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Lack of reservations

Customer management


Plan ahead

Better preparation and resource allocation Customer satisfaction


Limited staff

Human resource management


Hire one new staff member

Points of difference, Competitiveness

Customer satisfaction

In order for the above mentioned strategies to generate the expected outcomes as these have been pointed out in the table above, it is necessary for the recommendations to be implemented in the following steps:

1. The hiring of constructors to create the physical separation of the beauty parlor and the fitness studio, as well as the separate entrance to the fitness salon.

2. The hiring of constructors to also enlarge the locker rooms and install shower cabins. This effort is expected to be increased for the fitness salon due to the costs it implies in light of the resource limitations of the small size agent. Nevertheless, it represents a suitable long-term success that would not only generate customer satisfaction, but would also support the company in enhancing its competitive position. At this stage, it is necessary to improve the competitive position in expectation of additional players penetrating the local market and raising new challenges (Pickford, 2002).

3. The expansion of the schedule at Ella Fitness Studio to allow access of customers to fitness services before 6 PM. This feature would best apply to mothers in the neighborhood, as well as other categories of the population which do not work in traditional 9 to 5 schedules. Still, in order to maintain profitability and efficiency, a stewardship principle would be employed. This specifically refers to the scheduling of the fitness sessions (Zomba, Pilates or aerobics) based on the expressed demands of the customers; the measure would support better planning and superior resource allocation through the need for a trainer on clear and pre-established bases. Additionally, the fitness studio would also open the facility outside its current hours to customers who wish to work on the fitness machines and do not need a personal trainer.

4. The education of the staff and the customers to call ahead of coming in order to schedule their fitness program and be informed if there are adequate conditions to their workout, specifically if there is sufficient room for the fitness activities to be developed in safe and comfortable conditions for all participants. This strategy helps create superior planning skills and support operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

5. Last, the final recommendation is to hire a new trainer at the Ella Fitness Studio who would better alternate the shifts with the other two trainers. The trainers would as such work full time schedules and would provide the support as necessary.

All in all, the suggested strategies generated multifaceted benefits, yet they are initially met with additional expenditures (Rogak, 2004). Nevertheless, they are necessary in order to improve and consolidate the competitive position of the firm, which would be rather shaky if new players enter the local community.

5. Conclusions

In light of the challenges to health raised by the modern day life style, more and more people turn to exercise in order to improve the quality of their life. In Australia then, the fitness enterprises are becoming more and more popular among the consumers. In the setting of a dynamic industry, the current project has assessed the business model at local fitness provider Ella Fitness Studio and has formed recommendations. The strength and validity of the formulated recommendations is derived from the fact that they were created in a personalized and customized manner to specifically address the issues identified at the company.

In this order of ideas, the Ella Fitness Studio is identified as a relatively limited business establishment, with several points of strength, but also numerous weaknesses, which could be further improved. The improvements recommended at this stage have followed five distinctive paths, namely the separation of the studio, the integration of showers, the expansion of the schedule, the request for reservations and the hiring of new trainer.


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