their parents and early school experiences. Concepts like empathy, morality, situational ethics, and reliability are built when one is young. However, that being said, Tom does not see himself as a rule follower like his parents. Both believed that if something said x in the rules, then x it was. They both also believed that a person should get a job and stay with that job until retirement. Tom has already had two careers, and estimates he will…


"41 Questions -- 1 Personality." (2010). Cited in: 

Capraro, RAM 2002, 'Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Score Reliability', Educational

And Pyschological Measurement, vol 62, no. 3, pp. 560-302.

International Protection of Human Rights
Words: 7675 Length: 28 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88133859
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UK Immigration Act of 1971 and Its Enforcement with espect to Administrative emoval/Deportation when Articles 3 and 8 of European Convention of Human ights are Engaged

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many observers stated that "nothing would ever be the same again" and in some ways they have been absolutely correct. While the United Kingdom continues its inexorable march to become fully integrated into the burgeoning European Union, a number of obstacles remain firmly in place that relate to the perceived need by the UK government to better control movement of foreigners within its borders. The purpose of this study was to provide an examination of the UK Immigration Act of 1971 and its enforcement with respect to administrative removal or deportation when Articles 3 and 8 of European Convention of Human ights are engaged. This study used a three-chapter format to achieve this research purpose. Chapter…


Apap, J. And Carrera, S. 2004, "Maintaining Security within Borders: Toward a Permanent State of Emergency in the EU?" Alternatives: Global, Local, Political 29(4): 399.

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Offshoring Has Been Discussed and
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It may come back tenfold, as corporations suggest, in overall income from exports, higher salaries in poor countries whose recipients will become consumers of American goods, and higher profits for American corporations in the meanwhile because of lower overhead. Still, as Hira and Hira suggest, it would not hurt to take precautions that American jobs are protected by first of all admitting that a problem exists, by gathering data as to its effect, by taking a good look at U.S. Visa policies and by making sure that corporations are not acting to the detriment of U.S. jobs (Hira 175).

They offer a series of solutions that will benefit workers in the future: adopt more pragmatic approaches to government procurement, overhaul assistance programs for displaced workers, establish better protections for these workers, make sure training for the next generation includes lifelong marketable skills, form institutions that represent the interests of workers,…

Works Cited

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City of Publication: Publisher

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African-American Women's Literature Unlike Any
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The fact that this figure remains a guess says something important about what orrison was up against in trying to find out the full story of the slave trade. uch of that story has been ignored, left behind, or simply lost.

Through her works she attempted to retell the stories of grief associated with slavery and terror, her characters living their lives with greater understanding of its value than almost any other set of characters in fiction today.

Within the genre of the autobiography there is a different tenor of thought the words and deeds are that of the author and the message is clearly self, devolvement. Angelou in the Heart of a Woman demonstrates the ideals of her time, as a civil rights organizer and protestor. She clearly spells out the strife that exists between whites, and blacks and the dangerous dance they are doing during what most would…

Maya Angelou, the Heart of a Woman, (New York, Bantam Books, 1981) 97.

Maya Angelou, the Heart of a Woman, (New York, Bantam Books, 1981) 191.

Alice Walker in love & Trouble: Stories of Black Women (New York Harcourt Press, 1973) 47-59.

Pop Is Tomorrow's Classical- Paul Mccartney Discuss
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Pop is tomorrow's Classical"- Paul McCartney. Discuss this contention within the context of rock/classical music collaborations since the early 1950s.

Classical Rock and Popular Prophecy

To the average music-listener, musical genres are easily divided into homogenous groupings without any danger of overlapping one another. Certainly, there are rare occurrences of "cross-over" hits on the radio that find airplay on both Adult Contemporary and Country stations, or those releases which find an audience among both Easy Listening and Rock fans. Another seemingly strange occurrence that may be observed by the slightly more alert music consumer is that time shifts musical pieces from one genre to another, and yesterday's Alternative Rock is today's Easy Listening, yet even this phenomenon is considered an anomaly of the music industry. A simplicity is desired among musical elitists that preserves some musical forms as valid, labeling others as mere fads. However, the deep impact of musical…


"Classical Music." Heart & Soul. World Book. 2004.

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Fissinger, Laura. "Jim Steinman: To 'Hell' & Back." BMI MusicWorld. Spring 1994.

Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas
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Dylan Thomas

Understanding a poem is a matter of first and foremost understanding the poet. The individual poet's choice of words and emotions which grab the reader, make a connection, and then deliver an emotional message which leaves a lasting message can be achieved through a number of techniques. But the poet who achieves a lasting memory in the minds of hearts of his readers is a person who approached the pen and ink often from a radically different perspective or with an emotional charge to his life that others not only find fascinating, but envy. Such is the case of Dylan Thomas, a Welshman with a known history of avid drinking, little self-discipline, and a penchant for over-indulgence which lead him to an early grave.

