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The market size for AAA Software based on PC usage can be estimated by the total number of new PC sales and the level of antivirus usage on them. The total PC usage during the corresponding year is shown in the figure.


C3: Competitive Analysis- Describe your company's current competition.


Registered/Head Office

Czech Republic

United States

United States

Slovak Republic

United States

Number of Users

More than 150mn users





Product Variants

Home Users - Antivirus (Free, Pro and Internet Security), Products available for Mobile and Mac, Business Users -- Small or Home Office, Enterprise and Server needs

Home Users - AVG Antivirus Free, Antivirus, Internet Security, PC Tuneup, Secure Search, Business Users -- Antivirus, Internet Security, Email Server, File Server, Linux Server, Rescue CD, Remote Administration, Mobile Users -- Antivirus Free/Pro

Home Users, Business Users -- Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (only upto 10 users)

Home Users -- Antivirus, Mobile Security, Cyber security for Mac, Business Users -- Small and Business Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Professional Services

Home Users -- Norton 360, Internet Security, Antivirus, Mac Security, Mobile and Tablet Security, Multi-Device and Cloud Security Software, Enterprise Users, Small Business Users

Trial Versions




Yes, Business Trials also available

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7, Vista, XP with SP2 or higher, P3 Processor, 128MB RAM

Pentium 1.8 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM, Windows 7, XP, Vista

Windows 7, XP, 256 MB RAM, 200 MB hard disk space, IE 6.0/Firefox 2.0

Intel/AMD, Windows 7, XP, Windows 2000, 55MB

Windows 7, XP, Vista, 300 MHz for XP, 1 GHz for Windows 7, 256MB RAM, 300 MB space, IE 6.0, Firefox 3.0, Chrome 10.0

Pricing and Validity

Avast! Internet Security / Pro - $39.99, Secure Line - $69.99

Antivirus - $39.99, Internet Security - $54.99, Premium Security - $69.99, File Server - $39.99, Linux Server -- $162.99, Email Server - $149.99, Antivirus Business Edition - $89.99, Internet Security Business Edition - $125.99


Smart Security - $53.99, Antivirus - $39.99, Cyber security for Mac - $39.99

Antivirus - $39.99, Internet Security - $49.99, Norton 360 -- $59.99

Brand Positioning

Price -- Free, Product- Best Protection, Varying levels of protection, Maximum Business Protection

Product -- Free protection, High quality, Active Protection

Product -- Anti-annoying, Anti-expensive

Product -- Smarter, Lighter PC Protection

Product - #1 in Security Software, Symantec Authentication, Trade-in, Trade-Up to Symantec

Unique Features

Heuristics Engine, Real-time Shields, Greater Usability, Hybrid Cloud Technologies,

Award winning antivirus, Highest level of protection, Business Partner Program

Real-time protection, Comprehensive malware protection, Alerts only on specific actions, Efficient, Compact, Digital Signature Service,

New Parental Controls, Internet Security Training, New Gamer Mode, Multi-layered Protection, Online / Offline Protection, Advanced On-access Scanning, Threat sense technology, Cost Effective, Flexible, Customized, Live Grid, Interactive

Top ranked, comprehensive, smart and effective protection, Seamless technology, Easy to use, PC Tuneup,

Other Features

Smart Updates, New Protective and Hi-Tech Features, Endpoint, File Server, Email Server, Avast Community

Remote Support, 100% Money Back Guarantee, Rated best value for money

Easy to use, Simple to install, Automatic Updates, Award winning protection

Secure, Proactive Protection, Built for Speed, Easy on You, Seamless Updates, Interactive Comparison, Fast Scanning,

Cybercrime Tool, Web-based Backup, Silent Mode, Monthly Report, Power Saver Settings,

On-site Support





Yes (24x7)




Scalable only upto 10 users




Affiliates, Resellers

Distributors, Re-sellers, Affiliates, Technology Partner

The Link Logo Program (Allows financial institutions, academic institutions, business that has consumer facing to offer the software at no cost, OEMs and System Builders can pre-install the software in the product at no cost

Worldwide Business Development Partners (Provide high margins, Dedicated development exercise, Licensable multi-function engine for Windows & Linux

