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hired a company create advertising campaign a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). The company recently formed previous advertising strategies place. Promote company game targeting gaming demographic.

As Kurtz (2010) mentions, the target market helps the organization by determining the group of consumers that will eventually purchase its products or services. As a consequence, the target market also defines the group that will be the recipient of the marketing strategies and instruments that the organization will use. In the case of MMOG, it will be useful to define this target market according to demographic, behavioral and psychographic criteria.

From a demographic perspective, the products of the company, particularly the new game, are targeting the male individual, primarily the adolescent and late adolescent, which means the age category from 12 to 20. A smaller targeted group could also be the adult male, aged 35 to 45, looking for the game as a recreational instrument.

Education and income are not particularly important as elements to define the targeted segment of consumers: one can safely assume that the game is not extraordinarily expensive, although a middle income could also allow the client to benefit from additional things that can increase the experience, such as a better TV or an adequate sound system. If this is the case, one would assume that more individuals are likely to purchase the game.

In terms of behavioral segmentation, the consumer profile favors the adolescent group and individuals who have enough time and commitment to play the game for several hours a day. The consumer is also relatively tech-savvy, not to the degree to which he builds things on his own, but one that understands the new technologies and is connected to them. Also from a behavioral segmentation perspective, one can accept the fact that loyalty to the video game (and, in general, to video games) is low. The reason for this is that the consumer tends to move towards newer products that are launched on the market and rarely go back to older video games.

In terms of psychographic segmentation, this is in line with what was previously mentioned: the consumer favors a video game over all other means of spending their leisure time. An interesting category of potential consumers that the organization can approach are software developers. For them, a video game can be a perfect way to spend a couple of hours between the programming sessions.

As Harrell (2008) explains, there are five main components of the promotional mix. These include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing. The key is to properly integrate all these elements into a coherent package that can be delivered to potential and existing customers.

The first method to do this would be to incorporate all of them into a social network platform. A social network platform has the capacity to allow organizations to advertise, but are also an excellent way to have a direct marketing campaign or even for personal selling, by engaging directly with the other users on the platform.

Another method that can be suggested for the integration would be a public event, coordinated by the company launching the video game. Such an event could be an opportunity to advertise to the participants, but also a public relations instrument, with developments into sales promotion and direct marketing.

In this framework, one cannot overstate the importance of a proper social media strategy. The social media strategy should be multidimensional, namely it should include different channels of communication. The company will have a Facebook page, a Twitter account to announce different developments of the game and to connect with the consumers by posting short news, a blog, where consumers can provide input as to the features of the video game etc.

Some of these platforms can also be used to present parts of the video game, so as to attract new consumers. For example, the Facebook page could have an option to allow the user to try out a particular part of the video game. Photos from the game can also be loaded, with the social platform allowing comments to be posted for each of the photos.

With this in mind, the social marketing strategy should focus, primarily, on two different components: presentation and feedback. The presentation component is aimed at new customers and at familiarizing them with the new game. It is useful to include both screenshots from the game and ample technical presentations, so that the clients can understand why the new game is so special.

The feedback component of the social marketing strategy is aimed at understanding what the existing customers appreciate and what can be improved. This is mostly an instrument for customer retention and for ensuring that future versions of the video game will be in line with what the clients' requirements are. Any social media platform offers ample opportunities for feedback and dialogue with customers.

Also not necessarily part of the social marketing strategy, the product's online presence should also include a website, which would play the same role of presentation and feedback. The advantage of such a website is that it can be directly coordinated by the company and, thus, better integrated into an overall Internet marketing strategy. The website could focus around giving the clients a better understanding of the game. It could thus build on the presentations that are made over Facebook or blogs and show more, particularly since it is likely that this is not possible over social media platforms. At the same time, the website could also include links to other components of the integrated communication, such as to the Facebook page or to Twitter posts related to the video games (these could be selected and posted on the website, so that customers can find out what other people are saying even without accessing Twitter).

The integrated media program will include both traditional and electronic media. On one hand, traditional media has lately lost much of its market, as more and more information is moved online. However, there is a good area of advertising for this new video game in traditional media. There is a segment of consumers that is constantly reading and staying informed through specialized media. In this game, it is about computer, IT or video gaming magazines. All these traditional forms of media are places where the company can not only advertise, but also discuss and describe the game.

At the same time, electronic media offers a greater accessibility for potential and existing customers, which translates into a greater outreach for the company. The electronic media to be used can include online magazines and gaming blogs, where, as previously mentioned, the company can also interact with the consumers and receive feedback for the articles that are posted. The Internet offers virtually unlimited opportunities for interaction. The company could consider creating its own blog dedicated to the video game, once the product gains a stronger foothold into the market. The advantage of a video game blog is that it can create and support a community of game fans, who would find a way to interact and discuss about the video game in the online environment.

So, a conclusion related to the effectiveness of the traditional and electronic media in an integrated media program for the new video game would be that both are effective from different perspective and useful in reaching out to a particular group of the targeted segment of consumers. At the same time, each of the two types of media has the role of presenting information in a certain manner, with an additional advantage for electronic media, which is that it allows immediate comments and feedback.

In terms of metrics to measure this effectiveness, one of the metrics can be the number of viewers for a particular piece of information (article, blog post etc.). For traditional media, this metric can be calculated in terms of the number of copies the magazine or newspaper sells in a certain period of time. For the electronic media, this is simpler to evaluate by measuring the number of visitors the blog or website has/the number of visitors a certain page (the one referring to the video game has). This can be incorporated in the general term "media exposure."

Since this part of the paper refers to measuring the effectiveness of traditional and electronic media, one needs to refer to measuring the effectiveness of a social media campaign as well. Mulready (2013) proposes three ways this can be done. He suggests that an effective metric is the direct impact that interaction has and exemplifies with Twitter, where one can actually measure and monitor this by looking at the number of messages, the number of feedbacks, the number of advice and followers. It is also important to monitor the evolution of these metrics. Other social media elements that can be quantified include the number of comments (Facebook, blogs) received, the number of shares (Facebook), the number of likes etc. Mulready proposes that this be quantified…[continue]

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