As a young child, Thomas loved the written word. He began writing his first poems at 8 or 9, while his attention was fixed…


Mondragon, Brenda. Dylan Marlais Thomas. Neurotic Poets. 2004. Accessed 17 April 2004. Website: 

Thomas, Dylan. Fern hill. 2002. Accessed 17 April, 2004. Website:

Contest Enter Entering Who Bravely Opposed Adolf
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Contest, enter, entering. Who bravely opposed Adolf Hitler Holocaust? Use 3 simple sentence: bold, 3 complex sentences: italicize, 3 complex sentences: underline, proposal.

White ose Essay Contest Proposal

A true heroine: Miep Gies

Miep Gies is one of the great heroines of World War II. During World War II, Jewish people living in the Nazi-occupied nations lived in fear. The Nazis rounded up Jews and sent their prisoners to concentration camps. All Jews were forced to wear a yellow Star of David to identify them as Jewish. The Nazis were relentless, and there was only so much even good gentiles could do to help their fellow Jewish citizens. But the Dutch woman Miep Gies did more than the average person to help the Jewish people of Amsterdam.

The definition of a hero is someone who goes above and beyond what is expected of an average person to help others. The…


Frank, Anne. The Diary of a Young Girl. New York: Bantam, 1993.

Drug Policies Major Policies History
Words: 3387 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8012701
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14). Soon, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which was signed into law in 1937. Like the Harrison Act, the Marijuana Tax Act placed marijuana into the same category as the cocaine and opium drugs. It was now illegal to import marijuana into the United States (McWilliams, 1991). However, this law was ineffective in curbing marijuana use (Brecher, 1986, p. 14).

By the early 1940s narcotic addiction had significantly reduced in the United States (Harrison, Backenheimer and Inciardi, 1999). However, this was not the result of legislative initiatives. Instead, it was because World War II was cutting off the "supplies of opium from Asia and interrupt the trafficking routes from Europe" (Inciardi, 1992, p. 24).

Several other legislative efforts in the supply reduction department served to establish more severe penalties for violations of drug laws, and tighten controls and restrictions over legally manufactured narcotic drugs (Harrison, Backenheimer and Inciardi, 1999).…


1999). Recreational Drug Information. History of Drug Use U.S. Retrieved from the Internet at

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Drug Policy Alliance. (February 17, 2005). Harm Reduction: Options that Work. Retrieved from the Internet at .

Art in Non-Western Society the
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Turtle shell rattles have been used for countless centuries. Such rattles have been recovered from ancient sites in the southwest and in the Mississippian civilizations.

The turtle rattle was also a musical instrument in ceremonial use. One of its most important functions was its significance in the False Face ceremonies. One of the most distinguishing features of the Iroquois belief system is the reliance on the mask for religious and ritual purposes. These masks are often designated as False Faces. This term refers to the first False Face and the mythical origins of protective and healing spirits. They are used in introductory and agricultural rituals. The turtle rattles play a significant part in these important rituals.

In the various curing and healing rituals, the wearer of the False Face will juggle hot coals and use ash and is apparently immune to cold (see below), and he bears a turtle-shell rattle…

American Indian Education. (Accessed April 30, 2005)

THE IROUK CHARACTER.  / (Accessed May 1, 2005)

Frank G. Speck, and Alexander General, Midwinter Rites of the Cayuga Long House (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1995), 70.

Code Enforcement in the State
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The Bureau appears to have backed down under public pressure, adverse criticism compelling the Bureau to realize that its stance was indefensible. Clearly, the Orlando Code Enforcement Bureau could not justify the use of a public safety ordinance to force a local businessperson to remove the American flags displayed in her windows.

Thus, code enforcement in Florida, as in many other locations across the United States, is shaped by a variety of practical and theoretical considerations. Zoning laws are generally intended to maintain community uniformity. Community uniformity, especially where such homogeneity produces an image of wholesomeness, cleanliness, security, trendiness, etc. is usually considered an aid to increasing property values. If standards are maintained, property values will be maintained or even increased. Local communities commonly enact local controls that either reflect specific local conditions or augment state standards. The Orlando Code Enforcement Board attempted to enforce a hurricane safety ordinance against…

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Posner, Richard A. "Pragmatism vs. Purposivism in First Amendment Analysis." Stanford Law Review 54.4 (2002): 737+.

