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They point out a practical instance of India when it was struck by disaster and there was overwhelming donation of clothes that Indian towns ended up chocking on these clothes. It forced the authorities to divert from the recovery process to helping in disposal of the piles of clothes that were spewed along the highways and streets.

There is yet another angle to the whole charity giving of clothes in particular. There are some areas or countries whose local textile industry has suffered immensely due to the emergence of the cheaper clothing whose origin is the charity donated clothes from USA. The fact that they are donated means they get into the overseas markets at a cheaper price hence attracting more demand over the locally manufactured clothes. The pressures of demand and supply hence makes it impossible for the local industry to cope, hence he well intended donations of clothes ends up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing of killing the local industry (Meri N., 2009).

These challenges and misdirected donations prompts the thought of which organizations do actually handle well the clothes donations and directs them to the intended consumers. The following are some of the well accredited and respected charity organizations that one can have confidence to handle the donated clothes well and ensure they are dispatched to the very needy and the appropriate destinations that the clothes will not go to waste.

Where to donate your clothes

America Red Cross: they are good in connecting your donations to the natural disaster victims for instance they were a great help in helping the evacuees of Gulf Coast during the hurricane Katrina with clothes that they so badly needed.

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA): this predominantly concentrates on serving the veterans who were serving in Vietnam and now returned home. These too have a well coordinated program to pick clothes from designated points as directed by the donors and even have the possibility of a donor scheduling pick up through their website.

The Salvation Army: this is one of the oldest of the charity organizations. It takes in clothing for children, women and men that are in good condition for wearing. The donations are directed towards stocking the Salvation Army family stores which are sold out and the cash found help in the funding of adult rehabilitation centers.

Dress for success: it concentrates mostly on the unemployed women who want to look presentable in interviews or while looking for a job. They provide these women with business attire for one week worth of dressing upon getting a job. They have several drop-off locations but do not pick from households.

Career Gear: they engage in almost the same thing that the dress for success engages in. They predominantly need suits, professional men's clothing, shoes as well as toiletries. A donor can ship the donations and they will thereafter receive a tax receipt by mail.

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation: this is an organization that pairs at-risk children with adult mentors. They accept any kind of clothes in good condition and the donations are directed to the stores for resale and 100% of the profits benefit the charity.

Savers: they help local nonprofit groups host clothing drives. A local charity collects clothing from their supporters and turns the donated goods over to Savers. Savers pay the local charity based on the amount of merchandise collected. Savers also pay nonprofits any time you drop off a donation at a donation center. In addition to clothing, Savers accepts small household items, DVDs, books and other media items. Visit the Savers website to find a donation center in your area.

Donate my Dress: this is a national network made up of local nonprofits. They collect used as well as new dresses and thereafter donate to the low-income women so that these women can have dresses of their dreams.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul: they receive clothing for their stores and some of them they donate to the needy families at very low prices and the proceeds are directed towards helping the charity. This organization helps the poor by giving them assistance and counseling as well.

These are just a few among the many reputable charity organizations that can be used by the donors to dispose off their clothes that they no longer need yet at the same time aiding some needy person on the other side. Time and again the obstacles of how well the clothes are handled and whether they get to the intended destinations will often arise, enough is being done by the organizations as well as the government agencies to ensure effective control of the donations and transmission to the intended recipients.


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