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This amount of flexibility helps to give them an edge, in adjusting with a host of challenges they are facing over the long-term. (Hanna, 2009, pp. 30 -- 53)

The article that was written by Gruber (2011) is showing how frontline employees play a vital role in addressing the needs of stakeholders. This is because they are directly working with customers, suppliers and third parties on a regular basis. Those firms that understand how to: address these requirements and motivate them will see an improvement in the way they are interacting with everyone. This is point that there will be a transformation in the operating environment of the firm (by addressing the specific needs of stakeholders). Over the course of time, this will have a positive impact on how they are interacting with everybody in achieving a host of objectives. The information from this source is useful, in highlighting how those firms that work with employees will create a transformation in the way they are interacting with various parties. In the future, this will lead to positive changes of opinions about the firm and the products / services they are delivering. (Gruber, 2011, pp. 128 -- 144)

Moreover, the article that was written by Brodie (2008), is talking about how contemporary marketing practices are identifying issues that are impacting multinational corporations. This is occurring through looking at specific attributes that are most important to a particular region (such as: cultural traditions). Then, they are integrating these ideas into their business strategy. This helps the firm to reach out to a wide variety of stakeholders in different areas of the world. As this allows executives to maintain the traditional policies and procedures. While at the same time, they can integrate specific cultural attributes as part of the process to improve the effectiveness of their operations. The information from this source, is showing how specific attributes must be utilized that will take into account certain cultural factors. Once this occurs, is when a firm will be able to focus their marketing efforts inside specific regions. (Brodie, 2008, pp. 491 -- 518)

Furthermore, the article that was written by Harrison (2011), is discussing the impact of using quantitative and qualitative studies to understand specific issues effecting stakeholders. What actuaries were able to determine, is that utilizing these different methodologies in conjunction with each other will provide the best results. Evidence of this can be seen with Harrison saying, "A total of 34 mixed method studies implemented data-collection procedures sequentially (79%), eight implemented them concurrently (19%) and one combined both sequential and concurrent procedures (2%). This study provides guidance for executives in identifying design types appropriate for various rationales or research objectives and models of different design types that have been published in marketing journals." The information from this source is illustrating how different ideas and strategies must be utilized during the research process. (Harrison, 2011, pp. 7 -- 26)

At the same time, firms need to be focused on effectively streamlining their operations. According to Petersen (2011), there are differences in the types of research available for operations management (most notably: meta and citation analysis). What he found, is that meta-analysis is providing executives with a top down approach in analyzing the organization. This allows them to make adjustment to their operating procedures by: focusing on the entire production process. While citation analysis, is concentrating on specific areas that could be implemented into the operations of the firm. Once this occurs, is when executives will have tools for analyzing and dealing with a host of challenges impacting the organization. The information from this source is useful, in highlighting how international organizations must use different strategies in conjunction with one another (to understand the challenges they are facing). (Petersen, 2011, pp. 405 -- 422)

To help companies deal with possible issues (from international operations) requires emphasizing performance management. This is when everyone is focusing on using specific systems that will help a firm to maximize productivity. This is occurring through: creating practices that will establish a particular type of mindset inside the firm.

According to Brudan (2011), there are several different kinds of practices that are being embraced by businesses to include: systems thinking, integration and learning. What they found is that those firms that are streamlining these ideas into one process are the most successful. This is because executives are taking best concepts from: different theories and they are utilizing them to address a host of challenges. (Brudan, 2011, pp. 109 -- 120)

Evidence of this can be seen with Brudan saying, "This proposed integrated view to performance management has the potential to assist individuals and organizations to better understand and align these levels and create a complete, holistic picture of performance that outlines the relationship between organizational and individual performance. Grouping organizational performance management levels in an integrated model has implications not only for the theory, but also in practice." This is illustrating how an integrated theory is the most effective strategy for managing an operating environment. As a result, the information from this source is highlighting specific practices that are used by the most successful companies to improve operational performance. (Brudan, 2011, pp. 109 -- 120)

The Problem

The problem with the current approaches, from the literature review, is that there are numerous theories introduced. In some cases, the data was collected though: building off of each other to show how firms are adjusting internationally. Yet, there are also a variety of sources that are talking about conflicting ideas. This is problematic, as some are going against other concepts that were uncovered from different pieces of data. To deal with these issues, there needs to be an emphasis on: finding the best solutions and then using flexibility (to selectively implement them inside a firm).

From a legal and ethical perspective, this will create contention about what ideas are the most appropriate to utilize. This is problematic, as select findings from the study will be in direct contradiction with each other. At the same time, the information is looking at certain aspects of the problems from: a national vs. international perspective. These areas are troubling, as the research could create ethical and legal conflicts. The way that this occurs is through focusing on data that is out of date or irrelevant. For businesses, the information that is presented in these studies is a representation of the current strategies. When in reality, these ideas are providing inaccurate data, with a number of variables that will influence these results. To address these issues, a new approach must be taken that will focus on different viewpoints.

Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is to take the ideas about: running an international firm and creating specific practices that can be utilized by executives around the world. During this process there will be a focus on a number of objectives to include:

Understanding the most effective practices used by successful businesses.

How to apply flexibility, when implementing these ideas and strategies to a specific business model?

Identifying how future research can address the challenges that are facing entrepreneurs.

These different areas will offer precise insights as to how international organizations can become more responsive to the needs of stakeholders. Once this occurs, is the point they will be able to adjust with a variety of challenges they are facing in the global markets. This is when a company can maintain their dominance inside the sector.

The research solutions will be focused on addressing the larger objectives over the long-term. This will help to create a working foundation for dealing with these problems. As flexibility will be one of the most important elements in showing how these ideas can be implemented by all firms. This is when a new strategy will be introduced that is taking the best ideas from other philosophies and combining them into one. The way to overcome these issues is to correlate the findings with one another to: identify and support these basic trends. Anything that is going against these ideas will be isolated for further review. If this kind of approach is used, it will deal with the various legal and ethical issues by: maintaining a sense of objectivity during the process.

Significance of the problem

For businesses, these kinds of issues are troubling as they can provide no effective avenues for addressing potential challenges. As a result, this study will focus on how executives can overcome these kinds of issues. The means that the purpose statement, will be concentrating on how these problems can be dealt with. Once this occurs, is the point that actuaries can create a working foundation for solving these challenges.

Supporting theories

There are a number of supporting theories that are highlighting the overall scope of the problem. A good example of this can be seen with research that was provided by Hauser (2007); he found that there are a number of different marketing, operational and…[continue]

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