Compare and contrast between Christianity and Islam

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Upon Judgment Day, all humans and some angels will be judged by God. As such, the Kingdom of Heaven shall prevail while the earth will be swept away (University of Wyoming pars. 1-4a).

The Islamic religion's version of the cosmos, on the other hand, maintains that at the present, there exists heaven and earth (inhabited by humans, animals, demons, and the jinn which are invisible beings which can either be good or bad) which was created and ruled over by Allah (University of Wyoming par. 1b). Much like Christianity, Islam believes that come Judgment Day, everyone will either be rewarded (with eternal life in paradise) or punished (in hell). As such, a clear transformation of the realms of heaven and earth to paradise and hell shall take place. Simply put, the one form of the cosmos at the present will experience eventual transformation upon Judgment Day (ibid).

The Ethos

Christianity's teaching is embodied by ethical perfection. Love is central to the Christian ethos, and this can be demonstrated by one's love of God and love of one's neighbor. Christian ethos also involves human's aim to do what is pleasurable in the eyes of the Christian God. The lessons of voluntary poverty, perpetual chastity, obedience to God's will, meekness, and humility is also important in Christian ethos (Knight par. 52).

Islamic ethos, on the other hand, is directed towards Allah, i.e., "His will Muslims submit; Him they praise and glorify; and in Him alone they hope" (The Columbia Encyclopedia par.6). Other obligations to the Islamic faith involve one's commendation upon the good and abhorrence for the evil. This involves refraining from eating pork, drinking alcohol, and engaging in gambling activities (ibid).

At this point, we cannot say that there is a heightened difference between Christianity and Islam. Crudely, what is important for both religions is to revere God, do what is morally just, and be good to one's neighbor. These are the emerging themes of Islamic and Christian ethos.

The Telos

When we talk about telos, we usually refer to the "purpose" , "goal" , or the transcendental activity which needs to be given special attention (Kim 1).

We then proceed to the primary question of this subheading, "What is the…[continue]

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