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Hindu Christian Relations in Manipur

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Aghamkar, Atul. “Traditional Hindu Views and Attitudes Toward Christianity.” Global
Missiology English, 2, no. 5 (2008). Available at:
The author describes how the common Hindus of today in India inherited their views from the Hindu Renaissance leaders. Thus, these leaders’ views are helpful in understanding the common approach toward Christianity in India. The article reveals how there remains tension between the Hindus and Christians of the region.
Bauman, Chad. “Pentecostals and Interreligious Conflict in India: Proselytization,
Marginalization, and Anti-Christian Violence.” Pentecostudies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Research on the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, 16, no. 1 (2017).
Bauman locates the nexus of anti-Christian violence in India particularly in the Pentecostal religion, which is especially agitating to Hindu nationalists. The study examines how Pentecostalists’ assertiveness and evangelizing activity as well as its ecclesiastical, liturgical, theological and social aspects are offensive both to Hindu nationalists and to upper caste Christians as well.…… [Read More]

Strip Women Naked.” Christian Post, 9 Mar 2016. Available at: 
The article discusses how Indian legislation threatens to undermine the social standing and authority of Christian dalits, as it favors Hinduism over Christianity against a backdrop of random violence against Pentecostals.