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This is a book that explores the history and the background to the American Red Cross. It focuses extensively on the founder of the organization, Clara Barton. This work is extensive and provides a clear and intriguing analysis of the factors and the reasons that contributed to the making and development of the Americana Red Cross.

Meara, K.P. (2001, November 5). The Red Cross in the Cross Hairs? Families of Oklahoma City Bombing Victims Say They Did Not Receive Funds Sent to Them by Mail and Handled by the Red Cross. And Questions Are Being Raised in New York City. Insight on the News, 17, 18+. Retrieved October 31, 2008, from Questia database:

The author of this article suggests that there are certain questions that should be raised concerning the administration and management of funds by the American Red Cross. The article echoes many other reports and studies that have in recent years begun to question the internal management and supervision of the this organization - especially with regard to the allocation of funds. The author, for example, asks that the following questions:

Who or what is responsible for making sure this money gets to the intended recipients? Will it go to current victims and their families or will some go into larger portfolios for future crises? And how much of the collected funds will cover administrative expenses and fund raising or mailing-list prospecting? (O'Meara, 2001, p.18)

This is an important issue that provides the foundation for further research into the functioning and administration of the American Red Cross.

14. Smith S. (2005) American Red Cross Continues Mission to Support Troops. Retrieved October 28, 2008 at

This article stresses the role that the American Red Cross plays in the support of the military and troops in general. As the author states; "The American Red Cross has a long history of providing support to members of the United States armed forces." (Smith, 2005) The article provides some detailed information about the way that the Red Cross has assisted troops and refers to the history of this connection between the Red Cross and the military.

15. The American Red Cross Joins the Fight Against Malaria. (2007) U.S. Newswire. Retrieved October 28, 2008 at

This article provides insight into the way that the American Red Cross functions to deal with specific health threats. The article emphasizes the interactive role that the American Red Cross plays in the fight against a disease like malaria in the United Sates. For example, the article emphasizes the fact that, "... The American Red Cross will be conducting events and activities in more than 50 cities across the United States. Red Cross volunteers will be helping to raise awareness in communities through parties, bake sales, fundraisers, information sessions and classroom activities." (The American Red Cross Joins the Fight Against Malaria) This article is also a fruitful starting point for studying the way that the Red Cross interacts with communities to promote better health education and information.

16. Irvine, R. (2002, April 15). Money Seems to Be Motivating Factor at American Red Cross. Insight on the News, 18, 45. Retrieved October 31, 2008, from Questia database:

This article provides further insight into the claims that The American Red Cross is not managing their organization well. It also refers to other reports and accusations. For example: "The TV news program 60 Minutes devoted one of its segments to searing criticism of the way in which the organization handles the big bucks it collects ostensibly to provide assistance to victims of major disasters. "(Irvine, 2002, p. 45) This leads to further research with regard to the way that finds are distributed and used by the organization.[continue]

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