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The web camera interactions also reflect a minimal degree of actuality. The individuals meetings after virtual interactions are highly likely to experience a difference in the personal and communicative nature. The habits, preferences, and human likings are also absent in case of virtual interactions. It is also noted that after interacting with each other in virtual environment human beings are also likely to be exposed to a low level of self-expression. The human beings also have a tendency to exaggerate or underestimate certain emotional and nonverbal elements of communications. These elements are regarded as high value components of any human interactions.

Backlash within the household:

According to Rosin, Hanna the dominate nature of men in human relationships and marriages is replaced by women in coming years. The research also observes that the mature relationships including marriage will no more be dominated by men and the role of social media is significant in creating such shift. It is also likely that the dominant sex of men is well replaced by women through active users of social media and other related internet enables social networking websites. It is highly recommended to study the shift of power from men to women at all levels of society are radically shifting in favor of women. As a result the implications are observed on marriages, sex, children, and work life of individuals. There are significant changes occurred through social media and these changes are in terms of the work patrons and earnings. Moreover the individual earnings and spending patterns are also shifting having a profound impact on the coupling up and marriages.

The social interactions through websites are causing a massive impact on marriages, dates, and adultery. It is also noted that the social media usage is also causing huge impact on household. It is important to understand the impact of these implications and adopt means to eliminate the negative impacts. It is also recommended that individuals learn new techniques and gain knowledge to adopt means for reducing the negative impacts of virtual social networking. Harris, Joshua provides a deep insight about the relationships evolvement after the introduction of social media and networking websites. The usage of social media and Facebook are creating new insights to relationship formulations as well as to the existing relations within a family.

The causes for divorce-by-Facebook:

The online relationships cause various misunderstandings among households. The relationships based on friendships and personal interactions with the social groups sometimes involve revealing of private messages. These messages involve revealing number facts regarding the personal and marital secretes. It becomes public and often upon search they also come in the notice of the counterpart. As a result the relationships are strained. It is also likely that the spouse comes in contact with a hidden relationship maintained by the partners as a result the faith and trust is damaged. The damage in such emotional confidence impacts marital relationships. Women are more likely to seek divorce upon reveling of their husbands secret relationships. It is also noted that women are also affected by the fact that they are being cheated by their counterparts (Papadopoulou et.al ).

The women desire to involve in the secret relationships is instigated through various factors. The nature of personal interactions with their spouse is also one of the reasons. It is also noted that women take mutual relationships in different perspective and are more likely to indulge in activities of social nature. It is also likely that the alleged nature of interactions result into instigating a desire for divorce (Miller). The women seek divorce due to multiple reasons. The increased interaction and time devoted by individuals on Facebook result into developing a notion that the other person is more devoted and committed to dedicate increased time for personal interactions as compared to the legal spouse. The Facebook features of keeping chat history and maintain account of personal and private interactions are also likely to be observed by the spouse hence it also results into damaging marital relationships of individuals. The nature of virtual relationships is significantly different from the physical relationships. It is highly unlikely for an online relationship to become as perceived through virtual interactions.

The usage of Facebook is one of the extensive activities performed by various users of social networking websites. It is also noted that Facebook is denied as an open diary and it is readable for all permitted individuals. The usage of Facebook for propagating social and personal opinions is highly observed in individuals of all age groups especially students and young members of society. The usage of Facebook to interact with friend is common however it is also medium through which old relationships are also marinated. The individuals with large number of friends can connect with each other and in this process it is observed that some old relationships are also connected (Chen).

It also provides a significant approach in developing new contacts. The individuals with previous relationships and suspicious spouse are most likely to damage their current relationships. It is due to an open postage of status and various social opinions. The messages are publically displayed and as a result it creates occasions of mistrust among partners. The suspicious spouse is most likely to develop a negative impression and as a result the marriages are finished. The reasons for divorce are reported as Facebook among one out of five divorces observed in recent years. (Pavie).

According to Pavie, Xavier the suspicious spouse uses the publically displayed messages as well as private conversations among ex-friends to create an infidelity view of the counterpart. The individuals with a previous history of mistrust are also likely to be most affected by Facebook exchange of status or messages. The usage of social media should be careful in such respect as well as a selective friend circle should be allowed to view the social interactions. It can be maintained through strict privacy and confidentiallysettings. The usage of Facebook is one of the common reasons for divorce in numerous cases.The effects of online dating and social interactions can be observed in multiple directions. It is highly likely that the interactions on social portals result in the form of serious personal and professional damages including divorce. It is also noted that the individuals with a high degree of suspicion are highly exposed to the damages in their private lives (Kim and Jong-Eun).

Validity of social networks:

According to Cao, Qiang, et al. The social networks minimize the authenticity of profiles that are maintained online. It is also observed that people in online communities are highly likely to make fake accounts and upload fake pictures in their profiles. The mechanisms to approve authentic information are not in place as a result the individuals can easily maintain a fake account with falsified information. It is a deceptive move to interact and indulge in relationships with various individuals. Men and women both are trapped in numerous activities where it is noted that the actual information is hidden by individuals. It is highly likely that a long relationship maintained online can prove out to be a factitious upon physical encounter. The human nature of reliance on unseen is well used by the individuals to achieve their desires. The human beings are likely to encounter a completely different person upon physical interaction.

The Facebook accounts and profiles are also likely to be maintained by single or group of people with unethical human desires. It is also significant to mention that the mechanism to authenticate the profiles is not currently applied on social media and the real personas are not validated through authentic information. Hence it provides an opportunity for the individuals with variously different desires to utilize the social and powerful nature of social media for individual purposes. The family lives of individuals are distracted by indulging in activities that are not considered lawful as well as ethical in marital relationships (Heyn). It is also likely that an individual with fabricated account can create a web of high social presence through Facebook and the unaware public is attracted. The uses of a technology can be experienced in both positive and negative forms allowing the users to be vigilant and take a correct course of action in all aspects of life. The nature of social interactions through social networking sites requires a thorough and vigilant approach to validate the profiles and accounts.

Means to meeting people:

There are various means of socializing and number of techniques to meet people. It is also observed that the internet is used to socialize and meet people from various parts of the world. The internet socializing becomes one of the most popular forms after the introduction of social networking websites (Gelfand and Anthony). It has also become popular in terms of online dating and meeting facilities offered through various websites. The usage of social media as a mean to meet people has created a wide variety of opportunities and threats. The social fabric formulated after…[continue]

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