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Instead of fluffing about just thinking and worrying about it as I did initially, I actually set off to determine the comparative pros and cons in each option that I had, evaluating the consequences of each of my options thus helping me to make more informed decisions quickly. This is a habit that I intend to continue practicing.

Tradition vs. The infiltration of newly acquired technology: Many people still believe, despite that the internet has been looming as it has for a decade and that credit violations are traced and nullified more promptly than ever before in human history, people are still leery. And understandably so. But many people uphold such an absolute though unfounded regard toward ritual, tradition, and historical convention that they automatically discount anything new. I honestly first hand see people around me that "cut off their noses despite their faces" so frequently that they pose their own prison, thus creating this prisoner of consciousness refraining them. What I mean to imply is that many people, while they believe that they are in a fruitful process of cautionary preservation, otherwise self-aggrandizement, are actually posing as their own enemies enforcing them into retrogression. In concern to the debate over internet vs. online shopping, accordingly, to take this easy way out in its dismissal would be preposterous.

At the same time, though, technology has altered and continues to alter far too many scientific advancements, as well as too much generalized "stuff," that humans are evolving into something still unfamiliar to us all. Technology has created, in the mindset of trying to keep with such rapid progression -- as Don Henley of the Eagles has noted in their well-known hit -- this "Life in the Fast Lane"; only this Fast Lane revolves around technology rather than methamphethamines.

Understandably, throwing in some barbiturates to counteract this rapid expansion is only craved because humanity is still going through a stage of evolution involving the "I" development, brought on by the revolution which began in the late 1960's United States throughout the age of the hippies, as opposed from the "we" stage prior to then. Legalized and the prescriptions of an abundance of uppers and downers, barbiturates and pharmaceutical stimulants, will be the topic for a completely separate essay. Let's focus here on shopping, the history behind frequent adjustment pertaining to the methods, and where this might lead.

I do see that by working with groups, we all benefit far greater. Think about the post World War II U.S. Industrial Revolution, or the Industrial Revolution within England taking place as early as the 18th century (1760, as recorded by T.S. Ashton), or the far more explosive and grander English Industrial Revolution of the mid-1800s. Humans no doubt discover far greater of a benevolent outtake when we work collectively, so I see that our social selves will learn to get back to and further advance that "we" mindset. By recounting historical ups and downs, we learn from our predecessors what works best. These events have all occurred in order to enable us to grow; shopping and expeditious shopping habits is continually developing part of our culture.

For each category (online or retail), there are statistically significant differences between consumers attracted to shopping online vs. In traditional stores with regard to the parameters describing the choice process. However, there are more similarities between choice behaviors of the two types of consumers in the margarine category than in the laundry detergent category.

The premise that an online consumer may conduct oneself in a fashion similar to a customary retail consumer is outlandish, in some regards, but in many operations these actions are alike. Take into account preferences for different brand names; different sizes available for different customers; brand commitment or brand loyalty; likewise, past experiences which may taint a preference one way or the other, etc. On the other hand, product assortment, pricing, promotion, and targeting strategies are what vary between these two methods. Whether in regard to online shopping or retail shopping, these factors are constant. In concern to each breed of shopper herein, taking all these factors into account, however, I ultimately believe that nothing is set in stone, and that a whole new entity could redirect…[continue]

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