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It can therefore be concluded that academic integrity and ethical conduct are expected of every learner in all academic procedures. The academic principle represents the honesty in coursework, as well as ethical conduct in clinical, lab, research and homework assignments and should be maintained in all academic communities.

Exercise 2- Personal values

Personal values

Personal values are crucial in both our working and personal lives, in that they help shape own individual systems of beliefs which, as a result help determine our interaction with our colleagues and other people. Ones personal values are reflected in his personal goals. Experts agree that when an individual attain his personal goals, one is living his values -- leading a life that reflects his personal systems of belief.


Our personal values intensively influence how we lead personal lives, working lives and our success in businesses and work. Making a conscious and a deliberate attempt to define which values are crucial is required to keep ones anxiety low, and his happiness and sense of self-awareness and personal worth high. Irrespective of whether we recognize our values or not, values naturally exist. Also, our lives may be more productive and less successful, when we realize our personal values -- and consequently, make efforts to honour and live by these values irrespective of the circumstances we may encounter.

The below values are the values that resonate with me. Such values are highly significant for me live by and honour in my life.


Commitment to actions rather than results, this implies that committing to expected results indicates that I will attain those results. Similarly, commitment implies adhering to a course of action to attain desired results or taking appropriate actions to attain desired results. A person's actions and not words give meaning and life to ones commitment.

Commitment indicates loyalty and can indicate tenacity and bravery, as well. Also, a commitment is like a promise made and demands one has created to achieve something in life, (Lispon, 165). I believe honouring my commitment can make a difference between attaining what is most crucial to me or feeling defeated and disappointed.

Endeavour for perfection and settle for excellence

Perfection implies being exact, accurate or correct in all details, while excellence means possessing a unique quality or superior advantage, (Kibler, 50). In other words, it means attaining the best results one can possible attain, for instance, writing an exam or taking a test and attaining the best score. Whenever I sit for an examination I always strive to achieve 100%, this is striving for perfection. Nevertheless, depending on the situation, I always settle for the best passing grade is can attain, this is settling for excellence.

Honesty such as sincerity, frankness and truthfulness

I am trying to excel in my course work and whatever I say is taken seriously. Prospects, colleagues and clients, rely on what I say. These individuals could suffer serious outcomes if my comments are dishonest. Therefore, it is crucial to be honest in my work. Dishonest in my academic work and behaviour can result to failure and conflicts in career; thus I am always honest in my work. Also, to live authentically and honesty keeps my soul and heart pure and my mind free of uncertainty or doubt. When I am honest, I know I am doing the correct thing.

Self-reliance and integrity

Self-reliance is the ability to manage one's own affairs, makes his plans, and provided for him needs. Self-reliance does not imply always taking every action for yourself it means managing one's own affairs be doing what one can do best and delegating the rest. In my career, I am willing to gather as much significant information I need including lectures and colleagues opinions and then exercise my own best judgement to take the right decision, (Sutherland-Smith, 87). I believe the right decision is that decisions that will allow me best make use of the available resources to attain my desired academic success. Attaining my goal is the process that I must manage myself. While other people should and can help me in the process, attaining or managing the process is my duty.

Integrity, on the other hand, defines ones character and ones integrity is not determined by what happens to an individual; but rather by how he responds and react to what happens to him.

Innovation and positive attitude

Innovation entails looking beyond doing a thing the normal way and devising new ways of doing things (Bertram, 171). For instance, if you are used to advertising your products in numerous print media, you can try a new method like online marketing. Also, if you are used of conduction library research, you can try online research. Therefore, it is my goal to stretch beyond my self-imposed limitations and establish a new and potentially advanced way of conducting academic research for more success. Similarly, developing a positive attitude towards academic work and personal achievement will fuel my desire to succeed.

My goal for personal achievement

A personal attainment that makes me happy is my academic excellence and achievement in the past years. I have worked extremely hard for all my academic grades, and this has bored some positive results. I strive to work extremely harder in the remaining session to attain the best during my graduation. My desire is to pass Q. course and get a better job where I can apply the leadership skills I have acquired throughout the course. All I have to do to attain better awareness on academic integrity, develop better work ethics and explore my personal values, is to be attentive and study hard, developing a positive attitude towards the course work will aid attain better grades.

The plan of goal implementation

Efficiency and productivity are crucial to success, and developing an effective strategy will trigger the best position to acquire these attributes. Therefore, here are some of crucial keys to creating and building workable strategies to assist me achieve goals I have set for myself. For instance, a vision will provide the avenue to carry out my life whenever I want. The vision will always remind me that I am able to learn and grow towards my set goals. Also, vision will enable me to see a wider picture. As experts agree, one should not get caught up in minor details when carrying out and creating a plan. I am determined to move beyond individual aspects that keep me from doing things that I have set out for my life.

Similarly, I am flexible in that if one element of the strategy is not working out, I will try to work around it with extreme commitment and determination. I believe that many-a-times I will have to adapt my plan around situations that are beyond my control. Avoiding frustrations whenever I hit the walls will help me better implement the plan.

Also, identifying with the right group or people will allow successful implementation of the plan. Successful individuals do not become successful all by themselves. Associating with various people will be fundamental for creation and implementation of my plan. I need friends to succeed in today's world and joining the right friends can provide ideas, partnership, help and sometimes aid open near ways for opportunity ( Kibler,51). The group will help me identify limitations and strengths within the group and use them to attain maximum results.

Being persistent is a better strategy to implement my plan, for instance, if my first strategy is not attainable, I will use the alternative. It does not matter the number of times ones fails, but the outcomes of numerous trials one makes. I believe being patient and persistent will eventually work for my plan implementation.

I believe following these primary principles when building and implement my plan can assist attain my personal goals, and that creates the ever-winding path to success. Additionally, every person's idea of success can be unique so it is wise to have a strong idea of what success implies to you. The most crucial aspect of all this is that success that one has brought him happiness, thus, I am determined to attain my personal goals whatever the circumstance.

Developing professional work ethics

Honesty and integrity during my college years will be extremely crucial in developing professional ethics in my workplace and preparing me for success in my finance career. For instance, building workplace integrity entails developing and sustaining a respectful and professional workplace. It entails active management, ethical leadership, confident, professional reporting and effective processes (Exley, 80). Honesty and integrity lessons during my course work has equipped me with knowledge and skills required in building a work environment that facilitates the development of high professional standards as well as demonstrate the organizational value.

Based on acquired knowledge, I can develop a professional and ethical work environment that is best protected against risks to integrity, such as improper conduct, corruption and misconduct.

Exercise 1- Collaborative Work, Test Taking Skills, Study Skills

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