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A person working in a professional position often handles several large projects at once and supervises the activities or output of others. A working professional needs reliable time management tactics to manage time effectively for not only the quality and efficiency of work but for personal health and stress management as well. There are three steps that one can take in order to improve their time management skills.

Step 1 - One should plan each day, week and month by prioritizing tasks in order of importance and deadline. It is not possible to tackle projects competently without first evaluating the most significant tasks and the order in which they should be completed. One should separate projects that slow down their efficiency. Then, rearrange their schedule or delegate tasks to others in order to assure that they are not hung up on a project that is costing valuable hours of focus.

Step 2 - One should make a to-do list every day. Keeping things out of one's head and managing a clear and complete inventory of commitments brings a great increase in clarity, focus and control. If one balances multiple projects at once and supervise employees, they need to stay in control, manage stress and focus. Assessing the to-do list at the end of each workday to find out what needs to be carried over to the next day gives one the benefit of tackling one task at a time rather than facing everything at once.

Step 3 - One should identify their biggest time management hang-ups. This means dividing the issues that causes them to lose focus, time and energy during the workday. Thinking that one can tackle everything sometimes gets in the way of accomplishing anything. The best approach is to choose the biggest problem getting in the way and solving it before doing anything else. Once a person has isolated the problem, created a strategy to both recognize it and solve it they are much more successful in the end (Archer, 2012).

Improving my time management skills will allow me to get done what I have to get done in an efficient manner so that I have time to do the things that I want to do. If I am constantly running behind in the things that I have to do, I find that I have no time for me. This does not work well in order to keep my life well rounded. There are many things that I wish I could do on a daily basis but simply find that I don't have the time to do them. This is one that I hope to achieve with improving my time management skills.

The next area that I have worked on has been improving my communication skills. I have worked on the reading, writing and understanding skills in order to make it so that I can better communicate my ideas to others. I have used the library to do research on how to better communicate in both oral and written areas. I have tried to speak more and more English at home and with friends in order to improve my English skills. I find that the more I use English the better I get at it. I have also tried to watch more TV progammes in order to gain as much insight into the language as I can.

I have also begun to participate more in group work. I really think that this has helped me a lot with my communication skills. The more time that I spend around other people, who speak English, the more that I learn about what is correct and what is not. Also being able to ask other people's opinions and get advice is very helpful in my quest to improve my communication skills. It is going to be very important as I enter the business world to have the best communication skills possible. This will help me to better be able to get my ideas and thoughts across to others. In the end this will help be to be successful in whatever I end up doing.

Communication skills are an essential component of a productive workplace, allowing employees to work together cohesively and professionally. Small business owners can do well to hire employees with solid communication skills, and there are also ways to improve communications skills in the workplace to boost employee productivity. Improving employee communication skills through training exercises and behavior modelling can give a company a competitive edge. When considering why communication is important, the bottom line is that if one is a good communicator, they will have better chances of success. One is better able to persuade people, influence others, negotiate effectively and provide valuable feedback. One can inspire, motivate and encourage your staff and employees. One can convey their ideas better to their boss; they can make interesting conversation and network easier and can speak to groups of people with self-confidence and credibility. The better ones communication skills, the greater success they can achieve. The importance of communication skills cannot be understated. Communication is truly achieved when the sender and the receiver share an understanding of the communicated message. Many times, this is easier said than done (Wilhelm, 2012).

Improving my communication skills is going to give me an advantage in the business world. In order to be successful, a person needs to know what it going on and the only way to do this is to be able to communicate with others successfully. Good communication involves both listening to what others have to say as well as being able to make people understand what you are trying to say. The only way that I am going to be able to do this is to master my English communication skills. I need to learn as much as I can so that I can get my ideas across in an intelligent manner. I also need to be able to understand what others are trying to say so that I know what it is that I need to do in order to get the job done.

The next area that I have worked on is that of improving my knowledge of IT packages. Having a better understanding of the IT applications that are used in the business world will better help me to be successful. I have worked on this area by enrolling in training courses and doing as much reading as possible about the different IT packages that are available for use in the business world. There are a lot of businesses which are in need of the software packages for fulfilling their operational as well as practical needs. For fulfilling this necessity, these companies sign deals with the software manufacturing companies. Information technology is useful in making sure the smooth functioning of all the departments in a company such as the human resource department, finance department, manufacturing department and in security related purposes. Many companies are able to get rid of errors or mistakes in the proper functioning of the tools that are used for designing and manufacturing purposes. Due to the progress of the information technology sector, companies are able to keep themselves aware of the changes in the international markets (Importance of Information Technology, 2012).

In order to be successful in the business world today a person has to be proficient in the Microsoft Office suite of products. This includes Word, Excel and Power Point. These applications are vital in the support of how businesses operate. These things are used every day in order to prepare data, presentations and just for general communication. Know how to use these applications is vital to my success in the business world. Everyone else is using these programs and so must I so that I can keep up with the changing business world.

In order to be successful in the business world I need to make sure that I take the time to asses my strengths and weaknesses and put a plan into action to address the weaknesses that I find. Learning and growing are continues practices that must continually be looked at and improved. Things change and people change so continuing to do things the way that one has always done them usually does not work very well. As things change people must be flexible enough to adapt to the change and alter their behavior and actions to accommodate the change that has taken place.

Using reflective practice is a good way to constantly evaluate ones actions and behaviours in order to make sure that one is still on the right course to accomplish the goals that they have set down. In order to be successful in the business world one needs to know where they are presently, where they want to go and what needs to be done in order to get there. Developing a master action plan that can be used to set goals and plan a route to achieve them will help me to stay…[continue]

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