Feminist Rhetorical Theory Women Have Been Historically
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feminist rhetorical theory. omen have been historically minimized and isolated by the domination of the patriarchal majority. Although women have been able to make a degree of progress, finally achieving positions of social and political power, the number of women in these high offices is still far less than the roles that are filled by man. Modern women, far removed from the "angels in the house" of the Victorian age, are nonetheless still impacted by the sociological oppression of women which was reinforced during that era, according to the rhetorical theory of feminism. Given that this is the case, men and women need to be aware of these underlying gender biases so that they can both combat them and make sure that they themselves do not fall prey to them. People who deny that this subjugation of women may be enlightened by closer examination of the power dynamics which exists…

Works Cited

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Communications Monographs. 2-18.

Stand Your Ground Law 'Stand Your Ground'
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Stand Your Ground Law

'Stand your ground' laws

To inform

tand your ground' laws are extremely controversial pieces of legislation.

Attention-getter: 'A man's home is his castle.' How often have we heard this phrase? This concept is at the foundation of the right to defend yourself by using deadly force against an intruder who invades your home. However, recent laws have expanded the 'castle doctrine' and other, existing self-defense laws. Many of these new laws are called 'stand your ground' laws, the most liberal of which exists in Florida.

It is important to gain a historical perspective on 'stand your ground' laws to understand the controversy

tand your ground' laws are extremely polarizing pieces of legislation.

Credibility statement:

My interest in this topic arose during the George Zimmerman murder trial, in which Zimmerman (a member of a neighborhood watch) was accused of killing an unarmed teenager named Trayvon Martin.



Block, M. (2012). A history of 'stand your ground' laws. NPR. Retrieved from: 

Botelho, G. & Yan, H. (2013). George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon

Martin's death. CNN. Retrieved:

Charles Ives' Music
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Charles Ivey Song Lyrics

"Charlie Rutlage" by Charles Ives (1920), from Cowboy Songs and Other Ballads

The song "Charlie Rutlage" by composer Charles Ives was released in 1920 as part of Ives' collection Cowboy Songs and Other Ballads, and the work is distinctive of his signature style. The lyrics are mournful and melancholy, as Ives eulogizes "another good cowpuncher (who) has gone to meet his fate," telling the story of Charlie Rutlage, a hand on the XIT ranch who was killed after his horse fell and crushed him underneath. Ives sings the opening lines of the song with a celebratory bravado, lauding Rutlage by saying "Twill be hard to find another that's as liked as well as he" to suggest that the fallen cowboy was beloved by his friends and family. In my estimation, this passage is used by Ives to form an emotional connection between his listener and the…

A Schizophrenia Brochure for Floridians
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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) states that schizophrenia is a mental disorder that causes the patient to experience

hallucinations, delusions, irrational speech patterns, anti-social behavior, a loss of willpower/motivation, a possible catatonic state at times, and more.
This broad spectrum of symptoms should be seen for at least a month, with behavior being monitored for up to six months.

Who is Affected ?
According to the World Health Organization, about 24 million people around the world are affected by schizophrenia.
Men are 1.4 times more likely to suffer from schizophrenia than women
The prime age group for individuals who suffer from schizophrenia are ages 20-32
Schizophrenia is not typically found in children or in older aged individuals.

What is Schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia is a chronic brain disorder.
Symptoms include:
Paranoid delusions
Exaggerated or distorted perceptions, beliefs or actions
Confused or disordered thinking
Problems concentrating…

Worn Path and the Storm
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Phoenix is however closer to a saint in her dedication to a cause, while Calixta is a human being who abandons herself at some point to the voice of desire and allows a few moments of surrender to the carnal pleasure that takes hold, regardless of her and her accidental companion's marital status.

elty's story is full of imagery, thorny bushes come to life and grab old Phoenix' dress, she dreams of a little boy bringing her a slice of marble cake, at a moment of rest, a scarecrow, in the "dead cornfield" is believed to be a ghost, cabins are compared with "old women under a spell sitting there," the road going down is described as being "dark as a cave" (elty, a orn Path). In Chopin's story, there are a very few things left to imagination; everything is down to earth, real life is pulsating through every scene.…

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Down These Mean Streets Doubtlessly
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" (Thomas 128). Furthermore, following his encounter with a white woman on the subway, he imagines from her calling him a "black boy." (Thomas 141). This incident provides an interesting look into Piri's way of thinking on a number of levels. First, it reveals his obvious distress at living in a world where he cannot act on sexual impulses entirely because he is non-white. Second, it shows that he recognizes his "blackness" in the eyes of others. And third, by the very act of his reminiscing from the perspective of the woman, it demonstrates his prevailing concern with his own image as looked upon from the outside. Piri's longing to reach general approval stifles his competing want to know who he is.

