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Al Qaeda: Ideology, Goals and Objectives

Al Qaeda was literally built as a combination of the hard core of extreme principles, first-rate financial accommodation, and uncluttered deadly force action plan to subdue any obstruction and opposing parties to accomplish the victory of the ideology. Beyond the protection of Osama bin Laden's influential fellow persons of the world, the organization found its perfect environment to grow beyond international reach, and work on the dangerous mission to vital target situations, which had involved thousands of deaths and injuries of the innocents.

Osama bin Laden is the crucial personality behind Al Qaeda and the underground operation. Raised in a big family with the strong Islamic ideology, Osama somehow had turned his strong will into an off-beam fanaticism. He takes the Islamic "holy war" concept in a bombastic manner and developed suspicion to many different ideologies in the world that he thought might threaten his. Frantically, he arranged careful plans to pursue the main goals to do everything for his triumph.

Bin Laden has a very strong financial background and professional image as the result of the good relationship that his father established within the former rule of King Saud of Saudi Arabia and continual support to the successor, King Faisal. The PBS records that Bin Laden Senior was assigned major construction works from the kingdom and once selected a minister of public works that gained him more popularity. He was also emotionally supportive to bridge the gap between the Saud regime and the Faisal.

Bin Laden Senior was a strong-minded and religious man who taught his kids to be independent and reliable to take care of their own life and projects. Determined to comply his father's hope and pride, young Osama bin Laden went with good education at King Abdul Aziz University and traveled a lot around the world. He found his best friends during college and joined the Muslim Brotherhood that gave him a lot of exposures on the worlds - especially the Arab countries' political concerns and humanity conflicts.

It seems that Osama had driven too far about his religious principle and mixed it up with his personal goals to defend the ideology. He created a deep faith to himself, to fight for his belief, just like Moslems caliphs did, but he chose to do it his way. Soon everything became personal as Osama approached his goals with force and very resolute to accomplish it, in any other ways. The warrior doctrines he stated had become the seed of the extraordinary international terrorism plan. Orbach asserted that Osama's participation in Iranian revolution and Afghanistan war against Soviet invasion gave him a lot of meaning of friendship and support that he longed for.

In 1989, together with the sidekicks Mohammed Atef and Abu Ubaidah al Banshiri, he established an organization called Al Qaeda, which means "the base." Pike said that the organization consists of mujahedeen of various nationalities who took part in the Afghan war. They continued working together and established firm point-of-view to support the brotherhood among Moslems in the world and help each other to defeat the opposing tenets.

Pike also identified Al Qaeda for its goals to "unite all Muslims and to establish a government which follows the rule of the Caliphs." The history of Islam has recorded that Caliphs based their government system on Islamic shariah (rules of life) to meet the quality living of the community. However, Bin Laden thought that they needed more than the doctrine itself to accomplish the goal nowadays. He said that Muslim governments are exposed to religious wrongdoings and tend to breach the Islamic rules, moreover with the Western influence, that they had to use force to attain the addressed quality of world's society. The force he aimed was so clear that Al Qaeda started to move to destroy any opposing parties.

Al Qaeda has grown an extremely broad international reach, which has gone so far from the Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan where bin Laden was presumably in control. Although its headquarters was reported to locate in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it also operated nearby the targeted locations in the United States. According to a map on PBS site, the organization has the strong base within south Asia and the Middle East, but…[continue]

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