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Moreover, it has also to be ensured that the motherboard contains expansion slots built into the board, and not built into the expansion board which plugs into the motherboard.

Memory: The memory located inside the computer is called as the Random Access Memory (RAM). This RAM is place where CPU temporarily stores information, which it needs to perform a function. The quantum of memory is directly related to the extent of complicated functions it is able to perform. It is important to get a system having at least 256 MBs RAM or 512 MBs or higher is preferred. For the greater part, the more memory to which the system can be upgraded to in future is better. The latest software programs are always extremely resources hungry.

Input-devices: - Input devices are employed to enter information and direct the commands to your computer. The two most typical input devices are a keyboard and mouse. At present a 104 and more Windows keyboard is the most common keyboard which is given with new computers. In the right hand lower hand corner of these keyboards is the numeric keypad. It is important to get a keyboard with which the user is comfortable. These days' ergonomic keypads are available which lays a vital part in lowering strain on the hands and wrists by way of naturally lining up the keyboard keys with one's hands. Whereas these strain reducing keyboards are quite costly than their standard counterparts, they more than pay for themselves in the long run by immensely lowering physical damage which can be extremely traumatic and might last a lifetime. The mouse is a pointing device that plays a significant part in Windows operating system. It is utilized to click on to a command or icon or bring up a shortcut menu. Besides, some of the computers might possess a pointing device different than a mouse like a track ball or touch pad. One has to select a pointing device with which one can work with ease.

Hard Disk Drives: A Hard Disk drive is the physical location where programs and data are kept. It is situated inside the computer system. The two types of standard hard disk drives are SCSI and IDE, with the IDE being more widespread in PCs. An IDE disk comes at $30 to $100 less than SCSI drives and is simpler to configure and is perfect for an individual desktop computer. In case the system to be purchased is to be used as a network server which needs maximum expandability, SCSI must be seriously considered. It has to be made sure that the biggest hard disk drive one can afford to buy is purchased. The price of a hard disk drive is at present sufficiently below $0.10 per megabyte. It has to be ensured that a minimum hard drive of 20 GB, a bigger one in case is possible. Computer software programs are over the years getting bigger or more complicated. The latest software suites can at present consume in excess of 120 MB of space. If a digital camera is used, the images loaded can simply fill up the hard disk.

Floppy Drives: These are smaller forms of hard drives and have become optional on some of the recent systems. The density of the standard floppy drive is 1.44 MBs (3.5 inchs). The use and reliance on floppies has gone down considerably. Not like an internal hard drive, floppy drives can be detached. As they continue to be the medium most frequently employed to copy small files from one computer to another and to create rapid backups of important files, it is suggested that one acquires a floppy drive on any new system a user buys.

Video display: The computer video is comprised of a monitor and video card. As your monitor just displays what the video card has sent to it, the two parts should be compatible to receive the optimum video display expected. A lot of the latest motherboards possess the video card that is built in. It is ideal to get at least 17-inch monitor so as to take total benefit of the Windows environment. Frequently, a monitor larger than 17 inches is superfluous until one is making sketches and performing graphic works on the computer. It has to ensure that the video card and monitor mishmash can display a minimum of 256 colors, 16-bit or bigger is the ideal one. A majority of the multimedia programs will not executed unless the video card is able to display a minimum of 256 colors, 16 bit or greater. A lot of multimedia programs will not function until the video card can display a minimum of 256 colors. The usual video card which is not built into the motherboard currently displays in excess of million colors and able to be plugged into a PCI or AGP slot in the motherboard. It is always better to get a video card which has AGP.

It is usually taken for granted by a lot of people fighting to be abreast with technology that a computer has attained obsolescence that very day it has been bought. Nevertheless, while a one-year-old computer might not be capable of running the latest specification-rich applications, they could be ideal for working on a network, surfing the Internet. Going for an upgrade for the RAM, Hard Disk Drive, Modem or other hardware of the Computer is the feasible way of bettering technology available in the case of a particular establishment and augment the productivity while the budget does not permit to spend more. Whereas it is the entire time better to be capable for purchase the fastest computers in the market, at times it might not be needed. Several times a lot of organizations prefer to upgrade computers for the incorrect causes.

One cannot just convert a sluggish computer into a speedier one by just changing the size of the hard disk drive. Similarly, replacing the processor of the computer might not make a crashing computer more dependable. Going for an upgrade as regards the RAM, hard drive, or processor at all the times entails opening the inside of the computer. This indicates that one must have the knowledge to be able to know something regarding what is being done to avoid resulting in damage. It is vital to arrive at a decision if the upgrade will be made by the staff. Assigning the work of the upgrades to a technician is another alternative nevertheless that is going to cost more time and money.


In conclusion, the simplest way to speed up an old computer is to add more Ram. In case the computer appear to be functioning too slow and the programs are using up a lot of more memory, increased RAM will render your computer perform a lot speedier. In case the computer is low on memory, it can be quite simpler to add an additional drive. It has to be analyzed whether a component upgrade is worth it prior to taking the remedial action. A lot of times it might be better to use up the instruments that are in hand till it is time to make yet another planned buying of computers. Upgrading the components of the computer components is helpful in certain situations when we are able to know where one is headed, however, it is crucial to set-off the time and cost of making the upgrade vs. The time and efficiency that one might be losing from not building it.

The vast bulk of the Computers make use of Microsoft Windows. Old computers often run on Windows 95 and the most recent ones make use of the facility of Windows 98 and several others use Windows 2000. Windows 2000 is currently the most up-to-date version. However, it is still recommended to demand Windows98, since it is able to use all the new facilities of 32-bit Windows software like the latest 'Word'. Even with regard to using Internet and taking the advantage of the facility of emails, Windows 98 are in a better position. Microsoft Internet Explorer is given free of cost and installed before hand on newly bought PCs having Windows 98.


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