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Health Model and Healing Model

The healing model and health model have influenced the human belief for several decades, and the health model defines health as robust physical human fitness that is free of disease. On the other hand, healing is a functional restoration of repairing or conquering alien destroyer. In other word, health is the balance of spirit, mind and body. Since disease serves as an agent that disrupts the balance, healing serves as restoration of human balance. (Carpenter, 2010).

In essence, healing and spirituality are intimately connected. Healing is the spiritual process that influences the wholesome of an individual. In other word, healing is an intangible, experiential and spiritual that integrates human body, mind, soul and spirit. More importantly, healing is concerned with the wholesome of human being. For several thousand years, many people with different cultures have used the healing model for the well being of their community. Globally, more than 70% of people turn to the traditional healers to achieve their well being. (Glenn, 2009).

On the other hand, health refers to the metabolic and functional efficiency of human organs. Typically, health is general condition of mind and body which is free of illness, pain and injury. In a broader sense, health is the state of mental, social and physical well being that are absence of disease. From the description of both healing and health, healing is generally being performed by the spiritualists to achieve a health outcome of human being. Typically, healing model attempts to address various human maladies which assist in treating health problems such as back pain, toe infection and headache. However, the health model can be achieved after the healing model has carried its functions. In essence, the difference between healing model and health model reveals that healing is the process of achieving health outcome of human being. It is after the healing has been carried that human can be said to be in a healthy state. In North America, several indigenous tribes implement healing practice using religions, spirituality, and herbal medicine to treat people's emotional health condition.

Moreover, different cultures use different healing process to regain human health. For example, the indigenous Americans use Peyote cactus to carry out the healing process because the Peyote enhances human well-being, which is accompanied by the visual hallucination. In essence, Peyote can be used to heal human from physical, social and spiritual hindrance. The Peyote has also been used to heal headache, toothache and pain, breast pain of woman. Peyote can also cure skin disease, rheumatism, colds, fever and blindness.

A2: Difference between Spiritual Model and Professional Practice

This section provides difference between healing model and my nursing professional practice. Nursing professionals view healing as the essential contribution of nursing practice. Typically, human healing from disease is central to paradigms of nursing contribution in order to achieve a health outcome. Typically, healing is very critical in achieving a quality of care, and the healing model integrates principles that build on existing nursing professional practice. (Meilin, 2013, Liu, Li, Fu, et al. 2014).

However, many nursing professionals view healing model as practice that is difficult to be integrated in the nursing practice. Modern professional practice implements caring process through several processes that include administering of drug, patient counseling and assisting patients to achieve health outcomes. However, the goal of healing model is to eliminate or reduce symptoms of malfunction or dysfunction of human body system through holistic connection of spirit, body and mind. The healing model further points out that there is a need to feel emotions, which is an underlying cause of sickness. Thus, to free body from emotional distress, healing model uses different healing technique such as prayer, meditation, imagery, relaxation dance and spiritual incantation. (Glassey, 2010). However, modern nursing practice deviates from the healing model paradigms in caring for patients. In essence, the nursing practice follow theoretical framework, which is validated by research in order to carry out a caring process. One of the shortcomings of healing model is that many of the healing claims are not based on scientific research outcome. However, nursing practice follow the theoretical framework backed with scientific proof to care for patients however, healing model use spiritual technique to heal patients.

A3: How Professional Presence influences my Nursing Practice.

I am a careful person who is able to effectively minimize distraction. In essence, I believe that I am able to make a critical thinking before making a decision, which has assisted me to make an effective decision in an emergency situation. Typically, my professional presence is a mixture of health model and spiritual model. As a nursing professional, I work in an environment where we implement the heath care for patients through spiritual method and use the caring technique to stabilize the ailment of patients. However, I support the western heath system on the ground that it supports the caring system using the theoretical frameworks and evidence from research. Nevertheless, I still believe that a nursing professional should implement caring for physical, mind and soul of patients to enhance total health outcomes of patients. (Glanz, Bishop, 2010).

2a. Personality Preference: Guardian

The results "Keirsey Temperament personality test" reveals that I belong to the "Guardian." In essence, Guardians are very critical to society because they are temperament to all institutions. My professional practice is in line with my personality results because I enjoy helping other people to achieve their well being. Apart from doing my professional job, I still enjoy caring for people. Sometimes, I do volunteering nursing job in order to assist people in regaining their health and well being. In essence, my career choice is aligned with my personality test results because Guardian focuses in making people happy as well as facilitating harmonious relationships with people. Moreover, I like to follow the rules laid down in my work place in order to do the right job. I also believe in respecting law and order, nevertheless, I do not follow the rules that can jeopardize my kindness to people. For example, the law requires that workers should not work more than specific hours per week in the United States. However, sometimes, I find myself working more than the hours laid down by law in order to satisfy my inner desire of helping people.

2b. Potential Barriers or Challenges faced when working with an Opposite Personality

Communication barrier is one challenge that could minimize my self-awareness when I am working with people with opposite personality. Working with people holding different personality is challenging because these group of people may not believe in helping other as I believe, which will make both of us not agreeing in arriving at common decision. For example, I happen to work with a nurse in a night shift; however, our style of working is quite different. She only spends little time with patient. Once she administers drug and other necessary health caring for patients, she does not believe in doing little counseling or chat with patient. In my own case, I spend much time with patients in order to do counseling and make them understand that they will regain from their health if following the medication prescribed for them. The goal of counseling is to free their soul from anxiety to enhance their health outcomes. (Tiaki, 2013).

2c. Mindfulness Practice


1. I carry out physical exercise at least 30 minutes every day. The goal of this exercise is to enhance my well being and make myself to be physically fit all times. Moreover, I carry out the physical exercise in order to reduce my weight.


I create an equal balance for my work, family and school. The goal is to create a good balance for my family, school and work. I also do this to create a good role model for my children. I believe in having a good sleep and rest in order to take care of myself. The goal is to enhance my physical, mental and emotional well-being.


I believe in intellectual stimulation to enhance my mental alertness at all the times. In essence, I suggest that everybody should engage in lifelong learning in order to combat negative aspect of ageing. A good education is very critical to enhance individual alertness. Thus, I enjoy reading all the times to enhance my emotional and mental alertness.

Biographical/Spiritual body

I am raised by a family belonging to the catholic religious group, which has influenced me to pray all the time. I like to pray all the time to purify my mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, I believe in instilling my spiritual belief in my children to achieve my sense of fulfillment.

How to achieve these Goals


I achieve my goal by carrying out the physical exercise with people. When I carry out the physical exercise with people, I am able to attain my physical exercise objectives than doing it alone.


I make an effort to balance my work, family and school roles by creating my agenda for the…[continue]

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