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Group Motivation Inventory

Motivation can be defined as the various ways used to make people or a group of people to become more interested and committed to their work. Scholars' termed motivation to be more of sociological and psychological concept as it is relying on human behavior and how they relate to one another. Group motivation is an important aspect in group dynamics since most groups purely rely on motivation to be able to work together efficiently Xiangli, Solmon, Tao, & Ping, 2011.

Motivation can be derived from various things and because of that, each and every group member derive his/her motivation from different sources, which without their, existence results in differences in attitude and contribution levels to the group's projects or tasks. In the recent group motivation assessment, we carried out, I got to discover how I view group participation and some of the issues that affect both mine and other group members' motivation towards group tasks Lewis, 2011()

What I have learned about myself from the exercise.

In my experiences with group work, I have learnt that am very hard working as am in the group than when am working alone. This is because, my group members always work together, and they ensure that all of them progress together to achieve their goal. I also learned that my relation with the composition of the group members matters a lot since wherever I work or be part of another group, I tend to be less productive at my work. I also realized that am more willing to spend extra time doing some group project than I spend doing my own personal projects. In addition, I always attend all meetings, mind about the group member's welfare and more committed to the group. One of my concerns with group work is that I hardly trust some of my group members since I believe that not everyone is equally committed towards the group realizing its goals.

How this knowledge has affected the way I interact in groups

This knowledge has enabled me to learn the different personal traits existing in the group that I am in, since this knowledge will help me to trust the group members more and to rightfully know their abilities hence appreciating the efforts they contribute to the group's activities. In addition, knowledge of what keeps us motivated as a group is necessary so as to ensure that the group members are working together so as to enable them to realize their goals. This knowledge concerning my group motivation has made me have a positive attitude towards some of the issues that hinder us as a team from achieving some of our project goals such as assigning interesting activities to specific individuals while leaving others, lack of coordination among group members and other members working harder than others.

The knowledge of group motivation has enabled me to develop a strong attachment to my group hence treating all the members equally irrespective of their strengths and weaknesses so as to enhance harmony among the group members. Group assessment has enabled me to view each member as an important person in the group, and that he/she has a very important role to play in the group no matter how small his/her role is. By having this knowledge, I am now able to motivate all the group members equally and encourage all of them to be interested in the group as I am. It has also made me start trusting my group members since we cannot successfully complete our project goals and be highly motivated while doing so, if we do not trust the contribution each and every one of use brings to the group Lewis, 2011()

How this exercise will help me to improve on the way I engage in future groups activities

In the future groups, I would try to be more engaged in other groups' activities and interact with other group members freely since we are brought together for a common goal which is to complete successfully the group's task. In the future, I would also trust other group members with the task at hand, even if we have hardly interacted with each other before. I would also try to make other group members to have clear goals, which will be shown by them working together Amiot & Sansfacon, 2011.

In addition, enhancing of communication among group members is very essential, since this would enable them to understand each other better for the common goal of the group.

Apart from all that, I would also, engage all group members in the exercise, since each and every one of them should evaluate him/herself to see what is missing or hindering the group from being totally motivated. I would ensure that there is a conducive environment to facilitate groups' prosperity. I would also assign roles and create a culture where all the group members are positively inclined into the group's prosperity. Consistency should be the group's top most priority; all members should be motivated to become so consistent in all their group activities such as attending meetings, completion of task, and assisting some of the group members among others Amiot & Sansfacon, 2011()

Based on my assessment results, what I may do to be more motivated

Group work needs motivation for it to be efficient; therefore, one of my efforts is to work together with my group members and allow them to assist me wherever possible as this will lead to the work becoming easier and less demanding. I would also change the attitude others have towards the group because some of the negative attitude they have has some influence on my attitude too. For instance, wherever they do not like staying extra hours doing group assignment also makes me have the attitude of not giving group activities my time. Based on the result such as most group members not liking to spend more hours with the group and that which indicate that not all group members like working together, I would give myself a positive view of everything and act as if the other group members are doing the same. My view and attitude on group interaction might be the motivating factor for other group members, hence, encouraging them to participate more on group related activities Elliot & Dweck, 2005()

Incentives that would help me be more motivated when working in a group

I would be more motivated when some of my efforts are appreciated and recognized by the group members. Whenever, other group members notice my strength and utilize it positively for the overall benefit of the group work, them that would be motivating to me. Other incentives are like being inspired by other group members especially those who are hardworking and more committed to their work, making the group as fun as possible i.e. having snacks in between work, playing games, and encouraging one another, among others.

I would be more motivated when am being given challenging tasks on an irregular once a while, because this will give me the moral that my group members are noticing my effort and progress in the group activities and also, by being given hard tasks, it will enable me to come out of my comfort zone, because comfort zones encourages laziness and inconsistency Amiot & Sansfacon, 2011.

I would also value respect and appreciation from the group members since their respect will make me feel needed by the group and so, motivating me to put more effort and devotion in the group activities.

Considerations I would make incentives for in situations where different group members have different motivations

I would also consider the different strengths and weaknesses each member of the group has. Assigning tasks according to abilities will make group participation more fun, and exciting, for this reason the incentive should be tailored to reward the strength and to improve on the weakness of the group member. As a way of taking care of the motivation difference among group members, I should organize more fun activities for the group members such as retreats, fun fairs, picnics etc. since this fun, activities will enable each and every member of the group at ease with the others, hence; facilitate bonding and development of commitment among the group members.

Through the setting, of clear achievable goals, different group members with different motivations can use these goals as a motivating factor towards participating more in the group activities. Thereafter, wherever a goal is achieved, the task can be made with time. I would also have to consider the different talents and creativity some of the group members have. Therefore, the group members can be allowed to share and be creative wherever they feel like, so as not to deny them the opportunity to feel like members of the group. In addition, I would also consider fair treatment of every group member in every activity that we undertake such as assigning of roles/duties and appreciation of everyone's efforts among others Xiangli et al., 2011()…[continue]

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