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Art Fashion

Ever since fashion has evolved, we have an observed a significant relationship with art and fashion. It is seen that both the disciplines encourages, inspires and somewhat competes with each other. (Duggan, 2001) It is observed that artists and fashion designers creativity is exchangeable and their main objective is somewhat the same. Duggan (2001) also emphasized on the role of media and education in blurring up the boundaries between art and fashion. As we observe, just like art changes throughout the time, fashion change with time as well. Just as the atmosphere around a certain place changes, so does the fashion of that time. With technology becoming really prevalent these days, techno Fashion has emerged out as the new thing.

Fashion designers are therefore looking into the possibility of Techno fashion. This is basically the ability to incorporate tech item into the clothes a person is wearing. The vision for techno fashion is of has electronic embroidery, wearable cameras and wireless communicators. (Quinn, 2002).

The possibility of representing technology on a person's body therefore backs up the notion that the body features as a site for enquiry in both fashion and art. We saw that that the in earlier days, human bodies were utilized for art. Many artists made use of actual humans posing in certain forms to make different sorts of arts. Not much has changed since that day, since fashion itself needs the human body. Fashion cannot really be appreciated if it is not worn in the right way by a human person (Quinn, 2002). The models who portray fashion dress on the ramp today need to be in perfect shape and size. This therefore confirms the affirmation that fashions enquiries all occur on the human body.

Because of enhanced means of transport and globalization, fashion has taken on a new turn. Fashion designers from all the over the world are taking ideas fromart, culture and tradition around them and incorporating them into their designs. The transnational abilities of people to go around the world allow for people to claim the modernity that is now present in the fashion today. As one of the fashionable artists, Hussein Chalayan has become a known name in the fashion industry today. He has gone to fuse the worlds of culture studies with arts into the fashion designs by him (Bhabha, 1990). Hussein Chalayan is of Turkish descent originally and is known to bring together music, technology and art with fashion and clothing in order to articulate the contemporary phenomena as well as concerns, including identity, immigration and multiculturalism. In the triangle of Cyprus-London-Istanbul the artist has positioned people and his clothes in the framework of mobility.

Hussein Chalayan is known as one of the fashionable artists of the time, in addition by fusing arts and fashion with studies he became the agent of the counter hegemonic discourse (Craik, 1993). He is known to test the instances of encounter, conflict and hybridity of varying cultures as well as identities. Hussein made use of narratives built around the apparel so as to renegotiate the current discourses on nation-states and immigration instead of reflecting the differentiated aspect of the haute couture (Zdatney, 2006). Through his work Hussein has managed to earn a name by reflecting knowingly his own hybrid identity in his works, his transmigrant-self.

In the fashion designs Hussein Chalayan integrated clothing and human body with technology, architecture and science. Additionally he has renowned artistic works in many fields that have been exhibited in art galleries around the world. His famous installations and sculptural designs include; Afterwords installation included in Tate Modern (2000), Aero plane Dress that got premiered at Hyeres Festival in France (2000), I am Sad Leyla which was a multimedia installation opened at the Lisson Gallery in London (2010). In addition, Hussein introduced a number of short movies including Ambimorphous in 2002 which got screened at Mode Natie in Antwerp and Absent Presence, representing Turkey at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005 (Anderson, 1983). All of the artistic works by Hussein combined fashion with installation, music and cinema together with narrating stories that bring together the past, present and future.

So as to renegotiate the current discourses on nation-states as well as immigration, Hussein Chalayan made use of his narratives that were built around the apparel. His work reflected his own identity in all of his works. Clearly Hussein Chalayan had a subjective perspective towards the issue of immigration favoring the non-authentic subordinate immigrants. In order to reflect this position he utilized the tools of fashion. Through his works, Chalayan portrayed his biographic past by representing transmigrant who had accepted a particular position in the fashion scope in London (Vinken, 2005). In his work the subjected were all centered on the dilemmas affected as a result of the modernist narratives of the nation-states; including the useless hunt for finding scientific accounts to the sources of genes (Simmel, 1957). By making use of language, mechanisms of fashion and objects, Chalayan touched upon the farcicality of such public transcripts, along with generating new and more peaceful counter narratives of the nation (Bhabha, 1994).

One can consider Hussein Chalayan as an artist and fashion designer who constructed the connection amid art, fashion and architecture in his works. He dealt with concepts including geography, space, localization, relativity, social stratum and nomadic lives. Through his astounding design he was able to win many design awards. Also, in 1995 out of hundred fashion designers Chalayan was the winner of Absolut Creation competition organized by Absolut Vodka. Later in 1999 and 2000, by the British Fashion Awards he got awarded as the fashion designer of the year.

Alexander McQueen is known for his amazing range of highly proactive and emotional collections. With use of his collection, Highland Rape McQueen pursued the freedom of cultural expression, however simultaneously put stress on the significance of dress in one's personal as well as collective identity. Quinn (2002) therefore emphasizes on the fact that fashion is a crucial component of the everyday life. In Techno Fashion, fashion enables technology to engage the body in a nicely artistic and productive way.

Alexander McQueen was a controversial and creative at the same time. It was observed that at first his creations were ridiculed at but later he served as a source of inspiration. McQueen was known as the 'Hooligan of English Fashion'. This therefore supports the notion that McQueen in fact was very creative and didn't care about what others would think of him. Alexander McQueen can be defined as a designer whose style is unique in his own way, he is stubborn as well as a satisfying designer. His work is said to be trendy, yet altered as well as duplicated in order to evoke this sensual birth. The designer didn't hesitate with putting his creativity and innovativeness to work when it came to his designs as he wanted to do what actually would satisfy him and make him stand out from the crowd. People regard McQueen as one of a kind designer, as the idea is reflected through majority of his designs.

A brief overview of his collection would give one the feeling that McQueen tried to play around with different eras and provide works that were not similar to what other designs were giving. It is true that he gave good taste but he also pushed boundaries and stir up controversies as well. McQueen made use of violence, death and masochism is a lot of his collections. His collection termed as the 'Highland Rape' led to him being accused of misogyny. McQueen's response to this was that he was trying to show the 18th century Scotland was excessively romanticized. (Fryer, 2010) Three years later in the Givenchy show, McQueen came up with models in white dressed with paint spattered on all of them.

In short, it is clear that he liked making the headlines and liked giving something that did not conform to the usual. For instance, McQueen stated that he wishes people vomit because off his clothes but in the end they wish to buy it as well. This clearly shows that he didn't care if he was different or making headlines.Despite the fact the road to success for McQueen was not an easy one yet regardless of all the hurdles he had to face McQueen still managed to reach to the top. Presently, his collection is sold in more than 39 countries and the brand is being worn by many famous Hollywood actresses including, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Now that the works of McQueen and Chalayan are both discussed it is quite clear that they are both different and quite unique. Both of these designers provide a taste of what they know best and aren't afraid to show where they belong. This is yet another similarity between the two. McQueen and Chalayan both make use of what they know and go on to be different and unique. Chalayan makes use of Mediterranean…[continue]

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