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The study of communications melds together the study of several different areas: language, writing, speaking, business, and psychology, just to name a few. Because it touches on so many different areas, communications majors can go on to careers in a large number of fields, such as: education, journalism, law, human resources, sociology, psychology, social work, entertainment, advertising, and international relations. Students who pursue graduate degrees in communications often focus on a particular aspect of communication.

Communications majors study on how people communicate, which involves verbal and nonverbal communication strategies. While different people communicate in different ways, there are several core theories that underlie the nature of communication. At the heart of… [ Read More ]

Communication Media Assertive Communicators Communication Is a

Communication Media Assertive Communicators Communication is a course of action in which the information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions and knowledge are exchanged between two or more people. This meaningful interaction can be in the form of speech, signals, writing, or behavior. This two-way interaction is an integral process not only in the on a daily basis but is equally significant at the workplace, as it helps elevating the communication gap (Wood 2011). However, effective……[more]

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Communication in Organizations the Case

al, (2008). With such events still expected, the lessons to be drawn from this case is that extensive cross-cultural consultation needs to be conducted among the representatives from both sides hence ensuring there is a cultural balance and no disregard for one culture. Timely, open and continuous communication needs to be fostered between the two sides as this will give chance to iron out the few differences that may emerge. References Bambacas, Mary & Patrickson,……[more]

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Communication Theory Attribution Theory in

Here, people always attribute causes to actions and happenings, with the belief that everything has an explanation only if we could look deeper enough (Changing Minds, 2011). This theory serves to show how people have very different perspectives to happenings or events in the daily lives, and these varying views can easily stray into power imbalance, prejudice and such like vices ultimately affecting the communication process. Under attribution theory, there exist two possible justifications or……[more]

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Communication Verbal Communication Includes the Words That

Communication Verbal communication includes the words that are physically spoken, as well as factors, according to the video, such as tone of voice, rhythm of speaking, word choice, and emphasis. Experts and researchers in the field of communication assert that nonverbal communication composes more than half of the communication among people. Nonverbal communication has a variety of factors such as eye contact, gestures, body language, the setting, and even the dress of the person speaking.……[more]

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Communication Skills Self Assessment Interpersonal Communication Speech and

Communication Skills Self-Assessment Interpersonal Communication Speech and language pathologists are considered to be experts in the field of interpersonal communication. Yet these professionals readily agree that although they may be experts in disorders of communication, they "are not experts in 'communication,' particularly that of interpersonal communication" (Montgomery, 2006). A fundamental reason that someone might not be skilled in interpersonal communication is that they have difficulty attending to and processing all of the unpredictable things that……[more]

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Communications Training Program Kudler Fine Foods &

Communications Training Program Kudler Fine Foods & Wine The objective of this work in writing is to develop a communications-training plan for Kudler Fine Foods & Wine. The communication-training plan will improve the virtual organization's communication process. Communication Training Program Objectives The communication-training program that is effective is one that is well planned and one that understands the objectives of the training program. The first step in an effective communication-training program is being clear about……[more]

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Communication Theories

Communication Theories The unique part of the human mind is that it requires two distinct yet complementary sides that work in concert to bring about reality. In most cases the right side of the mind or brain is the more abstract and artistic component. The left side would therefore be a modeling or constructionist component. Using this framework, it is necessary for both components to come together and bring that's side influence to the total……[more]

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Business Communication With People of Different Cultures

Communication Protocols In order for the goals of a company are achieved and profits are maintained there should be an effective communication protocol within the business that can be relied on. Business opportunities can be discussed in interviews, board room meetings and other informal discussions within the business. The objectives of the business can also be discussed here. Therefore effective communication protocol is a vital component for a successful business. This communication can be internal,……[more]

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Communication Includes Nonverbal and Unwritten Communication and

communication includes nonverbal and unwritten communication and involves facial expressions, the tone of a person's voice, body language, and related issues. Smiles, handshakes, crossed arms, raised eyebrows, and comments that appear to be "dripping" with sarcasm are all part of demonstrative communication (Barnlund, 2008; Montana & Charon, 2008). Both listening and responding are involved in the interaction between individuals who use demonstrative communication, because this kind of communication can be something that begins a conversation……[more]

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Communication Channels Presentation Recently We Received a

Communication Channels Presentation Recently, we received a donation of a state-of-the-art resonance imaging machine from a local organization impressed with our stellar performance. It is the only machine of its kind in the area. As the project manager, my responsibility in this case includes educating members of staff on the use of the imaging machine. I will also be required to inform the public of the availability of this new technology. Communication Channels to be……[more]

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Communications Skills Test I Took Was From

Communications skills test I took was from I scored a 33 on this test. This level says that I need to work on my communications skills (36 is the threshold for the next level up, and 75 is the maximum score). The assessment was further detailed on different elements of communication. On the element of planning the message, I scored 7 out of 15. The second element is encoding, where the score was 8……[more]

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Communication Plays a Vital Role in Human

Communication plays a vital role in human interaction. Unfortunately, communication is not always as adept as it should be between people. This fact is usually exacerbated when people from disparate cultures are attempting to communicate with one another, particularly when they are not as well informed about one another's culture as they could be (Barna, 68). As a result, there are a number of negative occurrences that people may experience due to complications in intercultural……[more]

