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The depression in the recent era can affect the productivity of workers along with their entire performance of work. The inability to concentrate on making informed decisions can lead to the accidents that can be unbearable. Moreover, the incident of Benghazi has caused the people of America being an employee to face chronic depression that may require them to take medication (Confer, Easton and Fleischman 112-115).

Today, only 56% of the entire population receives healthcare allowances by employers (Synder, 2011). The condition of America in the context of health due to the recent conditions causes disturbances in the emotional well-being. In other words, the face of America is undergoing fundamental changes that can cause a serious challenge for the current health care system of the country. The number of old people is continuing to increase, who are becoming the greatest consumers of health care system of America (Kraft and Yardley 615-617). The continuity of recent trend in America can cause the increase in number of people belonging to minority groups and these changes in demographic population in America can affect the field of health care system in America. Because, the expected population changes in America are likely to lead to greater social and racial disparities in health (Arnett 605-608).

The Benghazi incident has also caused the health care system to be competent specifically in the area of psychology because the changes in population demographics bring social, economic, religious, and educational diversity. The recent levels of social and racial disparities in the health care system of America can provide the disparities to have a greater impact on health and mental health of people. The language barriers and the social exclusion of specific groups can be expected to influence the people seeking quality care within the traditional health care system of America (Mollen, Ruiter and Kok 267-269).

Impact of Health Conditions in Future

The research in health care system of America has provided the addressing of contextual variables including impact of immigration and acculturation, language, gender, and cultural beliefs. Being consistent with the changes in America provides the possibility for the current health care system to be rejected by the large population of America, as it may not fit in their culturally-based conceptions of health and illness. The incorporation of contextual model of health behavior relationship can make the health care system to become more responsive and flexible in changing time (Confer, Easton and Fleischman 112-118). The changing time in America, require the health system to manage the integral role in nation's development from economics, science, and cultural arts to moral leadership. It can lead people from diverse backgrounds to fight for equality under the law so as to achieve the equal protection from the law. The current health care system in America is negatively influenced due to the recent conditions of America, as it is evident from the way of managing status quo, fostering of social realities, and developing of human growth (Dykens 186-189).

Recommendations for Overcoming Health Conditions in America

It is recommended for the current health care system of America to be well aware of its assumptions and values to understand the behavior of clients that can be shaped by the global views. The contextual factors can influence the types of therapy, health prevention behaviors, and interventions to be acceptable by the public in terms of effectiveness (Kim, Sherman and Taylor 564). It can help the evidence based interventions in taking account of the values and traditions of people receiving the interventions, which requires the fluency in the ways in which age, rage, culture of origin, religion, immigration status, language, and socioeconomic status affecting the health behaviors. The health care providers in the region should adapt the guidelines as it can specify the significance of understanding the contextual variables in the lives of clients with different ethnic status, and language abilities (Mollen, Ruiter and Kok 268).

Impact of Recommendations on Current Psychological Conditions of American People

The implementation of aforementioned recommendations on current psychological conditions of America can cause the people to attain benefits of health care system in diverse environment. The impact of Benghazi incident cannot be ignored while considering the recent conditions of America because it can influence the elections in the country. This influence is causing the stress and depression on the people in America specially people from Libya as they are more concerned about their image in America. However, the provided recommendations can cause negative influence on the people from Libya due to the incident of Benghazi (Biddle and Fox 208-211).

Changes in Recommendations for Health Conditions for American People

It is important to consider the changes in the recommendations for the health system in America. The change in recommendation can include the training of health providers in America should not be limited to pre-doctoral education that should include all steps of academic ladder. The health practitioners should be fluent in theory as well as in different sub-disciplines of medical sciences including social sciences. Another significant change in recommendations for health care system includes the training of health providers in different methods along with the encouragement for essential acquisition of knowledge (Mollen, Ruiter and Kok 265).

Impact of Changes in Recommendations

The provided changes in recommendations for the current American health system can enable the entire health system to improve in most effective manner. The health system can understand the people of different backgrounds, language, and culture to provide the necessary services. The above discussed changes can also enable the people from Libya in America to seek most eminent health services in America even after the Benghazi incident. The people of Libya after Benghazi incident can gain treatment opportunities in America including their psychological distress with the help of changes in discussed recommendations (Confer, Easton and Fleischman 114-117).

Spiritual Conditions in America

There is a great deal of interest in the relationship among religion, spirituality, psychology, and health in recent era with different workshops, books, journal articles, and conferences being offered for psychologists and health care professionals. The topic of spirituality and religion is considered important in general public and health care professionals. The psychology in recent era within America has rediscovered spirituality and religion with renewed interest in integration of this aspect of life into psychotherapy and other psychological services (Dykens 187-189). The changing demographics and economic issues in America are causing the people to suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. The health care professionals and psychologists lack complete information about the spirituality for people from different backgrounds and religions. This causes devastating effect on people in America, as they are not able to obtain the appropriate treatment for their psychological conditions (Arnett 609).

Impact of Spiritual Conditions in Future

The American public, especially after the Benghazi incident, have not been able to get the psychological treatment varying on liberal to conservative continuum. After the incident of Benghazi, the people in America from Libya struggled with religious guilts, conflicts in their friends and social circle. The people have identified the differences in traditional spiritual meditations, which cause them to overcome their depression and anxiety due to the economic conditions and diverse environment. It can cause people of America to disconnect from their religion and spirituality due to the failure in finding effective treatment for their psychological disorders (Seligman, Ernst and Gillham 293-296).

Recommendations for Overcoming Spiritual Conditions in America

It is recommended for the psychologists and health care providers in America to be aware of, and respect cultural, individual, and role differences including the factors of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, language, socioeconomic status, and disability. It can enable the psychologists and health care providers to integrate spirituality in their treatments in most effective manner. The people affected by the Benghazi incident should consider the awareness of spirituality and the knowledge possessed by the psychologists and health care providers to provide them (Harrell 45).

Changes in Recommendations for Spiritual Conditions

Certain changes can be provided in the recommendations for the spiritual conditions in America so as to provide the treatment for disturbances in the mind of people while preventing them from obtaining the peace. It should be noted that the spiritual condition should be attached to the variety of terms employed to the process of person evolving into the joyous and compassionate being that he or she has meant to become. The changes in the provided recommendations can enable the people to obtain the peace of mind while becoming an individual they meant to be in their life. It can enable them to prevent themselves from the psychological issues (Bray 357-359).

Impact of Changes in Recommendations

The above discussed changes in recommendations for the spiritual conditions in America among people due to the economic conditions and changing demographic population can enable the people to understand the different values and beliefs. It can enable them to understand each other while providing their rights and equality under law so that they cannot face psychological distress. The changes in recommendations can enable the…[continue]

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