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In poor neighborhoods, overreliance on fast food, a lack of safe places to exercise, emotional depression, and cultural acceptance of a larger body type may be the cause.

Even in more affluent populations, however, there may be a history of poverty, such as an Italian-American family where they have been exposed to the cultural ideal of thinness, know that a normal BMI is healthy, but still remember grandma telling them to 'eat up that lasagna, chubby cheeks mean a healthy child.' The extent to which different influences create a complex behavior -- overeating and under-exercising -- and produce a medical condition (obesity) are hard to determine, and other cultural and biological variables that affect individual behavior can be hard to isolate. Exploratory research is necessary to arrive at a satisfactory, final study design that is more causal, focused, and specific in nature.

Tulsa Question

Do you agree with the Chamber of Commerce's research objectives and proposed methods of data collection? Why or why not?

The objectives of this exploratory research are to determine the quantity and nature of the downtown population, the commercial enterprise (and vacancy) inventory, current business's opinions about the CBD, and shoppers' opinions about the CBD. The survey of the central business district employers and employees regarding characteristics, work habits, and attitudes is a workable form of exploratory research, although they could also be surveyed regarding possible deficits in the current makeup of the commercial area, and asked as to what they believe needs to be added to the area to improve the current environment.

A physical survey of commercial establishments and of street parking facilities (type, size, and location) is wise but there should also be a survey of attitudes of employees and shoppers as to whether current facilities are adequate at all times of the day. Additionally research and observation to see if traffic patterns and parking needs should be looked over, not just in view of the current configuration but also of potential changes. Also, after the survey of commercial vacancies of ground floor and multistory commercial buildings, a comparative study of other areas with the proposed reforms should be conducted to see how parking needs will change in the future, after the district is redeveloped in the future.

The least satisfactory part of the study is that of the on-the-site surveys of shoppers. Conceivably, anyone could be shopping that day, even tourists who would not be the primary patrons, and also a particular day, depending on weather conditions and the time of the survey, could affect results.


Briefly outline a research proposal by listing the appropriate techniques tor collection of these data.

Given the importance of new businesses and shoppers, doing an extensive survey of shoppers over a period of time, passing out surveys to individuals within the stores that also determine demographic information about the shoppers, is essential. Also, focus groups of shoppers would give a better idea of what is lacking, and more extensive information about what businesses and what reforms they would like to see introduced.

As well as surveying the current patrons, potential shoppers should also be surveyed. Handing out surveys to people who do not shop in the area, but might like to do so, if new businesses were brought to the area would be an important addition to the research. A general demographic survey of the area would also give clues to potential businesses that might attract new patrons, even patrons who might not think they would ever like to shop in the area because of their current prejudices. Determining future desires is an important part of market research.

Then, after it was determined the likely market segments the area would draw, the need for parking and the likely traffic patterns of the patrons could be better understood. Studying other areas with similar needs might provide helpful comparative data. The needs of the current but also projected workers would be more easily established once it was clear what the new vision and target demographics of the redevelopment project was going to…[continue]

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