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Non Verbal Communication Since Time Immemorial

This expose the fact that non-verbal communication is imperative and effective because the eye, voice, or even touch sense is being used in a general conversation that are a part of non-verbal communication (Calero 2005). Sending and receiving silent gestures on a constant basis is the regular and unconscious practice during general interactions. This demonstrates that all the non-verbal behaviors of an individual during the general conversations such as the appearance, way of talking, sitting,……[more]

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Communication Arguments

Communication: Arguments What is the communication problem? When two cultures meet, both are likely to be ethnocentric. Those from the United States, try to find similarities in the other cultures with that of their own. Brazil as a country is unique in many ways. It is stated that what was considered non-fashionable in U.S. -- for example being fat is taken as natural in Brazil. (Palka, 2006) Thus in that culture messages regarding body fitness……[more]

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Communication as a Discipline

Communications as a Discipline By its very definition, "communication is a social process in which individuals employ symbols to establish and interpret meaning in the environment." ("SPC 3210, Chapter 1") But it is more than just a social process, there are a number of other aspects involved in communication. Whether it is thought of in terms of one of the three models: linear, interaction, or transactional, communication involves many other facets than just the transmission……[more]

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Demonstrative Communication

Communication: Beyond Verbal Communication The world around us is filled with people communicating with one another. A smile, a shouted hello, a handshake, an "I love you" -- with these and other forms of communication comes the basis of humanity and all that sets us apart from the animal world. It is in how we communicate that we are able to project our true selves to the world in which we live. Through the ability……[more]

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Communication Management Communication in the

Insomuch, Angela felt that she was being penalized because she worked from home. Although Ralph tried to explain that this was not the case, he was unsuccessful in conveying the real issue of missing a deadline. Consequently, the focus shifted to more of a personal nature because Angela felt unappreciated so they decided to reconvene to another meeting two weeks later. Unfortunately, the meeting started with some hostility from Angela. She was very cold and……[more]

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Communication Competency While Most People Might Think

Communication Competency While most people might think that they understand what communication is, the minority of people communicate with true effectiveness. "Communication is defined in a basic way as a process in which an individual initiates messages using verbal and nonverbal symbols to express meanings in such a way that similar or parallel understandings are aroused in all the communicators involved" (DeFleur et al., 2005). Communication competency is when the meaning is clearly lucid and……[more]

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Communication Apprehension

Communication Apprehension Some people are very apprehensive when it comes to communication, and others are much more open and talkative. Those who have apprehension where their communication is concerned tend to be shy and withdrawn, and they often focus on quiet time at home instead of being out and about with friends or in large groups (DeFleur, Kearney, Plax, & DeFleur, 2005). According to DeFleur, Kearney, Plax, & DeFleur (2005), communication apprehension is the "fear……[more]

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Communication Mental Health Nursing Communication Plays an

Communication Mental Health Nursing Communication plays an imperative role in building and maintaining any relationship. However, a positive and safe environment is essential to obtain the real benefits of communication. This refers to an environment where people communicate for positive goals and aims. Besides this, people in this environment feel free to communicate with others and share their views. This type of environment always results in achieving goals, making appropriate decisions, understanding the ideas of……[more]

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Communication Theory Is Described as Any Systematic

Communication theory is described as any systematic explanations of the nature of the communication process. It's important for businesses and organizations to understand communication theory because they can't accomplish their objectives and goals without effective communication between workers. Since it focuses on analyzing the processes with which information is transmitted from the sender to the receiver, communication theory also focuses on the various ways with which information is transferred from one medium to another. Generally,……[more]

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Communication Personal Account Upon Communication Is an

Communication Personal Account upon Communication Communication is an everyday necessity that is additionally a challenging endeavor. Though most everyone engages in communication, very few people are effective communicators. In reflecting on my on communication skills, I understand the necessity of adapting some of my communication methods to meet another individual's communications needs, wishes, and preferences. In a nursing home, I have had to speak louder or slower than my usual communications with others. I have……[more]

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Communication Competency Communication Analysis Communication Competency Self Analysis

Communication Competency Communication Analysis Communication competency: Self-analysis Communication competency is defined as "the degree to which a communicator's goals are achieved through effective and appropriate interaction" (Lane 2000). Whether we are aware of it or not, we are always communicating. But our intentions are not necessarily transmitted in an effective fashion to those whom we would like to receive our messages. Because "the goal of communication is shared meaning" self-awareness of how a message is……[more]

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Managerial Skills

Communications An interesting communication that took place just recently happened between me and my boss concerning job duties which I needed clarification of. The idea I wished to convey was that I had not been hired to accomplish certain tasks, yet I was being asked to fulfill those duties that were not included in my initial job description. On the one hand I wished to let it be known that I was not happy with……[more]

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Communication and Perception Processes Communication Models Simplify

Communication and Perception Processes Communication models simplify the descriptions of complex communication interactions Three models: Transmission- a linear one-way process in which a sender transmits a message to a receiver Participants- senders and receivers of messages Messages- the verbal and non-verbal content being shared Encoding- turning thoughts into communication Decoding- turning communication into thoughts Channels- sensory routes through which messages travel Barriers / Noise Environmental noise- physical noise Semantic noise- noise in encoding process Interaction-……[more]

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