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First there is the economic aspect. In order for a business to prosper (and fashion is a business), the efficiency principle must be satisfied and the investments must be covered allowing room for profit. Secondly, it is known that the elite is sooner or later imitated by the masses. Therefore, winning the hearts of the educated and rich elite is the key for long-term success. Such is the case of Dice Kayek who is based in Paris. Her latest collections recorded enough success in order to make her known among the fashion elite and high-class customers. As she declares, "the cultural inspirations that can be found in her high priced items (both in the Black label and the Pink label collections) are a metaphorical interpretation of her own city."

She was born in Boursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, and spent "her youth, beside her jeweller father, in the heart of the ancient metropolis, rich in history and architecture."

From this point-of-view she can be considered to be a visionary just as her other colleagues who aim to play "in the big league."

Rihanna wears Hussein Chalayan's Laser Dress at 2009 AMA's

The strategy that the Turkish designers tend to adopt in order to penetrate the market is oriented on differentiation and innovation. So far they have been doing a good job because not only are they getting better and better known but they are also becoming increasingly popular. With this in mind, it is enough to be considered trendy by the important magazines and the key characters, which influence public opinion. In fact, Turkish designer Atil Kutoglu defines fashion as a " highly sophisticated branch of art"

. He states:

" A fashion trademark emerges by winning the approval of people of sophisticated taste who are not easily satisfied, and by getting into the press. It is recognized on the international platform. I think the fact that [high society] consumers at the top of the pyramid today regard a Turkish trademark as a prestige factor like Dior or Chanel is a development that elevates our image."

An innovative fashion concept supported by an innovative fashion show turns the show into an event getting media coverage and imposing the subject on the public agenda. In this manner innovation become not just a technical and artistic goal, but also a marketing strategy element.

Hussein Chalayan's works are seen in all the important fashion magazines in Europe and the U.S. He is considered one of the most important designer figures in the contemporary fashion world. He is not only seen as a fashion creator, but also as an artist. His works are exhibited in numerous locations including the Tate Museum. He integrated art as part of his identity as a brand (making movies which even took part at the International Venice Biennale, becoming a representative for Turkey and the Turkish culture). Hussein's designs are carried in exclusive stores such as Barney's New York, and his customer base has been compared to that of high-end designer Alexander McQueen. His style has been called "avante garde" and "edgy."

Atil Kutoglu is known for the exotic flavour of his creations and is popular among a series of international celebrities and "Austrian royalty"

. Indeed, Kotuglo has become known and recognized as a designer of luxurious, richly textured garments, carried in high-end boutiques. His customer base has been compared to that of high-end lines such as Missoni and Tuleh, and his style has been called "high society" and "red carpet."

"He has been presenting his collections at fashion shows at New York Fashion Week, and his creations are sold in several countries around the world. About his 2003-2004 collection New York Times wrote that Kutoglu had managed to mix in incremental amounts of Western influences without losing sight of his basic love for his own country and the influences at home. As a result, each collection has become more and more accessible and easier to read."

Dilek Hanif on the other hand is a successful haute couture creator who records important sales based on the attraction felt towards the mixture of the oriental and occidental cultures in her works. "She showed her first ever couture 2003-2004 collection in Paris. For her premiere haute couture collection, Dilek Hanif took the Ottoman Empire's rich heritage centre stage."

Cengiz Abazoglu is another promising Turkish figure who managed to obtain the support of international brands such as Swarovski, Nokia or Mercedes Benz. The association with multinational brands in terms of image is another important strategic element helping one to further penetrate the desired market. Cengiz Abazoglu is also an example of a Turkish designer working in the haute couture world. Although younger and still establishing himself, he also has shown couture lines at Paris Fashion Week, and counts celebrities among customers of his handbag designs.

All in all it can be stated[continue]

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