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If a person has good Public Relations with superiors and subordinates of the field, he will get the benefit of these relations. If he has decent qualification and he is competing with another applicant with same qualification, he may b preferred over the other just because of his Public Relation (PR). This PR also helps the employee to prosper within the company and reach the top position in the company. A person's nature is a big asset for him. This asset can bring huge successes for him in the career. And he can also prove to be a great asset for the company that can fetch some business for the company. So his progress in the career is guaranteed.

To keep oneself alive in the field of Human Resource, he should keep himself up-to-date with changes and progress throughout this field in the whole world. Human Resource is a rapidly changing field. To keep himself update, he must keep himself active on internet and other mediums of information. He should read the online available articles and blogs written by the tycoons of Human Resource which help him in his career a lot. He should learn from their experiences. Thousands of articles are available online for free and there are also paid EBooks which are so helpful regarding the career growth. Those are the man of honor who have learned through their own mistakes and want their juniors not to repeat them. A person can also subscribe to the newsletter from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). It is advisable to keep an eye on the current affairs of the world. He ought to know the amendments made in the employment and labor laws of the country where he is living or where he is employed.

The main job of Human Resource department is to manage the employees concerning all the issues. It is appreciated if one knows the current rate of unemployment, demand of a field or vacancies available in the market. He should also survey the situation of downsizing in competitor companies. This day-to-day knowledge is very essential to flourish in the profession. The person should also learn from his senior and respect his ideas and experience. The seniors can also play a vital role in gaining the knowledge. It is a good way of learning, it makes the senior realize that the employee wants to learn and he values him. It is a good practice in the field of Human Resource.

As Human Resource is a vast field and it has many function to perform. The person who is likely to enter the field should first ask himself whether he wants to be a specialist of a field of Human Resource or he is just wants to be a jack of all. If the person is willing to become a generalist, this would benefit him in the career as he will be able to learn a lot. He will have the knowledge of all the aspects of the field. The small organizations usually do not have a large department of Human Resource so a generalist would have a high demand in such organizations. Because he will have the power to look after almost all the issues of the related field. This can help a small scale firm in cutting down the expanse and increase the profit. He will also be able to apply his immense knowledge of Human Resource in his daily routine life. But if the person has some fine bit of skills in the sub-field of Human Resource, he should carry his career on as a specialist in the field. Every job seeker wants to be hired by a multinational company or a large scale organization of the country. These giant companies have a very large department of Human Resource and they believe in specialization. The specialized person will be preferred by these huge companies. Working in such organization can give the experiences of the life time and can make a strong goodwill in the field of HR. The person's demand gets higher and higher day by day as he gains the precious experience of the field. Being a generalist and being a specialist and its own advantages and disadvantages. So the person should opt between generalization and specialization as he thinks what his strength is and with what is comfortable with. Both has career growth and also have some limitations. (Crisp, 2008)

After getting selected for a job or stepping in the field it is all about the progress in field. To prosper in the career of Human Resource one should keep himself in balance. Being an employee of the department of Human Resource, the person has to deal with the hiring, policy making of employing; giving appraisal based on performance, organizing training session for the employees and has to perform other beneficial deeds for the worker. So the person should keep himself in balance. He should neither favor organization only nor the workers. The person should always keep in mind the benefits of the company who has employed him and he should work for the profit of the organization. Along with that, he should keep in focus that the workers work hard to earn their living and with the hope of getting huge benefits on the basis of their hard work. The HR representative ought to have a soft corner for the employees and provide them appraisal and benefits on merit. And he must also never forget to serve his company. It is difficult to maintain a balance between the two. Same applies while performing the other functions. While hiring a person, he must keep in mind the proceeds of the company and should hire a deserving candidate not a needy candidate. Sometimes it is difficult to belong to a Human Resource worker when one has to choose between the deserving and the needy. These small things meana lot in the field of Human Resource and these things make difference in progress and sticking in the same position for years. If the Human Resource department of a company does justice to his employees the company will prosper by leaps and bounds as the happy employees make a happy company. (Guadagno, 2011)

The worker of Human Resource department should label himself as a productivity consultant. As Dr. John says:

"You should be able to give advice on how to improve productivity (and) take advantage of productivity opportunities"

Dr. John Sullivan is one of the greats Human Resource practitioner and thinkers on strategic talent management. The person who wants to pursue the career in the field of Human Resource, he must always be ready to change opportunity into achievement. The HR department is supposed to convert their ideas and decisions into dollars. Almost all the policies of the company somewhat somehow belong to the department of Human Resource. (John Hollon, 2011)

To reach a good position in the field of Human Resource, one supposed to be a risk taker and a good decision maker. Many of the decisions of the company take place in the department of Human Resource. The persons who are employed in the HR department have to make some difficult decisions. Hiring and firing is one of such decision. The right person employed can give a high profit to a company and firing of some workaholic employees may result a disaster.

Human Resource department of an organization is one of the most delicate departments. Human Resource professionals are integrity of the company. They possess many secrets and confidential information about all the departments of the firm. Being an HR professional one must keenly observe on the actions of the employees of his own department and on the workers of other departments. The person should make sure to maintain proper ethics and secrecy. In the business field bribing to know the secrets are quite common, so the person himself should be loyal and honest to the company. This makes the person respectful in the eyes of his own company as well as increases his goodwill in the market. Even if one switches from one company to the other, he should not reveal the delicate secrets of his previous employer to the new one. If he does so, it is completely unethical. Obviously the new boss and the company would like to the secrets of his former company but they will be happy if he tells them. But this act of his will affect his credibility as the new employer will never trust him and will try not to let him know their secrets. If the person wants to prosper as a Human Resource professional he ought to protect the company's secret and not let know to any unauthorized personality. It is his duty to secure the secrets by himself as well as ensure that no one else is spreading the delicate information.

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