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As can be deduced from the examples in section one, these causative theories include the taking of drugs, as well as immature emotional responses and the influence of the media in the portrayal of images of violence that are accepted by the larger culture. Another factor is the relative accessibility of weapons. While these factors form part the main causative theories, they all tend to indicate that the root underlying cause lies in the structure of the society itself and the intolerance at schools for those who appear and act differently to the norm. This would also seem to suggest that this intolerance is a reflection of the larger society and the inability to accept those who are "different" in any sense.

Aligned with the above view is the fact that society and schools often do not provide enough support for youngsters who may not be emotionally mature. Emotional instability and the lack of a mature response to life events have been named as a cause in the case of Luke Woodham. "When adolescents like Luke Woodham try to describe the inexplicable forces of anger and rage that sometimes overwhelm them, they are almost always at a loss to characterize precisely the genesis of such strong emotions." (Kelleher, 1998, p. 48) This theory would suggest that greater efforts should be made to communicate with and help young people to cope with the demands of a rapidly changing and demanding world and to deal with their emotional problems in a constructive way. From the research it is also clear that assistance and research is necessary to uncover and deal with hidden rage..

As a result of these shooting incidents there is a "...growing awareness by school administrators that school violence could occur at their school. " (Poland, 2003, p. 4)

In order to deal with this problem there have been attempts to improve communication and response between schools and local police as well as on "... clarifying procedures should a crisis occur." (Poland, 2003, p. 4) However while this measures may help to prevent further shooting they do not solve the origins of the problem but merely control its occurrence. What is needed is a more holistic and interactive approach which improves not only communions between pupils and school authorities but also interaction between parents, school and pupils, in order to identity problem areas before they begin.

Other aspects that should be improved are the reduction of gun availability to children and the negative influence of media violence on young children. In the final analysis this is an issues problem which reflects on a wider problem within the society itself; as well as on the issue of intolerance and alienation related to the culture as a whole. As some critic suggest, the disparities and divisions in the society often emerge in the school. "The school shootings are but a tiny symptom of a vastly greater problem. (Morgan, 1999, p. 4)

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