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Reasons for Seeking a Counseling Degree

Professional Counseling

Goals of Counseling

Reasons for seeking Counseling Degree

Effective Counseling Skills

Personal Characteristics

Communication Skills

Move on with Life

Practice Management

Making a Difference in someone's life

Personality Characteristics for Counseling

Counseling as a Career


Counseling is referred as the relationship between a counselor and an individual in which the counselor helps the individual to achieve a particular goal in the best way that can satisfy an individual. It can also be referred as the methods, techniques and skills which can help an individual to solve and cope with their problems. Counseling is the method through which a counselor can guide an individual to have a clear understanding of his or her attitude by helping the person to explore his or her thoughts, behavior and feelings about a particular situation.

Professional Counseling

Professional counseling is a technique that enables the counselors to establish a relationship with the individuals where they could help them to fight with the mental illness or to achieve their career goals.

Many individuals and families seek counseling so that they could deal with the tensions and problems in their lives. Usually people seek counseling because they are frustrated, hurt or in a poor mental condition due to a particular problem in their lives. These difficult times or situations urge them to go for counseling. Most of these situations involve trouble in relationships like husband and wife, friends, coworkers or with other family members. The persons involved in this situation may be suffering from mental disorders like stress, anxiety or depression. In this situation one can seek the assistance from a professional counselor.

Most of the time a person requires the care and support of a counselor because he or she have become physically and mental weak due to the weight of stress or some emotional trauma in his or her lives. It becomes difficult for a person to survive in such circumstances and the only way for that person to escape such mental conditions is to consult a counselor who can bring them back to life. Counseling helps the person to fight these situations by becoming physically and mentally strong. It gives the courage to fight until the end and not to give up in any circumstances. Eventually, it is about helping an individual to regain his or her faith.

Goals of Counseling

The basis goal of counseling for a counselor is to have a clear understanding of anindividual's needs and problemsthrough the different experiences they had in their lives. It mostly deals with helping an individual deal with a difficult situation in his or her lives. By providing them solutions to their problems or by words that give them physical and mental relief.

Sometimes the best way of counseling is to help the person understand that the only way he or she could escape through the hard times is by getting closer to God. To make them realize that the solution to the problems lies with seeking the help of God. Greater knowledge of God can help them fight away the mental stress and trauma. Getting closer to God makes people feelblessed and relieved even in difficult times. (Jackson, 2008)

Reasons for seeking Counseling Degree

People have different reasons for wanting to be a counselor or for becoming a part of this particular field. Some people go for this profession because they are constantly encouraged by their parents or teachers, and are being told by them that they have got good communication skills to make them good counselors. Some people choose this as a career because they might have been through a difficult situation at some time in his or her lives and the counselor had helped them get over that situation and then they feel strong enough to be counselors so that he or she could help others. Sometimes people choose this professional because they might have worked with a rehabilitation organization and they had enjoyed solving the problems of the patients and helped them to recover faster.

Different individuals might have different reasons for choosing counseling as a career but they all have one common reason for seeking this profession, which is to help problem fight with the challenges in their lives. They feel it as their duty to help those in physical or mental pain which might be caused by some biological, psychological or environmental factors. The people going through this difficult time need someone who can care for them and support him or her in the times like these. The counselors guide them to have a clear perspective about things and to help them make proper decisions.

Some people choose to work on children having difficulties in their lives by working in special schools for children whereas some might go for adults having hard time by working in community centers.

Another reason for an individual to opt for the counseling career is that despite of helping others going through his or her hard times it helps the counselor to become a strong and better person. It helps them to groom as a person and to be fully aware of his or her abilities in dealing with others. It also helps them to know how effectively they can influence others and motivate them to achieve their goals. It enables a person to put the personal opinions aside to clearly understand the thinking of others and to be unbiased and devote themselves fully to help others.

Counseling is the best career path for individuals in a health profession that helps them to enhance their physical and mental capabilities. It is best for individuals with outstanding communication skills, and a strong desire to interact with individuals and to solve his or her problems. By choosing to become a professional counselor they devote themselves and their lives fully to others and the society as a whole.

Effective Counseling Skills

Effective counseling skills require an individual to have some experience regarding counseling as well as having good personal qualities and technical skills. For anyone who seeks to be a counselor needs to be expert in certain fields along with having a strong personality and good characteristics. Counseling is a career in which a person is always learning the experiences and different situations. Following are some of the effective counseling skills:

Personal Characteristics

Most students choose counseling as a career because they want to help others. This is one of the best qualities that a person could have to be an effective counselor. Many students are already equipped with a number of qualities that can make them effective counselors like having a soft corner for others, to be patience while handling different situations and to have a proper understanding of how to handle complex situations. The ability to gain the trust of the client is another important aspect of being an effective counselor. Having the trust and support of the client can help in achieving the desired goal. So to gain the friendship and trust of the client it is important for the counselor to be honest toward their job.

Communication Skills

To be a convincing speaker and a good listener are essential parts of being an effective counselor. Counselors should have the skills to encourage the clients to discuss their problems and should have full awareness of what they are stating. They should make the client feel comfortable so that he or she can speak about anything that might be bothering him or her. The counselors should also be able to understand the things, which are not said by the client but are only expressed through the gestures or facial expressional. Being able to understand the non-verbal communication is also what makes a counselor perfect. An effective counselor should know how to enter prate the words and gestures of the clients, draw a proper conclusion from the words and come up with best possible solutions that can satisfy the clients.

Move on with Life

Effective counseling can be judged from the results it produces. Results that satisfy the clients are considered to be the reasons of effective counseling. So for better results it is important to encourage the clients to improve their lives by changing the thoughts and behavior. A good counselor can identify negative thinking and is able to change these negative thoughts into positive ones. For this a counselor needs to have a proper plan and strategy. The effective counselor should be able to motivate the clients when they are in a position of denial and are not willing to change his or her lives. The counselors can remove the pain and misery of the clients by the use of their voice and words of comfort.

Practice Management

An effective counselor should know how to handle his or her tasks and should have a good sense of management. It is important for the counselor to have the time management quality whether they are working as an employee or having his or her own work.…[continue]

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