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They do not assume the coffee, their life style. The primary customers are those people, who are youngsters, and middle-aged people as 13 to 21 are youngsters and 22 to 35 are middle aged people. They treat coffee as modish way of living. They prefer to drink coffee as compare to tea. People of upper and middle class will also be targeted and will offer affordable prices which will be suitable for both classes.

B.4 SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of MOCHALICIOUS is described below which includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


The strengths of MOCHALICIOUS will be the quality which will be provided to their customers. People use to drink coffee for refreshing their minds. Therefore, when they will visit the coffee shop they expect to drink coffee in a peaceful environment. It will be also one of strength for MOCHALICIOUS that it has innovative flavors that they are offering to their customers according to their needs and wants.


As the Australians are lovers of coffee therefore; numbers of coffee shops are present in Australia. MOCHALICIOUS have to do the great efforts for developing an image in the market and people are unaware of their product and also with the taste of their product. Moreover, sometimes people prefer tea as compare to coffee.


There is a huge demand of coffee in Australia. MOCHALICIOUS is opening at the right place at Springvale Street in Springvale Victoria "in Australia." MOCHALICIOUS is offering different flavors of coffee and at lower prices so it will be the great opportunity for MOCHALICIOUS.


Other cafes and restaurants will be the threat for MOCHALICIOUS because people are already satisfied with the quality of other cafes. In summer season, the sale of hot drinks will lead down the sales of MOCHALICIOUS. Consumers can switch to other coffee shops because of the increment in the prices.

B.5 Market positioning

Business of a coffee shop will be starting in Australia, and the brand name is MOCHALICIOUS. The sign of MOCHALICIOUS will be full of colors and the cup in which they will serve the coffee will be more attractive and stylish. MOCHALICIOUS will positions in the minds of their customers by attractive and unique TV commercials: as its name MOCHALICIOUS is a unique and a different name which differs it from other brands. MOCHALICIOUS will position their image in the minds of their customers by providing different flavors of coffee at lower prices and also by way of garnishing the coffee cups. If MOCHALICIOUS will do the strong positioning than it will be more beneficial for MOCHALICIOUS to earn more and more profit. They offer their product at affordable prices for both upper and middle class people so that they can afford it easily. MOCHALICIOUS also positions in the minds of their customers by way of direct messaging to their customers to invite them at their coffee shop. MOCHALICIOUS is a unique name and unique name always quickly positions in the minds of the consumers.


The conclusion of this assignment is that, MOCHALICIOUS is a new coffee shop which will be soon open in Australia in Springvale Victoria, where people are lovers of coffee. It has been estimated that the sales of coffee will exceed to approximately $800 million in 2013 and people spend $773 million per year on coffee. MOCHALICIOUS will provide their product at affordable prices so that people of every class can enjoy their coffee. MOCHALICIOUS will target the customers of every aged class. MOCHALICIOUS will adopt different marketing strategies to promote their product. It strongly positions their product into minds of their customers by offering different flavors and by developing a peaceful and calm environment at their coffee shop.


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