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More precisely, the figures for the two segments were 2, 3 and 2, 6 respectively.

Concerning the criteria of the peer deviance, it was concluded by the study that males tended to deviate more from the normal behavior, engaging in various activities inconsistent with the recovery program.

Finally, the psychological status was evaluated. This assessment concluded that the most common behavioral trait is hostility. Also, depression was considered to be an important result of the behavior deviance. The results related to this last issue took into consideration the difference between sexes, arguing that females were more subjected to depression moods than males. In terms of eventual differences based on race, the study did not reveal any particular variations concerning African-American or White subjects. Therefore, the difference is mostly related to sex.

The present study is relevant for pointing out certain issues teenagers face today, be it in an environment that has the influence of narcotic addicts or an environment clean of such elements. However, the most important idea of the entire study is the actual conclusion one can draw after analyzing the material; in this sense, it can be said that the data provided as the results of the research represent a signal for the current society. In fact, each of the percentages that resulted following the interviewing of the subjects reveal the fact that the society at large and the young generation in particular have become increasingly vulnerable to the consumption of drugs and alcohol. In turn, this situation that points out the development of an addictive type of behavior underlines the fact that the society and the system that caters for the needs of young children, as well as the home environment which should create a proper framework for the health evolution of the child's individuality is in regression. This is one of the main concerns that should be taken into account when providing a proper assessment of the current situation in the society.

The facts that draw the most attention in the study presented are related in particular to the degenerating situation concerning the behavior of children at an early age. Therefore, the results that show the fact that part of the children interviewed had engaged in fighting prior to the age of 11 is a clear indicator that there is an increasing violent trend in their environment. This information can be correlated to the psychological status which pointed out the fact that hostility is indeed widely spread among the subjects.

Another aspect that can be considered interesting and worrisome at the same time is the relatively high percentage of children who have disobeyed their parents in correlation with those who have disregarded a police officer. The 24 percentage in the first case and the 5 percentage in the second one may be indicative of the fact that children who have been the victims of narcotic addicts have developed a higher degree of sensibility in terms of authority. Therefore, it can be said that the lack of a proper role model in life can be a determining factor in establishing a healthy relationship between peers and their children. However, also taking into account the fact that the percentage of the ones responding to the question related to the intact family structure showed that only a relatively small part of the children benefit from the safety of a stable and intact family, it can be said that the lack of two representatives of family authority can determine a violent and inconsistent behavior.

One of the most worrisome findings of the study point out the fact that children and young adults are oriented more towards violent acts such as shoplifting, or damaging property on purpose. This comes to point out the fact that the influence parents addicted to narcotics have on children tends to decrease the potential of the young generation.

The assessment of the degree in which children' behavior can be influenced by the family background and environment represents a comprehensive view on the situation. However, in order to have a more precise image of the dangers addiction poses for children and the next generation, it was important to consider a comparison with different other segments of the same age groups. This would have made the current condition of the children under analysis even more clear and the alarm…[continue]

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