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S. And Mexico border is a sign, immigration to the U.S. is probable to become more dangerous in the years to come. Recently the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to crack down on covert immigrants. As it anticipates action in the Senate, policymakers in France are also bearing in mind legislation that aspires to decrease immigration (Brottem, 2006).

The United States financial system has a voracious hunger for low-wage labor that absorbs immigrants by the millions. The same cannot be said for France, which has a joblessness rate that has hovered at ten percent for years. Joblessness is much higher for immigrants and young people. Even though immigrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa, persist to challenge to reach the European Union by crossing the Mediterranean, France is much less friendly to its previous colonial subjects than it used to be (Brottem, 2006).

Once started, migration has a kind of snowball effect. Immigration actions become self continuing so that migration can be considered a process of progressive network building. Network connections lower the expenses, elevate the benefits, and decrease the risks of international migration. Every new migrant decreases the expenses and risk of succeeding migration for a set of friends and relatives, and some of these people are thus induced to migrate, therefore further increasing the set of people with ties in a foreign country and, in turn, dropping the expenses for a new set of people, some of whom are now more likely to make a decision to migrate and so. By allocating most immigrant visas along family lines, U.S. immigration law strengthens and formalizes the process of migrant networks (Froner, 1987).

Just like in the past, New York City persists to be one the main receiving centers for new immigrants in this nation. The city has a particular magnetism for certain groups, the Caribbean connection being especially strong. Of those immigrants lawfully admitted to the United States between 1190 and 1998, over half of the Dominicans, forty percent of the Jamaicans, and twenty six percent of the Haitians planned to live in the New York metropolitan area. Over a quarter of the Soviets and nearly on quarter of the Pakistanis and mainland Chinese were also heading for New York (Froner, 1987).

The free stream of resources and knowledge is the noticeable and often renowned face of globalization. Hidden in the rear the blaze of supply chains and e-commerce are limitless individuals that migrate yearly from the Global South to North America and Europe in search of work. These financial migrants form a hugely significant but mainly hidden side of globalization (Brottem, 2006). International migration is both a reason and a result of a unified world. Almost one hundred and eighty million people around the world live external of their nation of birth. Future strain for international migration will be immense, driven by dissimilarities in demographics and real profits between nations. Research has shown that, even though the major financial increases from immigration accumulate to the immigrants themselves, the global migration of labor can also help both the nations getting immigrants and the nations sending them, and that it increases world profits and decreases poverty. In the receiving countries, migrants can fill labor deficiencies in certain businesses. In the sending nations, they can assist in alleviating joblessness forces and augment monetary inflows, in the shape of remittances from the migrants to their families back home. Remittances also help equilibrate the allocation of profits (Global Economy: Migration, 2011).

Immigration in New York has been a good thing for the city as a whole. It has managed to bring in many talented people that have brought many things to the city. This has allowed for the city of New York becoming a global city and competing with many areas around the world. Because of its geography it has become a gateway for many immigrants who start there before moving on to other parts of the country.

New York has historically been at the top of the global cities list. It makes the top of this list due to many factors on which it is gauged. The first is that of the business activity that takes place in the city. There are quite a few international companies along with many fortune 500 countries that call New York home. A second thing that is looked at for this honor is that of human capital. Because of the immigrants that call New York home they have a lot of talented people to employ in the workforce. The third factor is that of the communication chain and how well information gets distributed not only in the city but around the world. The fourth factor is that of it cultural diversity. This is very high do to the number of immigrants that live in the city. The last factor that is looked at is that of the political arena. The city is notorious for hosting many political functions because of its diversity culture and background. Overall New York has made itself a very wealthy city, not necessarily in just money, but in things like culture and people as well.


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