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Change Management Websites

Website 1: / - A website sponsored by learning organization ProSci, this site is dedicated to best practices in change management including seminar series offered globally. The site also offers the Change Management Portfolio Toolkit. Also included on this site are links to the company's Global Conference held May 1 -- 4, 2011 in Orlando. Florida.

Website 2: - This website concentrates on the more academic aspects of change management, including several links to theories and concepts. There are major categories for understanding change and for managing the change project. The person who authored the site also has a link to buy their book as well. It is an interesting site that provides both academic theories and practical guidance on change management.

Website 3: The intent of this website is to start with the basics of change management and quickly progress through the more advanced areas of this aspect of management;. It has some very interesting links to lessons learned from jack Welch, former CEO of GE and also from real-world case studies as well. A very rich site in terms of information, it has many useful links included on it.

Website 4: This website is a blog written by a German change management consultant and author Holger Nauheimer, the site has very interesting blog entries about how to overcome resistance to change and links to his writing and research. There are also links to his Twitter feeds, which also contain fascinating information as well.

Website 5:

This is the main page for the Accenture Change Management practice. Accenture is a globally-based services and IT consulting business with offices in all major cities of the world. They focus on helping companies adopt and use technologies more effectively, that is why they have a change management practice. This page has insights into their services, client successes, research and insights.

Website 6:

An excellent website that has links to the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business Center for Leadership and Change Management, this site also has links to leadership research and global initiatives as well. There are thirteen previous conferences profiles on the site with links, and many different conference updates including a Leadership Advisory Board update.

Website 7: / This is a website for Garrison Wynn, an expert and consultant on change management. His website includes a breakdown of the methodology he uses for helping his clients to achieve greater levels of change management in their companies. It also includes an opportunity to opt in to his newsletter and call him for advice on change management issues. The website has a good balance of promotional materials and content which makes it usable for learning too.

Website 8:

Kotter's 8-Step Change Model is profiles on this website, which is part of the broader and much more thorough collection of business content. It is an excellent overview of the model, with lengthy descriptions of each of the areas well defined with examples. The website also has many links to other content on the website.

Website 9:

A tabloid-style blog that has excellent content on how to overcome resistance to change, in addition to providing points on change management strategies for businesses. There are many links along the right side of the site, with free resources for change management. The latest blog entry is January 10, 2011, which makes the site very useful from a current level of knowledge standpoint as well.

Website 10:

Part of the larger website of business content called, this area of the site is dedicated to change management and is not as useful as the other sites in the list due to the heavy inserts of Google AdWords. It looks as if the website is specifically designed to just drive up AdWord revenue for the larger site, as it lacks current, useful information. The worst of the ten sites reviewed for this assignment, this site does not have much that the others don't also have in the way of content.

Detailed Analysis of A Single Site:

This site is the best out of the ten evaluated because it has recent, relevant information on it, and gives the reader a chance to get many useful documents and programs the author of the site has created. Rick Maurer is the author and creator of the site and has been a consultant for many of the world's leading telecommunications and healthcare companies, including many aerospace companies. All of these companies deal with making change management strategies successful. What is the most useful about the site are the lists that David provides and the learning materials to make them useful. He has also provided many links to other change management resources on the Internet, some of which are of higher quality than the large lists on other sites. What really separates this sites from the others however is the offer of free, downloadable resources and content David has created and freely shares. This really separates this site from the many others that either have many different links or are full of text and do not really offer that much to the reader. Finally, this site is well laid-out with many different options for getting to useful information too. It is easy to read and follow along with what he is saying in his blog entries.

Part 2: Change in organisations" -- name 2 or more core questions, that you find most intriguing / interesting / important within this topic, choose one and write down your own thoughts about it.

Can a business be more successful if it uses technologies to stay in touch with customers?

Does Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software really work?

How can a business get its sales people to accept a new CRM system when they like to just pick up the phone and call their customers?

Friends of our family own a small business that has several salespeople working on selling their products to building contractors and retail stores. They are a lumber wholesaler. This is a business where relationships with customers go back ten years or more, some as far as thirty years. When the owner of the company, my friend's father, heard about and CRM software, including all the measurement of sales results you could do, he was very impressed. He immediately went to the sales teams and told them how great he thought the software was.

Immediately the sales teams began to resist it. They said it could never take the place of the personal relationships they had with their customers. That was not the point, the owner said. It was to track all the customer needs and see how they could serve the customers better. Still, the sales people refused to trust the new system and have resisted using it to help serve their customers better.

The more I think about the two biggest questions are as follows. Does this software really work and make people more effective at selling? I asked some salespeople at another company and they said that it did help them create quotes online much faster, and it also made the prices more accurate. The resistance to new systems, they said, was because they felt their bosses were going to always be checking up on them, sort of like a "big brother" way to monitoring everything. The sales people said they talked to others that also had this impression. I asked them if they felt that it made them more productive or not. Initially, the sales people said no, it did not. They had to slow down and enter information and that became boring and very tedious. But, after they found a way to bring in the customer order history from another…[continue]

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