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disaster recovery plan outlining several strategies that must be taken into consideration. The paper will further take into consideration the e-commerce as well as the brick and mortar operations. The reference page appends three sources in APA format.

Disaster Recovery Plan

When unprepared organizations are hit by disasters, the consequences are not only dire but often prolonged thereby robbing the companies of not only financial stability but also their hard earned established brand name and image. Since RJB compressors have an unwavering reputation for their high quality products and its compressors are known worldwide for their reliability and durability, it has to be prudent in making plans and formulating strategies in order to keep its reputation and established brand name intact. This is because, every firm entering the global market and wanting to stay there for generating handsome profits must not leave room for risks, disasters and threats in all forms. However, that is neither realistic nor humanly possible. Corporate disaster does occur in the form of business threats and risks and for continuing business operations like RJB compressors, looking into the possibilities of an unforeseen disaster demands extremely careful strategic planning. That further involves drafting contingency plans for regulatory requirements as well as needs pertaining to information technology. Thus, a disaster recovery plan outlining various strategies comes into existence. However, for a sound disaster recovery plan, it is highly essential that the organization particularly the disaster recovery planning committee or team have a profound understanding of the strategies required to protect business operations as well as those strategies that involve resuming business practices and functional aspect "in the event of operational and financial stability disruptions" (Bagneris et al.). Hence, the passages below will outline the strategies needed to protect the business operations from the expected as well as the unexpected corporate risks and threats. The paper will further investigate the business protection strategies affecting the e-commerce business of RJB compressors as well as its brick and mortar business operations and practices followed by some financial, legal and ethical considerations for RJB Compressors Limited while drafting a disaster recovery plan. Then, the paper will provide its readers with the final disaster recovery plan highlighting the significant questions that must be taken into consideration as well as the major steps involving a disaster recovery plan.

Strategies to Protect Business Operations

Strategies involving E-commerce Operations:

In order to understand the disaster protection business strategies, it is better to well comprehend the difference between traditional marketing and marketing via the medium of Internet. According to Frost and Strauss (2000), "traditional marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, distribution, promotion and pricing of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives." In addition to the above, the authors are of the view that "e-marketing simply makes traditional marketing more efficient because of the technology that is involved. E-marketing increases profits and customer satisfaction." This can be further explained by highlighting the operations of the well-renowned company known as RJB Compressors using E- marketing strategies. The e-commerce operations of the company RJB Compressors, is quite similar to its brick and mortar operations. With the help of such e-commerce as well as brick and mortar operations, RJB Compressors are able to administer and run their world-wide operations due to their clear and definite e-commerce strategies (Bagneris et al.). They have been successful in maintaining their position as well as a huge clientele because of the e- commerce strategies applied to their operations. Similarly companies forming disaster recovery plans in order to protect their businesses can also follow the strategies used by firms like RJB Compressors. However RJB Compressors can further improve the efficiency as well as the accuracy of their operations through the use of Internet as a means of communicating knowledge and other important data (Bagneris et al.).

Strategies involving Brick and Mortar Operations:

Another form of strategy that companies similar to RJB Compressors should make use of is termed as the brick and mortar operations. It is extremely important for a company to maintain efficiency within the internal as well as the external operations or activities of the business. This could involve effectiveness of the financial department or any other department for that matter. Some of the major firms have become established with the help of brick and mortar strategies by dividing their business into separate groups (Tufano, 1996). For instance RJB Compressors can divide their business into different groups catering to the different needs of the business such as a group or a department involved in providing after sales services or administrating the financial transactions taking place within the business. As a result, incase of a disaster occurring within one area of activity will not result in the disaster of the entire company. Moreover the effectiveness and the efficiency of the business will not be affected adversely and will be dealt with easily (Tufano, 1996). Hence such operational strategies will prove to be beneficial to the company and will also protect the business from any unforeseen disasters. Therefore in order to form the right kind of disaster recovery plan, it is highly cardinal to include such strategies within the recovery plan.

Risks that must be identified and protected against Financial Risk:

There are several major companies that are engaged in operations that involve credit card processing as well as check processing. As a result if the business fails to function or is faced by a financial disaster for a day, it could lead to an enormous loss for the business. Such a disaster could also lead to loss of customers as they are likely to switch to other brands. As a result, RJB Compressors could also make use of data processing operations. Such operations can reduce the possibility of a disaster causing a bad effect on the customers with the help of data centers that can be setup in order to carry out processing facilities smoothly and effectively without leading to any disaster that might be damaging for the company.

Legal Risks:

The introduction of the business activities being carried out through Internet has made the net a major means of trading. Internet has become the most famous place to buy and sell goods and services to the common man worldwide. However it has its disadvantages as well. Exchanging goods and services through the internet can sometimes lead to major disasters. This is because businesses done through internet do not have specific rules or laws as in the case of a traditional market place. Therefore it is important for firms like RJB Compressors to specify the rules and who has authority and control over the business. Such firms doing business through the internet must take into consideration the legal risks involved. Questions such as who has authority to make decisions and solve problems or deal with any unforeseen disasters must be dealt with. It is highly essential for firms doing business through internet to obey the laws and to define control and authority under such circumstances such as a dispute. This is because; electronic commerce will tend to grow for a long time now and for businesses to become established as well as to be able to conduct their activities without causing any harm to their firm or their customers, it is very important to obey the rules and to address issues regarding the authority and control of the people. Such legal considerations will not hinder the business activity of RJB Compressors or any other firm doing business through internet and will succeed in avoiding a disastrous influence on e-commerce.

Ethical risks:

RJB Compressors can avoid ethical risks by not participating in activities that result in dishonesty towards the customers or leading to profitable operational activities causing damage to the public or potential investors of the business. In order to maintain the confidence of the customers buying their products and services, it is essential that RJB Compressors maintain their honesty in treating their consumers, associates etc. They must create the constitution keeping in mind the customers as well as all the people involved in their business. By promoting honest and right administration, RJB Compressors will not only be able to succeed in winning the confidence of their customers and maintain the effectiveness of their business activities but will also be able to avoid any disasters harmful for the business.

Lack of information:

Lack of information is another risk factor that must be taken care of. In order for a business to work effectively, it is essential that the information is passed down from the top level within the chain of command without any hindrance. Incase of a breakdown of communication within a business organization, the administration must locate the area where breakdown occurred and must take effective measures to solve the problem. Effective Communication of information within a business is an extremely important factor for the success of a business. As a result, RJB Compressors must take preventive measures to avoid any such…[continue]

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