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Community Development Is a Journey Not a Destination

Community Development

Community development is a course of action, where people not only work to increase their income or to produce more jobs but also helps in managing changes "in their community," and that is a process which is performed by the members of the local community. There is a strong interaction between the two words "community" and "development," which depends on the interaction between people and actions shared by different members of the community to which can only happen by bring changes in the way of communication. Therefore, community development is a journey, which can never end (Flora & Flora, 1993).

Community development is a journey not a destination means this is a continuing process to make innovative changes in the development of community, and resolve community issues by local community members. The basic goal of the community members is to make the future better of the community by taking positive and powerful actions. Confidence, judgment of issues and skills are the main key aspects to sustain the growth of the community, not only economically but also a well-built community. The initial consideration for the community members is to recognize that where we are, what we want to do? And how do we do? Self-determination, social justice, empowerment, human rights, community involvement and advocacy are the key principles of community development. Empowerment is a process that is used to increase the goals of community economically, politically and strongly by the participation of community members and different organizations.

All around the world, there are so many people who are poor and have no facilities to earn their lives and hold some resources on their hands to support themselves in the hard time. For instance, mostly poor farmers buy a goat and sell the milk for cash to resolve their issues of lives but community development targets the levels of need of those poor people within the community. It provides different services to those people like it provides education to those farmers to develop enhanced techniques of farming, provides financing services, loans as well as medical services to raise their lives in an effective way by means of community development. For any society, information is very important for developing country. If any community depends on the information to create the innovative and advance changes in the society; it will provide valuable outcomes for the whole community.

For the development of any country globally, it is necessary to improve the living standard of rural community of that country because more than 70% people in developed countries belongs to rural community and they need proper improvement in their daily activities. If the government neglects the rural community than the chances of crimes, snatching, unemployment, spread of diseases etc. becomes higher. For the development of rural community, it is necessary to provide advance information, which is the core step of the process of development (Okiy, 2003).

Community development means to improve the condition of any community politically, culturally, socially and economically. Rural communities mostly consist of social group that is usually named as "gate keepers." "Gate keepers" is a group of people who are spending their lives in the community from the time when the community was not so well developed and afterwards when the changes taking place they are the one who resist adopting the changes in the community. Therefore, to reduce the resistance, it is necessary for the community development that they must involve those gate keepers in all the discussions and planning related to the development of community. This issue always takes place while developing the community in any country; that is why it can be said that community development is a journey, not a destination. Comfort level is also one of the challenges for the community development. While constructing a building in the community, it bothers the daily routine level of the people of the community. It means if the changes in the community takes place at a high level it may generate trouble as well as it required hard efforts to make this change possible (Holton, 2007).

Sporadically, parochial attitudes also found while developing the community. The term "parochial" means the people who have the narrow-minded attitude. In the rural community, parochial attitudes are those who keep them away from outside. They consider that they do not need to take assistance from outside and can manage everything by their own self. Because of this attitude, the small rural community members could not be able to make their community globally well developed as well as also generate problems in the social and economic development of the community.

While developing the community, the society needs that every local community members should share their views and opinion for the development of community. Other than it is observed that youngsters and youth never take interest in the community development and besides they do not want to participate in a meaningful way for the development of community, which is actually a generation issue. Accordingly, effective communication is the best way to invite those youngsters and youth to share their opinions in a consequential way regarding community development rather than individuals. Furthermore, effective communication provides benefits to the whole society, and it is a key to cross the generation issues. Senior citizens are the main assets of the community. Planning is the main step for the community development and the members should be flexible and open to ideas. They should have the abilities to make sure that they can achieve their target and can fulfill the needs and wants of the whole community. Generally, in youngsters anti-social behavior founds which can be reduced by adopting POD sessions (positive operational drop-in) where the people of aged class between 8 to 13 years old of the community can resolve their issues regarding anti-social behavior (Community Development Foundation, 2013).

Leadership is the main part in the community development. Every community needs a leader to show a positive direction to the community for achieving the positive outcome and that the leader has to build a trust among the community members. Lack of leadership can led down the community towards the crisis rather than globally developed. A youth time bank (YTB) scheme was running to reduce the youth crimes within the local community. It involves the young group of the community which is the main reason for the local areas crimes. Therefore, YTB scheme provides extra opportunities to the older people of the community by the young people of the community. For instance, this scheme provides Christmas meals opportunities to these old community members by the youngsters. The communities where children are spending their lives, those societies as well as family members create the environment in such a way to make their future better and for an effective development of their children brain. Communities research that how to develop their youngsters future and also come to know that what changes are required in the time of developing the community (Holton, 2007).

Communities should also contribute their knowledge and experience for the quick development of the community. Furthermore, the existence of community is the main issue which is passed from generations to next generations. Some communities forget that why they exist and then later on they resist adapting the changes the community development. Hence the main key to get the success is not to live in the past and do hard efforts to develop the community globally. There is no destination in community development; it is actually an ongoing process which can never stop.


We conclude that community development is a journey, not a destination. The communities always need to make changes to get the positive outcomes and for acquiring more success. Community development is actually a process in which all the…[continue]

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