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Data Analysis

The researcher will gather all of the information collected from the self report questionnaires and analyze using a variety of techniques including summary, interpretation, classifying and describing. The author will use the data to measure change that occurs among the populations using HRT therapy.

In conducting the study the researcher will undoubtedly run into some obstacles including determining how to measure change in the participants health and well being, examining the extent of change and the attributes of change for purposes of the study (King, 2001). Measuring change is a key concept vital to longitudinal research design (Kind, 2001). As this study is qualitative in nature the data will be presented via narratives, observations and transcripts from the survey to record and measure data appropriately (King, 2001).

The researcher will attempt to explain change and identify causal relationships between the independent and dependent variables. Data managing, reading, describing, interpreting and representing will all be key toward providing adequate data analysis for part of this qualitative longitudinal research analysis

Predicted Results

The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of HRT on the well being and quality of life reported by post menopausal women. Much of the research currently available on HRT therapy suggests that this study will produce a positive relationship between HRT therapy and women's reported well being.

The researcher predicts that women undergoing HRT will demonstrate elevated mental health benefits including a higher rate of self-esteem, less depression, more 'zest' or energy for life and an improved overall sense of well being. The body of evidence presented thus far from research on menopause suggests that HRT has positive physical benefits for women undergoing treatment. This should lead researchers to assume that the same is true of the psychosocial benefits of HRT.

Little empirical research currently exists however to prove or disprove whether postmenopausal women benefit psychosocially from HRT therapy. The researcher expects the results of this study will confirm the hypothesis and provide a framework for prescribing HRT as a psychosocial therapy in women with emotional or psychosocial symptoms stemming from menopause and during post menopause.


Much of the research conducted historically on the effects of menopause confirm multiple physical side effects in women, including: low self-esteem, insomnia, decreased energy, decreased libido, depression and more (Hlatky, et a., 2002). In the past the physical side effects causing these symptoms have been addressed, while relatively little attention has been paid the psychosocial effects of menopause itself.

Psychological and psychosocial disturbances however can reduce the quality of life experienced by post menopausal women. For this reason it is vital that researchers concentrate their efforts on uncovering plausible and effective therapies to improve the mental health and well being of patients during their menopausal and post menopausal years. This researcher will help fill the void that currently exists with respect to research on the psychosocial and psychological effects of hormone replacement therapy. The study will concentrate on women during their post menopausal years combined with examination of the literature available regarding the effects of HRT therapy in women.

Many studies confirm rising interest among the health care community and among menopausal and post menopausal information regarding the effects of HRT therapy on quality of life and mental health and well being (Seamark & Blake, 2002; Gambacciani et a., 2005). In response to this motivation the researcher has developed a longitudinal research study that will measure the effects of HRT on women's quality of life.

The longitudinal design will enable the researcher to collect data on the defined variables over time in order to assess the causal relationship that exists between HRT therapy and the quality of life reported by women participating in the study. Longitudinal designs are vital for adding depth to researcher and providing the researcher knowledge of changes in variables over a defined period of time (King, 200).


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