Partner Programs (Channel Partners, Service Providers, Technology Partners, Global Strategic Partners, Specializations), Symantec University for Partners,


North America Antivirus Product Market Share

Microsoft made its biggest gains in this category, with Security Essentials increasing 6.6% over the previous six months for a total market share of 21.3%. This is much more than twice the 8.2% of its nearest competitor, avast! Free Antivius, which lost almost 1.5%. Total Defense (CA) Antivirus Plus also experience a big gain of 4.6%, resulting in 6.1% of the market and a remarkable climb from 18th to 4th position on the list. The remainder of the top five -- AVG Antivirus free edition (#3) and Norton Antivirus (#5) posted losses of about 2% each. In contrast, Norton's second product on the list -- Internet Security -- gained 1.8% of the market for a 3.5% market share. Overall, the top 11 AV products in North. America increased their combined dominance of the market, with a gain of 6.2% for a total of almost 70% of the market. Nearly half of the market is controlled by the top 5 products

Worldwide Antivirus Product Market Share

Avast! Free Antivirus continues to lead the worldwide market at 13.5%, an increase of 1% over the 6-month period. Usually this increase would reinforce the top product's position, but Microsoft Security Essentials is close behind and narrowing the gap. Security Essentials has almost 13% of the market, and with a 2.3% increase, is gaining at a much faster rate than that of avast! Free Antivirus. The third-most popular product, ESET NOD32, also increased its share to 8.3%, a gain of 1.2%, while the next three competitors each lost more than 1% of the market. Further down the list, the biggest gain in the challengers came from Norton Internet Security, gaining 1.5% for a total market share of 2.8%. Avira Free Antivirus and Norton Antivirus show the biggest loss at -1.5% each. The top 11 products showed a slight increase in their control of the market and the top five products combined

D. Market Strategy

The following are the marketing objectives during the first year of operation:

To position the company as one of the 'Premium antivirus software' in the industry

To increase awareness and establish a brand name and recognition of its antivirus products to increase the exposure

To establish an image of the company as an organization that is professional, technologically advanced, reliable and highly positioned in the market

Try to bring AAA software as 'Top of the Mind' brand within the target segment

To establish a strong base in the market and achieve a turnover of during the first year of operation. The marketing plan is designed to establish a strong base over the next 12 months of operation after which AAA Software can upscale to projected revenue of - and - during the second and third year of operation

Focus Areas

Attract customers who are using competitor's antivirus competitors

AAA Software will attract customers by providing efficient and quality product to its customer

AAA Software will offer value-added services along with the product to attract customers

New customers who require antivirus software

Be it customers or businesses, AAA Software will create visibility through its various promotional strategies

Enhance focus on online marketing will be done to promote the products

Actively follow the market to acquire more new customers

Non-users of antivirus software o AAA Software has realized that about 20% of the market is not using the antivirus software. Capturing a small share will increase the market share of the company

Marketing Strategy

Make it easy for new customers to experience the software

Build a network of partners who have complementary relationships with your target customers

Leverage testimonials from customers who have used the product

Promote the software by submitting it to as many download sites and directories possible

Affiliate Marketing is one technique with which people will promote and sell the software products from their websites

Pay per click advertising is a marketing technique to bid for relevant 'keywords' that brings pertinent results to the product sold

Target Geographic Market

New customers who require antivirus software

Be it customers or businesses, AAA Software will create visibility through its various promotional strategies

Enhance focus on online marketing will be done to promote the products

Actively follow the market to acquire more new customers

Non-users of antivirus software

AAA Software has realized that about 20% of the market is not using the antivirus software. Capturing a small share will increase the market share of the company

D1: 4Ps.

Market Entry Strategy

Market Penetration Strategy

AAA Software will gain the competitor market share by pricing the product at a competitive price (called "penetration pricing") for its premium product and a free product for its antivirus software which would bring in first time users and also act as a tool in switching customers of competition

AAA Software will provide other value-added services which will attract many users to their company

Intensive promotional and branding activities will enable greater reach and better market penetration

Attract customers from competitors by focusing on their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Value Proposition

The company…[continue]

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