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The school wants a very high level of consistency in all certified instructors and trainers that will promote the Foreman/McLoughlin system and school indefinitely, for future generations (Four-Year Program)."

The positive aspects of the Mcloughlin school are the ability f students to receive a great deal of one on one training which is made possible because the classes are small (Reitinstitut Egon von Neindorff). The Reitinstitut Egon Von Niendorf school is located in Germany and is the only public riding school in the world with 60 classically trained dressage schoolmasters (Reitinstitut Egon von Neindorff). The article explains

The day begins at 9:00 A.M., and the hour - long lessons continue until twelve hours later. During the three - hour lunch break, the stable doors and gates are closed to visitors. When a student arrives, von Neindorff selects his or her mount. The student grooms and tacks the horse, then joins the class of as few as three or as many as ten -- perhaps with a longer lesson being conducted in the center of the arena as well. The classes are conducted in German, but students can arrange to work with an English - speaking staff instructor with advance notice (Reitinstitut Egon von Neindorff).

One of the most positive aspects of the school is that it allows students that are not citizens of Germany. Unlike other schools this particular school welcomes students from all over the world. The article explains that although many of the students are local, there are also students from Thailand and America.

Another resident program is the Equestrian Academy headed by Monty Roberts is located in California. Unlike other equestrian schools the academy is focused more on the psychological aspects of caring for a horse. According to the website

Monty Roberts Equestrian Academy is unique from other training facilities because the primary focus of our curriculum is on equine psychology and behavior rather than riding skills. Students develop a solid understanding of what motivates and influences equine behavior in order to increase their effectiveness in the application of their choice: virtually any discipline of riding, veterinary assisting, shoeing, racehorse training and so forth (Academy Introduction)."

The Equestrian Academy boasts several programs including lessons and training programs. The school has 2, 3 and 4 day lessons and some longer training programs (Training Programs). The advanced training programs include three weeks at the academy and some field study (Training Programs). The school also offers an instructors internship (Training Programs).

The strength of the Equestrian Academy is that it utilizes the techniques of Monty Roberts to learn how to handle and ride the horses. The practices of Monty Roberts are unique and world renowned. On the downside the school conducts classes over a shorter period of time and charges more money and you have to own a horse to participate in many of the programs that are offered.

Many colleges and university provide students with the opportunity to major in Equine studies. In addition, some colleges allow students to board their own horses on campus or close to the campus and they also have school horses available for riding and training. One such college is Virginia Intermont College (VIC). The VIC

Riding Center is located six miles from the main campus, just off Exit 10 of Interstate 81. A modern-day facility situated on 132 acres of rolling hills and stunning landscapes, the center offers a variety of riding environments, including three arenas and the A.J. Coyle Memorial Cross-Country Course. While students are welcome to bring their own horses when space is available, Virginia Intermont cares for 60 quality school horses for students use. Many of these horses are on loan from well-known barns and stables around the country (Equine Studies)."

At VIC Equine Studies includes everything from the fundamentals of riding to health and breeding. The positive aspect of this program is the vast array of opportunities that the students have to ride at state of the art facilities. The downside of this program is the cost associated with tuition and room and board.

Clinics and Weekly Instructions

Many equestrian schools and instructors have clinics and weekly instructions. Generally clinics are usually held at a facility that is not owned by the clinician. In general there are 20-40 riders and students ride for 2-6 hrs a day. Most clinics are 2-3 days long and cost between $250 and $900 for 2-3 days. In addition, once a week or every other week students can go to a facility and take a lesson. Lesson can take place with the student's horse or a lesson horse.

Weekly lessons are usually one concept subject matter and generally cost $20 to $75 an hour. Schools and instructors that have clinics in weekly instructions are Cedar Mills Classical Riding School, Ray Hunt, Chris Cox, Bernie Traurig, David O'Connor, Joe Fargis, Larry Whitesell

Cedar Mills Classical Riding School holds several clinics throughout the year the school also gives lessons. Cedar mills is located in Ontario, Canada and was founded in 1978.

The clinics are taught by riding Master Frank Grelo and take place throughout North America (Clinics with Frank Grelo).

Ray Hunt also known as the master of communication holds both private and public clinics throughout the world. All of his clinics last for 2 to 3 days (Ray Hunt 2005 Clinic Schedule). Chris Cox also holds horsemanship clinics. His clinics last for one week, during which time

Chris teaches the correct equestrian seat through communication and timing with the horse's feet. Outback Ranch becomes your home for the week as Chris Cox leads you to a higher level of understanding and communication with your horse. What you learn during your stay will permanently and positively change the way you deal with your horses. Ideally, participants should bring their own horse, but if this is not possible, arrangements can be made for a horse to be provided for you (Week Long Horsemanship Clinics)."


The purpose of this discussion was to examine Equestrians schools and academies around the world.

The research found that there are is a vast array of Equestrian schools that provide students with valuable skills. These schools provide everything from short-term clinics and weekly instruction to long-term residence programs. The research indicates that the main disadvantages of these programs are cost and the limited number of students that are admitted. The positive aspects of the schools are one on one training and instruction in classical teach as it pertains to handling and riding.


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