Overall, Piri's tale is one of deviance; however, this is mainly because he identifies it as such. Since he is so utterly concerned with the opinions of others…

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Psychological Perspectives - Evolutionary Psychology
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Evolutionary psychologists therefore explain current human behaviors, especially instinctive ones, in terms of adaptive successes. A baby would feel safer in the secure space of a crib rather than an expansive lawn. A small fluffy mouse initially presents no threat, as our human ancestors likely preyed on smaller animals. Loud noises, however, can mean danger, so a child instinctively cries in alarm.

Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychologists look at the internal mental processes that enable humans to learn skills such as languages, memory and problem solving. Notive cognitive psychologist Jean Piaget believed that humans go through different stages of cognitive development, and each stage should be marked by the acquisition of certain skills. In the Sensorimotor stage, which last from birth through two years old, babies learn to move and master their different senses. At the preoperational stage, from ages two to seven, a child should master motor skills such as…

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Image Enhancement
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Image Enhancement Techniques

Research shows that out of the five senses which are hearing, smell, sight, touch, and taste -- which humans utilize to observe their environment, sight is the most influential (Jeong, 2011). Analyzing images and getting them really does form a huge part of the unchanging cerebral activity of human beings during the course of their lives. Actually, beyond 98% of the activity of the human brain is included in managing images from the visual cortex (Guruvareddy & Giri Prasad, 2011). In today's communications system it is vital to recognize that the multimedia is an area that is continually increasing.

Basically, it is a field that is growing more and more each day. Many are starting to see the various avenues that a person can go into when it comes to image enhancement techniques. There used to be an era when the options were very limited, but now…

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International Regulation of Tourism in Antarctica
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International egulation of Tourism in Antarctica

Since the mid-1980s, Antarctica has been an increasingly popular tourist destination, despite the relative danger of visiting the largest, least explored -- and arguably least understood -- continent on earth. Beginning with the 1959 treaty establishing Antarctica as an international zone free of claims of sovereignty by nation's that had been instrumental in establishing research stations there, there has been almost constant negotiation about how to administer regulations pertaining to the preservation of life forms on the continent, what those regulations should be, and what sanctions should be applied and by whom.

To understand the depths of the negotiations, and the potential for discord, it is necessary to understand what the continent offer the 65% of global nations that are party to the 1959 and all subsequent treaties. To understand the possible future of Antarctica, it is necessary to outline treaty attempts to minimize…


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Fight the Power by Public
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notes in "Public Enemy: Power to the People and the Beats," the Civil ights Movement did not change living conditions for many black Americans:

The famous Civil ights movement, which began in the fifties with Martin Luther King and reached a climax in the late sixties with the spread of the Black Panther Party, in reality failed to bring a significant improvement in the living standard for the oppressed black minority within the United States."

Public Enemy rejects at least some of the teaching of the Civil ights Movement, including the notion that people are all the same, implying that there are a special set of problems and circumstances suffered by blacks that need to be addressed specifically. Chuck D. pleads for awareness of this crucial truth, thereby taking a much more radical approach to racial issues that had been accepted by mainstream society. Certainly, other voices existed in the…


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Pursuit of Equality
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Obstacle omen Face in Pursuit of Equality

hen it comes to overcoming obstacles, two essays, "Ain't I a oman" and "atching Oprah infrey" from Behind the Veil," clearly show that women are encountering hindrances in chase of impartiality all over the world. However, although both essays touch on the same type of injustice which is gender inequality, they each have different themes. For instance, one delves into a country where the sexes are thoroughly kept apart from each other, where topics like sex and race are just about banned for even discussing them openly and where a severe enigma of public morality is imposed by police that are religious. However, the other touches on a period that goes back over a hundred of years where women of color were treated as cattle. Basically bought and sold by a society ran by men. Although these essays are worlds apart, they are…

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Creative Story in the Year
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The men of Mortheal started to march down the battlefield. The Territorial Army of King Oreck followed with stable weapons. The army's march soon turned into a slow jog, and then to a run. The spear-bearers led the way with spears held lightly in their hands as they prepared to hurl them into the approaching horde.

The armies were not far from each other now. Orcen armies had been attacking in groups for the last two fortnights, and had suffered many casualties but that did not seem to lessen their numbers any as they streamed forth across the field with no end in sight. Mortheal's army was now running forward as fast as possible while still maintaining their balance. The spear-bearers launched their weapons, desiccating the Orcen front line.

Mortheal himself was one of the first to enter the fray after the spear-bearers had accomplished their task. An axe came…